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6/23/2011 (4 Years 9 Months)


I know it has been a long time but Kellie has been doing real well. She still has a few ups and downs when it comes to her lungs and hormones. Right now we would like send out an update with some bad news in the family. We just found out Kellie's Grandma (Patricia Durkit) was diagnosed with the same AML Leukemia as Kellie, her sister, and her Father had. Now we have 4 people in this family with this ugly cancer. Kellie's Grandfather (John Durkit a.k.a. PapPap) is still having his chemo treatment for his cancer as well. We need some help for this family. We need prayers for healing and for both of them to be able to be together more often. PapPap is about 200 miles away from Tucson where Grandma Pat is in the hospital it makes it kind of hard. If anyone would like to help out we are looking for any kind of gift cards for Gas, McDonalds, Wendy's, Subway, etc. This would help out so much. All donations can be sent to Access Church in Peoria AZ where Kellie and my family attend Church at the address listed below. Please make sure you address it to the Access Church and c/o The Durkit Family.


Thank you all for your help. We will keep you posted with what is going on.

 Tammy, Jeff, Kellie and Kyle

 Access Church

c/o The Durkit Family

20783 N. 83rd Ave.

Suite 103-30Peoria, AZ 85382





4/1/2010 BMT+1289 (3.5 Years)


Kellie had her swallow study today. She passed with no problem in just under 5 Min. It took over 2 months to wait for this test. I am so glad we did not have to wait for the results. So we are still trying to find out why she had a high lipids in her lungs. She is going to her doctors office tomorrow for her very first WELL Check History and Physical. This is kind of exciting knowing we have to make an appointment just for the doctor to fill out a well check form for Kellie to go to Cancer camp this summer. Knowing we only have to put 1 medication on the med list this year is such a great feeling. We have to set another appointment with her lung doctor for next month to brain storm again to see if we can find the source of why she gets these bad infections.
Now Kellie as a young teen is still speaking out at events around town regarding blood donations. At the Peoria spots complex on 4-24-10 their will be the relay for life going on. Life church will be hosting a blood drive. We are looking for 150 people to sigh up to donate that day. So please if you can sign up do so. If you are not sure you can make it please tell a friend or family member to do it on your behalf. That would be great. Thank you so much.
Keep praying it works.
On that note I just want to send out another praise report. Kellie's friend Renee was told she was not going to make it. She had brain cancer. She had her MRI scan about 4 weeks ago and it shows NO signs of a tumor at all. I can tell you this was something only GOD Himself could have done. So on that note please KEEP PRAYING it dose work.



2/4/2010 BMT+1232


So now the doctors told us that Kellie's test came back positive for lipids in her bronch wash. That means that some food is somehow slipping in to her lungs. They are thinking it might be coming from when she sleeps at night. Some stuff in her stomach might be coming back up and when she feels it she takes a deep breath turns over and starts to cough. That big breath is where they think it is going in. The other thing they are thinking about is when she eats some food might be going to her lungs right away.

So we are waiting for the doctors office to call us with a date for a swallow study. Now as for the infection now at hand all the doctors came together to start Kellie on Augmentin. 875 mg twice a day. That is a big dose. We are just praying for this be the ammo to kill this infection once and for all.

Keep praying it works.



2/2/2010 BMT+1230


I got a call from the nurse yesterday. She told me that Kellie's cultures came back growing the same thing. Moraxella catarrhalis. I am still wondering what that means. The doctors are getting together today with the infectious doctors to see what would be the best way to treat this once and for all. I should get a call later today. I do have to give more praise to God. Kellie has had this infection for over a month and her body is fighting it. Once the bronch was done Kellie's little fevers disappeared. Kellie's lungs sound real good. She has a little cough now and not so junky. I will let you know more when I find out.
Keep praying it works.



1/30/2010 BMT+1227


Kellie and I went to the hospital Thursday morning. Kellie had a CAT scan done of her chest just before her bronch. The doctor told us that Kellie's middle lobe had a lot of stuff in it. After 5 painful pokes one of the doctors finely go an IV in the back of her left hand. Kellie's veins are all so scarred that it is making blood draws and IV starts harder. I feel so bad standing by her side and watching her get poked over and over again. By poke 4 the tears started to roll down her face. I wanted to say enough but Kellie told the doctors she will not go under with a mask. So she sat tall and took another deep breath to try to make her veins pop out. Kellie closed her eyes and got ready for another  poke. Once she gave the ok the doctor tried for the last time. We were praying so hard for a little flash of blood to show. Once we seen the flash we knew it was going to be a good IV. We wanted to jump for joy but, we did not want the IV to fall out. The doctor put like 10 pieces of tape on it just to be sure it would not come out. During this time Kellie was talking to one of her team mates from the lacrosse team. One of the messages made her laugh so hard she started to cough. It was kind of funny watching her laugh and cough at the same time. It really helped her to get her blood flowing.
Once Kellie was out the procedure took about a half hour. Just like all the other doctors he came back and told me the Kellie is a challenge. He has never seen this before. One of Kellie's lungs has one kind of lung damage ( it looks like little bumps ) and the other one ( little craters ). That's Kellie I told him. Nothing can be easy for her. He told me that he got a lot of stuff out and we will not find out anything until Monday.
Kellie went home with her Grandma and her cousin Chad to recover. Dad picked her up after work and took her home. For the rest of the day and the day after she has a bad sore throat. She is still in bed resting now. Trying to sleep in on a Saturday morning. I just pray that the pain will be gone when she wakes up.
Kellie has been talking about going hunting again. She can not wait. I am so glad she has something to look forward to. Thursday she when she was at the hospital she went to go see her hunting buddy Mary. Mary has been in the hospital for a month now. So please pray she gets well so she can go home soon. Kellie wants to see her at the next hunt. We will be posting some of the pictures of Kellie's deer hunt. She had such a great time.
Kellie is up. She told me her pain is not as bad. Praise God. I can see it is not that bad now she is getting ready to eat a bowl of captain crunch crunch berries.
I will up date when we get the lab results back on Monday. The pathology report should be back by then as well.
Keep praying it works.



1/25/2010 BMT+ 1222


Ok here we go again. Kellie has an appointment today with her lung doctor. Her sputum culture came back with something growing that should have been killed off with the IV antibiotics and oral antibiotics she was on for 21 days. Kellie still has a small cough that has not gone away so, we went to the doctors on the 14th and sent out a culture. Now that it has came back the doctors want to talk today @ 3:40 PM about what we need to do about it. This is putting me on edge. If it was an easy fix they would have called in a different antibiotic or they would have sent out another lung exercise machine to the house. The nurse was talking to me today about another in patient stay with some tests that involves having her put under and washing her lungs out and possible biopsy as well. Will this never end. Can't Kellie just be a normal teen? She did her time fighting this cancer and won both times. Now the cancer is gone she should be done. She should be able to live a long healthy life. She wants to play sports, ride her bike, and even laugh without coughing. I just pray one day that will happen again.
I will let you all know what is going on as soon as we find out.

Kellie's doctor wants to do another Bronchoscopy. They are trying to set it up for Thursday this week. Kellie started to run a low grade fever today and the doctors do not want to start Kellie on any antibiotics until we get the Bronch done first. So please pray that the fevers stay as they are until the test can be done. If she fevers over 102.5 we have to take her in to the ER. At that point we need to start antibiotic treatment.

Just keep praying it works.




12/6/09 BMT+ 1172 Days (3.2 Years)


Kellie was admitted to the hospital Thursday night with a fever of 105.7. She was vomiting and had sever back pain. It all boiled down to PNEUMONIA again. She had IV antibiotics Thursday night Friday and Saturday. Kellie pulled out her IV and we hit the halls running to go home around 6:30 pm Saturday night. She will be on oral antibiotics for another 8 days. She is feeling much better now. A slight junky cough after her breathing treatments is what is left to fight. The fevers only lasted for less then 12 hours this time. Her body is getting stronger every time she gets sick. That means she is not having to take double the meds to get better. The less you have to take the better it is for your body. When she gets sick, it takes her down fast and hard. Every time she gets sick I can not help but worry if this is the one that will take her life. When she was in the ER she was in so much pain the doctors gave her some IV pain meds that put her in respiratory distress. She was so tired from getting sick and having such a high fever when she was able to relax she forgets to breath. She almost wound up on the vent again. Her blood pressure went down to 60/40 and her 02 sat's were between the 80-60's. Every time the monitor went off I would have to remind her to breath. By the time we got up to a room she was doing much better. Once we got a breathing treatment going and her pain under control it was about 4am Friday morning. After her second dose of antibiotics she was up walking around again. What a roller coaster ride. I am glad the long hospital stays are behind us now. Praise God she turned around so fast.

Keep praying it works.




11/30/09 BMT+1167


I know it has been a while and I am sorry. Kellie is doing great. A few coughs here and there but nothing real bad. Praise God for that. She has been out and about doing all kinds of things. Like getting older, She is 16 years old now. Wow just 2 more years and my little girl will be all grown up. She is doing great in school, having a great time playing and watching her new friends play lacrosse. She has been out hunting a few times now and is having a blast. She shot a DEER about 4 weeks ago. I am learning how to cook so many different things. She is in this months issue of WESTERN HUNTER magazine. page 58. I am just praying that everyone reading this is having a great and healthy Thanksgiving week.


 Keep praying it works.



9/4/09 BMT+1080


It has been a rough few days for Kellie. She has been fighting a cough for about 4 weeks now. Her body was fighting for so long and that is a good sign. Her body got a bit tired with all the hard work and her infection in her lungs started to win the fight. Once she started to fever I took her right in to see what was going on.


After a stat chest X-ray , 2 cultures and starting her on 2 antibiotics we got a call about an hour later form Dr Graham in Tucson. Kellie has another PNEUMONIA. She has been fevering off and on most of the night. Her fever went as high at 103.6. Her fevers finely broke around 2:30 am. I was so happy when she started to break that fever. I was just about ready to take her in to the hospital for some IV antibiotics. Today she is up and moving a bit better. She still has a low grade fever that comes and goes but she said she feels much better. Please keep praying for healing for her and all of her other cancer friends. This time of the year is hard for all of them with the weather changes.
Keep praying it works.



8/15/09 BMT+1060


Kellie is doing fine. It was a shock when I got a phone call from Dr Graham wondering if we can make an appointment with him next week. He said he has not seen her in a while and just wanted to follow up with a few blood test on Wednesday. It was a good feeling knowing that Dr Graham has to call us and we do not have to call him for once. Kellie had a great time this summer. She was out white water river rafting, riding horses, visiting with family out of town, a trip to San Diego, and two camps. She was home only one day before school started. I am glad she was able to experience such a fun filled summer. She knows form here on out she needs to make some choices that might not be so easy to make. She is growing up and she still wants to do everything. Kellie is looking in to a part time job. Next summer she will have to make a few choices on what she will be doing because she will not be able to do all of it.
Kellie is had a bit of a rough start in school this year but, by the time the end of the week came she was feeling much better about it. She is looking forward to her drivers education class. Kellie will shine in that class. She is driving me all around town. Kellie is doing great with all of her driving skills. I think this week end we will be taking her to the river bottom to do a bit of 4X4 driving. Kellie surprised her Dad when she told him that she told him that she had been driving the Jeep a few weeks back. She did a great job with driving a standard car.
We are asking for a lot of prayers. We have a few people in Kellie's Hope Kids group that are having a hard time. So could you please send some prayers out for. Emily's lungs, Dylan's Bone Marrow transplant, Bradley's relapse.
These are just a few of the children that need to keep hope. That is why we are a part of the Hope Kid's walk. We are raising money so that this group can continue giving hope to these kids in need. This group gave Kellie hope to keep fighting more then once. Even after treatment is done they still keep giving. Just last night we received tickets to go see Toby Keith's concert.
If you would like to give to this walk, you can go to www.hopekids.org click on the Arizona walk. Scroll down to the donation site and click on it. You can type in the search box type in Cancer kickers. You can donate what is in the pre marked places or you can choose other. We know it is not the best time to ask for donations but, we are asking for $1.00-$10.00 donations. If we can get more people to donate smaller amounts it will add up fast. So if you are not able to donate at this time please pass it on to your family and friends. Kellie wants to take first place in this walk. It will be Sept 20th. Thank you all.
Keep praying it works.




7/26/09 BMT+1040


Kellie has been so busy. She just got home yesterday from camp Sunrise. She will be home for one week and off again to Camp Rainbow. Let's see what else she has been up to. Oh she is in this months issue of Raising Arizona Kids Magazine. She is on page 10. It was a story about her beads of courage. She is on the United Blood Services web page. The stories and photos change all day long but if you keep watching it Kellie will pop up.

Tomorrow Kellie will be on Channel 3 News for HOPE KIDS. She will be on the Monday morning make over with Rolph.
I think it will start about 7:10 AM and I am not sure when the after stuff will show. But I do know it will be before 9:00 AM.

Kellie and a few of her friends will be doing a 5K walk to raise money for Hope Kids. Kellie had received so much from this group during her treatment. They did all they could to keep Kellie looking forward to something so she would not give up her fight. The power of HOPE is the medicine. Hope Kids did no just take care of Kellie but the whole family. They sent visitors to the hospital just to put a smile on Kellie's face and gave the family a spiritual peace with all the prayers and mental support. Now that Kellie is done with the hard part of treatment she wants to give back to help Hope Kids be able to help others that have just started their treatment.

                                                        PLEASE HELP!

You can log on to www.hopekids.org and donate on line. OR click here to get started. In the search for a team box type in CANCER KICKERS.   http://www.active.com/donate/azhopewalk  We know it is hard times for most people at this point. We put a OTHER option on the donation key so you can donate as much as you want from $1.00 on up.
So if you can please pass this on to as many people as you can that would be great. We are trying to reach $50,000 to help others. I just want you to know a little bit about the needs for this. About 5 years ago when Kellie joined this group we had less than 100 families signed up. Now just in the Arizona area it is well over 300 and growing by the day. Can you imagine how many children that is getting sick with something that can take their life at any moment?
What if it was your child? If you do not have children just think if it was someone else in you family. It is the worst feeling in the world. We know first hand. They will never let you feel alone in this fight and will always give you HOPE.

Keep praying it works.



7/3/09 BMT+ 1018 (2.8 Years)


Kellie has been up and on the go all summer long. A few weeks ago she went on a 4 day white water river rafting trip in Utah. She was back home for a few days then went on to her Grandma and Pap Pap's house in Sierra Vista. After a few days with them Kellie's Aunt Sherry and Uncle Mark took her to San Diego for the weekend. Kellie went back to Grandma's and Pap Pap's for a few more days and she is home now for a shore layover to wash and pack again. Kellie will be off again Sunday for a week at camp and home for a week to wash ad repack for another camp for a week. She will be home for one day then start back to school. Lets talk about a fun filled summer.  


Yesterday Kellie and Catlin were at Jobing,com for the Save Your Summer Blood Drive. Today we are up and going again for the 2nd half of the blood drive at the US Airway Center in down town Phoenix. What a great way for Kellie to celebrate her 5 year cancer Birthday.

Yes it was 5 years today when were camping and go the bad news. Just yesterday I looked back on a lot of her photos during her treatment and was amazed on how much she had over come. I thank God every day for his healing power over her. If you want to say Happy Birthday to Kellie please do so by her email link on the main web page. Thank you for all your support and prayers.

Keep praying it works.



5/7/09 BMT+ 959


Well a few days ago I had to rush Kellie in to the E.R. She was having a hard time breathing due to the lung damage she has from transplant. She woke up scared and crying because of how hard it was to take a breath. Jeff called me at work and told me to come home now as he was about to call 911 because she was not breathing well. She was doing a breathing treatment and at that point was not working. By the time I got home 15 min later she was doing a little bit better. Once we got to the E.R at Phoenix Children's Hospital we were rushed back in the back and Kellie was started on another breathing treatment. She had a chest x-ray to make sure she did not have pneumonia again. She passed that test but failed her peak flow test. They tested her again about an hour after she got a dose of steroids and she passed with flying colors. Once she was discharged she made sure I took her right to school. Kellie wanted to make sure she could get back to class and dress practice for her dance concert. Her concert will be Wednesday, Thursday ,and Friday this week from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm. She is so excited. It is a great feeling seeing her dance around with a big smile on her face.

Keep praying it works.



4/20/09 BMT+942


Friday night was AMAZING! I am not sure if my family can put into words how we felt meeting Kellie's blood donors. Kellie was real quiet on the way home still trying to take it all in. Her emotions were all over the place. She said it was great to be able to hug the people that helped save her life. I knew sitting at Kellie's bedside my hands were tied on being able to help her and we relied on perfect strangers to save her life. Being a blood donor is one of the most perfect ways to help others in need with out expecting anything in return. Many people donate and do not know who they helped if anyone at all. So Friday night the full circle came together. From walking in to donate all the processing of the blood products and for the donors to meet the person they helped.
Keep praying it works.

4/14/09 BMT+936

Kellie is doing real well. She had her opening day at the Mesa Youth Museum Thursday night for her Beads of Courage display. They had a great poster made with her shorten story on it. You know if they posted her entire story it would have filled all the walls in that place. Her beads were proudly displayed behind glass for all to see. You will see a photo of her beads with a few of the other children's beads as well you can tell Kellie's beads from the others real easy. Kellie has had so much stuff done to her and her beads show it. They were so impressive I was in awe of them for a while next to the other ones.
This Friday Kellie is Kellie's meeting with her blood donors. We are so excited for this meeting. We will let you know how everything goes.
Keep praying it works.




3/24/09 BMT+915 (2 1/2 Years)


I know it has been a while and I am sorry for that. Kellie is still fighting with her lung damage.
One minute she is fine the next minute she is fevering and coughing. She gets so congested with fluid so fast it is hard to try to keep up with her breathing treatments to keep her clear. She spends a few days doing nothing but breathing treatments and breathing exercises every few hours. To this day she dose not like it. Every time she gets sick it is the same thing over and over again. The drama when it comes to doing her breathing treatments and exercises. I thought she would be feeling like it was no big deal just another fever. Oh NO Kellie voices all over again how mad she is because of this STUPID CANCER. She is having a hard time excepting she will have to deal with her lung problem for the rest of her life. She gets upset because it takes time away from her healthy life. She spent a day and a half in bed while she was on spring break because of a fever and congestion. I just keep praying this will go away for her one day. Everything else in Kellie's life is going real well.

On April 9th Kellie will be going to the Arizona Museum For Youth. They wanted to use Kellie's Beads of courage to put on display for everyone to see. Kellie has a long hard time during her treatments and her beads show just what she had to deal with during her fight. It is quite amazing when you see her with all of them on. This will be a great honor for her to show off her beads and tell her story to all that visits the museum.

On April 17th Kellie will be meeting her platelet donors. Kellie will never be able to meet her transplant donor because it was a donation from a baby's cord and the mom did not want to be contacted. We understand and we are so grateful for the donation. On the other hand it took more than just the cord cells that save Kellie's life. All the blood donors. Kellie received 131 blood transfusions to save her life. It will be an emotional day for all of us to meet the donors that helped save her life. We will put some pictures on the webpage when we get them. 

Keep praying it works. 



2/8/09 BMT+871


Kellie has been so busy. She is still making all "A's" in school and keeping a busy social life. Today she was a model in a large fashion show for the Children's Cancer Network. She did a great job walking the runway with a large dog by her side and in heals. She is so amazing. She is doing all the things her doctors told us she was not going to be able to do. I remember during  Kellie's first round of chemo the doctors told me she will not have all of her brain activity and not to expect her to retain much. Once she had to undergo spinal taps every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 6 weeks, the doctors told me she will not be able to walk normal anymore.


I can tell you she has told me many time. The doctors don't know it all. "Look at me now" She said. "God had his hands all over this." I know He did.


On the 28th of last month we took a trip to Tucson. Her Uncle Tony. AKA Captain Tony G from the Tucson fire fighter said. " If anyone wants to call her for a date they have to pass Dad first then him next. Kellie is growing up so fast. Here in a few months she will be going down to get her driving permit. Wow. sometimes I look at her like she was my poor little sick girl 11 years old and scared. Now she is in High School and doing so many things.

Please Keep Kellie's friend J.L. ( Jimmy JR) in your prayers. We are not sure what is going on yet. He has done 3 rounds of chemo so far but the doctors are seeing some cells that they are not sure what is going on yet. So please pray all will be well for him.
Keep praying it works.


1/19/09 BMT+851


Kellie is doing well. She went to the doctors last week for some testing regarding hormones. We found out she is 2 years behind in her bone growth and her ovaries are not working at all. We knew that might happen before starting the whole transplant process. Kellie was started on a low dose hormone to try to get things motivate her ovaries to start working by themselves. We have to go to Tucson for some labs on the 28th and to see some friends that have helped us through the worst of times.
Last month Kellie and I went to a Christmas party and met someone that has changed the way I think about life. It was a gentleman named JOEY O. He has inspired me to live my life in the moment and to plant my dream seed. If you have a chance to buy his book the dream seed it is well worth it. It is a short story written in such a form that it is easy to understand even for children. I have been talking about it for weeks now and Kellie is getting a bit fed up with me talking about planting a dream seed for her. Kellie has a short temper when it come to her science class. I keep telling her if she can dream of passing she will. So far she is doing well in her class.

Thank you Joey O for calling her and lifting her spirits up.

Keep praying it works.





12/29/08 BMT+830


Kellie has been real busy lately. She has been going to concerts, plays, and hosting a large blood drive for United Blood Services.
Now Kellie has been doing well health wise until last night. She started with a belly ache that turned into a fever then turned into her getting sick. Just like all the other times with in 24 hours she is back to her cheerful self. She is on her way to the Wellness community center for a party.

She has a lot of things on her list for 2009 and they all start with her staying healthy. Please keep her and her friends in your prayers.

Keep praying it works.



11/22/08 BMT+793


I took Kellie to Tucson for her IVIG treatment. This was such a stressful day. Things started off late because the nurses had a hard time getting an IV started. I felt so bad for Kellie having to get her arm squeezed so hard and tapped for an hour just to find a good vein. Poke after poke they finely slipped in a small butterfly blood draw line in the back of her hand. They normally would not do that but they just could not get anything else in.

Before Kellie started the IVIG she needed to be pre medicated for it. She took 2 Tylenol and some Benadryl. Well that set off a whole set of other problems. Kellie is real sensitive  to the Benadryl. A normal dose of Benadryl is 25-50 mg and Kellie can only take 7mg. By the time we got everything ready to start it was 11:00.  The IVIG was running for about an hour before Kellie started to run a fever, chilling, and not feeing well. She had one of the worst reactions I have ever seen her have on this medication. Kellie's head and back hurt the doctor wanted to help her pain and try to reverse the reaction she was having. But what he needed to do to help her with the medication reaction put her in respiratory distress. She was not looking good for about 45 min. Doctor Graham came by and ordered her to have a high dose of steroids. Once she go it in she started to turn around with in about 15 minutes Wow! I do have to say it was a stressful situation for a while.

Grandma Z and Sabrina W. was there during that time. Grandma Z was sitting next to Kellie talking about something and Sabrina seen me starting to break down. I think in that moment we all started pray together. I am thankful that we had friends around at that point. So thank you. By the time we made it home that night it was 11:45pm. Kellie will have to be on steroids for the weekend. Today she is doing well and feels a bit weird because of the meds. Come Monday she will be back to school and back to a some what normal life.

Keep praying it works.



11/10/08 BMT+781


Happy 15th Birthday Kellie!


Kellie let Dad know that she will be 15 1/2 in six months, which by the way is the same day she can get her driving permit.



11/4/08 BMT+775


Kellie has been doing well. She did have an E.R. visit a week a go. Most of her labs came back looking good. Kellie has one that is a bit low, so she will be going to Tucson on the 21st of this month to have a dose of IVIG. That will take about 6 hours in the clinic to get that done. Once Dr Graham told me that Kellie's lab was low my heart sank. I was flooded with all kinds of emotions all at once. I was so scared this was a sign of another re lap. Dr Graham set me straight real fast. Dr Graham said he has to give IVIG to most of his patients every 3-6 months for a few years after transplant. He was surprised that Kellie lasted this long with out it. The last time Kellie got IVIG was over a year and a half ago. So what we need to pray for is that Kellie will not have a reaction to her infusion and for her to be strong emotionally. 

Keep praying it works. 

10/28/08 BMT+768


Kellie has been running a fever most of the night. We are on the way to PCH hospital today for a bunch of test. Please keep Kellie in your prayers today.

9/22/08 BMT+731

Today is Kellie's 2 year Birthday post transplant. Two years ago today I remember standing at her bedside praying and feeling all the prayers form many people from around the world. I remember Kellie just laying in her bed watching the stem cells flow into her body wondering if it would kill her or heal her. Kellie is here today because of the prayer and standing on Faith.

Kellie now is a healthy happy 14 year old Freshman in High school. She has overcome so many obstacles in her life and is very happy to live life and talk about her fight. She is using her illness to help others in the cancer fight and to raise money for her team in training. Sabrina Woods will be riding her bike 100 miles to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This Sat the 27th of Sept she will be hosting time at a local ice skating rink. At Polar Ice off of 83rd Ave and Bell form 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm. It will cost $10.00 to get in and that includes your skate rental. Snakes will be provided and it will give some people an opportunity to meet and to get to know some of the Leukemia patients they are trying to help. So if you can make it please do so by just showing up. Thank you.
Thank you all for your prayers
Keep praying it works.



9/8/08 BMT+717


Last week Kellie went to Tucson for her first volleyball game of this year. Her team played a great game. They all had fun and all had great team spirit. It was nice to see their first win on the season. After Kellie's game on Thursday she came home and started to run a fever again. It has been a few months now without one. So the fevers are not as often and not as high. Praise God for that. She still is getting really congested and coughing up a lot of stuff. She has been out of school for 2 days and her fever is just hanging on. Please pray for it to go away soon.
Keep praying it works.



8/17/08 BMT+695


Kellie has been doing great. She had a doctors appt Wed with doctor Graham. He gave her a clean bill of health. He even signed her physical paperwork for Kellie to try out for the High School Volleyball team. Kellie will have to have blood work, a cat scan of her chest ,a bone ageing test and an echocardiogram done in October before she see's doctor Graham again. Most of the tests are looking for post transplant problems. Every person that has had a transplant has some sort of long term effects of such harsh chemo. Some are so small that they are not noticed and some can real bad. We already know that Kellie has some lung problems that she is overcoming. Doctor Graham has a good feeling that in a few years Kellie's lung problems will be gone.
Well with a lot of hard work for the past few day after school Kellie made the Volleyball team! For all of you that joined this fight after Kellie's got her cancer the second time. In the beginning the doctors told me that Kellie will not be walking and might not have all of her brain functions. Now here she is playing Volleyball for a High School team that means no pass no play rule. So she is doing much better then what was told to us.


It all was done by prayer and having Faith.
So keep praying it works.



8/3/08 BMT+681


Things have been busy around here. Kellie was doing a few news interviews last weekend for United Blood Services blood drive. On top of speaking at the Peoria police department for their blood drive, visiting with grandparents, having her brother here for a week, keeping up with a few friends during the summer, having a pool party and doing some school shopping. Wow she has been busy.

That's not all she just left this morning to go to cancer camp. She will be back for only one day before she starts school. Now this year is not just about starting school for her, it is HIGH SCHOOL. That makes me feel old.


I still think of her as my 10 year old little girl with cancer small and fragile. Now she is taller then I am and speaking out to help others. She looks so healthy and getting stronger every day. Thank you for all your prayers during this long fight.

Please pray she will not get a fever when she is a camp this week.
Keep praying it works.



7/10/08 BMT+657


Hi everyone. Just a short update. Kellie just celebrated her 5 year cancer Birthday. It was July 3rd 2004. Wow she has been through so much.
The celebration was so much fun. Kellie was doing the Hula in Hawaii with the biggest smile on her face. She was catching plenty of waves as well. Even to this day we can not take a vacation without Kellie getting sick. She ran a fever for about 6 hours and wound up with pneumonia again. It did not keep her down for two long.

Now that we are back she had to get back to work. She went to work with her Dad today and learned what it was like to put in a full days work. She did come home with a smile on her face so that was good.
Do to the Forth of July we want to send out a special prayer to a special family friend. Pete Davinson.
He is in Iraq fighting for all of us to be free. Please say some special prayer for him to be able to come home safe and sound to his wife and 2 small baby girls. He had to go only 9 days after his 2nd baby was born on April 1st. 

Keep praying it works.



6/14/08 BMT+631


Well this week has been a busy one. Tuesday Kellie went to her regular doctors office to get started with her baby shots. We have been waiting for over a year for Kellie to be well enough to start her shots. She was to get 5 shots but only got 4. The doctor did not want to over load her body and push her in to having a fever so when we get back from vacation Kellie will have to go get the last one. Then 6 months later she is will get her next round. So we will see how that goes.

Thursday Kellie had to go see her lung doctor. That was an exciting appointment. Kellie did her lung function test and passed with a 95% without medication. With her breathing treatment it went up to 98%. That was great new. Her last appointment she was borderline having to be on oxygen. As long as she keeps up with her breathing treatments and exercises she should stay well until next cold and flu season. Praise God for helping her to stay well. I know she is still not out of the woods yet but she is on a good road to a full recovery.

I have been walking on egg shells because this was about the time her cancer came back after her first treatment. It was June 28th. 2006. A year and a half after treatment. Doctor Graham her transplant doctor told me that she could relapse any time after this point up to 5 years out of transplant. Do to the fact she was so far out of treatment when her cancer came back that puts her in a higher risk to relapse at a later time after transplant. So 5 years out is our goal.
So please keep praying it works.



5/25/08 BMT+610


All is well here. Kellie just graduated the 8th grade and now is in High School. Praise God for that. Keep praying it works.



5/4/08 BMT+590


I know it has been a while and I am sorry. We are trying to get back to a normal lifestyle. Well for the past few weeks Kellie has been having some kind of weird fever. It comes and goes at different times of the day and night. We do not know why she keeps getting them. One minute she is fine then when you turn around she is down and out in bed with a fever. Some times she is real tired and other minute she is full of energy. Oh yes I can not forget to tell you about the strange rash on her legs. It dose not look like the rashes she has had in the past all red and blotchy looking. This one is little raised bumps all over her legs. The color is not a any different then the rest of her skin. It dose not look like  blisters ether. I am not sure how or at what point it changes to a red color for a few hours then scabs over. Nothing ever comes out of the bumps. They dry up and flake off. So many times Kellie gets these unexplainable things happen to her. She has stumped her doctors for years. She has a doctors appointment with her transplant doctor later this week to see if he can point us in the right direction. Kellie wants the fevers to go away and this weird rash to go away as well. It is getting really hot out here already and she wants to wear shorts. People look at her like she has something they can catch. That is sad and hurtful to her after everything she has had to face.
Well on the other hand her lungs are clear for the moment. She is doing well when it comes to her breathing treatments and exercises.
Oh Kellie wants everyone to please say a special prayer to her cousin Michael. He just had a double lung transplant. He is still in the hospital hooked up to a lot of things. Kellie feels for him because she knows the pain of being hooked up to all kinds of machines and learning how to walk again for being in bed for so long. Please pray for him to get better fast.
Keep praying it works. 



4/13/08 BMT+568


Kellie is doing well. She still has a cough and a runny nose. She is getting excited for her up coming graduation form the 8th grade. We are having a great time getting her ready for high school.

We had a meeting of the minds between her grade school teachers and her up coming high school teacher.

Kellie has a great year lined up for her.
Keep praying it works.



3/30/08 - BMT+554


Kellie is doing well. She had a small fever Easter Sunday and she started to cough a bit more. We increased her breathing treatments and changed her antibiotics around and she is doing better. During this spring break she went on a trip to her grandma's and Pap Pap's house. She is having a great time. Thanks for all your prayers.
Keep praying it works.



3/9/08 - BMT+534


Well is has been a rough few days around here. Kellie came down with a fever Thursday afternoon. She has been sick for the past 4 days.  Friday afternoon I had to take her to her primary care doctor here in town to see her. Doctor Babarinde ordered her to have a few tests done to find out if it was the flu or some kind of bacterial infection. We went to the hospital next to the doctors office for the labs to be done. They said we do not take you insurance. So I packed up Kellie and took her to the Lab Corp across the street. They told us that they only draw blood and they can not do the nose swab. So at this point I was just about in tears wondering what to do to get this  test done because now it is 2pm on a Friday afternoon.


I called my work to let my friends know what was going on and to find out if they can turn me in the right direction. At this point Kellie is vomiting and fevering in the truck and just wanted to go home. My friends told me to bring her in to my work and they would take care of her. So off we went. When we got there we found out that the lab techs could not do the nose swab it had to be a nurse. I called my friend to come down to do it for Kellie. I tell you what Thank God for friends. We were able to get the nose swab done but after two pokes and no blood draw I told them no more. I am just going to take her home. Later that night Dr. B called back to tell us it is not the flu. Kellie was started on antibiotics again. It is her lungs again. She has another pneumonia going on. Just when we go a clean bill of health from her lung doctor a few day ago. That just keeps reminding me how fast Kellie turn around. Well on minute and sick the next. Her fever has gone down and she is felling much better now. Still doing all her lung exercises to keep her healthy.
Keep praying it works.



3/4/08 BMT+529


Kellie went to the lung doctor today and got an "A" on her lung test. Kellie's lungs were working at 65% back in November. Today her lungs were working at 85%. WOW! Kellie has been working hard on her lung exercises. Her doctor was going to put her on a new medication to try for a few weeks to help keep her lungs clear. She still has a cough but it is not all congested like it has been. Over all she is doing well.


Keep praying it works


2/24/08 BMT+520


Just a short update. Kellie's doctor wants her to have a second doctor take a look at the red spots on her gums. They want to take a biopsy of them just to make sure we have nothing to worry about. I am kind of glad that they are going to put that worry to rest fast. This is why we need to find a cure for this cancer. So children would never have to have painful biopsy's done every time they have a bump or a small spots on them that does not look quite right.

Keep praying it works.


2/20/08 BMT+516


Kellie went to the doctors yesterday for her foot. It looks like the viral infection is gone. The wound is still healing and most of the pain is gone. Praise God  for that. I want to let everyone know Kellie noticed a few red spots on her gums yesterday. It maybe nothing but we are going to have them checked out. At this point we are not taking any chances. We should know something by Friday afternoon. So please pray for good news.


Just wanted to pass the word about an upcoming fund raiser that Kellie has been involved with as an honor child. It is the 100 mile bike ride with the team in training. They are raising money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Her team needs to raise $2,000.00  min to be in the race. Her rider has done this race for Kellie 2 years in a row now. Her name is Sabrina. This year she is coach for the team and they are training every Saturday. Last Saturday I went on a ride with them. Oh man I am out of shape. We were out for a few hours and I made it 14 miles. Once I was riding with the team in honor for my daughter it made me want to ride harder. I do not want another child to have to suffer the pain of having treatments like Kellie. All the money goes to find a cure for Leukemia. So that is the reason why my passion is so strong for this ride.


If you would like to help get this team off the ground in the fund raising part of it you can. At this point you can write a check in what ever amount you would like to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and email me at kellie.miner@teamkellie.org so I can get you the address to email it back to you.  More information and updates to come. Sabrina is making a web page for online donations. When it is up an running I will let you know.

Keep praying it works.



2/14/08 BMT+510


Happy Valentine's day to all. Today is the day to show love and receive it as well. Kellie is feeling the love from all who are praying for her to heal. She has been a bit emotional lately. She has been looking back to when she was really sick and not knowing if she was going to make it or not. She has been tearful when she thinks about how Dr. Graham saved her life. She dose not know how to thank him. Every time she sees him she thanks him and gives him a big hug. He states he is just doing his job. I thank GOD for Dr Graham and for all he has done not just for Kellie but the entire family. Loving feeling can be very overwhelming at time. I am so glad this family's cup is running over in that department. It is the love from all of you praying for us that helped us get past the rough day and for the light be shine a bit brighter at the other end of a dark tunnel. So Kellie, Kyle, Jeff and myself THANK YOU form the bottom of our hearts. Happy Valentine's Day!

Now about Kellie's week. She has been in a lot of pain. One night she was not able to sleep because of her foot pulsing with pain. The medicine that the doctor put on her foot made a blister about the size of a golf ball. It was like taking that golf ball and cutting it in half and pasting it right under her toes then walking on it. She endured this pain for 5 days. The night she was not able to sleep I made her get up and soak it and pierce it with a pin. Once she was able to get some of the fluid out she felt a little better. Two days after that the doctor took a razor and cut the entire blister off her foot. I was in shock. Kellie was crying in so much pain. I could hardly stand it. I held her hand until she cracked my fingers. Now that we both were in pain I started to tear up because all I could do was hold her head in my shoulder and rock her. I knew it was going to hurt but she needed that blister off so it could heal.

I am not sure how to explain the feelings I was having most of the day knowing what Kellie was going to have done at that appointment. I called Jeff all stressed out. I felt like I was the one making her endure this pain. The feeling was kind of like the feeling I was having when I had to drive her to Tucson for the transplant. I knew she was going to have a lot of pain, days of not feeling well, and a long recovery but she had to do it. It makes me feel sick just thinking about that feeling.

The blister is off the foot and now she has an open sore about the size the size of a silver dollar. Just please pray for a painless and infection free healing.

Thank you all.

Keep praying it works.



2/6/08 BMT+502


Kellie has been getting stronger and stronger each day. This infection hit her a lot harder then all the rest. She lost a lot of her endurance and has been real tired. Her cough is still hanging on but it is a lot better.  She will be seeing Dr Graham Thursday this week for a check up. The viral infection came back on her foot and now she is having to have it burned off. The doctor yesterday cut away a lot of skin off the bottom of her foot and put on a burring medication. She has to keep the dressing on it for 2 days while it burns into the skin. Kellie has a big blister over the area the medication was put on. Kellie is experiencing a kind of pain she has not had before. I thought with all the pain she has had she in the past she could deal with this. She said all the other pain was in the past and I dealt with it in a different way. She is trying to find the best way to deal with this pain. Kellie has a lot of bad reactions when she takes pain meds so that is not an option at this point. She is tough she will find some way to deal with it. I am a bit concerned about the open wound that this infection is leaving on her foot. That is not the cleanest place to have a wound and it is the hardest place to heal. So if you can pray for fast healing of the wound and for it not to get any kind of infection while healing I would appreciate it. Thank you all for your on going support.


Keep praying it works.



1/31/07 BMT+497


Well yesterday we got a call about her bronchoscope results. Kellie has a bacterial and a viral infection going on at the same time. That is why she has been so sick. Now we have a name of the bacterial infection we know how to treat it. Prays God for letting the doctors find it this time. The antibiotics she is taking should get rid of the bacterial infection part of it. She is on a new drug call TAMIFLU. That should help her get over the viral infection part faster than letting it just run it's course. She has a doctors appointment today to see what else they might want to do to help her. She get coughing so bad she can hardly catch her breath. We have increased her breathing treatments and have her sitting in a warm shower. It seems to help.  She finely was able to sleep all night long without coughing. She feel better today. When she got up she said it was much easier to breath today. That is a great sign if I ever heard one. I believe everyday the good LORD lets me get up out of bed and I can breath is a great sign. So live the day like it might be your last and be happy in what might come your way even if it might not be so pleasant. It could be worse.

Keep praying it works.


1/29/08 BMT+494


Well a lot has happened the past few days. Kellie was admitted back in to the hospital again on Sat the 26th. Early that afternoon she started to fever again. This time she was not to get any antibiotics until the doctors could get another bronchoscope done. It took until Monday afternoon to get one set up. During that time Kellie was running a fever on and off and her cough got worse. Before the bronch was done the doctors wanted her to have another cat scan of her sinus's.

We knew once she had this testing done it would be a waiting game all over again. I told the doctors I much rather take Kellie home and wait for some results than stay in the hospital where she could catch something else. We have to wait at least 3 days for most of the results from the bronch wash. It may take up to 2 weeks for some of the special test to come back. She is taking an antibiotic at this point. If something comes back and shows she is not on the right one the lung doctor will call us to have it changed. I tell you what it was not easy staying with Kellie these past few days in the hospital. She was in isolation ( LOCK DOWN ).  She was not happy about that at all. She did not have the right frame of mind for her to be shut off from the outside world. Before she knew it was coming and the 45 to 50 day stays in lock down was not that bad. This time she had her phone and she spent most of her time texting her friends telling them she has nothing to do. It did not make things any better when she had a bit of trouble getting her food from down stairs. So here it is raining like cats and dogs and I am driving to Taco Bell to get her some good food. I really didn't mind going out to get her food, I just wished I could see where I was going. By the time I came back wet and cold Kellie had a friend Mindy in her room laughing and having a good time. We ate and laughed with her for about an hour. Once she left Kellie started to run another fever. Kellie went to bed and that is where she stayed. The whole time she was in the hospital this time she was in pain. The IV that was placed in the back of her hand was really bothering her. It was placed in her right hand at that. She was trying to get some home work done and writing with this IV that was already hurting was not fun for her. Once she started crying in pain I asked her if she wanted a new one put in. She said no more pokes. She only needed to keep this one in until she was put under for her bronch that was less then 16 hours away. She did all she could to keep that IV in. When she started to wake up she started to pull out her IV on her own. The nurse let her pull off all the tape and once it was half way out Kellie let the nurse do the rest.

After all of this I pray we find out why Kellie keeps fevering. I will let you know what is going on once we start getting some results.

Keep praying it works


1/21/08 BMT+486


Over all Kellie is doing well. She had to be picked up from school early Friday because she had a back ache and a headache. When she got home she started to feel a bit better. She wanted to go pick up her brother from day care and stop by a friends house for a short visit. While we were there her head started to hurt again and soon after that she got sick. Kellie was down and out for the rest of the day.


NO fevers thank GOD. Kellie has a runny nose and a small cough but she is doing well.


Keep praying it works.



1/14/08 BMT+477


Just a small post today. Kellie is doing well. Her cough is gone and no fever. All and all this has been a great week.
Keep praying it works.



1/4/08 BMT+469


Wow this has been a few busy days for all of us. Kellie is at home now and doing well. She has to go back to Phoenix Children's Hospital for a follow up test on Saturday the 5th. The doctors were not able to find out anything this time. It was to late to run some of the test and to do another bronchoscope do to the fact she got a high dose of an IV antibiotic in the ER. That dose seems to have done it's job quite well.



Kellie is showing no signs of infection anywhere. I just keep praying she will not fever again. If she dose happen to fever again she will by pass the ER and be admitted right to the floor. The doctors will do a bronchoscope as soon as she gets in before any antibiotics are given. We really need to get to the bottom of this problem. If we are not able to find anything, Kellie might have to have a lung biopsy. That is not as easy as the biopsy of her bone marrow. This will take a surgeon to go in and take off part of her lower lung. Kellie will have to have a chest tube for a few days and be down and out for a while. So please keep praying this pneumonia will go away and that Kellie will not have anymore fevers.


Today Kellie spent her time being pampered with a few other cancer friends. They have been getting their hair done, doing nails, getting facials and having a fun time. She needed that after the past few days of getting poked and prodded at by all the doctors.


Keep praying it works. 



1/3/08 BMT+468


I am sorry for not posting an update in a while. Kellie has been sick again. Monday she was doing well. Tuesday I came home from work and Kellie was curled up in a chair resting I told her to go jump in bed to take a nap. I touched her shoulder to give her a little help up and felt the heat rising up off her body. I ran to get something to take her temp. She was 102.7. With in minutes we were out the door to the ER. By the time we got her in she was up to 103.5. We knew she was going to be admitted at that point. We got up to the room around 11:50 pm and got all the paper work done by 2am. It is amazing how your body works. I could not stay up past 10 pm New Years Eve but when something is going on with your child you have the energy to stay awake and still answer questions.
By 9am Yesterday the fist doctor came in to gather all the information on what has been going on for the past few months. He ordered for 4 other doctors to see her. He wants to get to the bottom of this fevering problem. After all the other doctors came by to evaluate her we all were still wondering what to do about this. I think we might have missed the window of opportunity on finding out what is wrong with her. Kellie is feeling much better and she has not had a fever yet. The doctors are going to do a lab draw and keep an eye on her for the night. If she still fever free and not congested we will be going home tomorrow.

Keep praying it works.



12/27/07 BMT+461


Kellie has been doing better. The grand total of weight loss was 11 pounds. She has been eating better now and not getting sick. This flu hit her hard. I am sure it will be a few weeks before she is back to her normal weight again. Her lungs sound better. She is now taking Cipro antibiotic again. The pathology report came back showing pneumocystis pneumonia and bronchiectasis. That means she still has a pneumonia that shows up in people that have a low immune system. The bronchiectasis means that she has swelling and infection going on. So that is why she was started on a higher dose of Cipro. We had to wait until she was over the flu to start it.


I am glad Jesus was listening to all the prayers that were sent out for Kellie to be at home for Christmas this year. The doctors wanted her to be admitted because she was getting dehydrated and losing too much weight. Today Kellie is doing well. She has to do her breathing treatments 3 times a day, do her lung exercises and take 2 pills twice a day. Prays God it could have been worse. Now we are not sure how much lung damage was done. We will find out when her pneumonia is gone.

Keep praying it works.



12/19/07 BMT+453


Post BMT day 453. Kellie has been sick the past 2 days. She has the flu. It has been a rough time for her.

We heard form Doctor Graham late yesterday and he told us that the pathology report came back clear on Kellie's bronchoscope fluid. The only thing that it shows is that she has a lot of mucus that keeps building up in her lungs. She just has to keep doing her lung exercises to keep the mucus moving. Please pray that Kellie gets over the flu quickly. She can't afford to lose anymore weight at this point.


Keep praying it works.



12/13/07 BMT+446


Post BMT day 446. Kellie had a hard emotional time going under for the bronchoscope yesterday. It was so hard to watch her get poked over and over again for the IV start. She was so brave sitting still for each one with tears just running down her little face. She had to get the IV to put her to sleep. Kellie dose not do well with any kind of mask on her face to put her out. Once she was asleep I left the room to wait outside in the waiting area with all the other emotional parents. I sat waiting, praying and waiting. I felt my eyes locked on the clock for an hour. The doctor came out to let me know what was going on. The calcification in her mid lobe was the size of a pea now and is going away on it's own. He did find a lot of fluid in both lower lungs that he took out and set out for all kinds of cultures. He showed me what her lungs looked like and where he had some concerns. At her opening of the tube where her lungs split off is inflamed and has some mucus covering the opening area. He took some of that as well and sent for cultures. All in all things went well and Kellie is felling ok. We thought this might bring on a fever or Kellie might be feeling under the weather for a while, but she is back in school and sang in her winter concert at school. We will find out more information some time next week once the cultures come back.


Thank you all for your prayers. We felt them.


Keep praying it works.



12/09/07 BMT+436


Post BMT day 436. As many of you know Kellie has been passing the word about collecting pop top tabs to help out the Ronald Mc Donald House. We have been collecting them for a while now. Some times we drop them off with a friends in Tucson to turn in or Kellie's Dad will drop them off at the Ronald Mc Donald House in Tucson when he goes to work out there. We feel really strong about this. So Kellie asked her Nana in California to pass the word around and man did she. She is getting pop tabs form cities as far as 250 miles away. By the time she gathered all of them up to put in her van for her trip out here she had over 100 pounds.

Wow! We want to give a big thank you out to a small Company in California Called San Joaquin fig company.

Consuelo Ibarra passed the word on Kellie's behalf and she has her family and friends saving them as well.

Kellie wanted to help out others and she didn't have the funds to help out the way she wanted to. Once she found out what the Ronald Mc Donald House does with the pop tabs and how it helps everyone that has to stay at the House like we did she was on fire. She made me pick up every one she seen. I pick them off my friends pops at work and bring home about 10-20 every day. It is amazing how they add up.


Tonight Kellie is sitting in front of the Christmas tree counting how many were sent to her.




Keep praying it works.



12/8/07 BMT+441


Post BMT day 441. Kellie is such a strong girl.


Kellie has been dealing with a lot of medical things this past two week. After all the tests, fevers, pain, and just not feeling well she always makes a big effort not to miss any school. She has missed only 1 1/2 days.


She had a cat scan a few days ago. Dr Graham called to let us know Kellie has something still going on in both lower lobes of her lungs and it looks like a calcification about a size of a quarter in her middle lobe. She will be having a bronchoscope on Tuesday morning. This will give us a lot more information about what is going on in her lower lungs and for the doctors to get the calcification out before it causes any problems.


Keep praying it works.



12/4/07 BMT+438


Post BMT day 438. Well Kellie has been sick and really busy. Starting Thursday Kellie had an x-ray of her back, Friday she had her doctors appointment with the lung doctor, Monday back to the hospital for an ultrasound and today she went to her foot doctor. Now tomorrow she will be back at the hospital for a cat scan of her chest. Now what dose all of this mean? Well let's start at her head and work down from there.


She has been a bit stuffy in her head with a runny nose. She has had quite a few bad head aches. She still has a bad cough and coughing up a lot of stuff. She has had a lot of pain in her back that has put her to the floor in tears. For the past 5 days now she has been taking Tylenol with codeine for the pain. She has had an upset stomach on top of all of that. After all if that stuff going on Kellie is losing weight. She was doing so well until last week. She was up to 95 pounds. She is less the 88 now. The ultra sound shows that Kellie has gull stones. That may be why she has been feeling sick and the pain. Now the about the abnormal cells on her foot. After months of treatments they are almost all gone.


Kellie will have her bronchoscope on Dec. 11th. That will show what is going on with the lungs. After that I hope they find a treatment to get rid of what is going on in her lungs once and for all.


Kellie is feeling a bit better at this point. She is sitting on the couch talking on the phone.


Keep praying it works.




12/1/07 BMT+435


Post BMT day 435. Kellie had her doctor's appointment yesterday. We went looking for answers on why she is coughing so much and why she gets pneumonia so much. I was not ready for the answers we got. The chemo she had to have to save her life did some lung damage. We are not sure how bad yet until the high resolution cat scan and her bronchoscope. The doctors office will get back to me next week to get them set up. I knew in the back of my mind that she could have late effects do to the chemo treatments but Kellie was doing so well and this hit us kind of hard. Kellie did a pulmonary function test yesterday and it is showing her lungs are not letting her breath in enough air. The exchange of oxygen in her blood stream is good but her lungs can not hold enough air to exchange the oxygen properly when she is running or doing long term exercise. Her oxygen sat's are hanging around 93-95%. If she drops below 91% she will need to be on oxygen. So we are praying for strong lungs and for this to be the only damage that was done by this chemo.


The doctors can not tell me one way or the other if this can get worse or better. He did tell me that when damage is done to the lungs it will not heal it's self like the liver will. I am trying to let you all know what is going on the best way I can. At this point I am walking in that fog of shock all over again. I am trying to hard myself to understand all of this and pass on what was told to us. I am sure we will understand more after the tests are done.

I will keep you informed of what is going on.


Until then  Keep praying it works.



11/25/07 BMT+429


Post BMT day 429. Kellie had a rough week with the new antibiotic she was put on. It was not nice on her stomach. Kellie did all she could to stay at school for the 3 days she had to go. All week long her stomach was hurting and she felt sick most of the time. Between the aches and sick feeling she felt great.

Her fever was short lived but she still has a bad cough and runny nose. Kellie will be going to her lung doctor on Friday. I pray they find something to fix. Kellie is just about fed up with this cough that keeps her up at night. I am sure she would feel better if she would not have to blow her nose all day long as well.


Kellie had a great time at Grandma's house for Thanksgiving. Last year we were still in Tucson for all the Holidays. We are all thankful for being home this year.


Yesterday we got a phone call from Grandma Z from the Ronald Mc Donald House in Tucson. We found out that she will not be working there anymore. I am sure that was a great loss for them. Grandma Z is being led on another path. I am sure God will lead her to do his will in whatever state that will be. She is in CA now visiting with family. So please pray for her to find her place to volunteer. She is retired but she still wants to help out somewhere. I know she does not like the cold weather. So please pray she finds a place where it is warm.


Keep praying it works.



11/18/07 BMT+422


Post BMT day 422. Well Kellie started to run a fever again last night. We are waiting to see a pulmonary doctor about this cough she has had for a long time now. I made the appointment 3 weeks ago and we still have another 2 weeks to wait. Kellie is tired of feeling sick and wants this cough and runny nose to go away.

I was not going to take her in to be seen but the fever told me that something was going on and Kellie's immune system was not strong enough to fight it anymore.

We spent most of the night in the ER at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Kellie had blood test's, chest x-rays, and many people listening to her lungs.


Kellie's lungs sounded like a bunch of whistle's and squeaks going on. The doctors were almost sure she had pneumonia again. Once the blood test came back it showed her WBC was up a bit and the doctors were leaning more for the pneumonia. When the chest x-ray came back is was clear. Her lungs look great.

Why this cough and junky stuff coming up? They took a look at her sinus and said she has another sinus infection. They started her on antibiotics again for 10 days. Kellie was up most of the night coughing and running a  fever. Kellie is praying this will go away soon.


Keep praying it works.



11/5/07 BMT+409


Post BMT day 409. Kellie is still fighting a cough that she can not get rid of. This has been going on for a few months and Kellie has taken 4 types of antibiotics for 10 days each to try to get better. She is still taking her breathing treatments 3 times a day as well. Kellie's doctor called me today and told me to set up an appointment with her pulmonary doctor. I am a bit scared to see this doctor again. He is a great person but the last time I seen him Kellie was on life support. This is a bitter sweet appointment. I pray that this will be something easy to treat and get rid of it for good. Her appointment is the 30th of Nov.


Kellie was going to start her baby shots this month but because she is still fighting something in her lungs they want to hold off.


Kellie is getting excited for this weekend. She will be turning 14 years old on Sat the 10th. This is a girl that had less then a 2% chance of living 3 years ago. It is amazing to see how she has grown up. When I look back at some of the archived photos Kellie had such a baby face. Seeing her now she is all grown up.

Wow she is just 2 years away form driving. I am not sure I am ready for her to grow up just yet.


Keep praying it works.



10/24/07 BMT+ 397


Post BMT day 397. Well, Monday Kellie was sent home from school with a fever. It is so scary when one day she is fine and the next she is down and out. We went to the doctors and had a chest x-ray done, a swab for strep. She has another sinus infection that is making it's way to her chest again. I was told that she will be catching all the colds and viral infections that come along but she has not had one yet. Praise God for that. This sinus thing is something she can not catch from someone. She just can't seem to stop getting this infection. I am sure we will be seeing another ENT doctor sometime soon. Kellie is doing much better and is back in school today. We will keep you informed of what is going on when we get the other results back form her labs.


Keep praying it works.



10/19/07 BMT+392


Post BMT day 392. Kellie went to the doctors yesterday and her lungs are clear! That is the best news we have had in a long time. Kellie is down to taking only one pill a day now and no more breathing treatments at this point.


Kellie had labs done and we will not get the results for a day or two. They did in graftment studies and we will not get the results of that for another week. We will let you know when we get results.


Thank you for all the prayers.


10/15/07 BMT+388


Post BMT day 388.  Kellie is doing well. She still is undergoing treatment for her viral cells on her left foot. Things are looking good when it comes to her foot. Now on to her lungs. She will be doing a chest x-ray on Thursday before her appointment with Dr Graham. Kellie has been doing all of her breathing treatments and exercises but she is still coughing. We will see what the chest x-ray has to show. If no changes from the last time Kellie will have to go see a lung specialist to find out what is going on. We will update sometime Friday.
Kellie's Holiday cards are now on line at the PCH web page Phoenix Children's Hospital Christmas Cards It is the Happy Holidays glitter card. Soon they will be out in some stores around town. We will keep you informed when and where you can get them.
Keep praying it works.


10/2/07 BMT+375


Post BMT day 375.  Sorry for not updating sooner. Kellie got the results of her biopsy back and she has a weird viral cell cluster on her foot. She is treating it with a topical medication that we have to keep covered for a while. The doctor thinks it might take a few months to get rid of. At least it is something that can go away. Praise God for that.
Kellie had her first volleyball game this weekend. Her team Lighting Strikes won all three games. All of the girls played real well. I am so proud of Kellie still giving it 110% while she is still fighting this pneumonia.
If things do not change by next week while being on this new medication for her lungs Doctor Graham will be getting a call. I am sure he will be ordering another chest x-ray sometime next week to follow up with this lung stuff going on. Kellie has a follow up appointment with her foot doctor on the 11th. Please pray that this treatment is working.
This week Kellie received a gift from a box maker. Mr. Conroy made her a wood box for all of her Beads of Courage a while ago. Kellie's box was not big enough to fit all her beads now. So he made her 2 more boxes that are even bigger. Mr. Conroy Thank you so much. You do beautiful work.
Keep praying it works.


9/23/07 BMT+365


Post BMT day 365! WOW it has been one year ago when Kellie had her transplant. It has been a long road with lots of ups and downs.


A lot of things have been going on this past week. Kellie went back for a follow up chest x-ray Wednesday for her pneumonia. It has not changed in her lower bases and now it is showing something going on in her middle lobe on her right side. Doctor Graham is going to be talking to a few other doctors to find out what would be the best way to treat this.


Now on Thursday Kellie had to go to another Doctor's appointment for her left foot. Kellie has something going on and we just are not sure what it is. The few Doctors that have looked at it thinks it might be a viral infection. Some others believe it might be callous. We decided to do a biopsy on it. The Doctor took quite a big chunk out of he bottom of her foot. Kellie has to soak her foot and put antibiotics on it twice a day. It took almost 24 hours for the biopsy site to stop bleeding. I am just praying she will be protected from infections at this point. I thought being so far out from her transplant things would settle down a bit. When she wound up getting a fever a few weeks ago it felt like the flood gates flew open all over again. Now with something going on with her foot it brings backs all the worries and a deep ache in everyone's hearts all over again. When we get the biopsy results back we will let you know what is going on.


Keep praying it works.



9/12/07 BMT+355


Post BMT day 355. Kellie is feeling much better. Due to the fact that she has pneumonia Doctor Graham wants to see her this month. So Kellie has an appointment on the 19th. We will be stopping by PCH for a chest x-ray before the appointment. I am sure he will be doing labs at that point and find her a good lung Doctor.


Kellie has been up and about doing so many things. This is not a normal person that has pneumonia, in bed and moaning. Kellie is going to school, playing volleyball and even went to the Toby Keith concert Friday night. Photos are on his web page. www.tobykeith.com/photos choose the Phoenix show and then view all photos. She is in there twice. Once by herself and one with a group of friends from Hope kids.


Kellie now is involved with team in training. This is a bike group that will be riding 100 miles to raise money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. We will be posting more information about this once we get more.


Keep praying it works.



9/5/07 BMT+348


Post BMT day 348.  Kellie started to fever last night. She ran a temperature of 102.5 until 3:30am today. Her cough changed from her normal chemo cough to a deep junky one. Dr Graham told me to start her back on Cipro and her breathing treatments. She had a rough night sleeping on and off in my lazy boy chair next to my bed. Jeff and I were on edge most of the night wondering if the fever was going to break or get worse. If it got any higher Dr. Graham wanted a call and Kellie more then likely would have ended up in the hospital again.

Kellie and I started to pray for this bad bug to go away and fast. We know all to well how bad this could have been. Praise God for the work He has done once again for Kellie. Kellie woke up feeing better not 100% but not as bad as yesterday. We went to see her primary physician Dr Babarinde today on the request of Dr. Graham ( thanks it saved us a trip to Tucson). Dr B. listened to Kellie's lungs and sent us for a chest x-ray.

It came back that Kellie has pneumonia in both lower lungs. She was started on another antibiotic along with the one she started yesterday in hopes that we can stay one step ahead of this. Kellie was upset she missed a day of school for this. So she will try to go to school tomorrow. She is one tough kid. Please pray for her lungs to get better and stay strong.


Kellie wanted to have everyone pray for one of her friends. His name is Ray. We just found out his transplant did not work. He is going to do another one here soon.


Keep praying it works.



8/29/07 BMT+341


Post BMT day 341. Kellie is doing well. She is now getting back into volleyball and loving it. Kellie is making a lot of new friends. She is eating well and still gaining weight. She is up to 91 lbs now. Tall and skinny I am having a hard time finding her jeans that fit. The waist is a size 8 to 10 and her length is extra long. I am just glad Capri's are in.



Kellie and a few friends went to the Ski restaurant night club for the final show for the Arizona Idol. All the girls fell in love with a singer named Kyle Merser. We all voted for him before we left. It was a fun time out and with a lot of good food. Thank you Rob for setting it up and thank you to Ski for the V.I.P seats and treatment.


Keep praying it works



8/18/07 BMT+330


Post BMT day 330. Kellie had a good office visit with Doctor Graham. When it came to the lab draw that was great as well only one poke. We got a call last night with counts. They all looked good. Her liver test came back with in normal limits. This is the first time that we have seen normal liver counts ever sense her pre chemo for her transplant. We have been a bit worried about her liver and her lungs. Kellie still has a cough and Doctor Graham heard some weird squeaking sounds in her lungs. Kellie had to start on her breathing treatments again for a week to see if that would help. If things keep sounding like what they do Kellie will be going to see a lung specialist.


Kellie had a good time this week in school. She had a few things to overcome but I think she is on the right track now.


She has been trying to figure out what she is going to wear to the Hillary Duff concert tomorrow night. She is getting so excited. Kellie and her friend Shelby will be going with Kellie's Team In Training rider. Kellie has been talking about it for weeks now. I know she will have a great time.


Keep praying it works.



8/15/07 BMT+326


Post BMT day 326.  Kellie is getting ready for her doctor appointment tomorrow. We all are sitting on pins around here. Please pray they get her lab draw on one poke. We hope we will get a call back by Friday so we can let you know what is going on.


Keep praying it works.



8/12/07 BMT+323


Post Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) day 323. Kellie just came back today from camp. She had a blast! She is already talking about what she want's to bring next year. The things she liked the most was the pool party, raiding the kitchen, playing jokes on the boys, singing camp songs with Woody,and the pine cone ceremony. Kellie laughed and cried a lot this week. It is just a great experience for these kids to get together and deal with a lot of issues that most people do not understand. Kellie said it was a little easier hearing about her friend Gavin with her cancer friends around that understood her feelings better.
Kellie is doing great. Her sinus stuffy head she was dealing with a week and a half ago is almost gone. Kellie will have a doctors appointment this Thursday and we will let you know how things look when we get her counts back. Until then.
Keep praying it works.


8/5/07 BMT+317


We are so sad to post this entry on Kellie's friend GAVIN!


It is with great sadness that I tell you Gavin is now with Jesus and free from any pain and sickness that he has fought so hard against the last almost 3 years. He took his last breath and jumped toward Jesus this morning at about 8:35am. We will be having his visitation on Monday the 6th from 6-8 at Clock Funeral Home in Whitehall and his funeral service on Tuesday the 7th at 11:00 am at St James Lutheran Church in Montague. All who want to come are welcome. Everyone that reads this site Gavin has touched in so many different ways and we want you to celebrate his life with us if you can and understand if you can't. Thank you all for everything you have done, all the well wishes, prayers, food and gifts have meant so very much to us all. Any donations that are made will be in Gavin's name to the U of M Mott Children's Hospital. We love you all and remember, Fight the Fight!!! Team Gavin Rocks!!! BELIEVE, Have Faith and Never Give Up. He is a perfect Angel now watching us all!!!!!!!! I am still going to post pictures on here from the Tigers Game. Don't give up on me..





Kellie just left today for Camp Rainbow today. Kellie was excited on one hand and sad on the other.
Keep praying it works.




8/2/07 BMT+314


Post BMT day 314. Kellie has been busy. We took a trip to Las Vegas this past week. Kellie went to the Blue Man Group show and had a blast. She spent a day at the Mirage Hotel looking at everything for her Dolphin swim on Tuesday. Kellie was so excited she did not sleep to well Monday night. It was not hard to get her up and moving Tuesday morning. All I had to say was it is time to go swimming with the dolphins.  She was up taking off all her jewelry jumping in to her swim suit and headed for the door. The entire day was spent at the dolphin's home. Kellie ate breakfast and lunch with them and she would have dined with them as well if she could. She was side by side with the trainer all day long. Kellie had a smile on her face that was -- Well I can't really put in to words on how it looked to me besides total JOY.


Kellie is doing well when it comes to her medical aspect. She is still fighting some sinus stuff. Doctor Graham put her back on an antibiotic again to see if that would help. Kellie is doing her breathing treatments again to break up the junk in her lungs. It seems to be helping out a lot. Kellie is real worried that she will not be able to make it to cancer camp because of this. Doctor Graham did not seem to be to worried about it. Months ago I would have been so stressed over this. Now it is getting a bit easier. She is showing signs of getting stronger every week.


We got Kellie enrolled at her new school Friday and she can not wait to get started. We have a meeting set up for tomorrow to talk about what precautions the school needs to take with her. This meeting involves all of her teachers and staff that have anything to do with her while she is on campus. I hope it will not take long. Jeff and I want this transfer to be as easy as it can be for her. She wants to be a normal kid again. I just want to protect her. To find a middle ground in this is kind of hard.


Please pray for her friend Gavin. He is not doing well. He is not moving around as much and is in pain. Please let him have no pain and be healed. We love him so much it hurts to hear about him in pain. We just have to keep the Faith. God will heal him and make him whole again.


Please pray for all the kids that will be going to camp Rainbow this Sunday. Keep them all safe and healthy.


Kellie will be going to see Doctor Graham on the 16th of Aug. We will let you know how things go.


Keep  praying it works.



7/22/07 BMT+303


Post BMT day 303. Well we spent the morning at Church praying for Gavin. Kellie is still waiting for God to heal him and make him cancer free. That is what she prayed for today. She was looking at some old pictures of them together a few years back and the look on her face was hard to see. She does not want to cry in front of me but I could see the tears in her eyes ready to trickle down her face the next time she blink her eyes. I asked if she was ok and she told me she was fine. She turned her attention back to what she was doing. Packing for cancer camp.

Kellie will be going to cancer camp this year. It will be Aug 5th to the 11th. She was signed up to go last year but did not make it. She had to go to camp GET_A_WELLA in the hospital at Phoenix Children's Hospital. She said that was not a fun camp to go to. She is so excited. All of her stuff is packed in her room already.


We are still waiting to find out if I have to take her to Tucson this week or not for labs. I hope to find out something by Monday.


Here is one of the poems I told you about. Kellie did a great job.


Keep praying it works.


The Big “C” Word


It happened on July third.

It was the big “C” word.

My mom and dad were speechless.

I was diagnosed with AML.

Then my stomach fell.

At that time my life took a turn.


For nine months the hospital became my home.

My view of the world took a whole different tone.

The nurses and the doctors took really good care of me.

I had to endure many new things.

I couldn’t take any outings.

My body was sore and weak.


Three years later and I’m cancer free.

Family, friends, and I are yelling yippee!

I feel thankful to be alive today.

I couldn’t have done it without my team.

                                        They took it to the extreme.            

I’m so happy Teamkellie was there for me.




7/19/07 BMT+300


Post BMT day 300. I am so sorry for not doing an update in a while. We have been sitting around with heavy hearts. Kellie got some bad news about her friend Gavin. His cancer came back for the third time and he will be going home with hospice care Saturday. I know hearts are breaking all over the world for this little boy. We are praying for him not to be in pain. Please pray for this family during this heart breaking time.


Kellie is getting things wrapped up with her school work and I have to say the poem project is looking amazing. We will be sharing a few with you soon.


Kellie is doing well physically. We are trying to find out if we will be going back to Tucson next week for clinic visit or if will be seeing Doctor Graham here in town in the middle of August. We will let you know when we find out. I know Kellie dose not want to go because she has to have another lab draw.


Keep praying it works.



7/15/07 BMT+296


Post BMT day 296. Kellie has had a few little problems with her sinus's again. Just some stuffy head and runny nose. She still has that lingering post chemo cough. I can tell when she has something going on with her sinus's when the cough starts to sound different. It is getting better now that we are home.


We went to California for a week and a half. We went to a wedding, had a shrimp feast at Bubba Gump's in San Francisco, had a BBQ at Uncle Al's and Aunt Donna's, had fun playing with our cousin's, and had a giant hamburger at Nations the home of the giant burger. Kellie likes the pie's they make. Apple pie is her favorite.


It as hot during the day and cold at night. When you add in the humidity it seemed 20 degrease hotter and 20 degrease colder then what it was. Kellie had a good time showing her brother (Kyle) all about flying. Kyle was so tired before we took off that he fell asleep on Kellie's lap. He was asleep the entire trip.


Kellie want's to thank everyone that went out to donate blood on the 3rd of July. Kellie had a good time talking to so many people that day and seeing step by step the process of a donation. It really only takes about an hour.


We will keep you informed of her up coming doctors appointment. We are not sure if it will be here or in Tucson yet. We should know by next week.


7/2/07 BMT+283


Post BMT day 283. Well I do have to say I can not believe it has been 3 years tomorrow. This has been one long hard road for everyone. I just want to thank all of you for your support and prayers. Many times that was the only thing we had to keep us going. Kellie has had many ups and downs during this three year fight and thru all of this I have seen a scared child turn into a strong young women. It is amazing to see how she has changed not just on the out side but the inside.
Kellie talked Doctor Graham out of a Doctor's appointment this month. Kellie is doing so well and her blood counts looked good last month so Kellie asked with sad puppy dog eyes and a poked out lip. " Please Please Doctor Graham don't make me get poked this month." How could he say no.
Kellie is one happy person about that.
Happy 3rd Birthday Kellie!



6/29/07 BMT+280


Post BMT day 280. Kellie has been out and about talking about donations this past week. Tuesday she spent most of the morning at the US AIRWAY center with the gorilla. Kellie is trying so hard to get as many people as she can in to the donor center or the AIRWAY center this Tuesday to donate red cells. Just remember it could save a life during the shortage. Today, I worked on the oncology unit and ordered 3 units of blood in 2 hours. Day before yesterday I worked all over the hospital and ordered 14 units of blood. It is a little overwhelming when you look at it from a different angle. Three years ago Kellie needed just two units to save her life. We waited over 30 hours for one unit and waited another 14 hours before the second one was ready. You should have seen her after the first transfusion was done. Before she received the blood she was so weak and tired she could not get up and it hurt her head if she tried to lift it off the pillow. In just a few hours she was dancing in her room. Now that was only the first unit. It is like getting a shot of energy. She was still only running on half of her blood supply. It just takes one unit of blood to change the life of a sick child. Kellie will be at the US AIRWAY center on Tuesday to see how many people show up to donate for the forth of July weekend. So if you can help please do so. If your not able to give blood please ask some friends to donate for you.

Kellie has had a busy week. Her sisters Jessica and Chelsey came over for the week. Kellie had so much fun hanging out and playing with their hair. They went swimming everyday and Kellie had to show them the art of shopping. We found so many deals it was great.


Wednesday Jessica wound up at PCH ER with a fever of 103 and not feeling well. We have not yet found out what the fever was about. We are still waiting for some labs to grow out. With in 24 hours she felt fine and we were out shopping again. It was a bit scary to have someone so close to Kellie knowing she was running a fever and we had no idea why. I just want Kellie to be safe and still give comfort to her sister. I know Kellie will be going to school this Fall and I can not stop every germ that come her way. This was a small test and we passed with flying colors. So all is well from the medical standpoint both Kellie and Jessica.


Kellie went to art night at Phoenix Children's Hospital a few weeks ago. A group of people judged all the art work that was done by the cancer kids and Kellie's art work was chosen to be in the pack of Christmas Cards. The Christmas cards will be sold at Basha's and A.J's fine food stores around the valley. Oh yes they will be sold on line as well. When we get the information we will let you know how do get your orders in.


Tonight Kellie is spending it with her brother Cody. They are in Kellie's room watching a movie and eating Cherries and Grapes.


Thank you for your support and prayers.


Keep praying it works




6/21/07 BMT+272


Post BMT day 272. Kellie was on the news tonight talking about how important donating blood is. We counted her beads of courage and found out Kellie had 112 blood transfusions. That equals to 14 gallons of blood products. That is amazing.


United Blood Service will be putting on a large blood drive on the 3rd of July at the US AIRWAYS Center in downtown Phoenix. During the 4th of July weekend a lot of people are out of town and hanging out with friends. It never crossed my mind that during the holiday's the blood banks are real low until I had to learn first hand. Kellie had to wait twice for blood. During the 4th of July weekend and Christmas. It was the worst feeling in the world knowing that a simple blood donation could save her life and there was nothing on the shelf. One time Kellie had to wait 33 hours for 2 units of blood to save her life. She got one unit and then 14 hours later she got the 2nd one. I do not want any other Mom to have to feel that helpless feeling. The blood bank is already low and the 4th is just around the corner. Please if you can stop by and give the gift of life. It takes about an hour. But it will last a lifetime for the person you saved.


United Blood Services - SOS Blood Drive


Kellie is doing better with the shingle or should I say post shingle pain. She is doing more home work now and has been busy doing it. We are having a problem trying to talk Kellie in to going to Tucson for her next check up. Doctor Graham wants to do some testing and see her before Kellie takes her trip to CA. Kellie still has a hard time going back to the place her Dad passed away in. She still cries for him out loud sometimes. She has been writing a lot of poems this past week. I think she found a way to let some stress out. It has taken a while for her to find something that helps her to deal with all of this.


Keep praying it works



6/15/07 BMT+266


Post BMT day 266. Kellie still has pain across the left side of her face. The skin and facial mussels on the left upper side of her face froze a few days ago. It looked like some one put red glue of her face. When she opened her mouth to talk or yawn her lower eye lid would come away from her eye. It stayed stiff and was pulled down with the other skin that was effected in that area. I have never seen anything like that before.


Doctor Graham called in a cream to put on her face to try to numb the area when her nerve pain starts acting up. Kellie has been doing her best to get it on as fast as she can. The pain just over takes everything.

A few days ago we increased her nerve med and the pain had decreased about half. Kellie is now dealing with the itch and pain. Her face and head on her left side now started to itch. Wed night Kellie woke me up crying that she just can not stand it anymore. She finally got to sleep for about an hour Thursday morning.


We are just taking one day at a time and praying all the way. I was standing in the kitchen one night having a Mommy moment  just looking at how beautiful Kellie is standing next to me. I looked a bit harder at her face and seen that something is just not right. I had her stand in front of me and I looked again. I was shocked when I found out what was wrong. One side of her face she has a whole lot of freckles and the other side she has none. Her teacher came over for school one day and said " I told you if you rub your face too much you would rub your freckles off".


Today I called Doctor Graham to give him an up date on what has been going on the rest of the week. I was not expecting him to call back. A few hours later he calls back to let me know the lab back East was on the ball and had the results of the graft studies a week early. WOW! With that amazing news I went from feeling fine to feeling sick in 2.2 sec. I had a big ball of stress that shot out of my stomach and got stuck at the base of my neck. Doctor Graham told me that Kellie is still 100% donor.  Praise GOD.


Keep praying it works.



6/9/07 BMT+260


Post BMT day 260. Sorry for the late entry. Kellie's doctor appointment was a rough one. The nurse got the vein on he first poke. WOW! She was only able to get one tube of blood before Kellie's vein clotted off. Doctor Graham came in to try to help but he could not get it flowing again ether. Kellie was so strong and brave sitting in the chair so still knowing another poke was going to come her way. THREE pokes later the lab tech from the lab next door was able to get what was needed for all the tests even the graft studies. Poor Kellie was hurting at that point. Both of her hands were wrapped up with yellow stretch bandages. I told her she looks like a fighter getting ready to punch a punching bag.


Kellie's face is looking worse. Where she had the shingles on the left side of her face looks like someone poured acid on her face. Doctor Graham has no idea what this could be. One minute she is fine the next she is on the floor with her face in her hands crying. Just a few minutes ago it happened and I thought she got hurt really bad. Kellie started to scream and cry like I have never heard before. MOMMY MOMMY! HELP ME! IT BURNS! HELP ME HELP ME! Jeff came running down the hall to find us both holding each other praying for the pain to go away. Jeff sat with her holding a cold washcloth to her face while I got a bowl of ice with some baking soda. It seems to be helping. Kelllie is now resting in her bean bag chair.


Oh I got  call from doctor Graham last night. Kellie's blood work looks good. He did let me know the graft studies were sent out. It should be next Monday for the results to get back to him. Please pray for them to be cancer free and 100% donor. Please pray for this little girls pain to go away.


Oh another thing I forgot. Last night Kellie went to the Keith Urban concert for a meet and greet. They were not able to take pictures and Keith did not sign anything. I think the highlight of Kellie's night was when she was hanging around with Jordan Sparks. Kellie did have her sign her shirt. She was happy to do it.


Keep praying it works.


6/1/07 BMT+


Post BMT day 252. I just got a call from Kellie's ENT doctor. He said Kellie's cat scan looks good. She still has something going on in her left sinus. Doctor Rains (ENT) said he would not do anything to put Kellie at risk for such a small amount of congestion that seems to be healing. He thinks the eye swelling and fever might have been a clogged tear duct. He is going to talk to Doctor Graham about having Kellie seen by an eye specialist. We will let you know about that.


Today Kellie is in the kitchen. She is making a special meal for one of her homework projects. We get to have crab cakes, mashed potatoes, and a strawberry tart. She is working hard at this and it smells great.

Kellie is set up for a Doctor's appointment with Doctor Graham on Thursday. I am already a bundle of nerves.

She has to have regular labs drawn and this time Doctor Graham wants to do a graft study. We will not get the results of that study for a few weeks. I did not think I would be so worried about this. I guess it is because we have been blind sided once before. Going in for a well check and finding out her cancer came back. If you have ever been hurt really bad before you just don't do it again to protect yourself. Kellie does not have that as a choice. She still has to go see the Doctor and still has to have her labs done. We just try to protect our hearts the best we can by praying as we walk down the hall way to the lab room. Most of the time we get the lab results that day or early the next morning. The graft study is the one that will stress us out for a few weeks. I don't like the fact it takes that long to get the results back. Someone thousands of miles away will know what is in store for Kellie and this family long before we get notified. So for the next few week please say a few extra prayers for a clean bill of health for Kellie.


We all are getting a bit excited for Kellie's friend Gavin. He should be getting out of the hospital today. This is a little boy with little hope from the doctors. Now he is cancer free and walking out of the hospital on a different road. The road to recovery. It is a great feeling to see them get off the hospital highway and exit on recovery way.


Keep praying it works.


5/28/07 BMT+ 248


Post BMT day 248. Kellie, Jeff, Kyle and I had a good day yesterday at Church giving praise to such an amazing GOD. Kellie is doing so much better. No fever and her shingles on her face healed up over night. She has shingles on the inside of her eye lid. Her left eye looks smaller now. She is not having any problems seeing anything and she said her eye does not hurt. Her pain is only in her left eye lid where the new blisters are popping now. She is not in the pain she has been in for the past few days. Kellie is starting in on her new hours for summer school. This teacher is so good she even came over today to put in 3 hours. I am so happy to see a teacher with such a drive. You can tell her teaching comes from the heart. She is doing all she can to give Kellie what she needs for the rest of her education from here on out. Kellie is doing great when it comes to school. I am praying for her to be able to do more with her friends. I am seeing she is getting sick of being stuck at home without hanging out with her friends.

Thank you all for working overtime when it comes to praying for KELLIE and her friends. If you have been following Kellie's friend Gavin things are looking good. That was nothing but the work of GOD. He is a living testimony of blind FAITH. For those who have a hard time trusting faith without seeing something with your own eyes please read his story. You will see all the amazing things GOD has done in this little boy. Never give up on FAITH.


Keep praying it works.


5/25/07 BMT+245


Post BMT day 245. Ok the cat scan was done yesterday. Kellie still has something going on in her sinuses.

The doctors are trying to put their heads together to see what they want to do about this. If we do surgery it can put a big risk on Kellie's health. If we let it go we know it will get worse. Last night Kellie started to run a fever. It was showing 100.5 but that was after she had 2 Tylenol 3 for pain. We know her fever was higher then that. This morning Kellie woke up with her left eye swollen shut and in a lot more pain. Doctor Graham was called right away. I had to take Kellie to her regular doctor in town to see her. I got the call from Kellie at 10:45am. By 11:00am both doctors were on the phone talking while I drove home picked up Kellie and had her at the doctors office with in 30 min. Both doctors wanted Kellie to be admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics. Kellie and I did not want that so we told them we would do IV antibiotics at home. Doctor Graham said we would try 2 kinds of pill forms of the strongest antibiotics for the weekend and see how things are going come Monday. If Kellie gets any worse she will be admitted. We are not sure where because her regular doctor works in Sun City West at Del Webb Hospital and her Transplant Doctor is in Tucson. The hospital she wants to go to neither one of her doctors have privileges to admit or follow her.


It is never easy. I am just praying Kellie turns around in the next few days.

Keep praying it works.



5/22/07 BMT+242


Post BMT day 242. Ok we got a phone call today from the ENT. He wants Kellie to have another CT of her sinuses. We have that all set up for Thursday the 24th. The doctor told me that he could take her in to surgery to drain the stuff out and culture it but that can bring on more problems at this point. If her CT turns out even a little bit better we will hold off on doing anything for now. We will let you know how that turns out.


Kellie has been in a lot of pain do to the brake out of the shingles. I thought the first time was bad. This time is so much worse. Her pain can still put her to the floor crying and moaning. It kills me to see her in so much pain. All I can do is pray for her. I sit with her rubbing her back and rocking her the best I can. I am not sure if everyone knows that Kellie is bigger then I am. She always stands next to me and calls me short stuff. If you can imagine her sitting on my lap in a rocker crying in pain and I am doing what I can not to drop her. Kellie only sits with me until she starts laughing and rolls to the floor. At that point I get her a clod wash cloth to put on her face and sit on the floor with her rubbing her back. When her brother sees this he bends over and tries to talk to her. If she is still crying he just pets her back like he is petting the dog. He will stay right next to her until the pain goes away. Again this shows that cancer effects the whole family even the youngest babies can see the pain it causes.

Keep praying it works.



5/17/07 BMT+237



The ENT doctor did not tell us much at this point. He will look at the cat scan Kellie had done in March at PCH. He is not sure if he can help out in this situation or not. He said he will get back with me after he reads the cat scan tomorrow.


Kellie's shingles now look red and the blisters are starting to show. Her Grandma Pat told us about a cream you can get at a health vitamin store. We got it after the doctor's appointment and it seem to help Kellie's pain. She has not been crying as much. I forgot all about how the pain comes and goes. One minute she is having fun doing some drawings and the next minute she is crying. She spent most of the afternoon with a cold wash cloth on her face. She said it feel better when it is cold.


Kellie told me that she may be in pain but this is just another bump in the road. Please Keep praying for Gavin. It has been a long hard fight for him. It looks like he is taking baby steps again in his recovery. I pray he will be able to go home soon. This past admit in the hospital has been a long and rough 109 days so far.

He is just like Kellie a strong long term fighter. It is all about FAITH



5/17/07 BMT+237


Post BMT day 237. We are going to the ENT doctors appointment today to find out what is going on with Kellie's on going sinus problems. I am writing you a little early today to let you know that Kellie woke up today with shingles again. If you have been following her battle for a while you will remember she has had them twice before. The first time was real bad on her left side of her face 2 weeks before she went on her make a wish trip in 2005. The second time was a small area on her neck a few months after her transplant. Now it is on her face again. It is just as bad if not worse then the first time she had it. She has been crying all morning in pain. Because we have so many leftover medications we have been holding on to she was able to start her anti viral and her nerve medication right away. I just pray it stays away form her eye again. It is all over her eye lid on the left side over to her ear and all over her forehead. Here I am again with a breaking heart watching my daughter in so much pain. I will update again about the doctors appointment later.


Keep praying it works.


5/14/07 BMT+234


Post BMT day 234. Kellie has been doing well. For a few day now she has had some GI problems that we have been keeping an eye on. If things stay the same for another 24 hours the doctor will be getting a call tomorrow. Today she has been down and out most of the day with one of those bad headaches again. It seems better now that she has been resting most of the day. Kellie is now in school doing a solar system project with her teacher. It has been hard for Kellie to keep in touch with most of her friends do to the fact that her friends are at school all day long and Kellie starts school at 3:30. Kellie is in school until 5 sometimes 6pm. Once I get Kyle home the day is all about him until 7pm. At that time Kellie wants to do things with Dad around the house before bed time. She can not wait until next year when she can get back in to school and do things again. That's it for now.


Keep praying it works.


5/6/07 BMT+226


Post BMT day 226. Kellie is still dealing with the mysterious rash. Some of it is going away on the top of her thighs but now it is on her lower legs. It has not been on her back or stomach. It is just a weird thing. It is taking it's sweet time going away.


Kellie went out last night with a new friend named Renee. They started off in a limo around 5pm. We (Jeff, Kellie, Renee, Sandy Renee's Mom and I) headed off to the Kenny Chesney concert. Jeff and I dropped off everyone to see the show and went to dinner. We got a call from Kellie telling us they were having some problems getting in and something about the tickets. I was on the phone with Sandy until they all were in and things were all worked out. It was to bad they miss all of the first act and all but one song of Sugar Land. Kellie said that was ok with her because she was able to be back stage with Kenny. Photos of the event are in the gallery. She had such a good time. By the time we got home it was about 12:30am. Long night.


As soon and we walked in the door Kellie started to feel sick. She was up until after 2am on the couch just not feeling good. She took some of her medication to help her stomach calm down but it just dose not work as well as the IV medications do. She spent most of the day on the couch lounging around. She is feeling better now. I think she just over did her self.


Her labs all came back with in normal limits. Praise God. The rest of the labs we will find out this week.


Keep praying it works.


5/4/05 BMT+224


Post BMT day 224. Kellie's doctors appointment went well. Kellie's rash is looking better. Doctor Graham did not think that it is Graft Vs Host. He thinks it might be her immune system starting to kick in on it's own. You know how babies get dry skin a few weeks or a month after birth. That is what is going on. It will take a while for it to go away. Kellie has to keep a lot of lotion on all the time. Her body gets dehydrated really fast. Doctor Graham said it might take up to 2 years for her skin to be normal. We will find out today about her labs. We will see what the next steps are for next weeks drive to Tucson. I pray things are well and we do not have to go. Kellie cries when she thinks she has to go back to that hospital even for a few hours. Do to insurance changes and where she is post transplant she will be followed by Doctor Graham in Tucson. If she has to have IVIG or her graft studies done they have to be done out there. All the other stuff can be done here as an out patient. We will have to do graft studies next month. Kellie know she has to go do this it is just hard for her to walk in to the hospital where her Dad passed a way in. I know it will be hard because it will be close to Fathers day when we have to go there. Can't anything be easy for this little girl? Why dose she have to keep showing how strong she is?


Lets get back to a happier place. Doctor Graham told her that after she is done with her antibiotics next week she can stop all of her meds except her weekend one to protect her from pneumonia. Talk about good news. Going from 60 pills a day when we got home down to 4 pill a week. Kellie is happy. Oh I forgot to tell you Kellie only had to have one poke to get her labs this time. She told the nurse only poke if you know for sure you can get it. The last time was 3 pokes and a lot of digging. Kellie still has a bruise on her arm where they had to poke her over a month ago.


After we go her stuff all done with the doctor Kellie started to talk about her friend Gavin. Kellie reads up on him every day. She told her doctor what was going on with him and he said you may never know why his cells are abnormal and he has a patient with abnormal cells that one doctor said would re lap soon, That was over 5 years ago and he is doing just fine. Kellie felt better about that. Thank you to Doctor Graham for talking to Kellie about her friend. Yesterday was National Day of Prayer. We prayed for so many things yesterday. I think the one that I would like to share is a prayer I sent out for all of you. I thanked God for all the people that have helped out this family and all of the ones helping out the other cancer families. If it was not for all the prayers form you I have know idea where we would be. Thank you again for all the love and support. This is a long and hard fight for all that has been involved. Kellie is not giving up and I have you and God to thank for that.


We will let you know what is going on with her labs when we get them back.


Keep praying it works.



4/30/07 BMT+220


Post BMT day 220. Kellie has been having fun. She went to Tucson Friday for Kellie to be a pilot for the day.
She was able to learn more about how the pilots get trained and what they do on a daily basis. She had lunch with the dragons and sat in a fighter jet. She was able to get a lesson on people getting rescued off the side of a mountain and sat in the seat of a riffle man on the side of the helicopter. She had a good time looking at things in the dark with the night vision binoculars. We watched a Navy plain land form the top of the aviation tower. I tell you what it was great doing something fun as a family again. It was great to see Aunt Sherry and Uncle Mark again. They went on the tour with us.
On the other hand Kellie started to get a rash a few days ago. I thought it was because she had dry skin. It got worse so I called Dr Graham last night. He was stumped again with the strange things that come up with Kellie. He said it could be a few things. Graft V Host, a start of rejection, a reaction to her meds, or it is a sign that her body is trying to start fighting at full force. We will keep a close eye on this. Kellie has a Doctors appointment on Thursday with Doctor Graham.  We do have a Doctors appointment with a ENT on the 17th for her sinus issue. We will keep you all informed on what is going on. Thank you all for your still following Kellie's fight. This is a long process.
Please pray for Gavin. He had a biopsy Friday. Please pray for it to show he is cancer free. His little body is showing signs of a transplant now. It is a painful and energy draining thing. Please pray for his body to get stronger and for his pain to be gone.
Keep praying it works.


4/23/07 BMT+123


Post BMT day 213. Kellie has been doing better. She still has a cough but it sounds better and she is not coughing a often. Her headaches have been better as well. I pray she gets to stop taking her antibiotics soon. I am sure being on them for so long is not a good thing. I do not want to see her body get use to them when she is just trying to prevent something. I am afraid if she did get something and she needed to be treated with antibiotics they will not work.


Kellie has been doing a lot of thing between Hope Kids and Rainbow Kids. She stayed out all night long with Rainbow Kids. They had a lock in at a bowling alley. Kellie had a great time. Kellie went on a field trip to see body worlds. That was a learning experience for everyone.
We pray for everyone that has been keeping up with Kellie's fight. It might be only once a week that we will be doing updates from here on out unless something comes up or if we just want to send out something that everyone should know about, like Good news.
Keep praying it works.

4/18/07 BMT+ 208


Post BMT day 208. Kellie has been having a bit of trouble with a runny nose and a cough for a while now. This past week it changed for the worse. We called the doctor and he changed her meds again. I never knew that allergy congestion could be so bad. We have her on an allergy med that seems to be helping a lot. Do to the fact that the drainage could sit for a while in her head it has an importunity to become an infection, so she still has to be on a high dose of antibiotics. If things clear up this week we are praying she gets to stop the antibiotics soon. Kellie had dropped a few pounds as well. She is down to 77 pounds now. She is eating good and has not felt sick in a week. We are not sure what is going on with that.


Other then that Kellie is doing well. She had her first field trip today for school. She went to the Arizona science center to go see Body Worlds. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. We all learned a lot about how the body works when it is in motion.


Please pray for Gavin. We are all waiting for his bone marrow biopsy to come back free of cancer.


Keep praying it works.



4/15/07 BMT+ 205



Post BMT day 205. Kellie has been doing well. She has had a lot of headaches and a runny nose. I think it is because of that wind storm we had a few nights ago. All in all she feels good and doing well in school.


Keep praying it works.



4/11/07 BMT+200


Post BMT day 200.   Tuesday was that big 200 day mark for Kellie. Now she transitions in to late effects follow up care. I wish it was that easy. One day she has a problem and just because the date changed she is well. She is still dealing with bad headaches and sinus issues. I just pray she will not have to deal with this her whole life. We can not find a reason for the headaches yet. At this point she can not seek any other treatment yet do tot the fact she is not off her anti rejection meds yet. Adding something new might put her back in liver distress. We just got that turned around and want to give it time to heal.


At this point she will be doing her follow up appointments with Doctor Graham here in Phoenix once a month. She still has to do her lab draws in between visits. He still wants to keep an eye on them even thou Kellie is feeling well. We will be driving down to Tucson at the end of the month for a check up and labs in clinic. The rest of the day she will be at the Air Force Base doing pilot training. She is excited to get the opportunity to do something like that.


Please keep praying for Gavin. He is till fighting hard at this point. His little body is showing signs he never had before when he transplanted. I know it is a hard time for his family as well. You never know what will hour from hour. Pray for rest and healing for all of them please.


Keep praying it works.



4/7/7 BMT+198


Post BMT day 198. Well it has been a few days. Kellie had been sick for most of them. It all started Monday with an upset stomach. Tuesday she was down and out. Wed she felt better during the day but in the evening she started to run a fever. I took off work Thursday just worried out of my mind. I took Kellie to her appointment with Doctor Graham in the afternoon. He told me that this whole thing could be do to the fact that her sinuses are finely draining and she has fluid behind her ear drums. No infection seen. Her body seems to be running a low grade fever to fight off the infections before they start. He said that was a good sign. Kellie asked if she had to do blood testing Thursday do tot he fact she just did them a week ago. Doctor Graham said she would not have to do labs that day but if she got worse we would have to get some done. She has been getting better every day.


Friday Kellie and I went to Tucson for a day of fun. We went to Captain Tony's award presentation. For everything they said about him only scratched the surface of what this man has done for others. His passion for his job shines bright but the passion for stepping out to help families in need shines brighter. He is a man that you would love for your kids to grow up to be. I am not sure how he does it all and still train for a race that he will be doing this weekend in Tempe. We will be somewhere on the sideline cheering him on. We are honored to know him.



After the presentation we went to visit Grandma Z at the Ronald Mc Donald house. We were able to see a lot of friends that work at the house but not one friend was left living there that we knew. All of them but one went home. Kellie's friend Janore the one that took over our temp house passed away. Kellie took that one a little hard. We knew about it 3 weeks ago but to see the house empty just hit our hearts all over again.


Kellie was invited to go color eggs with her friend Kelly for the afternoon. We were all getting things set up and the first egg was getting done when Kellie started to feel sick again. She was down for about an hour while her meds kicked in. When she felt better she did finish 3 eggs. We always have a great time with the them. Thank you Coleene Kelly and Jayne for the invitation. It was great seeing you all again.


Kellie and I headed back to the Ronald Mc Donald house again to see a friend that works their. He didn't start work until 4pm. Kellie stayed in the truck with a bad headache. Lobo came out to talk to her a bit and pray with her. I asked her if she wanted me to take her home. She told me NO! I want to see my Grandma and Pap Pap. So I took my time driving across town to let her rest a bit. Just as we turned in to the place we were to meet them Kellie perked up. She went on a train ride with her Pap Pap and ate more then I thought she would. We had a good time at dinner with family and headed back to Peoria. We got back home at 10:00pm. Kellie rolled to bed and was up early today.


Sat morning started at 7am. Kellie went fishing today with her Daddy. Jeff and Kellie had a daddy daughter day on the lake having fun fishing with a group of Hope Kids. They do this fishing trip every year. Kellie was so ready to catch a fish today. When they got out on the lake the captain started to have problems with the boat. They had to cut the trip a little bit short. So the excuse for them not catching a fish today was the boat. Every good fisherman needs to have a good excuse for not getting the big fish.

Kellie spent the rest of her day playing with her brother.


I pray for everyone to have a wonderful Easter.


Keep praying it works.

4/4/07 BMT+194


Post BMT day 194. Kellie has been sick most of the day. About 7:00 pm she started to run a fever. I called the doctor again today about that. He put her on a different antibiotic again. We will see the doctor tomorrow at 4pm. I pray it is just a little bug.


Keep praying it works.


4/3/07 BMT+192


Post BMT day 193. Kellie has had a rough few days. She has been feeling sick for a few days now. Today she was out with her Grandma J shopping when she told Grandma to take her home. I know she is not feeling well when she can not shop. I called Doctor Graham to let him know. We think it might be the new antibiotic she was started on 10 days ago. Today was the last day for that one. She will be started on another one tonight. It is hard to see her getting sick all over again. The whole family is wondering when this whole thing will be over. I just thought we were over this horrible fear of something going wrong. When I see her looking so sick it tosses me back in to a state if shock. I can not relax knowing that anything can still happen. I just pray that this is just a reaction to the meds and that Kellie will feel better soon. Even when she was not feeling good she still had school. I am so proud of her. Kellie went form being 2 grades behind in math 5 weeks ago to doing high school math yesterday. She is so amazing.


Keep praying it works.



4/2/07 BMT+191


Post BMT day 191. Kellie is doing great. Her liver is getting stronger each time we check on it. Her sinus problem seems to be getting better. When Kellie gets a cold virus or an infection of any kind it takes thee times longer for her to get better. Most people that get a cold virus do not have to be put on medications to get better. If Kellie went without being treated Kellie could die from it. Her body is getting stronger but her immune system is still really young. It will be that way for about 3 years from this point. She will have to get all of her baby shots again. Her doctor told us it would be about a year from now for that to start.


Kellie will be going to see her doctor again Thursday for blood test and an exam. We will let  you know how things go.


Kellie wanted you all to please pray for Gavin. His liver is having some problems. Please pray for healing for him.


Keep praying it works.


3/28/07 BMT+187


Post BMT day 187. Kellie's day started off early. We went to the Social Security office for her benefits. Not much was done today with them. She qualified for some things but not for others. That is all fine with me because I know now that Kellie has medical insurance. At this point that is the  most important thing. We just keep praying that everything will smooth out soon. After the meeting Kellie and I were off to Kellie's Doctors appointment in down town Phoenix.


I felt so bad for Kellie. It took the techs and a nurse 3 tries to get her blood today. I think I was crying more then she was. I know my life has been full of stress lately and I need to reduce that in my life but, driving down town is not the way to do that. I forgot about all the light rail construction. Everywhere I turned the road was closed or you had to turn down a street that sent you in the wrong direction. I drove back three miles to go around a different way. Kellie had no idea what I was doing and that I was getting stressed out. She was looking all around for her Daddy Jeff so we could go out for lunch. Kellie called him once we left the Doctors office. He told her that he would walk to the (Bank One Ballpark) Chase field and that we would go to TGI Fridays for lunch. We were waiting at a red light and Kellie seen him just behind us. Do to the construction we were not able to turn around and pick him up. That's ok. By the time we made it to the parking lot Jeff was already waiting for us in front of the doors. After lunch I had Jeff drive us back to his office. Kellie and I had an easy drive back home.


Kellie and I had to do a little shopping for some pants. Most of her paints are to short for her and to big around. After picking out what she can wear and can not wear in her closet I found out she has 2 pairs of jeans that fit and one of them are boarder line to short. She has one pair of shorts that fit her. It is nice that the shorts she has now she can grow back in to again. I gave her smaller ones away last year thinking she will not be able to wear them again. To this day I am still asking the Doctors when will the chemo stunt her growth? She is taller then I am and skinny as a rail. She has been doing good on maintaining her weight. She is still 81 pounds and looking good.



We go home around 2:45pm just in time to get her stuff set up for school. Kellie is doing so much more with her new teacher. I am happy to see her looking at things in a different way now. Today I heard her tell her teacher that she had fun today writing. She is digging out information form her online books and writing out reports. She has been doing some reading for fun now. It is not big book or school work but it is reading and she is liking it. She has been reading short stories online about dolphins and their habitats.


After dinner we went out for a bike ride. She wanted to take her brother around the block a few times. We had a good time.


Well it is 8pm and I have not heard anything from Doctor Graham yet. I am sure he will call me tomorrow about her counts today. Please pray that her liver is healthy and strong.


Thank you all for all the support and prayer.

Keep praying it works.



3/26/07 BMT+185


Post BMT day 185. Kellie has been busy.  Between the headaches and bone pain she still finds energy from deep within herself to have good days. We were up early Saturday morning to do a fund raiser at Wal-Mart. It was not what we expected. It was a cold rainy day.  The night manager told us it was ok to move the table inside and when the day manager came on he was not happy about that. So we cut our fund raiser short. I still think it was a success. We were able to meet a few good people that would love to help Hope Kids. I have a feeling that they will touch a special child in some way that would help them to keep fighting. That is what it was all about.

After we got home Kellie rested for a bit. After dinner we went to AZ on the Rocks. It is the biggest indoor rock climbing place in AZ. Kellie was climbing 30+ feet up the rock wall. She did about 10 climbs. Her hands were a bit sore for a while. I think the whole family was tired by the end of the day. We all were still in bed at 11:30am. I think it all started to catch up with us. By the afternoon on Sunday Kellie said she was board. We went ice skating with the Hope Kids for 2 hours. I think 2 hours is just the right amount to be in a pair of ice skates. Later that day we too off to Grandma J's house for some fun. Kellie's brother had everyone laughing most of the night. Kellie and her cousin Chad had fun with their marshmallow guns in the front yard.


Today we got a call from Doctor Graham. He wants to do labs on Wed afternoon. He wants to keep watch on Kellie's liver. The anti fungal and anti viral meds she was put back on Friday was the ones she was taken off of because of the liver problems they caused before. So please pray for her liver to be fine.

Kellie wanted me to let you all know that her friend Gavin is still fighting hard. Things are looking good.


Keep praying it works.



3/23/07 BMT+182


Post BMT day 182. Kellie has been getting headaches again. Today she told me she is in a lot of pain. I knew right away this was going to be a bad one. I called Doctor Graham to let him know and to see what we could do for this. He faxed over a script for me to get a CT of her sinus's again. One side looks better but the left side looks like something growing. Kellie has been on high doses of antibiotics for such a long time now and it has not changed things much. So Doctor graham is starting her back on a high dose of anti fungal meds and change her antibiotics to something stronger. Please pray this is not a fungal infection. Fungal infections in the sinus's can be deadly. It is really hard to treat as well. If things are still looking the same in a week we will be looking in to an ENT doctor going in to take a sample for cultures and biopsy. We need to find out what we are dealing with. Other then that Kellie is feeling great. She is working hard with her new teacher. She is excelling in her math work. I am so glad this teacher was sent our way. I have prayed for someone like her. Kellie is excited again about learning. That is so nice to see again. Kellie and her Daddy Jeff ( Step Dad) are working on a model of the solar system.


Kellie wanted to send some special prayers to her Step Mom Kelley and her sisters and brother. This week was really hard for them. The children are back in school and trying to get back to a normal life without their Dad.


Keep praying it works.



3/18/07 BMT+177



Post BMT day 177. Well the weekend was long and sad. Kellie's Daddy is at rest in Sierra Vista. Kellie is holding up really good. She is happy and sad at the same time. She knows he is with Jesus but sad to have him gone.


Kellie's clinic visit went well. She had to get poked twice again for the lab draw. Strong girl! Her friends Kelly and Jane stopped by to see her during clinic time today. We were so glad they did because we were able to say good bye to them. Kellie found out today that this was going to be her last visit to Tucson for clinic visits.

She will be seeing Doctor Graham here in Phoenix once a month and follow up with her Oncology Doctor at Phoenix Children's Hospital. One more step closer to having a normal life. Her counts are all still in normal limits except her liver. Liver still looks good. Doctor Graham took her off her high blood pressure medication today and her pill to help her food digest. 2 pills gone 8 more to go. Things are looking real good. Thank you all for all the support you have given us.


Just a reminder Kellie is having her change drive this weekend at Wal-Mart at 83rd Ave and Union Hills. This will help the cancer group she belongs to www.hopekids.com. She still wants to do what she can to help others. Please stop by to say hi.


Keep praying it works.



3/13/07 BMT+172


Post BMT day 172. Kellie went to Phoenix Children's Hospital today to present Doctor Boklan and Cathy with a check for over $10,200.00. This was from her softball tournament and her change drive. Thank you all for your support with that event.


Well I do not want to make a huge deal about this but this is something that has been troubling my family for a few days now. We have made lots of calls and received lots of calls from insurance companies for 2 days now regarding Kellie's insurance coverage. Kellie's Dad held insurance on her. At the end of the month Kellie's insurance will expire. Some insurance companies will not even talk about covering her at this point after her transplant, and the other one we can put her on will take 30 day for coverage to start. That will leave Kellie without insurance for 2 weeks. We can not have that. Dale's company is changing insurance companies at the end of this month and we are not sure if the new company will let us cover her on COBRA until the new insurance kicks in. It feels like no one wants to touch this with a ten foot pole. Everyone is talking to their bosses boss and no one can give me anything but I will look in to it. This is just one of those things that does not make sense. I have had so many call form everyone wondering what they can do to help.


Lots and lots of prayers for Kellie to have medical insurance or for a way that her medical bills for the her post transplant care to be erased until her new insurance starts.



Kellie's Dad's Services will be at

First Assembly of God
840 N Lenzner Ave
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

(520) 458-6301


Viewing will be held Thursday starting at 4pm

Friday will be the service at 1:00 pm


If you would like to help out with funeral cost donations are being excepted at Compass Bank under Durkit Family Fund.


Thank you all for your support in this family's fight.

Keep praying it works.



3/12/07 BMT+171


Post BMT day 171. Kellie had a very upsetting and emotional weekend. Jeff and I drove Kellie to Tucson Sunday morning to say her final goodbye to her Daddy Dale Durkit. As you know Dale was just starting his fight with this bad cancer. This was such a shock to see how fast this cancer can take someone's life. We will deeply miss him. This was something that was not welcomed in our family. It may look like this cancer won this fight but that is not the way Kellie sees it. She told me the devil was trying to take over her Dad and when her Dad was to tired to fight God sent Jesus to bring him home. Kellie had a hard time most of the day yesterday. She had her sisters to lean on last night and tonight. They have been talking about a whole lot of things and helping each other to deal with the loss of their Dad. I think having her sisters here has helped Kellie to stay strong and work on her grieving process. The whole family is still walking in that cancer fog of shock. Kellie is dealing with is better today. Please keep this family in your prayers Friday afternoon while we lay him to rest in Sierra Vista Arizona.


Now! Kellie's clinic visit went well. She had to get poked twice again today. She is such a trooper. I am so proud of her. She told me yesterday she didn't want to go back to the hospital where her Dad died ever again. When it came time to go to clinic she got a little teary eyed. She looked at her sisters and sucked it up. Just at that moment one of her sisters yelled out That's Daddy's hospital. Kellie lost it. I told them this was Kellie's hospital and she still has to go for a while longer. Then I said it was Jessica's hospital first. They started to laugh a little. Man! Kellie is amazing on what she had to deal with in the past few days. By the way Kellie's counts were all within normal limits except her liver. The liver test were a little high but not bad. I can not remember when they looked this good. Praise God.


Keep praying it works.



3/5/06 BMT+164


Post BMT day 164.  Kellie had a good clinic visit yesterday. Her liver is almost within normal limits. Her cough is still hanging on but not any worse. We have to call and check in with Doctor Graham Thursday. If all is well from mom's standpoint Kellie will not have to do labs again until Monday. Please pray that she stays well. She has had to have so many pokes because she had her Broviac taken out. It would not be so bad if she had better veins. It takes 2-3 pokes to get a good vein. Kellie has been up and down emotionally do to what is going on with her dad. It was a good thing that she seen him yesterday. I was a little shocked when I walked down the hallway looking for his room. When I found him I was even more in shock. He is in the same room Kellie had her transplant. How weird is that? Kellie had a nice visit with her dad. She said it was nice to see him smile even if it was a small short one.
Keep praying please.  Dale needs all over healing, Kellie needs safety, and Gavin needs to be 100% donor.
Thank you all for all the prayers and support. We would not be here without you.
Keep praying it  works.



3/2/07 BMT+161


We got a call from Doctor Graham today to give us an update of the labs that were done yesterday. Well Kellie's liver is a little bit worse then Monday. We just do not know what is going on. We will see what it looks like come Sunday. If things do not look better Kellie will have to go in for a biopsy of her liver to see if she has GVH or is her liver is just worn out. Please pray for her liver to heal it's self.


I am so happy to let everyone know that Gavin has GVH in his belly. You never want to get GVH but in this case we did. It is looking like things are going well. Please keep him is your prayers as well. We love you Gavin.


Thank you to everyone that has started to send Kellie money for her change drive coming up March 24th. We will be getting things set up around 8 am that day. I think we will be out there until 4pm.


Remember this is going to help www.hopekids.com  children around the valley that have something that could take their life at any time.


Keep praying it works



3/1/07 BMT+160


Kellie had a real hard time sleeping last night. We had Carrie over for a while to help tuck her in to bed and pray with all of us. Thank you Carrie.


We had to be up early today to take Sadie dog to the vet. She finely got fixed. We have been resetting this appointment for 3 years now. As soon as we dropped her off Kellie and I headed down town for a lab draw. Kellie was not happy about it at all. She said it was not fare that she had to get poked 3 times this week. I told her, " I hate to tell you that life is not fare at all."  I wish that it could be a little bit nicer. When she was done we started to head home. We were passing by Grandma J's work and Kellie said she wanted to stop for a Big Grandma hug. Kellie felt a little bit better after that. She has been feeling kind of sick to her stomach all day long. Once we got home around 10:15 am she went back to bed. She got up around 2pm to call the vet and check on her dog. Sadie was doing good and was ready to be picked up at 4pm. We picked up Sadie on one side of town and then we all went to the day care to pick up Kyle. He was happy to see all of us. We got home again around 5pm. It was one busy day. We will find out about Kellie's labs tomorrow morning.

We hope to be getting a good nights sleep tonight.


Keep praying it works.


2/28/07 BMT+159


Kellie has been having a few days of not feeling well. She has had a lot of pain in her back and head. She has had an up set stomach as well.


Tonight we got an upsetting phone call from her dad Dale. Today his doctor told him that he has cancer. It is the same kind Kellie and his other daughter Jessica had. We would like for everyone to please pray for him and his family. His wife Kelly is really having a hard time in her Faith at this point. So please help them not to lose sight of the Lord. This is one of the hardest test that any family would have to deal with. I think this family had enough testing. That is 3 times in this family, I just lost an Uncle to cancer in November and Kellie's Aunt Sherry ( Dale's sister)  just got done with her cancer treatment a year ago. If you can just ask everyone to keep them in their prayers that would be great. Thank you all for your support and prayers they help so much.


Keep praying it works.



2/23/07 BMT+157


Another long day. Kellie and I headed down to Tucson around 7am. We hit traffic in downtown Phoenix and in downtown Tucson. We made it to clinic around 10:15am. This was Kellie's first day having to do a normal lab draw. This was a time that Kellie wanted her Broviac back in. She had to get poked twice today. She was so brave the first time the nurse stuck her. The nurse didn't want to poke her again. She called someone else to do it. They both took their time looking for just the right vein. I was sitting next to her praying that this would be the last poke for the day. Kellie counted to three and the nurses held their breath and hit it head on. Once we all seen the blood coming down the tube we all started breathing again. Kellie was so happy when it was all over.
Well her labs show that her liver is having problems again. We are changing some of her medication again. The doctor will call me tomorrow or Wednesday regarding the viral and bacterial cultures. If Kellie has some kind of infection going on her liver test will be higher and the doctor will not be too concerned. If her test come back showing nothing is wrong the doctor will want her to do more labs Thursday.
Are family has had a great week being together. Kyle and Kellie are so full of energy. I am so glad to see them both playing and being kids. Kellie went fishing this weekend with her friends Nathan and Garett Brooks. Nathan caught the only 2 fish of the day.
We would like to open and invite on behalf of are Church for Easter Sunday. We know how God has touched are lives. We would love to share that with others. Easter Sunday service will be at the NEW CARDINAL STADIUM. Everyone is welcome it will start at 10:00 am Easter Sunday. If you want to know more about it you can look it up at www.radientchurch.com
Kellie wanted to let everyone know Gavin is showing signs of having a transplant. Fever, pain, not eating, mucusitis , mouth sores, swelling of the liver. He never had these sign before when he had his past transplants. Please keep praying for him. We are waiting for good news soon.
Keep praying it works.



2/21/07 BMT+152


Post BMT day 152. Kellie is having a good day. So far it has been 2 days without pain medication. She took out her IV that was in her hand last night. I had a good time draining out all of her IV medications in the sink today. Kellie is having a good time with her dog. Kellie has a remote control car and racing it around the dog all over the house. Sadie got it a few times and started to play keep away with her. It was so funny watching her run after her dog yelling and laughing. It is great to be at home. We are having a hard time getting a teacher set up for her schooling again. I am making her do some reading and math everyday but, I know it is not enough. I got a call from her school again today telling me that they sent out an e mail again to all the teachers trying to find someone to help out. It is so frustrating knowing that your child is falling so far behind and you can't find a good teacher that would take on this job. Kellie want's to learn  and she is a good child. I am not sure why it is so hard. Sorry for venting. I know I am not the only mom with a sick child that is having this problem. If anyone had this problem before and can offer any help please e mail me. I would love to take any advise I can to get Kellie the help she needs.

Kellie wanted you to know her friend Gavin is having a hard time with fevers and with pain. Please keep praying for him he needs all the prayers at this time. This is the time that his graft should be starting to settle into his bone marrow. Please pray it grafts smoothly and for it to kill all the cancer that might have been left behind. We all know how this cancer can hide. We are praying for a complete healing.


Well Kellie has set up a fund raiser for the cancer group she belongs to. www.hopekids.com  She will be at the tables that will be set up at the Wal-Mart at 83rd AVE and Union Hills on March 24th. She will be collecting change to help some of the children in this group go on a cruise. They all have been fighting for their lives and have been in hospitals most if the time. This is a chance of a life time for many of them and we want to be able to help as many of them go as possible. If you want to help out you can by stopping by the tables on March 24th or you can donate on line at the hope kids web page.


On the other side of the fund raising Kellie raised $10,200.00 for Phoenix Children's Hospital. We are working with the foundation to set up a date for Kellie to present the checks to her Doctor and camp director. Great Job everyone.

Keep praying it works.



2/20/07 BMT+151


Post BMT day 151. Yesterday Kellie, Kyle and I hit the road at 6am. The trip in to Tucson was fine. We made it into clinic around 8:30 am. The nurse and the doctors looked at Kellie's Broviac catheter and made the call to take it out.


We knew that this day was going to come but, I was not ready for it yesterday. Kellie was really upset. She has grown kind of attached to it. When she was going back to the OR she had tears running down her face and Kyle was crying as well. I just had to push him out to the waiting room and try to keep it together. I went outside and called Jeff to tell him she was under and things were going ok. My next call was to Kellie's Pastor. I was not able to get in touch with her but, I got another friend from the church to stay on the phone with me and pray. Thank you Amy. I do not like being alone when Kellie is in surgery. The whole thing took 10 min's. It took her an hour to recover. Kellie had a lot of pain so they left in her IV that they put in her hand during the surgery. We have been using it for her pain medications. That IV will be taken out tomorrow. Kyle went to sleep the same time Kellie went back. They both were out until 5:30 pm. A long over due nap for both of them. Kellie, Kyle and I stopped by to visit some of are new friends in Tucson before we came back home. Kellie's friend Kelly had an accident and had to have 70 stitches in her arm. Please pray for her to heal fast without infection or pain. Kellie had a visit with her buddies from Fire Station #5. Thank you Tony for coming to the hospital to give me a pep talk and a smile. We dropped by the Ronald Mc Donald house to say Hi to Grandma Z. and Cody. We were debating on staying in Tucson for the night because it started to rain. It was a short debate when I asked Kellie. She said I want to go home. We took it slow and hit a lot of rain in Casa Grande and again in down town Phoenix. We made it home around 10:30pm. What a long day. Next week it will not be so long. Doctor Graham told us that Kellie's labs look great. She will only have to go to clinic once a week for now. That will be every Monday in Tucson. Great news!


Keep praying it works.


2/16/07 BMT+147


Post BMT day 147. Sorry for not posting in a while. Between moving, Kellie, Kyle, house cleaning, and cooking I just do not have any time.

Kellie is doing great. She had labs done yesterday. The doctor called me today to tell me that her liver test are still high. We got the ok to start her on Milk Thistle to help her liver. We will see on Monday's labs if it is helping or not. She has been in some pain for the past 3 days. I think it is from picking up her brother to much.

We have been doing some bike riding and walking. We have not been out visiting anyone yet because we have been so tired. The time gets away form us. We are trying to fit all the stuff form are temporary house back in to our home in Peoria. Once we got started to unpack a box we have to clean that part of the room to fit more stuff. It has been hard work when it comes to Kellie's room. I think that will be an ongoing job for life.


Kellie has been invited to go on a cruise with the Hope Kids group she belongs to. So Starting next month we will be doing some fund raisers to help pay for her trip and to help other cancer children like her to take a break form hospitals and clinic visits for a week. This is the first trip that this group has set up for this many people. If anyone would like to help out please email Rob at www.hopekids.com  This group has done so much for Kellie. You can read about others like Kellie on this web page. Kellie has been looking forward to doing things with this group for a long time. They will be sending Kellie fishing at the lake in about a month and a half. Kellie did this event last year and had a great time. All the things that this group sets up keeps the children's minds off their medical problems. All the events are free to the child and family members. I can not say enough about the man who started this group. He is Kellie's friend and strong hold when she is really down. He will pop up with something special just to put a smile on her face. His heart is so big when it comes to all of his hope kids. I have been getting many calls to set up a party for Kellie's home coming and we will not be able to do that at this time. If you would like you can donate to hope kids, so Rob can set up more things for Kellie to do when she is able to do them. Thank you.


As for being home it is GREAT! We talked about having her Broviac taken out in the next 3 weeks. That means Kellie will have to get poked twice a week for labs. She is not looking forward to that. It will be better do to the risk factor of infections by having her Broviac line in. Once her line is out I am sure I will be sleeping better.


Keep praying it works.



2/12/07 BMT+ 143

Post BMT day 143. Kellie had a scare today. She was in clinic when she started to have pain in her chest just below where her Broviac goes under her skin. The doctors thought it might be a crack in her IV line. We spent 1/2 the day waiting to do a dye test to check it out before we started her IVIG. Her test came back showing no leaks. That was great news. Because the test took so long we did not have time to give her IVIG med today. Kellie has to be back in the hospital at 9:30am to do all her medications that didn't get done today. After that we will go back to the Ronald Mc Donald house for one final walk and hand in the keys. We will be hitting the road as soon as we can after that.

We want to thank everyone for all the help and friendships during this time. Most of all the prayers. With out them I do not know if Kellie would be with us now. So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU.


Keep praying it works.


Please pray for Gavin's fevers. He is still fighting hard.


2/7/07 BMT+138


Post BMT day 138. Kellie's liver is having some problems again. We are sure it is her medications doing this. She will be taken off her anti fungal medication and her antibiotic will be changed to again. We have some good news! We get to go home Thursday and come back here Sunday night. That will be 4 days at home. Kellie will have to go to Doctor Graham's clinic in Phoenix for a lab draw Friday. Doctor Graham is only in his clinic once a month for check ups, so we are not able to do all her visits in Phoenix. Kellie will have a long day in clinic Monday for her IVIG and then we get to pack the rest of are stuff and go home for good. We will have to drive to Tucson once a week and do a lab draw once a week in Phoenix. This news finely came after 150 day of being here. We are in the last stretch of this whole thing. Thank you all for the help and prayers during this time of need. I can never repay everything that everyone has done from the start of this fight. This moment for us started many years ago when the researcher's started to find chemo drugs to kill this cancer. If is wasn't for the donations for them to do the testing Kellie would not be here today. So for all the people giving donations to research you get to see a great out come this time. It means the world to me and my family. Kellie just did a talk at a school last week for a penny drive. This is what can happen when you put your pennies together with others. You get enough to make a different in someone's life.

Keep praying it works.


Kellie wanted me to tell everyone that she talked to Gavin last night. Kellie said he sounds good. His transplant started off rocky, but all is well now. Please keep him in your prayers. Now it is up to God to keep him safe from infections and let his donor take over.



2/5/07 BMT+136


Post BMT day 136.   Kellie had a great time with her brother Kyle for the weekend. It is sad to see them go home with out us. The doctors think they might start seeing Kellie only twice a week. Starting this week. We will have clinic on Monday and Wed. We are going to head home to Phoenix for a long weekend. We will see what her labs show. Today they are showing more stress back on her liver. Just when we thought it was healing well.


Keep Gavin in your prayer. He was to be getting his transplant today. I have not heard anything yet.


Keep praying it works.


2/2/07 BMT+132


Post BMT day 133. Kellie had a better day today. The new antibiotic she was started on makes her sick. We tried to give her some pre medication for it but it did not work. She will have to be on this for 7 days. If it is not better by Monday I am sure Kellie will have something to say to her doctors. It might be a few day before we get to update again.


Kellie's friend Gavin started his chemo yesterday. He has 5 days of chemo then transplant. So please keep him in your prayers. 


Keep praying it works. 


2/1/07 BMT+132


Post BMT day 132. Kellie had a bad night last night. She rolled over about 2am and pulled her Broviac that is coming out of her chest. She was is a lot of pain.  I gave her some IV pain medication and changed her IV dressing to check the IV site around 5am. She was resting by 5:30am. I was up at 7am to check on her and to take are friend to the hospital. I came back and Kellie was still sleeping. She did not get up until 12:30 this afternoon. She was up for an hour and then back to bed. She got back up again at 4pm. I have had to give her more breathing treatments while she was awake today because her cough came back and she sounds bad. The doctor was called and he wants to start her back in IV antibiotics again. Please pray that she gets over this fast. I just looked over my shoulder and Kellie is back in bed. It is only 4:45 pm. I hope she gets to sleep tonight. Thank you all for your prayers.


Keep praying it works.


1/31/07 BMT+131


Post BMT day 131. Kellie had a good day today. We went to our friend's church this morning. Kellie and I talked to some school children about Kellie's cancer treatment. Kellie did a good job. The children had lots of questions for us. It was nice to answer them rather then being looked at and talked about behind are back. Kellie wanted to let everyone know if they have any questions for her feel free to email her. You can reach her on the main screen of her web page. It asks if you want to e mail Kellie. Click on kellie.miner@teamkellie.org  She much rather have people talk with her about her cancer then for them to run away because they are scared. So please do not be scared to

email her with any questions you might have.

Her clinic visit was a good one. Today Kellie asked doctor Graham when she could stop wearing her mask. He wants her to protect herself from the cold and flu that is being passed around. If she is in a closed space with a lot of people she has to wear it. If she is out at the park or just walking outside she is ok to put the mask away. She went outside today and took a big breath in and said " I am FREE!"  She told me it was great to smell fresh air again. Her counts look great. Her platelets are down a bit because of the anti viral medication she was started on 3 days ago. Not to worried about that. Her last viral blood test came back clear. She kicked this viral infection fast. Praise God. She has been in a lot more pain today in her back. We had to double her dose of pain medication. Doctor Graham said that this might happen while she is coming off her steroids. She is on a low dose now but, with the bone pain and the risk of graft vs host we do not want to take her down to a lower dose to fast. We will be gong back to clinic Friday.

Kellie wanted to say thank you to fire station 5 and Tony G for a fun afternoon. She spent a few hours visiting with them today. When she gets back she will be visiting her other fire fighter friends in Phoenix.


Keep praying it works.

Oh Kellie is telling me to let you know Gavin is having his third transplant on the 5th of Feb. So please send out healing prayers for him. This will be the hardest time for him. We love you Gavin. Keep fighting.



1/26/07 BMT+128


Post BMT day 128. Kellie was sick on Friday. She is down to 81 pounds now. She had a good weekend. She feels much better. She has been able to hold down all of her meals this weekend. She went to the zoo on Sunday with her sister Jessica. She had fun with her friend Carri from Phoenix as well. Kellie started to get some red spots on her skin. We will let the doctors know about that tomorrow. It looks like some graft v host rash like she had before. It comes and goes then comes back again. I am glad that is all it is. I really like the doctors here. We were walking in the zoo today and Dr A called just to check up on how she is feeling because we had to call him on Friday to let him know Kellie was getting sick. It was nice that he keeps up on everything.


Well on a sad note. We are sorry to say that Kellie lost a friend Sat. Her name was Lilly. She was 2 years old. Her cancer took her to see Jesus early. So please keep her family in your prayers tonight. She will be missed. God bless you Lilly.


Keep praying it works.



1/25/07 BMT+125


Post BMT day 125. I forgot to tell everyone that we got the test back regarding Kellie verses her donor. She is still 100% donor. Kellie had her cat scan today and things look 90% better. She still has to do her breathing treatments and exercises three times a day. Her viral test came back worse today. She had to start another anti viral medication this afternoon. She is over all feeling good in between her pain and nausea spells. I wish I had 1/2 of her energy at this point. We have to be back to clinic at 9am for more labs. Keep praying for her liver because this new anti viral drug and her anti rejection medication are the same medication she was on that made her liver fail. She really needs to be on both of them at this point. If her stomach gets better in the next few days we will hold back on her anti rejection med for a while. We will find out what is going on with her liver Monday. We will update Monday night.


Keep praying it works.



1/24/07 BMT+124


Post BMT day 124. Kellie was up again at 4am crying in pain. She has been having a lot of bone pain again. I would like if it could be taken care of before she goes to bed and that she could get a good nights sleep. It really hurts my heart to wake up hearing her crying. We will be trying something else tonight to see if she can get a good nights sleep.  Kellie went to clinic today to find out one of her virus test that was sent out on Monday came back positive. She has some kind of virus and the doctors think that might be the reason that her liver test is still high. We sent out another one today to see if it would show changes of getting better do to the fact she was started on her new high dose of anti viral medication a few days ago. If no changes in her lab test she will have to start a new medication on Friday.


She needs prayers for her lungs again she is set up to do another cat scan tomorrow afternoon. We will see what is going on with her pneumonia. She sounds much better. It has been 7 weeks now that she has had this pneumonia, that is a long time. I hope her viral test comes back better tomorrow as well. It has been a challenge to keep up with what medications to take and what medications have been changed to a new one and the others have been slowly decreasing for a month. Kellie is on 22 different medications a day. Some are once a day some are twice a day and one is three times a day on top of her IV meds. My system is everyday I go over her meds in clinic with the doctors and the nurse will call me for any changes the doctors make after we go home. If she is still on that medication I keep it on the table in are room. If she has had a change or if the doctor takes her off a medication I put it in a medication box filled with all kinds of medications. I would be afraid if the police came in and seen all the medication containers on the table and in the box. They might think we are some kind of drug dealer or something. I don't get rid of any of the extra meds because I know if I did the next day she would have to start that one back again for some reason. The doctors took her off of one of her blood pressure medication Monday and today her blood pressure was great 111/65.


Please pray that it stays down like that. She had a good time so far today with all of her friends at the fire station today. She had a special ride in one of the biggest ladder trucks here in town. That came from station 9. She was amazed at the view of the city and the mountains from 110 feet off the ground. Thank you all for giving her that beautiful view she will never for get it. We are back at the temp house getting Kellie's medications done and her breathing treatment. After this she will be going up to the main house to do another puzzle.


Keep praying it works.



1/22/07 BMT+122


Post BMT day 122. Kellie had a great time at home for the weekend. She did have some pain she was fighting with but, I think the excitement of being at home helped out a lot. She still has times when she is getting sick. Today her WBC was 5.0  and her platelets were 145. Most of her labs look great. Her liver test still show signs of improvement. It still has a way to go for it to be in the normal range. With the increase stomach problems the doctors think it is time to start her anti rejection medication back. She will only be taking 1/2 the normal dose. We will find out on Wednesday if her liver is able to handle it or not. So please pray that things will be ok during this trial. That is one of the humps we need to over come. When I was walking next to Kellie today I noticed a red mark on her neck. When the doctors looked at it much closer then I did they told us Kellie has shingles again. If you have been following her fight then you will remember back in June 2005 she had them so bad on her face that her eye was swollen closed for a while. She was in so much pain for a week. It hurt me just to look at her. Please pray that it will not get that bad again. She is on a new med for that problem now. The doctors told me that this new medication will not effect the liver but, it could effect the kidneys. She will only have to take this new med for 5 days.


Kellie told me to let everyone know to send all of your prayers you are praying to her friend Gavin. He is getting ready for his next transplant in a few weeks. She said she will get over the humps in her fight and he could use all the help he can get.


Even in the worst of times she would give up all she has for a friend. So if you can please pass on the word to everyone because we know first hand how prayers help.


Keep praying it works.



1/21/07 BMT+121


Post BMT day 121. Kellie is still having liver problems. She is not going to be started on her anti rejection medication until this weekend. The doctors are saying she is doing well for not being on them for so long. She has been having stomach aches and has been getting sick. Not much just a few times. She feel goods when she is not in pain. She has to be back at the hospital Monday morning so we are going to spend the weekend at home. The doctors are amazed that her liver has not recovered yet. I am just thinking she has her own way of doing things and she is not ready to heal yet. God is keeping her safe in his arms at this point so I am not to worried. He is giving her the time she needs to heal and He is keeping the Graft V Host away. He will not give Kellie anything she can not handle. So a small belly ache is nothing for her. She is dealing with the whole thing really well.


Keep praying it works.


1/18/07 BMT+118


Post BMT day 118. Kellie had a day off today. She was in bed until 10:00am. She had a fun time with the fire fighters at station 5 here in town. She watched them do a ladder climb. Before they were done they got a call and off they went. Kellie and I are waiting for Jeff to get off work so we can spend some time with him before he has to drive back to Phoenix. Please keep up on Gavin. He is getting ready for his next transplant.


Just keep praying it works.


1/17/07 BMT+117


Post BMT day 117. Kellie's liver test came back high again today. They are getting better but, it is not low enough to start her back on her anti rejection medications yet. So please keep praying that her body stays protected from Graft V Host. She had some headaches for the past few days and her eyes were real puffy today when the doctor seen them he sent her down to get a cat scan of her sinus again.


Things look great in that area. Thank GOD. I thank HIM everyday for all the help. We will not be looking at her lungs until the end of next week. The pneumonia was looking better last week. We are going to have a day off tomorrow and will be back in clinic Friday. We will see then if we can start her anti rejection medication again. If things go well we will have the weekend off from clinic as well. She might have to go in for a quick lab draw Saturday morning for her drug level if we start her anti rejection medication back. We have plans to go back home for the weekend if things workout the way we want them to. Over all things are going well.


Keep praying it works.



1/13/07 BMT+113


Post BMT day 113. Kellie's liver test are still to high for her to start her anti rejection medication yet. The doctors are going to give her a day off tomorrow to relax and sleep in. We are praying by Monday her liver will be healed up enough to start her medications again. We have seen only a little bit of graft v host in her stomach. She has been in a bit more pain and her stomach has been feeling a bit sick. She said it is not all the time it comes in waves. I am just glad when it is time to eat it has not been on that wave. She is doing well on holding her weight at 84 pounds.


Today's adventure took us to Kartchner Caverns State Park. We went on the tour of the Rotundra/Throne room. It is amazing on how water plays such a big part of making this cave. Everything we had seen from the smallest stalactite dropping small drops of water to the floor below forming stalagmites to the largest column in the throne room was breath taking. If you are ever down in the area South of Tucson you need to stop by.They only do tours for the Big room form Oct - April. If you would like to see more information on this beautiful place you can look it up at www.azstateparks.com 


By the time Kellie and I got home we had to stop so I could give her some pain medication. It is an hour tour walking, so I think it took a lot out of her. She is fine now being busy around the temp house here. We will try to do an update on Monday. I am not sure if we will have time or not. We are going to go to Phoenix for a night So no news will be good news. We love you all for all the help and support you have given to us during this time. Thank you.


Keep praying it works.


1/12/07 BMT+112


Post BMT day 112. Kellie's liver tests are still dropping down to a normal level. It is not coming down like it did before. Her liver is showing us that it has been damaged even more this time. This is not what I wanted to hear today. It is going to take longer for it to recover this time. This is what is putting her at a high risk for graft v host. Kellie has not been feeling well. Her stomach has been hurting and her stomach has been up set most of the day. I have seen her try to do something to keep her mind off of it. She was dipping cherries in chocolate one min the next min she was in bed almost in tears. After a little rest and some meds she is doing better.


Please keep praying it works.



1/11/07 BMT+111


Post BMT day 111. Kellie had a bad stomach ache today. Not sure what that was about. It passed within a few hours. Her liver test are looking better today. Doctor Graham was thinking that her liver test should have been lower then what they are. He is a little bit worried about holding her anti rejection medication for another day do to the fact that Kellie had a stomach ache this morning. We are keeping a close eye on her eating and her pain level. If she eats and gets a stomach ache again the doctors want us to call them. They want to hold off giving her any anti rejection medication as long as they can to let her liver heal. It is up to Kellie's body to tell us when that time is up. We need prayers for her liver to heal fast so she can start taking her anti rejection meds again. If her liver takes longer to heal we need prayers for her not to get graft v host.


Kellie is feeling good. If you would look at her now you would have never guessed that she was sick at all. She always has a big smile on her face, running, and playing jokes on all the staff members. She baked her doctor a cake in her easy bake oven for his Birthday. She had a good time making chocolate dipped marshmallows and pretzels last night. Today she passed them all out to the Ronald Mc Donald staff members. She has so much energy at this point. The doctors told me that this might happen. She has been living on a half tank of blood for so long. Now that her body is making more on it's own she has a lot of fuel to burn off. I am glad she can stay busy around here.


Oh, I almost forgot the doctors did send out her graft test today. We hope to get that back by Wednesday of next week. Please pray that she is still 100% donor. That is one thing that I can not stand is waiting for the results of a test like that. You just sit back and pray every morning noon and night that things will be ok. I have been seeing Kellie open up to her doctors out here. She has been asking a lot more questions about life after transplant. Things to watch out for, foods she can and can not eat, and about swimming. She can swim in a family pool but, not in a lake or ocean. Swimming with the dolphins are ok if it is in a pool setting for them. If the water comes from an ocean she will not be able to go. I am glad she is starting to talk about what is ahead of her. She has been living hour by hour and day by day. We are so ready to put this behind us and never look back on cancer again. I am so proud of her.


Keep praying it works.


1/10/07 BMT+110


Post BMT day 110. Well today Kellie's labs show she is back in liver failure. Her liver test doubled from yesterday. Doctor Graham is thinking that it might be her anti rejection medication that is doing it. He is holding her anti rejection medication today and her anti viral medications as well. She has been off her antifungal medication for a few days now. I need prayers for protection for Kellie. She is not being covered for fungal and viral infections at this point. She is not being covered for graft v host either. All of her guards are down at this point so we are relying on GOD for protection so all the prayers will help. We are going to be back in clinic at 8:15 am to have more labs done. Doctor Graham is going to send out another set of labs to find out if she is still 100% donor or if she is rejecting her donor. I hope this test will come back faster then the last ones did. As soon as we find out we will let you know.


Keep praying it works.



1/9/07 BMT+109


Post BMT day 109. Kellie has had a good day. She has not been in any pain for a few days now. Her liver tests came back higher then yesterday. The doctors are going to give it a few more days to turn around before trying something else. Doctor Graham has an ENT doctor on line to check Kellie out tomorrow. Kellie's amylase level is high and doctor Graham thinks it might be do to the fact that she has a gland that is clogged. Her other labs are looking ok. Doctor Graham told Kellie that she is doing really good and that she is far enough away form her transplant she gets to stop one of her IVIG days. That is her anti rejection medication that takes 6 hours to give. She only has to get it once a month now. She will be getting her one month dose Jan 17th. Kellie is so happy. She is getting really tired going to clinic everyday. We are praying her liver will turn around and the amylase level gets better. Once that happens she get to have some days off.


Keep praying it works.


1/8/07 BMT+108


Post BMT day 108. Kellie had a GREAT time being at home. Kyle is getting bigger and smarter everyday. It was fun visiting with Kellie's Nana and Pa Pa.


Lets do a short up date on her medical side. She has been feeling good. She is starting to have liver problems again. The doctors are going to hold her anti fungal medication again for a few days. Her anti rejection medication level is going crazy again. Her level has been real low now. So far her body has not had any signs of graft V host. We just keep praying that her body will never show any more signs of that ever again.


Her WBC is looking good and her platelets are in the low 100's not in the normal range yet but, really close.

She is having problems with one other lab test. Not real sure why and I am not going to worry about it yet. The doctors are looking in to it and talking an ENT doctor about it. So for short she is doing ok and still taking everything day by day.


Keep praying it works.


1/4/07 BMT+104


Post BMT 104. Kellie was at clinic by 9:00 am. She had her IV antibiotics and her breathing treatment. I told the doctor she had a rough time sleeping last night do to her coughing. He wanted to do another cat scan of her chest in a few days. After listening to her he ordered one for today. He wanted to see if thing were getting better or worse before are visit home. The doctors said it looks a little bit better then before. She still has a lot of stuff in her lungs. She has been fighting this pneumonia for 3 weeks now. It might take another 3 weeks to clear up. The doctors said that the cold weather will not play a roll in making things worse as long as she is not going outside after she takes a shower. She is always wearing a jacket and a hat of some sort. She is really liking the beanie hat that her Aunt Lynell gave her during her last treatment. We are going to be looking for the other ones when we get home this weekend. Kellies hair is starting to grow back again. She is a little bit upset with it. This time it is not all coming back at the same time. She has some patches with hair about a 1/4 on an inch long and some places are still smooth. She is thinking about cutting it off so the others can catch up. She has not made up her mind yet about that.


Just want to let you know we will not be updating for a few days do to the fact we are going to be on a small vacation at home. We will be back Sunday for Kellie's clinic visit and we will let you know how things go.

We love you all. Keep praying it works



1/3/07 BMT+103


Post BMT day 103. Kellie is doing well. She had to be in clinic today for 7 hours. It was her IVIG day. We know that her body is doing well with that anti rejection med. Her other one (FK506) is a different story. Today it was in the area the doctors want it but, she was only given a forth of the meds she has been taking. We hope that things will settle down next week when she will be off one of her antibiotics. Kellie is feeling much better. She is not as tired as she has been. Her pain has gone down a lot. Last night was the first time I had to give her anything for Pain in two days. We will be home in Peoria Sat for are Christmas with the family. We will drive back Sat night for Kellie's clinic visit Sun morning. Please Keep praying for Gavin. He is getting ready to do his next transplant this month. This little boy has been putting in a hard and long fight. Please pray for healing and for him to be cancer free.

Keep praying it works.


1/2/07 BMT+102


Post BMT day 102. Kellie had a great day. Her anti rejection med level was really low yesterday. I got a call form the doctor at 6pm to tell me to give her a little bit more. Today her level is really high. The doctors still are not sure why it jumps like that. She has been maintaining her weight around 83-84 pounds. Do to that reason Kellie is still not able to have a whole day off yet. Sometime this week Kellie will be doing another cat scan to follow up with the pneumonia. Doctor Graham told us that it could take up to 6 weeks to clear. Her cough sounds better.


Kellie went to the zoo yesterday with Grandma Z. She was able to feed a baby deer. She walked the whole time. She is able to walk a lot longer now. The doctors want her to walk as much as she can to help her lungs but, on the other hand they want her to sit around and eat to gain weight. Some times I don't know what to do. I let Kellie tell me what she feels like doing for the day. It seems to be working. Walking one day and eating a lot the other. It is really cold out here so sometimes we walk during the day and snuggle in to the couch in the evening and watch a good movie with some hot cocoa.


Please pray that things go well for are friend Gavin. Doctor Graham (Kellie's doctor) had written up a few things about his patients that had JMML. I faxed it to Gavin's Doctor today. I hope it could be something that would help him.


Keep praying it works.


1/1/07 Monday BMT+101


Pot BMT day 101. Kellie had a good night last night. She watched the ball drop in New York and went to bed. Today at clinic she was to get her IVIG because it is a six hour med to give the doctors held it off until Wed. The doctors wanted to give it Tuesday but, Kellie didn't want to miss lunch with the fire fighters. OK, lets see your choice. PF Chang lunch or six hour IV medication in clinic?


Kellie is doing much better after her 1/2 day off. She told doctor Graham she would do the GI test now with no problem. Doctor Graham said she might not have to do any test now. Kellie has gained a pound and is not having as much pain in her stomach. Kellie's anti rejection med level has been real high for the past 2 days. She has done real well with it. She has been on seizure precautions and getting some seizure meds to prevent them. We are waiting for her labs to come back today to find out how things are looking.


Today Kellie will be going to the main house to make food for the homeless people that are staying in the park. Grandma Z will take it out to them. Kellie hates to sit around. She loves to help out when she can. This is something she can do and be safe doing it.


We hope everyone had a GRATE time bringing in the new year.


Keep praying it works.



12/31/06 Sunday BMT+100


Post BMT day 100! I wish this was the day that all of Kellie's problems go away. It is looking like we have to  stay a little bit longer. Kellie is going to have to do some more testing do to the fact she is not able to gain weight. Something is just not right. One day her body will absorb food and her meds and the next day it will not. Her anti rejection med level has been jumping up and down everyday. The doctors are not changing the dose of meds that much because of unpredictable it has been. We want the level to be high enough so she will not get graft V host. On the other hand we do not want it too high to make her have a seizure. Doctor Graham was right. Kellie needed a break. So did I.. All of this living on the edge and hour by hour gets to you.


After clinic visit Sat morning. Kellie and I took off to Grandma and Pap Pap's house in Sierra Vista. Kellie spent the afternoon on the back of Des and Disco. She was loving the feeling of being back on a horse again. On the way home she told me it makes her feel free. Kellie didn't have to run to fast to feel the cold wind passing over her head. It was a windy day. Kellie had 3 coats and 2 hats on. She didn't care a bit. She had a smile on her face that made it all worth it. When Kellie was done with the 2 horses she traded them in for Grandmas truck. She took her brother and two sisters for a ride around the horse stables. Her Dad (Dale) was a little shocked. Aunt Sherry was wondering if she was going to make it between the back of her dad's truck and the light poll. I knew I taught Kellie well. Kellie did just fine. I am glad this crazy world we live in still has dirt roads, open fields, and horses. Yesterday was such a big stress reducer for both Kellie and I. Thank you Grandma and Pap Pap.


We will be back soon. I am off to take Kellie to the clinic again. Everyone Have a Happy and safe New Year!


Keep praying it works.



12/28/06 Thursday BMT+97


Post BMT day 97. Kellie had a rough start to her day today. We were at the hospital at 7:30am so Kellie could do the nuclear GI test. The nurse cooked an egg in the microwave then put the nuclear med on top of it. Kellie took one bite of it and got sick. Kellie tried her hardest. It hurt me when she looked up at me and cried. She said " I am sorry Mom. It just won't go down". I just about lost it with her. We made arrangements to retest tomorrow morning. I will make her some cream of wheat and take with us and I would pre medicate her with some Zofran before we go. That was all good until lunch time. Kellie broke down and told me she just could not do this test. We talked about it and called Doctor Graham. Kellie told him how she felt about it and he told her why he needs this test done. Kellie stood firm on how she felt and Doctor Graham canceled the test. I talked to him for a bit and he told me Kellie has had enough. She has been pushed to her limit with tests, swabs, treatments, and pokes. She needs a break. It is hard to give her a break when she is on such a thin line. If she falls off the road to recovery she could turn bad real fast. We need to find out why she is not gaining weight. Dr Graham called me back a few hours later to tell me about Kellie's Cat Scan. He told me that her lungs look the same. The pneumonia is not better but not worse. She sounds better but, not really changing. He will put her on some new antibiotics tomorrow. Kellie's stomach Cat Scan looked ok with one spot of concern. One part of her intestine looks like it folded over it's self. That might be causing a little bit of the problems she is having. The surgeon told Doctor Graham that it should work out by it's self. We will see what will happen in a few days. This might push are discharge date back a bit. If things are still the same by Monday Kellie has to stay for some further testing. If the weather is better out here on Sat Kellie is going on a half day trip to go horseback ridding with her Grandma Pat. Doctor Graham thinks it will be a good idea to get her out to do something fun for a change.


Keep praying it works.


12/27/06 Wednesday BMT+96


Post BMT day 96. Kellie has been feeling sick for a while now. She lost more weight again this week. She is 82 pounds now. She went to bed crying because she is trying to force her self to eat as much as she can. I have been staying awake hours after we get to bed praying things will turn around and she can start gaining weight again.

Today she went down to have an ultra sound of her gal bladder, liver, bladder, and kidneys. At first they thought she had gall stones. When they did more scans they had seen it looked more like fluid. You can't really do anything for sludge in the gal bladder. That stuff will continue it's journey on it's own. Kellie is going to have a busy day tomorrow. We have to be at the hospital at 7:30am for an egg test. Kellie has to eat a scrambled egg mix with some kind of nuclear medicine and sit for a while and see what happens. They said it will take about 3 hours. She has to go back up to the 3rd floor for her clinic visit and blood draw. When she gets done with that she is going back down to the first floor for 2 cat scans. She is going to do a follow up one for her chest. That will show what is going on with the pneumonia. The other one is of her abdomen. That we hope will show some reason why she has been feeling sick so much. Please keep praying for her pain to go away and her lungs to clear up.

Out of the hospital stuff. Kellie had a fun Christmas day at are friends house. Kellie played her new friend Kelly and Kelly's sister Jane. All of them were so in to playing with a string game called CATS CRADLE it was hard for them to put it  down to eat. The next day Kellie wanted to go back just to continue where they had left off the night before. It is great to see her with other children. She has spent most of her time alone or with doctors, nurses, good old mom. She needed to have some child like activities to let her grow up at a normal pace. In some aspects of her life she knows more then some of the nurses that work at the hospital. On the other side she is still a child a few years behind on growing up. I can see her frustration sometimes. I feel bad for her sometimes because she is a teenager on top of all of this. She is stuck in the middle of this storm looking for some sun shine. She just wants to rest a while in paradise. I just keep praying for the day I can take her home to rest in her own bed. It is still looking like that day will be Jan 3rd.


12/25/06 Monday BMT+95




Post BMT day 95. Kellie had a busy morning. She was on her way to clinic today and was stopped by a Tucson police officer telling us that the main entrance was closed do to a shooting out side the door. It took us a while out in the cold to get in to the clinic but we made it in by 8:15 am.


Kellie had her labs done and was waiting for her nurse to hook her up to her meds. During that time her fire fighter friends came by with Santa to drop off some gifts. Once we got home the fire fighter came by to take Kellie for a ride. I wish you could have see her face. She had  great time. She said the best was when Jamie told her she could honk the horn. Jamie turned on the lights and everything. That just made her day. Thank you all from station # 5 for all you do. Tony Kellie will be at your event giving you your hope to keep going like you give her.


Kellie's dad Dale and his family just stopped by to spend some time with Kellie for Christmas. They are outside laughing and playing. We will be home Jan 3rd to have are Christmas when the family can be together. It is great that Kellie gets to see the other half of her family a little bit more because we are here in Tucson. Again it will be a happy and sad day when we get to go home.

Kellie had a good time with her Grandma and Pap Pap that stopped by yesterday for a few hours.

We are getting ready to go over to a friends house for a Big Christmas meal. That will be nice.

Have a great day. Keep praying it works.


12/24/06 Sunday BMT+93


Post BMT day 93. Kellie was up and out of the house by 8:50 am. Off to another day at clinic. Her counts look good. Her WBC is down a bit but, not to bad. Her white blood cells are still going to her lungs to heal them. She still has pneumonia and now her viral swab is showing a virus of some sort. Doctor Graham said it is another thing she will get over. Kellie's Broviac is starting to come out on it's own. Please pray it stays in so she will not have to have another surgery to put another one in. We need it to stay in for another 4 weeks.


By that time Kellie will be off all the IV antibiotics and we should be home.

Today we are going to have dinner with some family members here in Tucson. Aunt Cindy and Uncle Guy are setting things all up for 4:00pm. We have to be home by 8 pm to get her hooked up to her IV meds and to get to bed early for are clinic visit the next day. Kellie has a problem leaving early where ever we go. She hates it more because all the blame is do to her cancer. She just wants to be a healthy person again and not have to do all the special things just to go out for a few hours.

We will be in clinic at 8:30 tomorrow morning and going to have a Christmas meal with a wonderful family here in Tucson. We are so thankful for being surrounded by so many thoughtful people.


Merry Christmas.  Keep praying it works.



12/22/06 Friday BMT+91


Post BMT day 91. For the past 2 days Kellie's counts have been ok. Yesterday she went down for a cat scan of her chest and sinuses. Her lungs look a little worse but, her sinus scan came back better. Her WBC has been down for a while. That is because her (white blood cells) WBC's are going to the area that is infected to make it better. That might be the reason her lung scan looks worse as well. She is still coughing but her lungs sound better. Doctor Graham still is thinking that her nausea is do to graft V host. I pray that it gets better soon. She is really trying to eat as much as she can to gain some weight back.


Kellie had a good time with her friends last night for dinner. Kellie has been laughing a lot with them this week. That is the best thing for her at this point. She needs to be up and breathing deep. What better way to do that? They always say laughter is great medicine. I love to stand back watching her play, laugh, and do her crafts with her friends.


I know her doctors are talking about getting us back to Phoenix Children's Hospital sometime soon. I want to go home so bad but, it is going to be hard to say good bye to are new friends. Grandma Z and I have already started to make plans to visit.


We hope to be able to go home in about a week or week and a half. We just need to make sure Kellie is stable enough to go back. So please pray for her graft V host to get better and her lungs to clear up. We will stay as long as we need to but, we both just want to go home. We have been burnt out with this whole thing a long time ago.


Don't get me wrong we have fun when we can. Kellie had a good time with her step mom today. Kelly came up from Sierra Vista to spend a few hours with us. She picked up all the Christmas gifts Kellie pick out for her sisters and brother. I hope she enjoyed the flowers that Kellie and I tossed in the truck before she left.


Kellie and I want tell everyone to have a Merry Christmas and a safe one to.


This is the most wonderful time of the year! Keep praying it works


12/20/06 Wednesday BMT+89


Post BMT day 89. Today Kellie had a painful morning. She was cleaning her Broviac last night and moved to a bit to much. Today she had a lot of pain at the site where her IV tubes come out of her chest. Her back and ankles were hurting as well. The doctors are not going to change any medications for a few days to let Kellie's body have a rest for a while. Doctor Grahm told me that her lungs sound a little bit better today. Kellie is keeping up with what she needs to do when it comes to her breathing treatments and all of her medications. We have alarm clocks set so we will not miss anything. The doctors did not see any results from yesterdays cultures yet. We should see something by tomorrow I hope. She might go down tomorrow or Friday for her cat scan of her chest to see what has changed this week. Kellie already talked to the doctors about the contrast part of it. If they can see what  they need to without it they will not use the contrast. Kellie knows if Doctor Grahm said he would try he will do what ever he can to make it happen. So she felt better about having to do another one.


Now back to the fire fighters. I have my book today. So thank you again to CAPT. TONY, JAMIE, and TYLER. You can stop by any time to make Kellie laugh.


Kellie had a good afternoon. She talked to her step mom Kelly and went back to the store to shop for her sisters and brother. Kellie spent a long time just looking around the room to pick out the right gift for each of them. She spent just as much time wrapping them all. I am telling you she loves to shop even if it is not a real store. When she gets older she can do that for a living for the big businesses. She got that idea from one of the staff members at he Ronald Mc Donald gift shop.


Well  tonight we both had a great time going out to eat with Jeff. Kellie's dad came down to work in Tucson for the day. Doctor G thought it would be ok. Jeff has been sick for a week. He is much better now. Jeff did not want to put Kellie at any risk at all. Her counts are looking good and she took all precautions she needed to protect herself. She is on so many antibiotics it would be hard for her to catch anything any way. It was a nice time just to see him and be able to talk like a family over a meal again.


Kellie was in some pain again tonight. I gave her some another dose of IV pain meds and now she is in the shower with the music cranked up. It is nice to have music back in the house again.


Keep praying it works.



12/19/06 Tuesday BMT+88


Post BMT day 88. Kellie had an ok night. She still is coughing a lot. When we went to clinic she was fine for about an hour. She started to cry because she was getting over whelmed with everyone telling her what to do. She needed to do her breathing treatment, get her weight, and get checked out from the doctors. The nurse needed to get more blood and she needed me to pat her back for part of her breathing treatment. She did much better when the fire fighters came in to visit. I left my papers in the office at the Ronald Mc Donald house tonight so I do not have the names of them all. I know Tony, Jamie, and New Bee. Sorry guy's . That is the best I can do for now. Thank you for putting a smile on her face again.


You should have seen both doctors and the RT trying to bribe Kellie in to coughing something up for a culture. I know that this in not something people like to hear about but, it was really important for the doctors to find out what she is coughing up. If the culture starts growing something in the next few days we might not have to do the Bronch. I much rather her spit then have to go under and have surgery. So a lot is riding on this test. She is still feeling sick to her stomach. The doctors think it might be graft V host.


Kellie did not lose any weight today. Thank God. She had a lot of fun today with cookie making with a few friends she from a church out here. They laughed and played for most of the afternoon. They did nail stuff and baked a cake.


After dinner she did a little shopping in the gift store here at the Ronald Mc Donald house. They set a room a side filled with toys and gift sets for the children and family members to go shop without having to spend all their time in the stores. It was a big help for Kellie and I. Thank you all who had set that up for us. Kellie had to make her shopping trip short. She had pain in her back and was having a hard time walking. I walked her back to the house and gave her some IV pain medication.


She is sitting on the couch making out her Christmas list. Her list is real short. She just wants to go home. I have been getting a lot of calls form people asking me what Kellie wants for Christmas. She has all she wants and more at this point. Most importantly because of Kellie's illness she cannot receive the typical gifts of stuff animals, flowers, or latex balloons because all of them carry bacteria and viruses. If you want to give her something that will help her once she is able get out and do things when she gets home. She would love to go to the movies again. She likes to go to PF Chang's, Red Robin, Top Shelf, and she wants to shop at Kohls for new bed sheets for her new bed. Gift card for her at this point would be the best thing for her at this point. You can mail letters and cards to her at Ronald Mc Donald House 2230 E Speedway Tucson, AZ 85719. For all the people that are sending her mail please note that the zip code changed. UC is so big they have their own zip code now. Please keep praying it works.



12/18/06 Monday BMT+87


Post BMT day 87. Kellie had a rough night. She was coughing so hard she was having a hard time catching her breath. I had to give her some IV medication to calm her down. She was up until 12:30 am. I was up every 20 minutes checking on her. I was taking her temperature and dabbing the sweat off her until 3:00am. She never ran a fever but she did make sheet on the couch wet. I woke her up at 3:00am to go potty. This morning she had no idea I woke her up.


It was a hard long day at clinic. Kellie was in pain so the first medication she got today was pain medication. About a half hour after that she got sick. The nurse was in shock when she seen that happen. She gave her something to calm her tummy down. The doctor came in and found out how her night went and checked her out. He said her lungs sound better but, she is not out of the woods yet. We will do another cat scan in a few days to see how things look. We were at clinic until 3:30 PM this afternoon.


Kellie was home for about 2 hours and her stomach started to feel a bit queasy again. I gave her a few things to help out that bad feeling. A while after that she tried to eat a little bit. So far so good. She is hooked up to her night time IV medication and doing her breathing treatment now. I will try to get her to eat something else before she tucks in for the night.


She has lost 3 lbs this past week. She is down to 84lbs now. She is really trying to eat. I know when I don't feel well I do not want to eat ether. Kellie is sitting on the floor now with her frog named Annie. I think the frog is blind and can not see the crickets to eat. We have tried to feed it for days but, Annie is not looking good. Kellie is just talking to her and trying to feed her again. She is such an animal lover. I hope we have a good night tonight. Keep praying it woks.



12/17/06 Sunday BMT+86


Post BMT day 86. Today was a busy day. We started out at 9:00 AM in clinic. At 10:30 AM we were on are way down to have another cat scan. This time it was on Kellie's chest. She had to get contrast this time. She was a little upset when she found out she had to get it. She hates the feeling the contrast gives her. The doctors found out she has stuff in her left lung behind her heart. We are not sure if it is pneumonia or mucus plugs at this point. The doctors started her back on her breathing treatments and her lung exercises again. They changed her antibiotics again. Now she is back on Vanco. They took her off Gent. If this keeps up for the next 2 days Doctor Grahm is looking in to doing a Bronchoscope Wednesday or Thursday.


I have been busy all day long running from pharmacy to pharmacy trying to get her new med for her breathing machine. We had to be home to get her breathing machine from another home health company and we had to wait to get her IV medication from another one. To top off my day the pharmacy told me her insurance has expired. I had it! I just stopped what I was doing and looked around me. The place was full of sick people and I heard Kellie coughing a few rows away from me. I needed to do what ever I had to do to get her out of that place. I stood on the side of the pharmacy counter and talked over the cashier to the person working in the back. I told them what was going on and I needed to get my daughter out as soon as I could. He got her meds together and I paid for them and left fast. I felt like my whole world turned for the worst again. This was just a bad day.


Kellie was in a lot of pain in her ankles again. Just when we were seeing a light at the end of this whole ordeal. We were looking to going home in 2 weeks. If she is the same or any worse in a few day we are looking at another hospital stay. This is proof again that things can change in a blink of an eye. I pray the next time I blink things will be better. Kellie is sitting on the couch resting while she is getting her IV antibiotics and getting ready to take her night time meds. Keep praying it works.



12/16/06 Saturday BMT+85


Post BMT day 85. Today was another long day at clinic. At this point we thought we would be having more days off or at least short days. We are back to being at the clinic for 4 hours a day. So far the change over of her anti rejection medication is doing well. She is a little bit low in her drug level at this point. The doctors much rather see her a little low then pushing her over to the edge and having to be put back on seizure precautions. Her ANC is doing well. It has been over 1,000 for a while now. I haven't been keeping up on it because we do not get that part of the labs back before we go. We will now!. Kellie's WBC is 7.3 today. Her red cells look good too. Her platelets are 137. Last night Kellie was still getting sick so she was not able to take her night time meds. I was real worried about her magnesium level. She has been taking 1600mg twice a day to stay about 1.5 . I thought she was going to get some IV mag today but, Her level went up to 2.0 all by it's self. Don't now how that happened! I don't question it any more. God can do so many things we can not understand. So I just say thank you and keep going. Her blood pressure was great as well even thou she did not take her blood pressure med last night. The big one was her steroid medication. Her body did great with out it as well. Praise to GOD for keeping her safe.


She spent the day with Grandma Z doing some planting stuff for a few hours. Now we are going to help are friends pack to go home. We will miss them. Please pray that Mary, Justin, Mona and Angel get home safe. I do have to say I felt bad for my husband having to stay home our are new son. Man he had it easy. Justin and Mary have 8 children. Mona the one with cancer was # 7. Angel she just turned one last month. Please keep them all in prayer. Justin your the man! You have done a great job with all the kids while Mary and Mona had to be away for so long.


Keep praying it works.



12/15/06 Friday BMT+84


Post BMT day 84. Today has been a crazy kind of day. Kellie was in clinic at 9:30am. I told her doctor she has been coughing more at night. She is not getting the sleep she needs and she is coughing so hard it has been keeping me up as well. He sent her down to have a cat scan of her sinus. She has an infection that has not cleared with the new antibiotics she has been taking for the past week. So now today she was given 3 strong IV antibiotics to see if we can kill this thing. She has not been feeling well and she started to get sick once we got home. I gave her something to calm her stomach down and now she is resting. We just got her off all her IV stuff 3 days ago. She was to get her Broviac out in 2 weeks. That has been pushed back. We have to stay here for Christmas as well. I feel so far away from all my friends and family at this point. I know you are all still home and well. I just want to come home with a healthy child. I think I had enough of this roller coaster please stop this ride.


We might not post every day for the next few weeks. Kellie's daddy is sick. We do not expect him to be doing a lot of things this week. Please pray he gets better fast.


Keep praying it works.



12/14/06 Thursday BMT+83


Post BMT day 83. Kellie and I had a lazy day. Clinic was a fast one today. We went back to our temp home and we went to bed. Kellie got up before I did. I found her wrapping Christmas gifts that she had made for her friends. Kellie's liver is still a little bit off. It is taking longer this time to recover. It is getting better every day. Kellie started on her new anti rejection medication today. Please pray for her kidneys to be protected from this medication. She still has a bad cough. She has had it for 83 days now. It came on the day of her transplant. Everything looks good about it. No viral, bacterial, or fungal infection going on in it. It is just a bad sounding thing that has not gone away.


Tomorrow will be a long day at clinic she gets her once every two week antibiotic IV medication. Then Monday it will be IVIG that lasts for 5 hours. We are not sure if we will be able to go home for Christmas yet. She has had a lot of medication changes in the past few days. We have to do labs every day for a while. You never know what will happen when you switch things around so fast. We just take it day by day. We love you all for praying and thinking about us during this time.


I know a lot of you have been asking for the reminder bands again. My church just got in a new shipment. I want to let you all know that our church has Kellie reminder bands in the gift shop. They are $3.00. So if you lost yours or tossed it out thinking she is done with this fight please pick some up. She needs all the prayers she can get. You can go to Radiantchurch.com to get more info on address and phone numbers.


Keep praying it works.



12/12/06 Tuesday BMT+81


Post BMT day 81. Kellie had a so so kind of a day. She was real quiet today. I had to give her some IV pain meds. Her back was hurting to the point she was crying. Her liver test came back much better today. She is off all of her anti rejection meds at this point. We pray she will not get graft V host during this time. We hope her drug level will be low enough to start her new anti rejection med tomorrow. Kellie spent some time in bed reading today and staying still. She is having a little TV time at this point. She will be getting ready to do her night time IV meds and take her pill in a few mins. I think she will be in bed early tonight. I hope she has more energy tomorrow. Keep praying it works. 


12/11/06 Monday BMT+80


Post BMT day 80. Kellie had a good day when it came to pain. Her anti rejection med level was to high today. She is back on seizure precautions again. Her liver is showing signs of of liver failure again. We are going to stop the anti fungal med again. I think tomorrow the doctors are going to try to change her to a new anti rejection med. This one will be FK506. It has no name yet. The doctors think this might be a drug interaction between her anti rejection med and her anti fungal. She needs both of them. The doctors told me that the FK506 is hard on the kidneys. Doctor Gram thinks that her kidneys can handle it. We will see. I am learning to be happy when the good news come and be patient when news is not so good. During the time of patients I just hand it off to the LORD. I am not doing so good on handling the ups and downs at this point. I am having a good time being a good mom and friend to Kellie. I am not going to sweat the small things I know that God has things under control. Kellie had fun with her Grandma Pat doing some crafts things around the house. Kellie made candles and some watches. It was nice to see her Aunt Sherry and Uncle Mark again as well. We didn't get to spent as much time with them today. They had to get their new kitty home. Keep praying it works.


12/9/06 Saturday BMT+78


Post BMT day 78. Kellie had an ok day today. She has been in a lot of pain most of the day. She has been having a hard time with the steroids as well. That stuff puts her on an emotional roller coaster. One minute she is happy and the next she is crying. She knows it is happening and it is driving her up a wall. We had a fun time making Christmas ornaments with a new friend Kennedy. Her Aunt Sherry and Uncle Mark came by for a short visit as well. We had fun at a pet shop with them. Kellie had to get her dog some gifts for Christmas as well. Kellie's counts are doing great! Her liver test came back normal today. Her anti rejection med was a little low, so now she is getting a rash on her arms and legs. A little bit of graft V host. That should go away after her night time dose of meds. Other then that she is doing well. I have to give her more pain meds before we hit the bed. Keep praying it works.




12/8/06 Friday BMT+77


Post BMT day 77. Kellie had a great day off from clinic. We went to Phoenix for a day and a half. When we left town Wednesday morning! We just stopped by the clinic for a lab draw and hit the road. The doctor called and told us her labs look good and to give Kellie her anti rejection medication. So I did not know her liver test results. I am sure, if they were really bad he would have said something. I knew that her WBC has been down to about 2.0-2.2.  Her ANC was below 1000.

We had to keep her in for a few days to be safe.


We had a great time with Kyle for his first Birthday. It was sad that we had to say good bye to his Godmother and her family. Her husband is in the ARMY and they are moving over Christmas. We will miss them. Bless your trip and stay safe.


When Kellie and I were ready to pack the truck back up to make are way back to Tucson I found that the  rear window of the tuck had slid down in the door and would not come back up. Do to the fact that Kellie had to stay safe from the elements we could not drive the truck back. So at 10:00pm Jeff was putting the back seat in the Jeep so he could put the car seat in it. We changed everything from my truck to his truck and made some late night calls. As Kellie and I were on the road back to Tucson I called in to a friend Carrie T. She came to the rescue. She had my truck to the dealer and back by the time Kellie and I were out of clinic. WOW! She was fast. BIG THANKS. We love you for that.


Well as we were going along the wonderful I 10 freeway we passed 3 car crashes at 10 miles an hour. I was getting scared we would not make it to clinic on time. I called and they said don't worry drive safe and we will see you when you get here. Just at that moment Kellie started to see black smoke ahead of us. A truck and trailer was on fire. Traffic was moving on by them until the fire truck came and blocked the whole road. We sat on the freeway for 20 minutes. Not moving anywhere. People were getting out and walking around. Kellie and I sat in the truck and pushed her morning dose of IV meds. It is amazing on what you can do if you have to. When we drove by and everyone was safe and the truck and trailer was just a pile black charcoal. Glad no one got hurt.


When we made it to clinic it was only 10 mins after are appt time. Not bad for all we had to do to get there.


Now Kellie's counts. She has been in pain for a few days. She has been hard at work making lots of cells. Her WBC shot up to 7.2 and her platelets went from 102 - 137. Her liver test came back at 55. The doctors had never seen a liver recover that fast before. Praise GOD. Thank you all for the prayers as you can see it  really works. Normal liver test is 10 - 45. For all the medication she is still on 55 is GREAT! Thank you all so much for you loving prayers. I am just a little overwhelmed by the number of people praying for this little girl. I see the #  on her web page going up each time I check her site.  I know that it is a lot but, I know that is just the people that log on daily. People call me all the time telling me of family and friends from all over the world are praying for her. I feel like a small aunt in a large army of praying people pushing me along. I have to say it is a good feeling. Thank you all again for all you do to help.


After this long entry today I have some more good news. Because it took me so long to write this Doctor Gram had time to call me.




Kellie's graft test came back. She is 100% her donor! 


Keep praying it works.



12/5/06 Tuesday BMT+74


Post BMT day 74. Kellie's counts are all messed up. Her liver test came down a little bit. It did not show a great deal yet on what is going on yet. Her WBC went down a lot. The doctor thinks it is do to the anti viral medication he stopped. Her ANC is down to 500. She is in isolation today. She is having a lot of pain in her back and ankles. It is do to the white cells coming back in again. If her ANC is down for the next 2 days she will start the GCSF again. (aka stupid shots). She is feeling ok. We had to give her IV pain meds for the past 2 days. I hope this will pass fast. I hate to see her sit on the couch just crying in pain. I try my best to rub it but, that hurts her skin. I got her pain free around 11:30pm. Warm water is a wonderful thing. A hot tub would be better. Last night she is thinking about the things she misses at home. Her bath tub is one of them.

Well the graft test still is not back yet. We might find out tomorrow.


Keep praying it works. 


12/4/06 Monday BMT+73


Post BMT day 73. Well what can I say it is Monday. As normal it is the day for all the extra testing so it was a long day again. We got some news that was not so good. Her liver test came back really high. It should be around 10-40. Hers was 77 yesterday and today it was 893. The doctors say she is in acute liver failure. The doctors know it is do to some of the meds she is on. They want me to stop giving her anti fungal and anti viral meds for a few days to see if that would give her liver a break. Now that we have to take her off the meds that will keep her safe she has to be put back in to isolation in her room at the Ronald Mc Donald house. Just when she was able to get out and play for a few weeks. Other then that Kellie is doing well. Please pray that her liver gets better and that we are still able to go home for a night this week. Pray that the cold and flu virus stay far away while she is unprotected. Keep praying it works.



12/3/06 Sunday BMT+72


Post BMT day 72. Kellie had a good day. Her WBC' were 6.7. Her platelets were 127 and her mag was in the normal limit today at 1.5. Wow it took long enough for that to happen. She is back on the IV fungal meds for now. Her liver test is still high. They just took a blood test to see how high her anti fungal med level is. That might be the reason her liver tests are high. We should find out the results from that in a few days. We should find out about her ingraftment test Monday or Tuesday. Just keep praying it works. 



12/2/06 Saturday BMT+71


Post BMT day 71. Kellie's mag is still low. Her liver function test is up. Doctor Grahm thinks it might be a drug interaction with her anti fungal med and her anti rejection med. We are going to have to go back on an IV anti fungal med. That stinks. Her anti rejection med level is low today. I wish she would just stay at an even level. One day real high the other real low. One way or the other is bad news. She needs to stay in the middle. I hope this will not stop us from being able to come to home for the day next week. Kellie's tadpoles here are changing fast. One tadpole is almost a full frog. I had to go get crickets today for them to eat. I wish they would eat some sort of pellets. We had a great afternoon with some new friends here in Tucson. Kellie and Nikki painted rocks for a while as they got to talking and laughing they worked up and appetite. We went back to Rock N Pizza for lunch. Mike made us a great big pizza. When we got back home Kellie found are pet wood pecker laying on are porch. We think he hit the window and knocked himself out. Poor thing. Kellie was heart broken. Keep praying it works.



12/01/06 Friday BMT+70


Post BMT day 70. Kellie is still not holding on to her mag. The doctor is not going to give her the IV mag today. He thinks she is not holding the IV one. She is up to 2,000 mg of mag in the morning and 2,000 mg at night. We will be putting in 400 mg in the afternoon today. Her anti rejection med is real high today. It was 400. I have her on seizure precautions again. We went to watch the Nut Cracker with a group of children from the Ronald Mc Donald house. It was a great show. We went to lunch at P.F. Chang's again. As long as she is eating I will do what I have to do. ( I am a little bit done with the same food thing.) Last night was good we had smoked turkey legs. I just keep praying that Kellie stays well. If she stops eating, gets a fever, or has a seizure she will wind up back in the hospital. She is one step away from 2 of the three things that could happen at this point. I am just taking one hour at a time. Today she was put on a different med dose for her steroids. She is taking it twice a day now. She has no more 2:00 meds any more. That is a big help to both of us. The doctors think she might be off of all the IV stuff in 2 weeks. Two weeks after that she can have her Brovic taken out. So looking down the road a bit looks bright.


Keep praying it works. 


11/30/06 Thursday BMT+69


Post BMT day 69. Today we went to clinic like a normal day. When she did her labs started to come back her magnesium level was still low. She has been getting IV mag for the past 3 days and she is taking 1600mg of mag in pills. That is a whole lot. The doctor is not sure why she is not holding her magnesium. Her anti rejection med was real low as well. She is at risk for graft V host at this point. Please pray that her body starts absorbing these meds. She is feeling good other wise. We will be doing updates a few days apart unless something happens.


Keep praying it works.



11/28/06 Tuesday BMT+67


Post BMT day 67. Kellie had a good day. She did have to stay a little longer today at clinic to get some magnesium. Her counts are looking great. Back again tomorrow. She spent most of her day with Grandma Z having fun. Keep praying it works.



11/27/06 Monday BMT+66


Post BMT day 66. Kellie had a great short day at clinic. On a Monday. WOW! She did all the extra testing, checked out by the doctor and was out in an hour and a half. Kellie even had a talk with him about getting her Broviac out. He said maybe in 4 weeks. Kellie did the graft testing today. We will not know any results of that test for a week. Please pray it is all the donor cells. Please pray for no leukemia cells as well.


Kellie spent most of the day with Grandma Z hanging up Christmas stuff all over the Ronald Mc Donald house. Kellie's doctors are not sure she will be able to be home for Christmas. If she is able to be at home it will be for a one day stay. Kellie is working on it. 


Kellie is still talking about how much fun she had at the softball tournament. That was the most time she has spent outside for a long time. I think it was June when she was at her Aunt Patty's house. She loves to be outside. Today she spent an hour outside spraying off the patio. She has been looking after the wood pecker that has been making a nest in the tree out side are door. I have seen her take the camera out to see if she can get a good shot of it. So far just a tail or a blob. It has been in the window pecking a way. It is the small things out side that are keeping her busy the most. 


Keep praying it works. 



11/26/06 Sunday BMT+65


Post BMT day 65. Sorry for not updating for a while. Kellie and I have been busy. Kellie's counts are looking great. Her ANC has been up in the 6,000 range for over a week. Her WBC is with in normal limits as well. She has been doing well with her anti rejection pills and we only have to be in clinic for a lab draw. It is a great feeling. We had a day off Saturday.


Kellie had her Softball Tournament. Team Family Pack won. Kellie had a great time out at the fields. She was strong enough to pitch the first ball on both fields to kick off the tournament.  It was a great thing to witness. We all were really tired by the end of the day.


We did have a great time going to church together as a family. Kellie and I were told Pastor Lee was not going to be a church that night. Kellie was bummed out. Pastor Travis started talking and said Pastor Lee was taking a break but he was in the back of the church. Kellie jumped out of her seat and ran back to give him a hug. I am sure he was excited to see her. Jeff and I new she was happy when she made it back to her seat. You can tell she is smiling behind her mask by her eyes. We had such a long and busy day.


We didn't see 1/2 the people we wanted to this time. We should be able to start making more trips home in the next few weeks. Kellie had a good time with her brother playing some ball at the fields and playing with her dog at home. It was great to feel like a family again just for a few hours.


Kellie wants me to tell everyone to please pray for her friend Gavin again. They might be trying another transplant and a different treatment. God please get rid of his cancer. Keep him strong and healthy. In Jesus name. Love Kellie.



11/21/06 Tuesday BMT+60


Post BMT day 60. Not much to tell you today. We went to clinic at 8:30am and out by 9:15am. It was a great day. We didn't wait around for counts. I got a call from the hospital around 1pm to tell me to give Kellie another anti rejection pill because her count was a little low. The nurse told me that her WBC was 7.3 and her platelets were 95. She is doing great. She is packing for the one night stay at home Friday. Kellie wanted to say," Thank you Miss Connie for the Thanksgiving card."


Keep praying it works.


11/20/06 Monday BMT+59


Post BMT day 59. Kellie had a long day at clinic today. Her WBC was 7.6 and her ANC was 6083.  Her red cells are doing great as well. She was taken off her IV anti rejection med and changed over to a pill. Kellie is so happy she is unhooked for good. I do have to give her an IV push medication 3 times a day. That is ok. We think now at clinic it will be just a quick lab draw and go. We will have a few long day only a few days a week. If things keep going the way they are now we will only have long days once a week. Some time this week Doctor G is going to send out some extra tests to see how much is Kellie and how much is the donor. We talked a little bit about another bone marrow biopsy. I didn't want him to put her under just to do that. So we will do one when she has to have her Broviac out. I pray that will be in about 4 weeks. Please pray for the donors cells at this point. We need them to be strong and take over Kellie's cells. It should be more then 50% grafted. We might not know any results form the test for a week. I will let you know. Kellie had a good time at the BBQ tonight for dinner. She loves her BBQ chicken. She has been getting excited for her softball tournament. We went to a park yesterday to toss the ball around for her big day. We are still looking for umpires for the game. If any one can help please call me. Mindy Jones at PCH. 602-546-1000. Thank you all for following Kellie's cancer story. Keep praying it works.



11/18/06 Saturday BMT+57


Post BMT day 57. Kellie had a late day today. We went  to clinic at 10:00am. Once her labs were draw was done and she was hooked up to her medication it was 11:00. We new we had to stay for at least 2 hours. By 1:00 we wanted to get out of clinic but, Kellie decided to break out in a rash. We had to wait for the doctor to come see it. We have no idea what the cause of this rash. As the day went on it went away. Kellie's WBC was up again today. It was 5.3 We did not get back the rest of the labs for her ANC so we will get that tomorrow. Her anti rejection medication was high again today. She has been unhooked from her IV medication for 3 days now. She is hooked up at night while she is sleeping. We tried to go to the zoo today but by the time we got out there it was closed. So we went to an out door shopping center. Kellie found a place to get her a sweat shirt. Kellie has been on the phone a few times with Kristine to keep her going during her ride. Kellie was happy when she found out she made it across the finish line. Great job. Kellie has been in some pain. She has had to take 2 pain pills today. While we were out we went to Rock N Pizza for an early dinner. Kellie was able to make her own pizza. It was great. Kellie took her time eating most of it. I pray that makes a different in her weight tomorrow.


Keep praying it works.



11/17/06 Friday BMT+56


Post BMT day 56. Well for the past few days Kellie has been making lots of platelets and red cells. She has been in some pain in her legs and head. Her WBC today was 5.0. She jumped from 1.5 2 days ago. Her ANC went from 800 on Wed to 6000 today. We took a road trip yesterday back home. It was a good time with family and friends for a few hours. Kyle is getting so big. He has 6 teeth now. Kellie had so much fun with her brother. They spent some time in her room and in dads office laughing and playing. We had a good time laughing and talking to Nana, Great Nana and Pa Pa. Kellie is still working hard for her to go home for a whole night. She will be having a great time sleeping in tomorrow. She has her clinic appt at 10:00 am not 8:00. I still have to get up early so I can give her IV meds before she wakes up. We want to send out a prayer to Kristine. She will be riding in a bike ride tomorrow for Kellie. It is to find a cure for Leukemia. It will be held here in Tucson. Please pray she finishes the entire ride 109 miles. You go girl! We will be praying for you.


Kellie got her science project today. She has tadpoles. She is watching them grow in to frogs. I didn't realize how much work I have to do this. She is laughing now. I can't wait until she can start picking up after her dog again.

Kellie wants to remind everyone about her softball tournament Sat NOV. 25th. It is at Rio Vista Park. Off the 101 and Thunderbird road. Check in will be at 8am Game starts at 8:30am. Don't forget the raffle at the field. Please come and have fun. Kellie is working on being at the fields at game time.


Keep praying  it works.



11/15/06 Wednesday BMT+54


Post BMT day 54. Kellie had a great visit at clinic today. Her body is now starting to make platelets on it's own. No transfusions today. Her WBC went from 1.5 to 2.8. She is having some bone pain in her ankles. She had a good day with her new friends shopping today. She had a blast trying on dresses and spinning around in them. She had to be unhooked from her anti rejection medication for a few hours again. Kellie likes that. I don't like it because her level is to high and now she is back on seizure precautions. She had a good time with another friend today at dinner. Mike had his BMT the same time as Kellie. They walked the long halls together and Kellie kept him going. His friendship helped her to stay out of bed at times. We hope to get her off the IV anti rejection med in a week or so. They are going to try a pill form of it. They changed her anti fungal med from IV to pills on Monday. Now her liver test is going up. They might have to change it back to IV again tomorrow. We are going to have another 1/2 tomorrow, so on the road again. We are going home for a short visit. Keep praying it works.



11/14/06 Tuesday BMT+53


Post BMT day 53. Kellie had a good day. She forgot to take her meds last night. I think God was telling us something. Do to the fact Kellie's blood pressure was ok and she did not have any nerve pain or belly pain, she gets to stop taking 3 pills at night. One of her viral test came back positive. She was started on another anti viral med. Her WBC went down to 1.5 again today. Her ANC went down to 600 as well. The doctors told us that it was do to this infection she is fighting. Please pray it goes away fast and without any complications. Today was day 4 with out a transfusion. She might need to get platelets tomorrow. We will see  what this viral infection will do to them. Today Daddy came down for the day. He took Kellie out for a shopping spree at the mall. After a few hours in the mall the only thing we left with was a Frog Pond. She wants to see the magic of metamorphosis. She asked her doctor if it would be ok to have it. He said as long as she will not eat it when it grows up. She will not be able to clean the tank or touch it for a while. That's ok for her she said. Keep praying it works.


11/13/06 Monday BMT+52


Post BMT day 52. Kellie has had a busy day today. Her ANC jumped up to 1,428. Her WBC is 2.1. Her red cells are still in a good range. Platelets 59. This is day is day 3 without a transfusion. The doctors are going to change a few medications today from IV to pills. We are going to see how that will workout with her body. One of the medications she will be taking made her liver have problems. We hope she is stronger now and her liver will be ok. If not we will have to go back to the IV med. We are going to be busy this week. Kellie has a lot of shopping she wants to do. Her new friends are going to take us to the shops on 4th street. Kellie can not wait. We are doing what we can to relax and keep stress away from us. Kellie has been feeing well and has a lot more energy. She still gets a little tired after a few hours being out but, she is doing real good.

Keep praying it works.



11/12/06 Sunday BMT+51


Post BMT day 51. Kellie had a good day at clinic because it was a short day. Today her ANC was 1062. Her WBC was 1.6 platelets 65. She is going longer and longer with out having platelet transfusions. Her red cells are doing ok as well. I hope this is going to be the last week she will have to take the Epogen   (AKA the other stupid shot.) for her red cells to grow. Kellie got a call from her friend Mike. He had his transplant 10 days after Kellie did. His Birthday was the same day as Kellie's. We are going to dinner with him Wed. Kellie was able to meet one of the girls that helped put together her Birthday party today. Her name was Kelly. We had a nice visit with them. Kellie and Kelly went to the main house to bake a little treat. Kellie has been unhooked form her anti rejection medication for about 3 hours now. I got a call again today telling me it is too high. She was not shaking as much today as she was yesterday. Her hands shake so bad sometimes when her level is to high. She is talking to her Dad Dale for now. After her phone call she will be back in thee kitchen putting together her bamboo plants she just picked out at the store. She is still having a good time putting up the posters that the children's group made her for her Birthday. The temp house looks colorful. It is looking like a teens room. I am not sure how we are going to get all of this stuff home when it is time to go. I pray that we will not have to take all the IV medical stuff home with us. That alone is a lot of stuff. If we can get all that stuff out of are temporary house we would have a lot more room to move. I am not sure when that day will come but, I know it is around the corner.


Keep praying it works.



11/11/06 Saturday BMT+50


Post BMT day 50. Sorry for it being so long without an update. Lots of thing have been going on. Kellie and I had a short trip on Thursday. Kellie talked her doctors in a 1/2 day trip home. After clinic that day we it the road. Dad had no idea. He was shocked when we stopped by his work to take him to lunch. After that we picked up a cake at fry's and said hi to her friends at the pharmacy. Thank you Sandy for getting the cake for us. We went home to surprise her grandparents. Pa Pa and Great Nana were stunned when the door opened. Nana knew we were going to be in town. Thank you Nana for cleaning the house for Kellie to come home. We needed an in side person to help keep Kellie safe. It was Great to spend a few hours together as a family. Kellie called her friends to see if they could come over and have some cake with her. Only one was able to make it. Good old Shelby and team captain Julie. The others were not able to come do to illness. Thank you all for taking the step to keep Kellie healthy. Friday was just another clinic visit. Her counts are hanging around the same. Her ANC yesterday as 800. Her WBC 1.5 Platelets 25. Yesterday I had to call Jeff down to take care of Kellie. I had to get checked out in the ER for chest pain. Jeff was down in a few hours of the call. Kellie was in the clinic getting a platelet transfusion and I was doing all the testing for this chest pain. Please pray for my husband. He didn't know where to go first. His 2 girls were down. But not out! The doctors told me that I need to decrease my stress level. I just laughed and said you have NO idea! We all made it home around 5 pm. Our friends Carrie and Austin came down for the day and went to dinner with us. It was nice to see them.


Jeff stayed the night with us to make sure that everything was under control. He went back this morning. Thank you needs to go out to his boss for being so understanding at this point.

Today was a big day for Kellie. She had a great Birthday party with friends that came down for the day. A group of people came in to the Ronald Mc Donald house and put together a party for Kellie. We had no Idea who these people were until today. We will be meeting a few people  tomorrow. Kellie ha pizza, cake, and ice cream. She was so excited to see all her friends and family. The gifts were an extra bonus. I had no idea on what to get her and how I was going to get anything for the party. A great big thank you to all the people that helped out to make this party happen. Rocken Pizza, the Ronald Mc Donald house, New friends. This was the best party. Kellie had so much fun. She was laughing and running around. Pillow fights and balloon popping. Lots of eating as well. I hope the weight stays on her and not me. She has been gaining a few ounces. It is just about 2 ounces away from a pound. That is great for her. I just can not thank you all enough for everything. They always say laughter is the best medicine. Kellie had her share today.


We love you all.


Keep praying it works.



11/08/06 Wednesday BMT+47


Post BMT day 47. She is almost to her 1/2 marker. We had a long day a clinic today. She had 2 transfusions today. Red cells and platelets. Her ANC went up on it's own. It is 1045 today. WOW! Other then that she is doing great.


Keep praying it works.



11/07/06 Tuesday BMT+46


Post BMT day 46. Kellie has to get platelets today. Two days without them is good news. We pray she will keep doing that. She will be started on a new stupid shot tomorrow. This one will help her red cells to grow.


I am not sure what her ANC was do to the fact that the lab has not resulted that part of the test yet. I will get it tomorrow. Dr Grahm is going to call me back to tell me what to do to her anti rejection medication because it is too high. She is jumping around with so much energy. I am not able to keep up with her and everything else I need to do. She is at such a risk she is not able to do much around the house to help me out. I had to to the shopping today while she was at clinic just to keep her safe. She is having a great time with Grandma Z. Grandma Z is the head of the house at the Ronald Mc Donald house. She is great! She gets us what we need for the room that Kellie and I stay in. She spoils the children. She gives Kellie special lotions for her dry little body. The chemo took it's toll on her skin as well as her lungs. Today Doctor A told me that the chemo might have done some damage to her mucus glands at the top of her lungs. That is why she is coughing so much. I just pray it heals it's self. Kellie is still going down in her weight again. She is 86 pounds now. I make her eat before she tucks for the night. 


I just want to let everyone know Kellie's softball tournament is just a few weeks away. Kellie has been working with her doctors so she can make it out to the fields for the big day. Kellie has been doing what she could from here to make this thing happen. We need some help. We are looking for corporate sponsorship, raffle prizes, and people to donate time the day of the event. If you know of anyone that might be able to help out in any way please call me. 623-363-0574.


Keep praying it works.



11/06/06 Monday BMT+45


Post BMT day 45. Kellie had a long day a clinic today. It was a normal Monday all the extra testing stuff. Kellie has had enough of the extra stuff to do at clinic. She wants to get out and go do something. Now is the time we are not going to be able to do much do to the fact that her ANC is still going down. Her ANC is 468. This is the past 3 days ANC counts. Sat 1,296 Sun. 884 and today 468. They have taken a fast drop as you can see. If she is lower tomorrow she will be started back on the GCSF. She is not happy about that. We just want to keep her safe for her Birthday Sat. I am happy to say that she has not had to get platelets for the past 2 days. That is the best news so far. She is holding on to them longer. I pray that her body starts making them soon. We just sent out for her beads of courage today. It will be a shocker to see all the beads she will be getting at one time. If you do not know what the beads are you can look it up on her main page. Kellie's anti rejection drug level was low today so we have up her dose today. Other then that she is in good shape. She still is fighting a cough but, all of her cultures have been negative for the past 2 weeks.


Keep praying it works.



11/5/06 Sunday BMT+44


Post BMT day 44. Kellie had a good weekend. Her WBC went up to 2.3. Doctor Grahm took her off the GCSF. (AKA stupid shot). Kellie was happy about that. She has had a lot of bone pain do to the fast pace of her white blood cells growing. We hope that her pain will slow down now. We knew that her ANC would drop. Dr Grahm thinks that it might not drop real low like she has in the past. Well she was up in to the low 2000. Now yesterday she was down to 1690. Today she is down to 800. Her lowest day should be Wed. If she is below 500 she will have to start GCSF again. I knew it would drop down really low. This is Kellie you are dealing with. Her body will start making cell on it's own time. Kellie time is real slow. So far she is about 2 weeks behind normal transplant healing time. It is not do to the fact she has had some infections. She is feeling good but, having a hard time standing on the side lines. Her cousin was in town for the weekend and they both wanted to go out and play. I had to call Kellie in because it was windy. The wind pushing the dirt in the air puts Kellie at risk of a fungal infection. I know she just wants to get out to run, play and just be a kid. I wish I could let her do that and feel safe about it. I am glad that her Aunt Ali talked to her about how it stinks to be sick. We made all the kids come in so she would not feel so bad.

Over all she had fun playing games with her cousin Chad. Thank you for the visit this weekend. It was great to see you both. Keep praying it works.



11/02/06 Thursday BMT+42


Post BMT day 42. Kellie had to get another unit of platelets again today. So it was a long day. We hope to have a short day tomorrow. Her WBC was 2.3 and her ANC was 1,380. If it stays up the next few days the GCSF ( AKA stupid shot) will stop. At that point her ANC will drop down again. So we need prayers for protection for Kellie. When her ANC is low she can catch anything so easy. She still is having a stomach ache and headaches. The bone pain comes and goes all over her body. It has not been as bad as last week. Kellie is getting herself worked up because her Nana, Pa pa, And Great Nana are on the road to the house in Peoria to help out with Kyle. She wants to visit as well. We are going to see what we can do in the next 2 weeks. We pray for a visit home. It is all up to Kellie's counts and that fact that everyone at home is well.

Keep praying it works.


11/01/06 Wednesday BMT+41


Post BMT day 41.  Kellie and I were at clinic early again today. Her counts went up. Her WBC was 1.9 and her ANC was 1,102. WOW! what a jump. Her platelets were low so she got some of them today. Her red cells are hanging on well. Her anti rejection med is high so we lowered it a bit for now. She is back on the seizer precautions again. She is having a stomach ache again. The doctors are keeping an eye in it but, not to worried. She is happy now that we are adjusting her meds down some. She will not have to take pills after lunch anymore. We do have to do an IV push at 2pm but, that is not long at all. She gets to be un hooked for an hour every night. She likes to run around and do many things she can not do with her backpack on. So today has been a good day. She is getting excited for her Birthday next Friday. She keeps telling the nurses and the doctors. She told them that she would have a long day for her Birthday Friday for her to be able to have a short day Sat to be with family. Please pray for my family to stay healthy so we all can be together for that day. It has been hard on Kellie as well as myself do to the fact we have not seen Jeff or Kyle in 3 weeks.


Keep praying it works.



10/31/06 Tuesday BMT+39


Post BMT day 39. Kellie went to clinic at 8:30 am today and was able to go home at 5:00 pm. Today was the longest stay so far. She needed 3 transfusions today. She got 2 units of platelets do to her low count at 13. She got one red cell unit as well. She went all dressed up in her costume. She had a wig on that looked like her own hair. She was going to trick or treat at the hospital today but, before she went out in the halls we found out her ANC was only 400. This is the lowest it has been in the past 3 weeks. Her WBC is 1.0. The doctors still think it is the medications and her body fighting the viral infections. Today we got back one of the viral test back and it came back negative. The Dr. is changing one of her IV viral med to only once a day. That means no more 2 hour IV medication ball at night. So when she is unhooked from her anti-rejection medication at night for an hour she will be unhooked from everything. She feels so free at that time. She went to the church tonight to hang out and talk to a few friends. It was an out side fall party. She did a few pumpkin launches. She was the first one to get it started and the pumpkins went flying backwards. The men working the launcher had to try to fix it with what they had. By the time we had to leave it was working great. Kellie came home and emailed in her homework. Kellie is getting so excited for her outing tomorrow. We have to pack so much for just one day out. I thought it was going to be a quick up and back day trip. By the time we got things packed for her line care and IV medications, flushes, syringes, wipes, dressing change kit and her snacks 1/2 the truck in the back seat is full. Most of her IV medications have to be in the refrigerated. It was just a little bit more then I thought but, it is all worth it.


Keep praying it works.



10/30/06 Monday BMT+38


Post BMT day 38. We were off to another day at clinic. The same old story day by day. We went in and found out Kellie has a graft V host rash form one hip to another across the front of her abdomen. It is not that bad. That is a good thing. We just need to pray it will not get worse. I have seen Kellie starting to slow down and feeling kind worn out of doing the same things everyday. Being in clinic all day long, go home and do things for an hour then start in on my night time medications, shower, sleep and do it all again the next day.


She was not slowing down on her eating and drinking as well. She told Dr. Graham today she needed a break. She just wants a little time to be a kid and let lose a bit. He said I think you are right. It is hard because she is still on a lot of precautions. He did not want her to be too far away for the hospital so our house was out. She asked to go to Sierra Vista for the day to see her Grandma and Pap Pap. She wanted to see the horses. Doctor Graham has no problem with that. You should have seen her face. Her counts are still not the best her WBC was 1.2 today. Platelets 51 and h&h were ok as well. Most of the low counts are do to the medications she is on to protect her at this point.


Doctor Graham is not to worried about that at this point. He said that one of the medications she should be off by the end of the week. So that is good. We are going to have to go to clinic Wednesday morning for her IV meds and counts. It should be a short time. Doctor Graham is going to give her platelets tomorrow and red cells if she needs them to hold her over until Thursday. Kellie is already packing her bag of medical supplies to take with us. I think she really needs this. Well I have to get her stated on her medications for the night.


Keep praying it works.



10/29/06 Sunday BMT+37


Post BMT day 30. Just a normal day a clinic. No med changes. Kellie's WBC went back down again. It is .9. She had to get platelets as well. We got to the house about 2:30.


Kellie has been outside carving a large pumpkin. The little one she did yesterday went to Doctor Grahm today. He really liked it. Kellie stayed in clinic by herself for about an hour so I could go home and vacuum, dust and finish up some dishes. She was kind of napping on and off because of the pre medications. She had to get some pain medication today do to the fact that her IV line got pulled some how. She was in a lot of pain. I seen what she had to deal with and it was hard. I was hugging her while she was crying and she told me, "I hope you never have to feel something being yanked out of your chest." I felt bad for her but, I could not do anything to make it go away. The line is ok now. It was not pulled out of place so it is still good to use. It did pop one of the stitches out. It was almost out anyway. I think it hurt more when the nurse told her that one of them came lose. It is some what of a bother to her because she thinks that the stitches were holding it in. She has a cuff under her skin that has grown tissue around it to hold it in place. I am sure if that gets pulled with any kind of tension it would hurt. So she got passed that in a short amount of time.


She wants to put out a big thank you to her friend Chloie from Montana. Chloie got a call from her dad and brother that are here in Tucson. Chloie asked if they would stop by for a visit. So Grandpa Jay and his son Jeff stopped by last night to sing and play songs for Kellie. It was great to see them again. They played songs for Kellie and Ellie when they were at PCH together. He and his son-in-law Scott gave Kellie a guitar. Now that Chloie's brother is in town going to school he wanted to spend some time with Kellie teaching her how to play. That is cool. We will get her guitar here some how for her. Well I need to start her night time IV stuff.


Keep praying it works.


10/28/06 Saturday BMT+36


Post BMT day 36. Kellie had a good day at clinic. We didn't get out until 3:30 pm. Kellie's WBC was still at 1.3. Her ANC was 663. Her platelets were 30. She got some today. Today Dr. G, Kellie and I had a heart to heart talk today about this 100 day marker. I like talking to him because he will not sugar coat anything. It was a little hard to hear that she still is not even 1/2 way to this date. This 100 day point is one of the ways that the National Transplant people some where in the world can keep track of successful transplant. Most people have fatal complications within the first 100 days. This is when Kellie's counts are still coming back in. Every viral, bacterial or fungal infections can take her life at any point. Kellie had 3 viral infections in the past month. The one that is holding on is a stage 2 infection at this point. Stage 3 is almost fatal at this point after transplant. This cough she has can turn in to pneumonia. Her lungs are sounding and looking great. It was nice to hear his concerns and for him being honest with us but, it was hard to listen to. Kellie looks strong and feels good most of the time. She has headaches and bone pain that has happened before when she is on the GCSF. AKA (stupid shots). I just can not see her getting sicker. She sounds better and better everyday. This cough is kind of harsh and deep but, she is not coughing as much during the day. We will get another chest x-ray next week to keep a close eye on her lungs do to the fact she is off the vanco now. The first thing she asked after the talk was over was "Can I carve a pumpkin"? He said " I don't see why not." So today after clinic we headed off to the pumpkin patch. I had a problem with the dust that was being kicked up. I went out to ask the owners if they could do something about it. The manager of the patch pulled out a hose and wet down the entire place for her to get out of the truck. It was nice to see her walking around looking for the best pumpkin. It didn't take us but 5 min to get what she wanted and we were off to the house. She has spent most of the night carving a pumpkin for her doctor.


We have one more thing to do with her IV before bed. Please  Please


Please Keep praying it works.



10/27/06 Friday BMT+35


Post BMT day 35. Kellie was off to clinic with her hands full of cup cakes. Her cup cakes were the hit of the clinic today. She went in a little tired but, came out ready for the day. It is amazing on how much energy she gets from a unit of red cells. She has been going all afternoon. She wanted to go get her costume stuff to make a cancer cell. We went to Joann's to see what we can find. No luck. It is hard to make something like that with out having her sewing machine. Her Aunt Sherry and Uncle Mark were down her today for a check up visit. Check up clear. Praise God. We decided to go to a Halloween Shop. Kellie found a Teen Witch costume. It was fun to see her looking at all the wigs. She wanted to have hair for her costume and she picked out a long, dark, straight one. She looked good with long hair again. It made her smile. We are at home doing are night time IV meds and getting things ready for the clinic tomorrow. Well clinic today was ok. Her WBC came back up to 1.3 and her ANC is over  800. She did need red cells but, no platelets today. She did have a stomach ache today. The doctor is going to be looking on how things go over the weekend. If it gets worse or is still the same by Monday they are going to have to do a full GI work up for Graft versus Host. It went away with some pain meds today. I am just praying it stays away. She is going to call her teacher now to get some home work turned in. So I have to get off her lap top.


Keep praying it works.  


10/26/06 Thursday BMT+34


Post BMT day 34. Kellie had a long day at clinic today. Her blood counts are going down even lower. Her ANC today was in the low 600s. We hope they will turn around here in a few days. Her cough is getting a little bit better during the day but, at night she is coughing up a storm. She started off the day with a headache and went to clinic in her P.J's. She just didn't feel up to doing anything. I left her at clinic for a few hours to do some shopping. I am having a hard time finding oranges out here. That is what Kellie wants for a snack everyday. I found a small bag of them at Wal-Mart on the other side of town. Kellie had a smile on her face when I had one in my hand when I made it back to the hospital. We were waiting on platelets to come from an outside facility. Now is the time that people are getting ready for the holidays and forget that people like Kellie are depending on them to live. We need more people to donate platelets. They have enough red cells banked for quite a while. Platelets only last for 5 days. You can not store them like you can red cells.


After Kellie got home she got some things done so she could go to the main house to bake. She made some yummy cupcakes. She had a good time passing them out to people as well. We are getting her night time meds done so we can be in bed by 10:30 pm.


Keep praying it works.



10/25/06 Wednesday BMT+33


Post BMT day 33. Kellie was a clinic today at 8:15am. Her blood test came back showing Kellie's counts are going down. The doctors are not sure why. They have a few ideas. I just pray that it is because of the medications she is on. The doctor is changing one of her anti viral medications. She has to be hooked up to a 2 hour IV medication at night now. An hour was a bummer but, now 2 hours restricts her more. Her WBC went down to 1.2. She got her daily dose of platelets again. She still has a bad cough. Please pray for her counts to come back strong so it can kick this cough. She looks good and the doctors are glad to see her high energy level.


Kellie had a great day at the movies. She seen Flicka. It was great to see that she picked out some things that were different from the book. She was able to sit with one of her new friends from church out here. It was nice to see them again. Thank you for the dolphin decoration for her room.

Well I have to get pushing her IV medications and do a dressing change so I better go.


Keep praying it works.



10/24/06 Tuesday BMT+32


Post BMT day 32. Kellie had a great day at the clinic today. We knew yesterday that she was going to be needing platelets. Her platelets count was 13. Her WBC was 2.2 again. it has been going up and down from 1.8-2.2 for a few weeks now. Tonight Kellie is going to be able to go in to the main house to bake cup cakes. She loves to cook. Tonight she is going to make lemon chicken for us with rice. Well we are off making are temporary home a dolphin place. Kellie has a lot of things to put away and put up on the walls. She is doing it with a big smile on her face. I am wondering where she is going to put all of this new stuff in her room when she goes home. 

Keep praying it works. 



10/23/06 Monday BMT+31


Post BMT day 31. Well Kellie passed the 30 day mark. In some ways with flying colors and in others she is on Kellie time. She had a long clinic day today. We got in at 8:15 AM and was out at 3:30 PM. Mondays are so long because she has to get IVIG it is a medication that runs for four hours on top of her regular medications and blood transfusions. They wanted to give her red cells and platelets today. They held off on the platelets because she was in the clinic so long. Her platelet count was 45. She is not on Heprin anymore so it should be ok if she runs a little bit lower on them. The doctors took her off the antibiotic (VANCO) today. She is going to get a little bit of Vanco in her lines when she gets her flushes everyday to protect them from infections. She is dropped down a few pounds and she is 88lbs now. She is eating like a horse. She has her burst of energy here and there but, that should not be the reason she in losing weight. We will see what the next few days bring. Her blood counts look great when it comes to her nourishment intake. Her liver test is not at 100% yet but getting better a little bit at a time. She is happy that she gets to be unhooked from her IV pumps for 1/2 hour at night to take a shower. That gives me time to change her bag and put new batteries in the pumps. She is getting excited to go out and see a movie. We hope things go well Wednesday for her to be able to go. It is looking good so far. We both got a good night sleep last night. It was long over due. We had a good day laughing and playing silly games for a while. Kellie did some home work before her pre medications knocked her out for a few hours. She will do some more before bed time so she can get it turned in. Her headaches are still somewhat with her. She had 2 bad ones this past week. She has little ones almost everyday. The little ones go away with her premedications so that is a good sigh. It was funny when she walked in to clinic today she walked by the nurses desk and told her nurse and doctor that was sitting close by. " Yep I am going to be needing some red cells today. I feel blah!" Doctor looked up and said " We will see". When the nurse came back after her blood draw to tell her she is getting a transfusion of red cells Kellie just laughed. She is a smart cookie. She knows when she knows her body well. I am so glad for that. Today she was looking a little pale or should I say white. Cancer moms know what I mean. I am just glad we get checked out every day. I feel better about having her home. Kellie told me today she misses her doctor back at PCH. So if anyone is going to clinic can you tell Doctor Boklan she said hi. We miss all of you back in Phoenix.


Keep praying it works


10/21/06 - Saturday BMT +29


Post BMT day 29. Well today Kellie's doctors started to lower her doses of Solu-Medrol (steroids). Kellie has been having a hard time with this medication. It made her feel fat and look puffy all over. One of our nurses was joking with us when she started this medication. He told me that it might be the worse case of PMS you have ever seen. He was not joking. The mood swings during the day were ok because she was busy. When she starts to wind down at night man what a change. She would be happy coloring or doing bead work in front of the TV then she would burst out crying. She really could not tell you why. Then she would continue to cry because she did not know why she way crying in the first place. Just last night she started to cry because I brushed my hair. I didn't mean to hurt her feelings. Both of us were happy when the doctors told us she was starting to get her off this medication. Her WBC was up to 2.2 today and her ANC was 2050. We are praying she can get off the GCSF (stupid shots) soon. She is still having bone pain do to that med. She is doing well now with her night time blood pressure medication. Now her anti rejection medication (Cyclosporine) level was high again today. We had to stop it for 6 hours and restart it tonight at 8pm. She is on seizure precautions again. This will be another night without a good night sleep. Kellie's platelet count was 33 today. She got her daily dose of them. Kellie really wants to go to the movies this week. She is done with the book Flicka. We have to see if we can work it out with the clinic. Her doctors gave her the ok, only if she sits in her own chair and we go when it is the first show of the day. We need to work out the time she will get her transfusions. We have to be at clinic no later then 2pm. It is going to be great to hear what Kellie has to say about the movie verses the book.


Kellie and I were able to go to church tonight. We went to TCC here in Tucson. It is a lot smaller than our church. It is about the size when Radiant started in the old building. It was great to see some of are new friends and meeting the pastor. He has the same high energy like pastor Lee. He likes to use video clips to make points as well. He makes jokes to keep your attention. Just like Pastor Lee he takes things right out of the Bible and puts it in to words normal people can understand. Thank you to Pastor Carrie for getting us set up with a church down here. I have to honest I was scared to go to a new church. It took me a while to find a great one. I just did not know what to expect. I was glad I to meet some of the members first. It made it more comfortable for the both of us. I guess I was feeling that my life was being messed with so much I did not want any one to mess with my mind and my faith. I had enough to deal with. So Thank you so much to TCC staff and new friends.


Kellie is getting her self ready for bed now. She told me to tell every one thank you for thinking about her and praying for her. She wanted to go home to have a big Birthday party in a few weeks with all of her friends but, it looks like that will not happen. Her Birthday is NOV. 10th. She is going to be 13. If anyone wants to send her a Birthday wish you can mail cards to 2230 E. Speedway Tucson, AZ 85724. Kellie said " It will be nice to put up Birthday cards on the wall rather then get well cards."  Just want to let you know Kellie can not open e mail cards form her lap top.

Well we need to get tucked in. We have another early day at clinic.


Keep praying it works.



10/20/06 - Friday BMT+28


Post BMT day 28. Today we were able to sleep in for an extra hour. We got to clinic at 9:00 am and Kellie had high blood pressure, low platelets and a rash. So she is starting on another blood pressure med at night. I have to take her blood pressure 3 time during the day. She had to get another unit of platelets. The doctors were debating on ordering a biopsy of her skin. Her rash is not all over her body and it does not stay long. She is getting a rash between 6:30 pm-8:00pm. It moves from one spot to another day by day. They think is might be one of the viruses she has. If it sticks around for another week or if it gets worse they will have to do a biopsy. That is not a fun thing to do. I just pray she will not have to do that.


Kellie and I went to PF Chang's today and was introduced to a few new friends from TCC (The Cool Church). We are going to service tomorrow night. It will be great! We have not been able to go for a long time.


Keep praying it works.



10/19/06 - Thursday BMT+27


Post BMT day 27. Today was a long day at clinic. Kellie's red cells were 7.5 so she got some red cells and her platelets were 22 got some of them as well. With her getting 2 units of blood products it over loaded her lungs and it made her feet swell. She had to get another medication to take the extra fluid off her body. Sorry for not letting you in on what was going on yesterday. It was a busy day. Kellie's test for her anti rejection medication came back real high. The doctors had to stop it and give her 3 doses of a medication to keep her from having a seizure. I had to give her 2 extra IV pushes of this medication at home. I feel like I was hooked to her until 10:45 last night. I had to follow her around a push a little bit every minute for 30 minutes. Then I still had to give her regular IV meds. Once she was done with her regular meds, I had to push the extra one in before she went to bed. I was up most of the night checking on her every half hour. I am glad she had a good nap at clinic today. Now that we are home and her body is getting back to normal she is playing on the floor with a bubble maker. It help her to expand her lungs in a fun way. In about an hour she will be reading the end of her book. She is reading Flicka. Some time this next week she will be able to go see the movie. This is the first time she has ever read the book first. Please pray for a little girl that was in the room next to Kellie. Her name is Allyana she is 2 years old and is having some set backs after her transplant. Kellie's friend Ray that she asked for everyone to pray for was discharged from the hospital yesterday.


Prayers work. Keep praying it works.


10/17/06 - Tuesday BMT +25


Post BMT day 25. Kellie had another long day at the clinic today. Her blood pressure has been high for a few days now. The doctors started her on a blood pressure med. Her MG level has been off a well. So that is another pill she has to take. I think she get full before she gets to eat breakfast and dinner. I think she is getting tired of getting up early to be at the hospital everyday. She just wants one day to sleep in. She has a bad cough now and more cultures were sent out again today. Her lungs sound clear and she is breathing great. The doctors are going to send her down for another Chest X-Ray tomorrow or the next day. They want to keep an eye on her left lung do to the changes they seen on her last one.


Kellie and I got a phone call form Grandma J today and she said Kyle has his first tooth. We hate not being there. We can not wait to get home. I hate missing out on my son's first crawl, tooth and what ever else he will doing before we get back. Do to the things that baby's do during teething Kyle can not be around Kellie now. I know we will all be back together soon.


Days are going by quickly do to the long days at clinic. Kellie is still having platelet transfusion and red cell transfusions everyday. Today she had a visit from a new friend from TCC. Kellie and a few new friends had a good time talking and roasting marshmallows. Thank you for the visit. Please pray for her lungs to stay strong and her cough to go away.


Keep praying it works.


10/16/06 - Monday BMT +24


Post BMT day 24. Today started off at 6am. Kellie's IV pump started to beep. I was not able to get back to sleep once I was done changing out the IV med. I got ready for another long day at the clinic. Kellie got up at 7am feeling tired and grumpy. Health wise she was feeling good. We were expecting Kellie to get a unit of platelets. Yesterday she was only 32 after her transfusion. I thought her counts were going to be around 10 or so. Kellie was shocked when the nurse told her no transfusion of platelets today. They came up to 40 all by them self. This is a great thing. We were in clinic form 8:15 to 3:30. When we came home we tried to take a nap. That didn't work. We just hung around and did small things at the house.


Today no fevers and no rash. Things are looking good. We are going to get her dressing change done and start in with her IV meds. We hope to be in bed by 10:30.


Keep praying it works.



10/15/06 - Sunday BMT +23


Post BMT day 23. Kellie and I were up early again to be at clinic. Today is going better. She is not running a fever and the graft versus host rash is going away. Kellie is feeling better. We both had a better nights rest. I did have to get up at midnight to change one of Kellie's IV meds. It did not take me long to get back to sleep. I am happy that Kellie is looking better and feeling better. She has been still getting platelets everyday. Her WBC is hanging around 1.3. Kellie is fighting 3 viruses. She needs to be on 2 heavier IV anti viral meds. She had to go have a chest x-ray yesterday. It came back with more left lung changes. She has no pneumonia but, she has a mucous clog in the bottom of her left lung. It can change fast ether way. Please pray that it goes away. Kellie has to do deep breathing exercises every hour. She is doing what she has to do to stay out of the hospital. I do see she is doing more and staying out of bed longer. I am seeing her being able to move faster and bend over more with out pain. She only had to take 2 pain pills in the past 2 1/2 days. Thank all of you for your prayers for the pain to go away. It is working well.


Today Kellie and I counted the days out to her 100 days post BMT. Kellie was happy to know that her 100 day falls of New Years Eve. She looked up and said what a way to start a new year! She seen that when she got her BMT it was a New Moon. She said new moon new bone marrow. New Year, New Life. What a great way to look at things. I am glad I have a child that looks at the good in a bad situation. Now don't get me wrong she is still a teenager, but over all she looks at the brighter side of life. She just is not liking the restrictions she has to follow. She told me " It is hard being a teen and not being able to hang out with friends and go out to the mall or even sit in a park and talk. I don't like  it when people look at me when I walk by because I am wearing a mask. I know I am stronger then they will ever know. It is  hard being the odd ball and not being able to play." She knows it will not be for ever. I am sure this is mentally hard on her as well. She is taking it all real good. She is making the best out of a bad thing and she is doing it with a smile.

Keep praying it works.



10/12/06 - Thursday BMT + 20


Post BMT day 20. Kellie has been doing well today. She told her doctor she wanted to go home. Her counts are going back up again and she is needing only one transfusion a day so, Kellie is GOING HOME TOMORROW.   She will have to be in clinic everyday for about 3 weeks. Thank GOD for sending me some help from TCC ( The Cool Church). The came in to Kellie's room just in time to see me break down. I was just a little over loaded with everything. I needed to clean the house, get her home meds, start packing up camp Kellie. I didn't think I could get everything done I needed to. Once I talked to the doctor I was off to the house with Heather and Tanya. We were able to get the shower redone, the bed sheets cleaned, all the walls cleaned, floors mopped, and I have a new light in the laundry room. I am so glad all of this stuff got done. It took a big load off my shoulders. Kellie is so ready to get out of here. I am sure she will do much better at home. It is hard to call that place home. Kellie and I call it are temp home. We will not be at home until are whole family is together. We love all of you for all your prayers. Thank you for helping Kellie fight this cancer. One step closer to being done with this whole thing. Keep praying it works.



10/11/06 - Wednesday BMT + 19


Post BMT day 19. Today her counts are going down. She was up at noon today because, she needed to get some red cells and the pre meds made her sleep. She had some good times today and some not so good times. Some good things. She was able to go out side today in a blocked off play area and play basketball. She was able to ride her new bike down a few long hallways without being hooked to her IV pole. She did not get sick. She is eating more. Now she is in the play room watching a movie. Not so good things. She is coughing and having a runny nose. She had to have platelet transfusion and a red cell transfusion today. Her cough got her a chest x ray and her headache got her an MRI. The chest x ray went well. The MRI well, Kellie did a great job on holding still in that tight tube but, the whole time she was in the machine she was so scared. She came out crying and shaking. She just wanted it to be done and not have to start over. It took 30 minutes. I had to go get one done before we came out here. I jumped off the table and ran out and have not been back yet. I freaked out. I am so proud of her. She is over coming things I have a hard time with. The doctors told me something might be going on in her left lung so please pray for her WBC's are taking care of this problem. That might be why her counts are going down. The doctors told me that this is not a sigh of rejection. It is looking like they are fighting and infection of some sort. She just came back from the play room to get her vitals done and to take some pills. She is off again. It is great to see her out and about.


Keep praying it works.



10/10/06 - Tuesday BMT + 18


Day 18 post BMT. Kellie had an ok day. Not good and not to bad. It has been kind of a lazy day. Kellie did a long walk with her friend Mike. The rest of the day she has been in bed with a headache. She is getting platelets again today. Her WBC went down to .9 so her ANC went down to 450. That is a little set back but, not to bad. She is still in bed and sending me out for Panda Express.


Keep praying it works.



10/9/06 - Monday BMT + 17


Day 17 Post BMT.  Ok I think the last up date was cat scan, ultra sound. Well we got a call at 10:00pm Friday night to let us know that her liver test was ok and her cat scan of her head only showed a little thickening of her sinus. No fungus and no infections. Great news. She is still having bad headaches. The doctors think it is from her anti rejection medication. They are trying to do something else with her nerve medications to see if it will help take the pain away. Kellie started her weekend with a few of her Harley friends showing up early Sat morning. Shirlene, Doug and John. Kellie was down in bed with a bad headache and getting a unit of red blood cells. Kellie received a pink Harley sweat shirt jacket hand delivered by Harley riders from doctor Harris. Thank you Kellie is wearing it with her new head wear as well. Thank you to Doug and Lisa. John, Kellie thought it was cool that you came up to visit and she felt sorry that you did not get to see her while she was up feeling better. Kellie had a great visit with her brother Kyle this weekend. While are friends were here Kyle and Jeff came in. With in 15 minutes Kellie was up and out of bed walking around. She was like that the whole time they were here. She has had a great weekend. She still get a little sick to her stomach some times. She is starting to eat better as well. If she keeps this up she might be out of here by this weekend. She needs to be off the TPN and a few of her pain meds. They are trying to change her over to taking her meds in a pill form rather then IV. We know she will still have to be on IV treatments when we get out of here but, if she can take 1/2 of her meds by pill form I will not have to get up twice during the night to change IV stuff. Kellie had a great time with her friends from church. Josh and Josh came down today to spend the day playing games and laughing. Kellie had a little pizza party in her room. I had to get the ok from her doctors to do it. He was happy she wanted to eat. Kellie was not done visiting yet. Her Aunt Sherry and Uncle Mark came up to see her and Aunt Sherry was challenged to a game of aggravation .  Kellie was the winner and it came down to Sherry and I. Kellie was sitting at the edge of the bed while the tension was getting high. Kellie burst out with man you can cut this tension with a knife. We just busted up laughing. Sherry won. Thank you again Betty for making this game board for her we use it often. We just need to pray for Kellie to be able to get of most of these medications this week and to be able to eat more. She still need healing in her GI track. Things are looking good for now. We want to give a big THANK YOU  to Kellie's Aunt Lynell and her sons Nathan, Garett, Seth for watching Sadie dog for us. Keep praying it works.



10/6/06 - Friday BMT + 14


Day 14. Kellie is in a lot of pain in her head and still some in her belly. She is going to go down for a cat scan of her head and an ultra sound of her liver. I pray for no fungus infections in her head and no liver slugging. Kellie's labs are showing some liver changes and with her belly pain where it is gives them questions. We will know late tonight about what might be going on. I pray that it is just because her counts are coming in and healing the area's that have been effected by the chemo. I am sure Kellie will not be doing much today. Well my sister Cindy came by yesterday and gave Kellie a bunch of scratch thickets to play the lottery. I am sure she will scratch a few. She likes playing BINGO. Last night we went out to the fish tank area for about 20 min to play bingo with the family. She was hurting so bad but she wanted to play and she pushed herself to stay up. When she went back to bed she was down for the night. That is what is going on for now. Keep praying it works.



10/5/06 - Thursday BMT + 13


Kellie Day 13. Kellie spent most of her day in bed with a bad headache. She is starting to get pain on her skin that feels like pins sticking her and burning. She can not have her blood pressure taken in her right arm because of this pain. She is having a side effect to one of her anti rejection meds. She is started on an anti seizure med to help with this pain. She is getting platelets today. She might need red cells tomorrow. Her WBC is .9 and she has an ANC of 456. Her counts are coming in fast. I hope she will be feeling better by tomorrow. I am still not sure when they think we can get out of here. I will let you know. So far the doctors think she is doing great even with everything going on with the infections and side effects. I just pray for her not to have pain.
Please Please if you are signed up to play in the Softball Tournament, we need you entry fees. I need to get it turned in to PCH ASAP. Jeff will check the PO BOX Tuesday so please make sure you mail it in time. Kellie thanks you for all you are doing to help her help others.
Keep praying it works.



10/4/09 - Wednesday BMT +12


BMT day 12. Kellie was up most of the night. She had a lot of bone pain and her skin felt like it was on fire. Her pain in her belly is a little worse today. That is a good thing. Her white blood cells are coming in and they are going to her all the parts that have been knocked out by the chemo. It will get worse before it gets better. She has an ANC today. It is 102. That is why she has the bone pain. I just keep telling her that this is the last time you have to feel this kind of pain. I pray that the worse part is over. She should have a good day tomorrow. She told me that she can swallow today without pain. Today she got out of bed by herself and went down the hall and knocked on her new friends door and asked him to walk with her. They took a short walk together and sent both of them back in bed for the afternoon. The doctors hope they will be able to start lowering her pain med tomorrow. We are trying to get her to eat enough to take a pain pill. If so she will be able to go home next week. She will bounce back better when her counts are a bit higher. As to the infection she has in her blood Kellie is on the antibiotic she need to get rid of it. She has not had a fever all day long. I can see today she is starting to get a grafting rash. It kind of comes and goes. Kellie said it burns and you can not touch her. Her skin is so tender sometimes it hurts to even put a soft blanket on her. She can not sit under the air vent sometimes the air hurts as well. It is hard to sit and watch her is so much pain and not able to even hug her to make it better. I pray that this will not last long. On the brighter side Kellie is looking forward to swim with the dolphins when this is all over with. I think that might happen this spring. Keep praying it works.



10/3/06 - Tuesday BMT + 11


Day 11 post BMT. Kellie started to fever last night at 5:30 pm. We were up most of the night getting blood culture's and chest x-ray. We had to go down to the Emergency Room (ER) at 11:00pm to have the chest x-ray done. Kellie was so lucky that she did not get sick really hard like she has done in the past. Today we found out she has a line infection. So far she is on all the antibiotics she needs. When we find out more we will take some of them away. It will take 3 days for us to know more about what kind of infection it is. I am just so thankful she is not in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) this time.


She still has a fever today and feeling weak.She did go out to the fish tank area and did some coloring on her poster. I love to see her do the small things. She spent most of her day in bed scratching off bingo cards from the lottery. One Bingo card will last her 2 hours. She is loving it. You should have seen her face when she won $10.00. I just cashed it in and picked up 5 more for her. She was happy to see them. She ordered some food today. She wants to eat so bad. She was able to get about 5 bites down. Her belly is getting much better but, she is still having a hard time swallowing. I am sure here in a few days I will be off to P.F. Chang's again. Her color in her face is looking better. Before she had red rings all around her eyes and pail skin tone all over. All in all she is doing better then a few days ago. Her pain is under control and so is her infection at this point. She just looks more comfortable.


Keep praying it works.



10/02/06 - Monday BMT + 10


BMT day 10. Kellie was up twice last night because of pain. She had a boost of her pain medication and went back to sleep. Today is Monday the day to send out all kinds of tests. So poor Kellie had to be swabbed from head to toe and blood test done as well. She is finding out she really does not like Monday mornings. She still is at 0 counts. She has more mono cells today, so they are on their way. She is having bone pain in her back and shins. That is her bone marrow starting to make cells. I just pray that this will be the last time she has to feel that kind of pain.

She is on a medication that keeps her immune system down that makes Kellie sit on the edge. Any little thing can push her over that edge. One minute she is happy and riding the bike around and the other she is crying for no reason. Her IV starts beeping and she starts yelling at it. It has been like walking on egg shells around here. She keeps telling me sorry mom sorry. I know it is her medications and Kellie knows it as well but, she can not stand how they make her feel.

Kellie had a visitor from PCH today. Mindy came and spent a nice time with her vegging out for the day. Kellie's step mom came by to drop off some things for Kellie. She didn't come up because she has been around someone that was sick. That was a bummer but, we thank her for not risking it. Just a reminder.

If you have been around anyone or if you have been sick in  the past 2 weeks please refrain from visiting at this point.Thank you again Kelly for keeping Kellie safe.

Kellie did do her bike ride today. It was not as long as the one the other night but, I am glad she is still getting up and moving even if it is just a little bit at a time.


Kellie wanted to remind everyone that is playing in the SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT. Entry fees are due. If you have not mailed it in yet please do so. We need to turn them in to PCH by Monday. Please let me know if anyone can ump this tournament. We are still looking for 4 umps.

Keep praying it works.

PS. Kellie just told me to please pray for Gavin. You can see what is going on at the bottom of Kellie's home page. Thank you.



10/01/06 - Sunday BMT + 9


Kellie was awake most of the night with fever. We still do not know why the fever came about. The doctors think it might be a graft fever. Today Dr G. seen some baby cells in her blood this morning. Her bone marrow is starting to make mono cells. You start to see monos before you see neutraphil's. When we see neutraphil's then we start getting an ANC. She has not had a fever all day long today. That is great news. Last night was long with the fever going up and the down then up again and down. Kellie was awake playing with her IPOD. She was asleep most of the day because she was getting blood and platelet transfusions most of the day. When she gets transfusion they have to give her benadryl before each one. So she was out most of the morning then at 3pm she got it again for the platelets. She didn't feel good and she wanted to go to sleep at 1am but her eyes were wide awake. She didn't feel well enough to do anything so she just listened to her music. Kellie had a good day with her grandma, Pap Pap, Aunt Sherry and uncle Mark. She was out in the hallway playing games with all of us. She still has pain when she swallows and in her belly. She told me her belly is feeling a little bit better. The doctors say she is over the bad hump and each day now should be a little better then the day before. I am looking forward to seeing her not in pain. They had to increase her pain meds again today just a little bit. I didn't want to see them increase the continuous pain drip so now she is able to get a little boost when she needs it. I hope by tomorrow we can start turning down her continuous drip. She is sitting up now trying to eat P.F.Chang's. She will be doing some homework before she settles in for the night.


Keep praying it works.



9/30/06 - Saturday BMT + 8


Day 7. Kellie was a wake most of the night with pain. She said she had dreams of drinking a large glass of ice water. She tries but, it hurts to much. Her belly is still hurting and now she is having bone pain. They started her on GCSF last night. That is the AKA (stupid shots). It will help her white cell counts to come in faster. She had another increase of her pain medication drip. She is out on some pre medication for her blood cell transfusion now. Later today she will be getting platelets as well. I hope this will make her feel better. A few hours ago she started to run a fever. Blood cultures were done but, nothing to report yet. They have to take blood cultures every morning for routine checks. Still nothing to report in the past few days. Fever is down and she is resting well.

Well dad is back at home today. He will be missed around here. He has been a big help to me and to Kellie. Kellie had some bad times this past week and she knew she could count on her dad to help her when mom was getting some rest. Please pray for him. Jeff needs to go back to work and take care of Kyle. I just pray he can get some rest sometime and stay strong and healthy. We will be doing updates more often. Thank you for holding out during this rough time. I know it is hard not knowing what is going on when you get so involved. It is like watching a good movie and not knowing what the ending is going to be. So far this ending is looking Great!. Kellie may be having a rough time with pain and body aches but, that will pass. It is hard to see the light at the end but, it is looking like we might be able to be out of the hospital in about 2-3 weeks. That will be great. We will still have to stay here for the out patient clinic visits for a few months. I know I just need to take one day at a time but, it is nice to look a head as well. Kellie is going to have a special visit today with one of her cancer sisters from Phoenix. Tanya and her family are on the way here. That will be great to see them. At that point Kellie will be getting up and showing them around for a little bit. It takes a lot out of her, on the other hand it is good for her.


Keep praying it works.



9/28/06 - Friday BMT + 6


Post BMT day 6. Sorry for it being so long. Jeff has been down here for the past week. Kellie Has been doing a lot of things. Kellie had a bad reaction to the horse serum that she had received for 2 day before transplant. She had bad fevers and hives form head to toe. She needed to get one more dose on day 6. The doctors said because of the reaction she got from the horse they are going to use rabbit. We have a few days to look back on. I am sorry if they might be out of order. I will try my best. She has been having a lot of pain in her belly and upper GI track. The pain is getting worse everyday. Today they started her on a pain med drip. She seems to be doing better with that. She can still feel the pain but, it is now she can handle it better. Grandma and Pap Pap came up to visit. I forgot what day they kind of all run together. Grandma gave Kellie some moon sand. This sand is not quite dry but not to wet. They put out some bath sheets on the floor and pretended they were on a beach building sand castles. They had a great time. Dr Mike a friend of the family came by yesterday or the day before. That was a nice visit. It was good to see him again. He moved out here a few weeks before we came. It is nice to know some one here. I had to do some shopping at Wal- Mart and found a bike that  Kellie can ride around the nursing station without hitting her knees. Last night when she felt good she was off for a 1/2 mile ride. That was a great sight to see. She stopped by another room down the hall to show her new friend Mike her new ride and to find out how he was feeling. He was happy to see her out of her room. He asked about her for a few day. It was nice to see both of them with smiles on their faces. Kellie had a rough night last night with the up and down pain and getting mad at having to deal with all of this. We talked for a while and watched a good movie. Yes I get up in her bed and rub her head. I make sure I take all precautions not to get her sick. The doctors do not think that is a problem but, I guess some other family's let sick kids jump all over the beds and put dirty shoes on the beds and leave food left out for days. Some  of them work all day long with dirty people and jump up in the bed as well. So as long as we are clean and have clean cloths on and are not sick the doctors are ok with that. I am so glad. The day of transplant Kellie wanted her dad Dale to stay with her for a while. He was in her bed and they took a nap together. Things like that the doctors can not provide. The comfort of a loving touch. That can be more healing then any meds she can take. Well today she had the rabbit serum and she fevered again but, no hives. She is resting well now.


Keep praying it works.


9/24/06 - Sunday BMT + 2


Post BMT day 2. Kellie had a good night sleep. Today I left to shower and Kellie called me and asked me to make her some home made pancakes. I was shocked to hear her calling for food so early. I made them and got them to her before they even cooled off. When I opened the door Kellie sat up licking her lips. She ate more then I thought she would. I was so happy she kept them down. She took an early shower today while she was feeing so good. She just wanted to get it over with. I thought she would take a nap after that. Nope not today. She had people waiting for her to visit with. She dressed up and was out of her room by her favorite place by the fish tank.


She was happy to see a few people she only meet once when Kellie was at the home give away for PCH. The winners of the house came by to say hi and show her the new addition to the family. Baby Leia. I hope I spelled it right. Kellie was in heaven holding the baby even if it was just for a short time. After they took off Kellie and Grandma went to the beach. We put down a few blankets on the floor and Kellie and Grandma played in the sand and built sand castles for a while. I got a call for a friend Tina that said she is on her way over when Kellie wanted to send me out for hot pretzels. Once Tina and pat showed up Tina and I were off getting more food for Kellie. Kellie went out to do more on a new puzzle now. When I got back Kellie was getting run down. So she took a little nap. When she woke up she sat in bed watching a movie. She was laughing and playing with her fart machine. It was great to see her laughing again. She has not been in a lot of pain today.


Just like I said before I am seeing the work of the Lord all around her. Thank you for all the prayer. Keep praying it works.



9/23/06 - Saturday - BMT + 1


Well first day or day one of Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) as they call it. Kellie started off by kicking me out of my camping cot. She likes my air bed. She was sleeping real hard I guess because, when she woke up she forgot I went to take my shower. I had to go early so I could be back for her red cell transfusion. When I got back her dad left a gift for me to take back to her at the Ronald Mc Donald house. When I gave her the gift she picked up her phone and called him while he was driving back to Phoenix. Slug bug no slug bug back. She will get platelets tomorrow. She still has a WBC of 4 today. They took a rapid dive from 20 to 4. She is starting up with mucusitis in her GI track. When she is gets sick you can see she has mucus and blood in it. I know that is not the thing you want to hear. It is hard for me to sit a watch her in so much pain and getting sick so much. The doctors said this will come out in her urine and stool as well. It is really painful. One minute she is fine and the next she is all curled up in pain. The doctors told me that it could last for a few weeks. It will get better when her counts come back. What is worse is that she is going to have to start on the medication they call G again tomorrow. That is the AKA (STUPID SHOTS). That will wind up giving her sharp bone pain again. GOD please don't let the pain be so bad this time. She has had so much pain so far. Let her body get some rest from pain.


She was started on TPN today. She did eat some P.F. Chang chicken and rice. Not enough to help her if she can't keep it down. In between the time of pain she is getting out to sit by the fish tank. She was out of her room for about an hour. She finished up the puzzle she has been working on. She was getting excited just like any one would feel at the end of hours sitting and putting this thing together and then once you get to what you think is the last piece to the puzzle and one is missing. The poor wolf in the puzzle has no nose.


Kellie is resting now. They increased her pain meds tonight. I hope she gets a good sleep. She needs to rest without pain as much as she can.


Keep praying it works.



9/20/06 - Wednesday - Day 71


 Kellie has been so sick from Tuesday night to Friday. She was in bed getting sick, having fevers, thrashing around not knowing what to do. She told me she had enough when she had to get up to the bathroom. Her little body was shaking and weak. Thursday night Kellie and a bad reaction to the horse serum she needed to get for her not to reject her donor. She broke out with hives all over her body. This poor little weak body was in so much pain all night long. After all of that going on she wound up with the hick ups. She couldn't handle that. The nurses put her out with some pain meds and Benadryl. She was only sleeping for about an hour at a time.


Transplant day. She still was not feeling her best but, she was better then the past few days. She took a nap with her dad (DALE) for a while. Kellie had her Pap Pap here with her sisters and dad. Her daddy Jeff and pastor Carrie. We were doing a lot of praying. I prayed by myself and with the whole family. Then we prayed with Kellie around her bed. About 10 minutes into transplant Pastor Carrie came in and hit her knees holding Kellie's hand and putting her hand on her head. Kellie did so good. Things went real well despite of how she was feeling. A few hours after the transplant she went out in the hall to do a little bit more on her puzzle. The doctors and nurses were amazed to see her out and about feeling better. A few more hours later she sent me out for Frito's and Mc Donald's fries. She did a great job eating them. That was the first thing she had to eat in 3 days. I was so happy to see that. If she eats anything for breakfast today she will not be put on TPN. That would be great. I pray that for the next few days that her body heals fast. The next few days her cells in her GI track will be sluffing off. This can be painful and can make her real sick again. If she eats and is able to drink that will help her. So for today pray that she is able to eat and drink and keep her out of pain.


Keep praying it works.


9/19/06 - Tuesday - Day 70


Last night was a bad night. Kellie was getting a new med that she has never had before. It was IVIG. She was pre medicated for it around 7:45pm. They said she could get fever or chills with this med. Just because it was Kellie she did not fever or chill she gets sick. She got sick about 10:30pm. After she was done she felt much better and then she was out for the rest of the night. Today I got off to an early start. I had to go take my shower and be back to the hospital by 8am. Kellie was to get her last chemo at 9am. She was still asleep when they started it at 10am. When the nurse came in with the chemo I started to cry. I was the only one in her room sitting by her bed. I got up and went to the bathroom to wipe my face and pray. I needed to be strong for Kellie. My stomach was really hurting. If you read what this chemo could do I think your stomach would be hurting as well. I sat by her bed for 2 hours watching her breath and twitch. I am glad she was still sleeping. She got up after it was all over. The doctors and nursing staff are amazed on how well she has taken all of this. Kellie and I think she got sick last night because of the corndog she had before she went to bed. Today she feels fine. She has been eating and up putting together a puzzle. We had a visit form Heather a pastor at the church out here. She is so cool. We are going to try to get some of her friends at her church to deck out the Ronald Mc Donald house for Kellie. She needs to have a fun place to go. We are looking for a few things to help her. When she gets discharged form the hospital she will not be able to go back to Phoenix for a while. She has a lot of things to do here in the hall way and being stuck in a room again at home will not be fun for her. She has a lot of room to move at the hospital and our place here is only about 300qft. I have to ask the manager at he house to see what we can and can not do first. I will let you know what we need. Kellie has no idea. She will be surprised when she gets to see it.


I can see how the LORD is working in my daughter and it is GREAT. Lets keep praying it is working.

About transplant day. I was told it will be between 9am-noon. It could be later but, they said they try to keep in between 9-noon. So that will be Friday.

We love you all.


Keep praying it works.



9/18/06 - Monday - Day 69


Today Kellie had a good day again. She called me while I was out cooking her lunch. She was scared when the nurse wanted to give her a new med without me being there. I hate not being at the hospital 24/7. I am glad she is a little older so she could ask and tell people no. This med could cause her to chill and fever. They have to give her a pre med to prevent any side effects. I am happy that I was able to stop them and to change the time of this med. She is on her way to bed now. She will be getting her hard chemo tomorrow between 9am-10am. Please pray between that time if you can. I have the youth pastor form the cool church coming over tomorrow. I have never been so tired and shaken up in my whole life. My life was crazy enough without cancer in it. It is so hard to sleep. My stomach is in knots. I go to bed feeling sick. The way our room is set up I have to get out of bed just to check on her. I need to see her breathing a few times a night. I will be so happy when all of this is over with. I want to express how much you all mean to us. Knowing that she has so many people praying and checking on her is amazing. Kellie told me to tell you all that she is feeling great. I can see that she is not eating as much. She is not walking around as much. She is strong and happy. The doctors are glad she has not been sick yet. We pray that she will not get sick.

Keep praying it works. 



9/17/06 - Sunday - Day 68


Well today was a great day again. Today Grandma and Pap Pap came by to spend the afternoon and run off some of Kellie's energy. I can tell today that she is getting a little slower. Her blood counts are still going down. Her WBC is now 3.9 and her ANC is 936. Her weight is still the same. That is good. Her Dad Dale called and was going to come by for a visit a little bit later. We have been in touch with a church here and Heather will be stopping by Tuesday. Today at 4pm was Kellie's last day of one of her chemo's. She will have a day of rest tomorrow then one more day of a harder chemo then pray no more chemo ever again. Just want to let everyone know that when Jeff is going to be here with us as a family he will not be able to update the web page. So watch for an update or add your email address to the Team Kellie Update Notice. I pray things will go well and he will be able to update on Monday.


Keep praying it works.


9/16/06 - Saturday - Day 67


Kellie is just a ball of energy. I am running around trying to keep up with her. She is still spending most of her time by the fish tank and on the bike. I have not seen her with so much energy for so long. I hope she stays this way for the rest of the treatment. I pray that she doesn't come crashing down. I love to see her up and running with that big smile on her face and pain free. She has one more day of this chemo and one day of rest Monday. Tuesday will be one day of a harder chemo that can cause a lot of problems so please keep her in your prayers Tuesday. After that chemo she will have 2 days of a meds that will help her out with graft-v-host. Friday is the big day for transplant. By the time all of this catches up with us it will be over. It has gone so fast. 

Keep praying it works. 



9/15/06 - Friday - Day 66


Today Kellie has been out of her room. She was up at 8:00 and ate her breakfast changed her cloths and was off to see her friends in the fish tank. She spent about 3 hours by the tank. She has been doing her homework and reading in the hall. It is so much nicer that she is not stuck in her room. The nurses laugh at her riding her bike down the hall as she is hanging on to her IV pole. She has a strong will and no one is going to stop her. Carry T came by to bring us some things we left behind. It is nice to see a friendly face. Kellie has been out in the hall playing with her for hours. Well I need to go find Kellie. She said she is on a growth spurt. I am not going to stop her, I am sure she will slow down her eating soon enough. Her blood counts are still going down. It will be about 2-3 days and she will be at 0 again. I hope her counts hang out for as long as they can. That will keep her stronger for the transplant. Just remember her transplant day will be Friday the 22nd. Keep praying for this chemo to do the job it needs to do without hurting Kellie.

Keep praying it works. 



9/14/06 - Thursday - Day 65


Kellie had a good day today. She started her hard chemo last night at 10pm. She has not felt sick at all. I have had to run all around town today getting her food. I wish she would eat the hospital food. I guess if it was me I wouldn't eat it ether. She is in love with the fish tank that is outside of her room. She spent most of the day with the camera taking all kinds of pitchers of the fish. She is having a better day today then yesterday with the staff. We talked to the doctor and it was ok for us to eat together today and we were up late watching a movie. I was able to snuggle up with her like we use to do. It was a good night over all. I need to go help her with her dressing change. Keep praying it works. We love you all. 



9/13/06 - Wednesday - Day 64


Today Kellie and I were up at 7:30 AM and at the hospital by 8:30 AM. Most of Camp Kellie came with us. We had some help form some of the staff members to get thing out of the car and in to her room. They never seen such a site. We are well prepared for living in a hospital. We took about a 1/2 hour to set her room up then she was off down the hall with her new ugly bug. (IV Pole). She was skating along when she was pulled back to her room for an EKG, then she was pulled again for a chest X-ray. The doctor called to the floor and wanted to take Kellie down for her spinal tap an hour before her time. WOW things were happening so fast. Kellie said GOOD! I can eat an hour earlier. Once she was awake I was off to Subway. She is walking around the nursing station to put in her laps. She is spending most of the time at the fish tank. It has been a long few days and I am so exhausted I don't know how I am going to find the energy to pump up my bed when it is time to. Today has been one of the hardest days for me so far. It is so much harder with out our friends and family by your side. I just wanted to give up on this day and let someone else handle things for a few hours but, I looked around and seen it was just Kellie and I. Things are not like we are used to. It is hard to change what you have been doing for 2 years. It really took a toll on me when Kellie and I could not eat together. Kellie wanted me to jump in to bed with her and have pop corn and watch a movie. The staff told me no.  I should not be doing that. I feel I am being pushed and pulled at the same time. I just pray that tomorrow will be better.


Keep praying it works.



9/12/06 - Tuesday - Day 63


Well everyone we are here. Tucson for the first day was busy. Kellie needed to be at the hospital by 8:00 am for her harvest of her cells. We got her all ready to harvest when her broviac line in her chest shut off the machine. The pressure was too high for the lines to handle. Kellie started to cry because she knew that they needed to put in a large IV in her arm for about 4 hours. The nurses were patting her arm to find a place to put it. Kellie was crying harder and harder and then I got upset. It was not a good thing to watch. I went to my knee and grabbed Kellie's hand and asked Kellie if she wanted to pray one last time before this big poke. She said yes. We closed our eyes and prayed for the lines to be open and for them to flow free for the stem cells to come out with out clogging the lines. We asked the nurse to try one more time and it worked just fine. It worked so well that Kellie didn't have to go back for a second harvest today. Prays to the LORD. Thank you God for that. She had a good night at PF CHANG'S for her last night out. We were up most of the night unpacking things in to are new home at the Ronald Mc Donald house. Thank you to Grandma and Pap Pap for helping us get set up.

Keep praying it works.



9/10/06 - Sunday - Day 61


Kellie had to start on Nupagin again. She has been up with bone pain all night long. I have had to give her some pain medication to help her out. She hardly ever asks for pain medication. I just hope the pain will not keep her up again tonight. She only has to take this medication until Monday night. Tuesday she will have her stem cells harvested. Wednesday she will start chemo. Things are still going to fast for her. She wishes she could spend another week at home so she could do more with family and friends before she has to start in on this fight again. I understand how she feels. We are going to have a power prayer at are house at 5:30pm Monday night. We ask that everyone stop and say a little prayer at the same time with us. Sorry we can not have everyone stop by. We have to keep her safe. We are going to be praying for 1/2 hour. I know she wants to see everyone but, that is not going to be possible. If you want to let her know that you were with her for prayer time you can e mail her all your prayers for her to read. Just click on e mail Kellie. She wanted to ask for more prayers for her friend Gavin. I asked her if she had been praying for herself. She told me she is praying for Gavin more. She told me that she feels strong and she has no problem getting better. She thinks that this transplant is just another round for her. She said she did it 6 times and another will not be hard. She just wants her friend Gavin to get in remission. Kellie has such a big heart. I am so proud of her thinking of others like that. I am glad she feels so strong going in to this part of her fight. Please pray for no more pain.


Keep praying it works.



9/7/06 - Day 58


Just wanted to let everyone know the power of prayers. Kellie passed all of her test in Tucson today with honors. The doctors we have talked to did not see any damage to her heart, lungs, liver or kidneys. She will be going to transplant 3 months early and she will not have to do another round of chemotherapy. She will have to do her transplant chemotherapy starting next week. She will do her stem cell harvest on Tuesday and start chemotherapy Wednesday. Her transplant day is going to be Friday the 22nd. That is the day we need power prayers. When we get closer to the day we will let you know about what time. It will take about 30 minutes. It shows your how fast you life can change in 30 minutes. Kellie was all over the hospital today skating around on her heely's. She was laughing at how many people stopped what they were doing and walked in to other people, walls and railings. She had a better outlook on going to another hospital. She did say it still is not like PCH. She said PCH is her other house. This will be just a short visit. It is looking like we will have to be in Tucson for about 6 months paring any set backs. She has put on some weight and is feeling stronger everyday. The doctor Graham told Kellie that she could have a few special visits from her dog (Sadie) in a few weeks. Jeff will drive her down and Kellie will be able to go out side late for about 1/2 hour. If we can get things arranged we will make that happen. Her brother will be able to come see her as well. Things are moving really fast for all of us but, we will just take one day at a time and do what I can and then give GOD the rest. Keep praying it works.

9/6/06 - Wednesday - Day 57

Today was a long day at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Kellie started off to the hospital at 9:00 AM. On the way we prayed for good counts and for her to have her bone marrow tested. Her counts were just at that fine line of being able to do it. Her ANC is 550. Dr Boklan told us that she might have young blast cells. She thought that it might not give her a straight answer to the question at hand. After the bone marrow test and Kellie recovered (really fast this time) we went to see her French Chef Mensur. He made her a great lunch. We still had some time left before we had to go back to the clinic for the results, so we went up to the 2nd floor to visit with some of the nursing staff and to check on some friends. When we went back to clinic around 2 PM  for the results. Dr Boklan said it looks great. Only 1% blast cells. Kellie is back in REMISSION!! The next step is off to Tucson tomorrow for pre testing for transplant. We will find out if she needs to go back Monday or Tuesday for cell harvest. Wednesday she will be admitted for start of her hard core chemotherapy that will kill off all of her marrow. We will find out more tomorrow.


I just want to let you all know that during this time we might not be able to update every day. When Jeff is in Tucson with Kellie he will not have the ability to up date. If you want an email when the web page gets updated please click on the updatenotice@teamkellie.org We will send you an email on when and what was updated. We will try to update every 2-3 days.
Team Kellie softball tournament players. Kellie and I need your entry fees sent in. Please try to get them in by next week if you can. We would like to get things wrapped up form are end before we go out of town. We still need Umpires. So if you know of any please let them know to email us.


9/3/06 - Sunday - Day 54


Kellie is having a great time being at home. Her Nana and Papa came in to town Friday. Kellie has been having a good time with the iron and her cloths. She has some new iron on jewels for her cloths and bandanas. She spent 3 hours in her room doing all kinds of fun things. She did her reading home work yesterday. Her teacher will be here Monday. Holiday for most but, Kellie wants to work before she has to go. I have to give her lots of credit. She has a strong drive to keep up. I am proud of her for that. Today she jumped out of bed to go to church. She didn't want to go at first but, she ran out to the living room and asked if it was too late to change her mind. I asked want changed your mind?  She said " I want to go see Pastor Lee". " I want to give him a real hug and not an air hug today". She was taken from are blocked off seats to the front of the church by Pastor Lee and he held a prayer for her and others that needed healing. It was a moving moment for a lot of people. Kellie had no idea that so many people are praying for her. That was only one service. Kellie is having a hard time seeing just how many people are out praying for her. Seeing for myself what I had seen today was amazing. Thank you all for praying for her and are family. It is working. Kellie has 3 of her friend over doing lots of things. Josh, Josh and Zach. Kellie and the guys are laughing and having lots of fun. Well tomorrow Kellie will be doing school work and just hanging out with her grand parents. Same thing Tuesday. We will be doing a lot of praying for Kellies counts. Come Wednesday Kellie will be at PCH at 10:00 am to check her blood before the bone marrow test. While she is under for her bone marrow testing she will have another spinal tap with chemo injected in her spine. The transplant doctor would like it to be done to protect her spinal cord. Just pray that the chemo dose not give her fever. Keep praying it works.


8/30/06 - Wednesday - Day 50


To day started off early. Kellie stopped by Kinder Care to pick up 3 boxes of art and school supplies that were donated for Phoenix Children's Hospital. Then Kellie wanted to stop by Fitness 1 to say hi to her God Father. It was nice to see him again. Kellie  went in for her appointment and did her blood test. Her ANC was only 189. It was so low that the doctor would not have been able to see anything in her bone marrow. So we had to postpone her bone marrow test until next week. Her platelets were over 300. WOW! They have never been that high before. Her White Blood Cell Count (WBC) was2.2 . That is showing that her marrow is recovering on it's own now. We just pray that this dose not set her back on her transplant. Thank You Pastor Karrie for being with us during such a time that really has no time frame. Kellie will be at Phoenix Children's Hospital (PCH) Wednesday for her blood work first then to the hospital for her bone marrow biopsy. Then Kellie should be off to Tucson Thursday for all of her pre testing for transplant. She is set up for surgery for another line to be placed in her chest Monday the 11th. Tuesday she will have her stem cells harvested for a back up. "IF" her body rejects the transplant they can save her by her own stem cells, then try again with another donor. I know in my heart that we will not have to go that route. It is always safer to have a back up plan. Only God knows what will happen. We just need to be prepared. Please keep praying for no infections for Kellie and her friends Sean and Gavin. We will up date again Friday. 

Keep praying it works



8/26/06 - Saturday - Day 46


Kellie has been busy for the past few days. First off she has been working on her sleeping. She is having a good day if she is up out of bed by 10:00 am. She has been spoiling her dog Sadie. She has been working hard to teach her dog not to take her brothers teething cookies from him. Kellie stayed home with dad Wednesday while I went to Kellie's school to get her stuff set up for home bound services. Kellie's dad is doing what he can to make things a little bit better for all of us. We have Kellie's Web cam set up so she can see her brother and her dog every night. As well as being able to see her teacher here in Phoenix. That is going to be a big part of keeping are family together. We can have are family prayer together. That is all we can do once we get Kellie started on her chemo. The Lord asked us to tell Him what we want. We want the cord stem cells to be strong and healthy. We want Kellie to stay strong and healthy.


On the other hand Kellie is doing great! She went to the Cats show last night. Thank you Rob. He set it up for Kellie to go see the show in special box seats with no one else around her. We took a seat cover so she would be safe to sit. She had a good time. The two cast members that came to the hospital came up to are seats after the show and gave Kellie a photo of all the cast members and it was signed by all of them. Kellie was looking at it the whole way home. You should have seen her watching the show. She was leaning over the rail just to be able to get a better look at everything. I seen her smiling under her mask. It is such a good feeling to see her smiling a lot more now.

Today started early for her. She was up at 9:00 am and out of the house by 9:15. We went to a car wash that a few friends set up for Kellie. Kellie had a great time seeing her friends. Kellie was only able to sit under a shade tree with a glass of water that was hard to drink with her mask on. She was able to joke and laugh with her friends for about an hour and a half. This group of special people are doing fund raising for Kellie to help out while we have to relocate to Tucson. Kellie's dad and brother have to stay here and I have to get a place in Tucson for Kellie and I. Dad will be coming down when he can. Kellie will not be able to have as many visitors as she had in the past.


Sat afternoon Kellie went to dinner with her friend Shelby. It is Shelby's 12th Birthday. Kellie was happy that she could spend this time with her friend. Kellie had to miss 2 of her Birthdays because of her treatments. She thought she was going to miss this one as well. 
We will update again Wednesday after her appointment. It might not post until Thursday.
Keep praying it works. 



8/23/06 - Wednesday - Day 43


Kellie is enjoying her time home with her family. Mom and Kellie went to the movies today and tomorrow is the Team Captain Meeting at P.F. Changs.


8/21/06 - Monday - Day 41


Well Kellie had a hard time going to sleep last night. It had to do with going to the doctors today. Her appointment went so good. Her ANC was over 13,000 so NO MORE SHOTS!!! We thought that Kellie would need some platelets but, her count went up from 35 to 65. Her red cells look good as well. Kellie asked if she could go to the movies. Dr. Boklan put some restrictions on her. She needs to mask and not eat while she is out. Kellie told her that she brings her camping chair to the movies to sit in. Dr. Boklan said good because 100,000 other people sit in the movie seats. Kellie is going to the movies tomorrow and Thursday.


Just remember this week will be busy for Team Kellie members. Team Captain's meeting Thursday night at 6:30pm at P.F. Chang's at 83rd Ave and Bell. On Saturday CAR WASH!! The carwash will be held at Grand and Bell at the Chic-Fli-A. from 8 AM until 11AM. If the weather is good and Kellie is feeling well she will go check out the carwash. She told me after tonight my truck really need a wash.


Kellie is sitting on the couch doing her math home work. We made a bet at the doctor's office today and I won. Kellie has to be in bed by 9:00 PM and she has to do 2 extra pages of math. She is working hard on her math and reading. I am proud of what she has been doing on top of everything else. Again it show me how strong she is.


Keep praying it works.




8/20/06 - Sunday - Day 40


Kellie had a great weekend. She will have to go back to the hospital for a blood test Monday morning. I am not sure what will happen until then. We have another appointment set for Wednesday. That appointment is for blood work and maybe a bone marrow biopsy. We will not be sure until the blood test come back. If the biopsy is not done Wednesday it will be done Friday. It is all up to Kellie's counts. She is going in to this whole thing with a smile on her face. She is eating better and looking better. She is kind of pale pasty looking again but, she has her spirit back. She is having a great time with her dog and brother. She went out for ice cream with her dad Saturday. She loved the ride home in the Jeep. She had a friend stay the night Friday and had some friends over to play on Saturday. I love to see her up and out of bed. She is so funny and playful.


Reminder team captains meeting Thursday night PF Chang's 83rd and Bell at 6:30 pm.


Keep praying it works.



8/18/06 - Friday - Day 38



Well after thirty-eight days Kellie was discharged from PCH! Hurray for Kellie!


The Softball Team Capitan meeting will be held on Thursday, August 24th at P.F. Chang's on 83rd Ave and Bell. The meeting will begin at 6:30 PM.


Just keep praying it works.



8/17/06 Thursday - Day 37


Kellie had another hard night. Around 9 PM she started to have bone pain and a head ache. She called the nurse for some pain medication. By the time the pain medication was done on the IV pump her head felt like it was going to split open. She could not tell if it was her brain, eyes or skull pain. She said it was everything from her neck up. By 10:00 PM she was getting sick. She felt a little bit better for about 30 minutes. At 10:30 PM it started all over again. She had such bad pain in her legs and her lower back for about an hour. She got some more medication to calm her tummy down and a pill for her head ache. It took her until 2 AM to get some rest. All of this pain is coming on because of the shots she has to take to wake up her blood cells. We hope she only has to take 6 more shots.


Today she got up at 10:30 AM and seen her ANC on her white board. 180. That was a big jump. The doctors knew then all the pain and up set stomach was because her bone marrow was working really hard. Her WBC went form 1.2 to 2.0 and her platelets went up by them self. With her body working so hard and her counts coming up the doctors said she might be able to come home Friday or Saturday. I pray this will happen and Kellie will be fine while she is home. Kellie will have to go to the out patient clinic on Monday for counts and transfusion if need be. At that visit we will see if she can stop the (stupid shots). We should know more on when they will set her up for her bone marrow biopsy. It might be Friday. Keep praying that she is in remission. If she is in remission she will be going to Tucson sometime the week after.

Kellie really wants to set a team captain meeting for this next week while she is at home. We will post it soon. She is thinking it might be Thursday night at P.F. Chang's on 83rd Ave and Bell. It will be at 7:30 PM. I will let you know more tomorrow.


Kellie has had a good day today and is really excited for the days to come. I just pray that tonight the shot will not hurt and she has no pain in her bones. Just keep praying it works.



8/16/06 Wednesday - Day 36


Kellie woke up early today 8 am. She was not happy about it until she found out that today she has an ANC. Her white blood cells are starting to come back. Every one from the nursing staff, doctors, family and friends have been jumping for joy. We know that this chemo did not kill off her ability to make cells. In about a week or two she will have a bone marrow biopsy to see if she is in remission. I have told both doctors about how I feel about letting Kellie go home for a brake. She needs to be mentally stronger to be able to handle what is to come. She is getting four wall fever. Sometimes that can be worse then a full force infection. She misses her dog and her brother so bad. She wants to sleep in her bed and spend some time unwinding in a hot tubby with lots of bubbles. She feels like everything is going too fast for her. It is gong to fast for all of us. I think this past week that her counts were down gave her a little extra time to deal with a lot of things. Her counts should have been showing up about a week and a half ago. The doctors were getting some what concerned that her counts were down for so long. The longer the counts are down the higher the risk of infections. They should be 0 for about two weeks. Tomorrow it would have been four weeks total. Kellie got a big boost from her red cell transfusion yesterday. It went from 9.0 to 11.2. She thinks that will be her last red cell transfusion for this round. It should be. Her platelets are still going down quit slow. They are 27. She might get some platelets in a few days. Now that her counts are on the rise she will not be needing transfusions as much. Today her friend Tanya came by after her clinic visit. She had great news. Today was her last treatment. Lets all give a big shout out for another prayer received. Wow God is great!  Kellie had a visit from Susan from Hope Kids. AKA ( A hand of hope). It was nice to visit with her. Thank you for the visit. Well when it comes to visits with her or her husband Rob it is not just a normal visit. She brought up a few cast members from the Valley Youth Theater. The show Cats. Kellie had a good time. Michelle sang Kellie a song and Matthew did a few dance moves. Kellie's eyes lit up. The smile on her face was so beautiful thing to see. Even with no hair she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and when she smiles she lights up the room. So a big thank you to the valley youth theater for putting a smile on her face today. Kellie spent more time with Sierra the other best lab in the world. She was playing ball and making her sit for a treat. She loves to visit with Sierra it help Kellie when she misses her dog. Then she spent some time with her nurse Laura doing the nail thing. Kellie did some reading today as well.
Now that we are getting closer to going to transplant we have to read papers that we understand the risks. That was not a thing I wanted to do let alone talk to Kellie about them. The first line on this paper was "My child has AML leukemia, a condition that will be severely debilitating or fatal with in a few years." After I read that I closed the pack of papers. Today when I opened it again the next line was Overall, the five-year survival for patients with relapsed AML is less then 20% despite optimal chemotherapy and radiation. I was just crushed when I seen this. I looked at Kellie from across the room and told myself this is a girl that the doctors told me she had less then 2% chance of making it the first time. The doctors told me that she has a high chance of having brain damage and will have little use of her legs after all the spinal treatments she had. I looked up to God and thanked him again. I know that what she is facing now is not any worse then what she has already endured. They need to put the God factor in the treatment plan. The % will change more then we could imagine. The pre treatment: (For all the nurses at my work looking on.) Busulfan : This has so many risks. Melphalan and ATGAM. Please pray that her whole body will be protected from this bone killing treatment. You can Google search any of these drugs but, I wouldn't advise it. It is a scary thing to think about. I just keep my eyes on the Lord. He will watch over her. Thank you all for praying for Kellie. Keep it up. She is getting better every day.
Right now she is eating her Big BBQ Steak and baked potato. She is getting ready for her walk after a game of UNO. Keep praying it works.



8/15/06 Tuesday - Day 35


Kellie had a rough night last night. She had a lot of bone pain. She started to cry and I jumped out of bed at 11:30 PM to see what I could do to make it better for her. I was rubbing her legs and praying that the pain would go away. We asked for something to help her sleep because we know when she gets this pain nothing works. When she started to get her medication to help her sleep she started to get sick. We stayed up until 12:30 AM just talking and doing what we had to to keep her mind off the pain. She was talking and in mid sentence she fell asleep.

Kellie had a great day today. She did her school work in the morning. She had some friends from church come stay with her today. Her ANC is still 0. Her platelets are still dropping. I am sure she will get another transfusion in a few days. Red cells 9 so she had a red cell transfusion today. After that she had so much energy. She was jumping around her room playing softball with a blow up sword and using her candy bars as balls. She was hitting them half way across her room at a friend (Josh) that was standing by the door. I am sure the nurses were wondering what was going on. She has been eating better and is up 3/4 of a pound today. Kellie was calling all the teams that had sent in the entry forms for the softball tournament to let them know we got the entry forms. If you did not get a call please send it in or call me at the hospital. I just checked the P.O. Box yesterday. Kellie wants to get the team captains meeting set up before she has to go to Tucson. It will be sometime in the next 2-3 weeks.

Jeff and I went to Tucson today. I checked out the hospital and housing around the area. I had a good talk with Dr. Gram the transplant doctor today as well. He gave me some good news. Kellie dose NOT have to get radiation for her pre treatment for transplant. That is a load off my mind and another prayer that has been put to rest. He told me that Kellie has to get filgrastim (stupid shot) starting 7 days after her transplant. The good news is that in Tucson they give it in her IV. NO MORE PAINFUL SHOTS!. Kellie was happy.

Please keep praying for her friend Sean. He is home now. Keep him strong and at home healthy. Please keep praying for Gavin. We miss you Gavin.! Just keep praying it works.



8/14/06 Monday - Day 34


Today Kellie had a hard time getting up for school. Her teacher was here at 10:00 AM to do some reading. They had a good time for an hour. One of her friend's came by after her clinic visit. I am glad she got a clean bill of health. It was nice to see them even for a short time. Thank you for stopping by to see Kellie.


Kellie is really having a hard time on being in this room. She is having feeling that the walls are closing in on her. She is having feelings of anger and pain. She wants to see her brother and her dog. It has been over a month she has been stuck in her room. It is hard to watch her cry about wanting to be at home, then to watch her cry after I have to give her that (stupid) shot. She is in so much pain. Today she has had pain deep in her bones. No medication can take that pain away. We think it is do to her bone marrow trying to come back. It moves form place to place.


Just remember she is still working on the softball tournament. If you want to play send in your entry form. If you have any questions please call me. My cell number is on the entry form. Kellie is going to be setting up the first team captains meeting in about 3 weeks.


Our church has a group of teens that have been getting together and doing fund raising for Kellie. On Sat Aug 26th they are going to do a car wash. It will be held at Grand and Bell Chick-Fil-A. It will be from 8 AM until 11AM. So if you need your car washed you know where to go.


Keep praying it works.  



8/13/06 Sunday - Day 33


Sunday I was out of the hospital early to go to church. Kellie was sleeping. She got up around 10:00 AM and had breakfast. She had a great day so far. Aunt Sandy and cousin Bree came by for a visit. Kellie lost more weight. she is down to 86 lbs now. She is eating so the doctors don't want to start her on TPN. It would not be good so close to transplant is what the doctor told me today. That stuff is so hard on you kidneys and other parts of her body. He wants her to stay strong on her own. If it keeps going down she will have to get a feeding tube put in her nose. Once they do that it will take her longer to want to eat on her own. This put her back on the titer totter in the play ground we don't like to play in. Please pray for no pain from the shots and for her to get her weight back up. Keep praying it works.



8/12/06 Saturday - Day 32


Saturday was a slow lazy day. Kellie got some bad news form the doctors. Her white blood cell count still are not coming up. They have been at 0 from the 18th of last month till now. So she has to get a shot now every day to give her bone marrow a little kick to get started. Kellie was not happy about that. She started to cry because she was told no shots this time. They hurt so bad. Kellie dose not want the nurse to give them to her so I have to. I hate hurting her like that but, I know they need to be done. Kellie had a hard time going to sleep that night. We called about 11:00 PM to give her something to help her to rest. She finely got to bed around 2 AM. It is hard to see her sitting in bed crying and telling me that she can't stand it any more. All the pokes, dressing changes, and being stuck in her room. She is able to go out for 2 laps around the nursing station at night. She said that is not the same as being able to play with others and sit around laughing with the nurses like I use to do.



8/11/06 Friday - Day 31


Kellie had a great day. She did her school work and worked out on her bike. She called to find out how her friend was doing in the ICU unit. She invited him up here for a walk later. They both need to walk to stay strong. Kellie is still at 0 ANC and she got a big boost from her platelet transfusion yesterday. They are 79 today. Kellie did her dressing change yesterday and was talked in to doing something a bit different then what she has been doing. At first she didn't want to do it but, today she is ok with it. NO MORE STICKY TAPE DRESSING CHANGES for now. I am sure she will like dressing change days for now on. She is eating better. Her weight is now 87.7 lbs. So she is up a few oz. She is going to read and take her walk later and tuck in for a good night sleep in a few hours. Please pray for Gavin. To day was a big day for him. Have not heard any word yet so please pray that things are ok. Kellie is worried and has been asking about him. We love you all. Keep praying it works.



8/10/06 Thursday - Day 30



Today Kellie is a little bit down. She still has NO ANC. Her WBC is 1.1 and platelets are 8. She is getting platelets now. She is tired because of the pre medications for the transfusion. She had a fun day with her friend Tabby and family. They had a Krispy Kreme Party in her room. They were making one of the biggest GOD'S eye I have ever seen. We had a great visit with Josh and Sandy today. Josh and Kellie played cards for most of the time during the visit. Carl came up a few times to do math work with her. He was able to put in a little time with her and left her with home work for the weekend. He will be bringing Kellie and special friend Monday or Tuesday. Beth came by to see her and she gave her a gift that her husband picked up for Kellie in Hawaii. Thank you John.  Magic Larry came by to paint a picture on Kellie's head. Back to being a dolphin head with a smile. I will be getting more pictures soon. This time around Jeff is not able to get by the hospital much to pass the camera back and forth. Keep praying it works.

8/9/06 Wednesday - Day 29

Kellie spent most of he day with Carrie T. She had lots of fun playing UNO and MANCALA. Carrie went out to get Kellie Mc Donald's for lunch. Thank you Carrie. Kellie spent some time with Dad, Amy and another person form church (sorry I forgot your name) watching a movie. Kellie spent about an hour with the teacher doing math homework. Kellie and her teacher couldn't figure out a math problem but, Dad did it. Good job! Kellie spent some time with one of the dogs form the hospital today her name is Minnie. She pulled up her web cam to see her dog Sadie in her own back yard. All the staff members think that it is so cool that she can click on a web link and see her dog live. Kellie has seen her brother and other family members from this web cam as well. We are still trying to get her regular web cam hooked up so she can talk and see other people while she is in the hospital. Now that will be cool once we get it up and running. She can see her teachers while she is doing her work from her hospital room in Tucson. It is always better to see how things are done rather than someone trying to tell you how to do something you don't understand.


Kellie was not able to go to her Doctor appointment today so we called her from his office so Kellie could ask all the questions she wanted. She had her friend Mindy with her and a Doctor in her room if she didn't understand something she could have it explained to her a little bit better. Kellie did great and asked some questions that she thought were important to her. Jeff and I asked many questions are selves. We are still sitting in the same spot we were a few days ago. We need to see what Kellie's bone marrow has to say before we know when she will be going to Tucson. The transplant course is about the same time from beginning to the time she is able to discharge the hospital as this round she just had. She will have a longer follow up time after she is out. She will have to go to clinic for follow up checks every day for about 3 weeks then 3 day a week for a while, then down to 2 days a week. Once she gets down to 1 day a week she might be able to come back to Phoenix and drive down to Tucson for her once a week check. It is all up to her body telling us when each step can be done safely.


Her friend Shelby came by today and they had dinner together and watched a show about Hilary Duff and played a bit on her bike in her room. Kellie thought is was great to see her friend. It was nice to see them together again laughing like before. Shelby sat at Kellie's bed side many of times when she was here before. When Kellie was at home for her brakes Shelby moved in to Kellies room from Friday to Sunday every weekend until Kellie had to come back in for another round. Shelby you are a great friend.


Well Kellie is getting upset because I am typing this and it is her time to get out of her room for a walk so that's all for tonight. Keep praying it works.

8/8/06 Tuesday - Day 28

Kellie still has no ANC. Her platelets are going down again they are 18 today so in a day or two she will get another transfusion. She had a good day. Her teacher form the school here came up at 11:00 to work on some things. Her friend Kyle came by with a little something to make her laugh. She has a Fart Machine and is back to playing jokes on everyone that comes in her room. She had a great time being out of her room for about 15 min for her walk last night. I knew it took a lot out of her. She has not walked that far for a long time. She did great. Tonight she is having a sleep over with a friend Carrie. She is giving me the night off to sleep in a real bed. My new air mattress is better then the last one I had but, nothing is like your own bed. We have Kellie's BMT ( Bone Marrow Transplant) doctors appointment tomorrow so we should know more about what is going to happen when we get to Tucson. We are not going to be able to tell you when until Kellie's biopsy is done in about 3 weeks. Her body will tell us when she is ready for it. Keep praying it works.

8/7/06 Monday - Day 27

Kellie had a good weekend. Sunday her dad (DAD DALE)  and sisters stopped by for a short visit. That was nice Kellie ate breakfast with them. She found out that she had an ANC of 11. The Doctor told her that she might not have one tomorrow. Her cells are going to the part of her body that is not quite well. She did say that her mouth sore is not hurting as much. We know that her blood cells are on the way. She might have another week to week and a half left in here. She was up late having fun with her night nurses. Yes nurses she had 2 of them in her room last night laughing and playing half the night. She was up at 10am today and found out that her ANC was 0 again. That is ok. It will come and go a few times before they start flooding in. She lost more weight over the weekend. She is down to 87lbs. She is trying to eat as much as she can but, the medications are making the food taste bad. Now her Chef came back today and made her some food she likes and she ate most of it for lunch and she is eating dinner now. Looks better then what she had over the weekend. She was given some bands to workout with today. The bike she has been riding was burning off more then she was eating. The doctor told her that she could take a walk around the nursing station tonight. This will be the first time she has been able to get out of her room for 27 days. She is working hard at her school work. The teacher came up today and was working on some papers she had from another teacher. She is doing much better with some of the work sheets and seek and find items.

Her friend Sean is doing better today. Kellie made him a rain stick at Camp-get-A-Well-A. Kellie missed the bus Sunday for Cancer Camp so they have camp thing every day to do while the children are in the hospital. I am not sure what is in store for tomorrow but, I am sure it will be fun for her.

Kellie has a big job for herself and I need help form everyone to pray that she gets her job done. She needs to eat better, take her pills on time, do her mouth care on time and drink 2 water bottles a day. If that gets done she can stay off her IV stuff. One more step to going home. Keep praying it works.

8/4/06 (Friday) - Day 24

Today Kellie had a better day. She was up at 8:00am then back to bed. Up again at 9:00am and back to bed. Up again at 10:00am and up until mom left at 12:30. She got up again about 1:30pm to get ready for her visitors to come by and play games. Pastor Lee and her friends Josh, Stephanie, and Bethany. They played for a few hours and Kellie had a great time. She loves it when she is allowed to have visitors. She had a special visit today form her favorite Chef Mensur. He is Kellie's French chef that goes out of his way to get her what ever she wants to eat. Today he made her a 16oz BBQ rib eye steak with cucumbers that looked like butterflies. He toped it off with little tomatoes with a herb sprig out the top of them. Kellie ate 3/4 of it. So I think she will be packing on the pounds now. He lit up her day. When he walked in the smiles were endless and she said "I have been waiting for you." Kellie had a few more visitors today. Dad and Kyle. Kellie and I have not seen Kyle for a whole week. It has been hard on the both of us.


Kellie has been wondering about her friend Sean. So I went down tonight to see him. I talked to his dad for a bit. He is bleeding and not sure where it is coming from. The Doctors were talking about going back in to look when the bleeding slowed down. Praise to God for that one. He is still in ICU. We need to pray for the bleeding to stop and for him to get stronger. The Lord always told us to ask what we want and need. I know I want all the children getting treatment for what ever reasons to get better. Children should not have to have this much pain. Kellie is having a bad headache so the nurse drew her lab for a cross match for some red cells. When she gets her transfusion tonight she will have reached her 9 gallon mark. That is crazy. She is the strongest person I know. She is stuck in this little room not able to see a lot of her friends and family. She is dealing with the stress of going to transplant and her counts being at 0 for so long. I am sure if it was me I would have had a break down long ago. She is doing better then most people around here. We are still praying for no infections and for her spirit.


We are praying for her friend Gavin. See she keeps telling me to remind you about others. She is the best child with such a big heart. We are just going to be waiting around for the weekend for her counts to come up. We will update you on Monday.

8/3/06 (Thursday) - Day 23

Kellie had a bad start to her day at 7:00 am. When the nurse came in and did labs at 4:00 am she must not have had her IV line hooked in tight enough because, it leaked all over her shirt shorts and her bed. Waking up because your wet doesn't feel good at any age regardless of the reason. She was up for a visit form a friend from church that had his open heart surgery today (Sean). I am praying for him! He is still in the OR. Kellie got up for her shower with a bad head ache. Her platelets were 15 so she was going to get platelets at bed time tonight but, do to the head ach she go them early so we could kill 2 problems with one pre med that puts her to sleep. She started to wake up around 4pm today to give her dad a hug before he was off to get Kyle. So not much to say today but, she knew she started off on he wrong side of the bed so she decided to go back to bed and try again. I think it will be another late night for her. Keep praying it works.

8/2/06 (Wednesday) - Day 22

 Kellie had a great day. She is feeling good. She was upset a bit when she got out of the shower and most of her hair fell out. She was going to shave the rest but, she decided to paint it blue before it all came out. She is eating good today. She was doing fun math with Carl From the One Darn Cool School. She has been working on some folders for her softball tournament. ( If you are planning on playing get your entry forms in.) We got the shirts here for the winning team today. The children are going to be doing art work on them tomorrow. So we are getting ready.  I will be posting meeting times on the web page so keep watch for time and dates.  Kellie will call the captains to let them know. So if you have another number that would be better to get a hold of you please call us. Kellie will be having her bone marrow transplant consultation on  Wednesday the 9th with Doctor Grahm. If her counts are good she will be able to go with us, if not we will have her on the phone to ask any questions she needs to. She is already making her list. Today her ANC is still 0. Her platelet count is 15 so she will be getting some tomorrow. Red cells look good. We are praying that her ANC will start showing up by Tuesday.  Kellie want's you to pray for her friend Sean S he is going to have heart surgery tomorrow. We hope to see him before he has to go to pre op. He can get a good laugh in when he sees Kellie's blue hair. Smiles and laughs keep the kids going around here. If you know Kellie she loves to make people laugh. She had had lots of fun today with her nurses and Queen Cathy from the playroom. Keep Praying it works.

8/1/06 (Tuesday) - Day 21

Kellie had a good day. Her Grandma J came with Chad today. They hung out playing cards and went over some of Kellie's homework when Carl came up. Her 6th grade teacher came by (Beth) today to chat a bit. Pastor Carrie came to see her and she talked to pastor Mikki on the phone. She needs to eat more and drink more. We are working on that part every day. She said it is hard to drink because she has mouth sores and it is now going down her GI track. She is on some medication to help with the pain. I hope and pray that her counts come back soon. She is still at a 0 ANC her other cell counts are hanging in so not blood transfusions yet. Until tomorrow Keep praying it works.

7/31/06 (Monday) - Day 20

Now that school is starting visitations must be limited because Kellie does not have an ANC so her body is susceptible to any bacterial or viral infections. Kellie's chemotherapy basically killed off her immune system. Please contact Tammy at PCH prior to making any plans to visit Kellie.

7/30/06 (Sunday) - Day 19

Kellie got a good boost form her platelet transfusion yesterday. Her count went from 9 to 43. By the time she got her platelets she was around 5 so it was a really good boost. When she gets 2 more transfusions she will get her 9 gallon pin. Something we really didn't want to see her get but, thank God people donate so we could see her get it. If people never took the time donate platelets and red cells Kellie would not be with us today. So Kellie wants to give you all a "BIG THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME FIGHT THIS CANCER." This is really a team effort. Thank you all. Kellie had a few visitors today. She had a friend of her Aunt Cindy come up from Tucson and give us some words from God today. It was like having church in her room. Kellie had a few verses pointed out to her that made her know that Jesus is by her side and God is using her for his work. She had some friends from church stop by to give her some photos from camp. She had fun looking at the pitchers while her friends painted her window. It looks great. She spent some time playing cards with her nurses and doing some bead work as well. She is getting ready to read before she tucks in. All in all it was a good day. She wanted me to let you know she was able to spend time with her brother today. Keep praying it works.

7/28/07 (Friday) - Day 17

Today, Kellie is doing great. She is getting more information about her cancer and her treatment from her Doctor. They are trying to make her not so fearful when she needs to go to Tucson. Her hair is thinning out but, she still has a lot left. I can honestly tell you that My hair is falling do to stress.  From all the room changes and the noise from this portable HEPA Filter that is in our hospital room.  I wish this was all over. Kellie is having a hard time because she is not able to see her Brother and Dad everyday. We are trying to have Kyle come up 2-3 times a week. When we go to Tucson it will only be on the weekends if that is a big IF he will be able to come see her at all. That is going to be hard for the both of us. I want to send a thank you out to Carrie, Charity, Austin for helping us move again last night. Kellie's WBC went up today form 1.2 now it is a whopping 1.4. She is going in the right direction. Her platelets are 15 so unless she is bleeding today she will get them tomorrow. She is eating better but do to her high class taste buds nothing taste good to her unless it comes from P.F. Chang's, Olive Garden or Red Lobster. She is making do with Ramen, Grandma's soup, and Capitan Crunch. I learned how to make Mac and Cheese in the microwave. I need more ideas on microwave meals. So if you know of a good one email it to me. Keep praying it works.  Kellie wants everyone that is praying for her to pray for her friend Gavin please.

7/27/06 (Thursday) - Day 16

Kellie has had a rough few days. Her hair is starting to fall out again. She knew it would but, not so soon.  She is taking it kind of hard. We moved to room 403 last night and now today we have to move again down to room 218.  Today is dressing change day so we have a lot to do before the day is over. Kellie had a school today from the One Darn Cool School. Kellie did some reading and she has math homework already. She is working hard to keep up knowing that when she goes to Tucson for transplant she might not feel well enough to get things done. She is still in isolation. Her ANC is still 0 and she will be getting a unit of red cells today. Tomorrow she will get some platelets they were 25 today. I am sure they will be in the teens by tomorrow. Kellie wants to thank everyone who is helping her stay alive right now by donating red cells and platelets. Please keep donating. Keep praying it works.

7/24/06 (Monday) - Day 13

Kellie had a good day today. She was off to a late start, do to the fact that we moved rooms at 10:30 PM last night. If you know me you know I was in the new room for and hour with my mop and wiping down the walls. By the time we got all moved in it was 12:30 AM. We tucked in at 1 AM. Kellie's new room is 408 now. Today the Doctor told us that we could move down to the 2nd floor tomorrow. We are not going to take them up on that offer right yet. Her ANC is still 0. WBC .8 platelets are 53 and dropping slowly. Kellie said that's my kind of platelets. Her red cell 3.4 H&H is 10.9 and 30.2 so no red cell transfusion today.

She had a visit form the Best Fire Fighter in Phoenix today. Our friend Jason came by and woke her up today. She sat in her bed and was waving to the other fire fighters that were at the nursing station. I can honestly say she woke up with a smile on her face. She has been happy all day long. She did more bead working today. Thank you Connie again for the beads they keep her busy. She painted sun catcher and did some reading. Today was the first day she put on regular cloths. She asked her Doctor today when she can have her Heely's back. She can't wait to skate around again. The Doctor said when her platelets are over 50. Her eyes lit up. Her platelets today were 53. Her Doctor said OOOOH NO. They need to be over 50 without a transfusion helping them out. She snapped her fingers and said darn it. She is winding down for the night watching TV. We will do a little more reading before bed.  Kellie said please keep up the donations for platelets and red cells. She told me to tell you that she likes the emails. Keep praying it works.

7/23/06 (Sunday) - Day 12

Kellie had a great day today.  Dad stayed the night with her so I could have the night with Kyle.  After church Kellie sent me to Olive Garden for bread sticks and pasta. It was nice to see a few special people visiting with Kellie.  Kellie told me that she got phone call form her Grandma and Pap Pap. They told her that they were coming to see her today. They were in her room when I got back to the hospital today.  It was Great seeing them said Kellie. Kellie's eyes lit up when Kyle came in. Kellie had to wear her mask, so at first Kyle didn't know what to think.  Once she held him and started to make him laugh he knew it was his big sister. They played until it was time for his nap. Kellie's Teacher's helper Chris came by today.  Now that she is a teacher she wants to help Kellie stay on track with her schooling. That is a big weight off my shoulders.  Kellie missed the whole year of 5th grade and now she will be missing the whole year of 7th grade and may be part of her 8th grade year as well. Chris will be a big help.  Thank you! Nichole and Dan stopped by for a pillow fight with Kellie but, Kellie left all her squishy pillows at home. Nichole is on the ball for the softball tournament. She has her entry form in and is already working on her game. You go Nichole!!!!  Kellie is eating much better. It is now 8pm and she is hungry again.  This is a good sign.  She is working hard to eat and drink.  Today her weight was up by a pound. She is getting stronger everyday. Keep praying it works.

7/21/06 (Friday) - Day 10

Kellie had a hard day today. She spent most of the day in bed. She had an up set stomach and got sick after her morning medication. She got up around 12:30. She was feeling better but, not quite up to par. She tried to eat a little around 3 PM. I was happy that it stayed down. Kellie had her weight measured today and she has lost 10 LBS this past week and a half. Kellie had a special visit form a girl named Sarah that gave Kellie her copy of Zoe Girl. Kellie stayed in bed a listened to it after she left. Thank you to her dad for coming by the day before to pray with us. Kellie now has mouth sores that are covering he whole under side of her tongue and covering the back of her mouth.  She is doing a 123 mouth wash to help with the pain. She told me it kind of hurts to talk. I pray that they go away fast and don't go any further in her body. The doctors say that it could go all the way down her GI track again. Her WBC today was .5 and still going down. Her ANC is still 0 and will stay that way for a few weeks. Her platelets are 18 and she is having some bleeding under the skin and around her Broviac site. They are trying to wait until her platelets are below 10 to transfuse. With this small amount of oozing blood they are not too worried. So she is more than likely going to get platelets tomorrow. She is now watching a new show on the Disney Channel. Have a Great weekend. We will update the webpage again on Monday.

7/20/06 (Thursday) - Day 9

Kellie got up around 8am. She was slow on eating today. When she took her morning meds she said that it hurts to swallow. Her food hurts going down as well. I hope this passes fast so she would not have to be put on TPN and lipids. I think it was because of all her coughing she had been doing. Her cough is much better. If she has no coughing for 48 hours she can be off droplet precautions.  For her she doesn't care, she is still stuck in her room ether way until her counts come back. She had a big boots with her red cell transfusion yesterday. Please remember to donate if you can. Kellie will be needing red cell and platelets for the next few week. Kellie needs to drink more to flush the chemo out of her system. Her lungs are doing better. She is able to get up past 1000 on her incentive spirometer. She told me to tell you that she has had an up and down kind of a day. She had a few visitors today. Mike and Bethany, Thressa and Magic Larry and Kyle form transport/medical imaging, and Her brother Kyle.  Dad came to the rescue with Panda Express.  Kellie had some chicken, beef, and rice.  So far that is the most she has eaten in one sitting for a while. She is still having a hard time dealing with being stuck in her hospital room. She has a lot of things to do but, she is so board. That is what she is saying.  We are playing games, watching movies, reading her teen magazines and hanging posters all over her room.  She still said she is board. Kellie is making key chains out of beads now.  She is getting the nursing staff to buy them. Every time she admits she has something for sale. She has made lanyard key chains, Baby blankets, Pillows, and Gods eyes. I just don't see how she can stay so busy and be so board at the same time. To night was dressing change night.  I was so happy that it only took 20 minutes.

If you are wanting to play in Kellie's Softball tournament please send in your entry forms. We have only a few more spots left. For more information and entry form see main page.

7/19/06 (Wednesday) - Day 8

Kellie had a good day today.  She was up out of bed at 9am and was up until 5pm. She had a few visitors form the church that had a disk of photos from church camp.  It was nice to see her with a smile on her face looking at them.  She was pointing out people she bunked with and had fun with.  When dad came in she had me try to set it up for him to see them.  We had a good time looking at them again.  Kellie had another cancer friend visit today.  Chloe and her sister.  Kellie would like to thank you for her new bandanas for when her hair falls out. She will be styling with her new Bling Bling on her head. Kellie has been doing better with drinking and eating today.  It is like she made a full circle form the where she has been in the past few days.  It is great to see her smiling and laughing again.  My friend Shirlene came by with a play pool for Kellie to soak in.  It had helped her bone pain out.  Thank you Shirlene.  Kellie is back in bed now  tucking her self in for the night.  She just took another pain pill for her bone pain.  I hope it works for her so she can have a good night sleep.  Well she made it.  I am writing this while she is getting un hooked from her last chemo med.  Right on! Now we have to just wait for her counts to come back now. This time it might take longer because she dose not have to take those stinking shots that make her white cell count come back faster. Good night for now.  Keep praying it works.

7/18/06 (Tuesday) - Day 7

Kellie woke up at 9am today and got in the shower so that she would be ready for her friend Tabby.  Tabby and her family came by around 10:30 and did some arts a crafts for a few hours. Kellie had a smile on her face when they showed up with Krispy Kremes. She was a little tired and took a nap for a few hours after she got a pain pill.  Kellie has been getting leg cramps and shooting pain in both of her arms all day long. Today her red cells were low. She got one unit of PRBC today and another is on hold for tomorrow. It is looking like the platelets are holding in there. She might not have to get any until the weekend. She had some friends come by form the church. Josh C, Josh Mc, Zach M, and Bethany H. You should have seen the smile on Kellie's face when they all started to sing and dance in her small room. We put on some Hilary Duff songs and let them go to town. Kellie was laying in her bed laughing and watching the show. Uncle Jason came by for a short visit. It was Great seeing him. He showed Kellie some photos of his dogs. Kellie is missing her dog and brother so much.  Theresa form the play room came by today. She had been looking for Kellie for a few days. She didn't know Kellie was moved to the 4th floor. Becky stopped by today to let us know her scans were all clean and good. Thank you Becky for the movie Cheaper by the Dozen 2. We sat and watched it while Kellie was getting her blood. Kellie's Blood Pressure dropped down a bit 90/70 so a call to the Doctors went out.  They think Kellie is dehydrated a bit.  She needs to drink more and eat more. When she is getting Chemotherapy nothing taste good. She has been trying hard to eat little things all day long. Kellie told me to let every one know " Now is the time I need platelets and red cell" Thank you for the phone call form our friend Karen. It was nice talking to you. Kellie took some time trying to figure out what kind of car that was in the pictures you sent her.  She is happy your sister is ok. Kellie is not allowed to hug any visitors now so she is giving air hugs now. So to all of you Air hugs form Kellie. Keep Praying it works.

7/17/06 (Monday) - Day 6

Today Kellie was out of bed before I was.  She showered and put a sheet on the floor and started to paint. She finished painting before her back pain put her back in bed for a while. She felt so much better today.  She had some mild pain around her Broviac site. We had to move rooms today. We are now in room 406. Her old room mate Becky came by for a visit today. Please pray that her scans she did today come back cancer free. Kellie is not coughing as much today but, the Doctors wanted her to be on a different floor to protect the other kids on the 2nd floor.  I am sure when Kellie is not coughing any more we will be moved again. We are in a HEPA filter room so that is good. On the 2nd floor they have no HEPA filter rooms open so in the long run it is better for Kellie to stay here for a while.  I will be fine with it until her counts come back.  We have air conditioning now!  Our other room had no air flow. This is kind of nice to be cool again. Thank you to Beth for coming by to visit today. Thank you to Rob for stopping by. He is from A Hand of Hope. He put a smile on her face. He brought Kellie some magazines that had cute posters in them. You know the teen heart throbs. Kellie ate better today. She is getting off the IV pain meds and took a pain pill today now that she has food on her stomach. She is sleeping now. She had to get back to bed about 8PM because she was having bone pain in her arms and legs.  That is from that crazy chemotherapy medications. She is holding up strong. She is running a fever now so we are doing blood cultures again. Her blood counts are down so Dr E is starting her on 3 kinds of antibiotics Gent, Cefepime and Vanco.  She is already on Zosyn.  I think she is covered all around for the next 3 days while we wait for the cultures to grow. I think it is from the last chemotherapy drug she is on.  Last night was the only time she didn't have a fever. She has the chemotherapy she is hanging tonight and tomorrow night then she is done with chemotherapy for this round. We are not going to be able to up date the web page for a day or two. We are hoping to get it updated by Thursday night. Keep praying it works.

7/16/06 (Sunday) - Day 5

It was a late night for Kellie.  She was still dealing with pain in her Broviac sight. The nurse gave her some pain medication that made her heart rate drop in to the 50's. I was up until 2 am watching her monitor and waking her up just enough to keep her heart rate up.  When Kellie woke up she was coughing up a lot of junk. She had a breathing treatment and did her lung workout. She got up around 9 AM after her morning nap and felt much better. Her surgeon came by today to look at her Broviac and can't think of why she is in so much pain. He sat and talked to her for a while and seen that all the coughing she is doing is causing her pain. The sight looks great and not red or hot. So we need to wait for her cough to clear up for us to see some pain relieve.

Kellie's friend Shelby came by today with her mom Julie a.k.a. (TEAM CAPTAIN). Kellie was feeling a little bit better so she sat on the floor today painting and doing modeling clay. Kellie's room has been hot so Shelby's painting doubled as a fan for while. She had a few more friends stop by as well. Thank you for the visits!

Starting tomorrow when anyone comes up to visit you need to wash up out side her room and mask and gown.  Kellie's counts are down.  Her White Blood Cell (WBC) count was .8 and her ANC was 536 so by tomorrow her counts will be a big fat 0. Please keep her safe.  If you have been around anyone that has been sick for the past 2 week, work in a daycare setting, in an office with a lot of people, or do outside work please don't visit for a while.  We need to minimize the risks for her so she will not get an infection. Please keep in touch by her web page and email or call her. 

We Love You All. Keep praying it works.  Kellie wanted me to tell you to please donate platelets and red cells when you can she is going to be needing them with in a few days. She wanted me to tell you to please pray for her friend Gavin. 

7/15/06 (Saturday) - Day 4

Today started off one step backwards form last night.  Kellie was up on and off all night long getting sick and having a hard time breathing.  Once she was able to clear out the junk in her lungs she started to feel a little bit better.  The Doctor started her on breathing treatments every 4 hours around the clock.  So this means she will be up at midnight and again at 4am. She went down for a chest X-Ray today to see how her lungs look.  It came back looking ok. She had blood cultures done every night since she has been here, so far nothing has showed up. That is a good sign. She has had a low grade fever from the time she had started her chemotherapy. Every night about 10pm she spikes up to 102-103. Kind of crazy. For all the cancer familys you know that means blood cultures, and that means more breaking in to her lines and that puts her at more risk for infections. Then it takes 3 days to let the cultures grow out.

I had to leave the hospital today so that Jeff (a.k.a. Kellie's dad ) could go donate platelets. Kellie had lots of friends come sit with her.  Started off with Carie and Austian from Church, Mara,Hanna,Weston,and Ethin.  Her 6th grade teacher came by and she had a fun time with Mindy. 

Beth, Mindy and I were having a fun time laughing and taking with Kellie while they were doing bead working.  Kellie had to go do something in the other room in her room then it became a cry zone. We come to realize that it takes a strong and special person to take care of a child with cancer. I have been feeling bad the past few days because I have been almost yelling at Kellie to get up and walk around her room. She has been told by her medical staff that she needs to get out bed more or her lungs will get worse.  Her lungs are getting weaker with all the sinus drainage that is happening at night. She is having a hard time trying to cough because it hurts her Broviac. The Doctor today said that he was going to try to get a hold of her surgeon to come take a look at her sight. We are hoping that we can get to the bottom of all this pain.

Yesterday was the last day for one of her chemotherapy drugs so we are hoping that her body can start feeling better tonight. As Mindy, Beth and I were talking about how much more chemotherapy she has to get she started to get a red rash all over her.  It was weird to see her change from a normal color to red in front of are eyes. We think it was from the chemotherapy drugs she is still on for the next 4 days. I hope it is not going to be like the rash she had last time that lasted for a week and the doctors could not find anything to make the itch go away. So please pray for no itch.


Thank you for the visits today it helps to keep her to be stronger and it keeps her busy.

7/14/06 (Friday) - Day 3

Well I am not sure where yesterday ended and today started.  Kellie was up most of the night getting sick and still in a lot of pain.  Her stuffy head started to drain into her lungs and she started to have a hard time breathing.  The medical staff and I were trying to do everything we could to tell her she needs to get up and cough.  She is now doing exercising for her lungs every 2 hours.  Thank you to Connie for bringing her some beads to work with today. She had a visit with one of her cancer friends mom Katie while her son was at clinic.  Kellie's other cancer friend Tanya came by to tell us that today was her last spinal tap.  Good for her.  Thanks to Tanya Kellie sat up to talk girl stuff.  She was awake and started to do better. Kellie met a new friend today, Ali.  She is going to play in Kellie's softball tournament in November.  She wanted to stop by to meet her. Sorry Ali that Kellie did feel up to doing much. Kellie had a special visitor today, her brother came up.  Kyle came in with lots of smiles and laughs.  I seen a smile on Kellie's face.  That was so nice to see. From that point on Kellie has been up.  She is breathing better and has more spunk.  She had one other visitor.  Rob from the AHANDOFHOPE.ORG. That is a group that Kellie belongs to. Kellie was kind of tired but, she still talked and rested.  By the end of the visit you can hear her talking louder and stronger. It was great to hear her getting stronger and stronger. I can see Kellie feeds off of talking to others (social butterfly) Just like me.  I think the visits today was just what she needed to turn around. I can't thank you all enough. Now it is 10:00PM time for Kellie to get her eye drops and to get unhooked form one of her last chemotherapy medications.  She still has one chemo drug running 24 hours a day for the next 4 days then she will be done with chemo this round.  Keep praying it works.

7/13/06 (Thursday) - Day 2

Last night Kellie was in a lot of pain.  She didn't do well on some of the medication she was on for pain, so the Doctor called in the pain management team to help her get the medication that would give her pain control without knocking her out.  She has had a few moments of feeling sick from the chemo and had a bad head ache.  She has something going on in her sinus area so she went down to have a cat scan today. She was so sick and shaking when she got down to the cat scan area all she could say was SAM, SAM. Sam is the cat scan man. He has been doing Kellies scans form the get go. He felt so bad for her. He got her over to the scanner and did the scans as fast as he could.  After all that he gave her a baby blue teddy.

We got back to her room when the nurse came in and told us that she is in droplet precautions.  Next they took swabs of her nose. We have to be in precautions until we get the results back tomorrow. We are praying that this is nothing. It might be from her crying that is making her stuffy. For the protection of the others on this floor we are staying put.

Thank you needs to go out to the Rideout family.  Cami, Addy, and Jason for stopping by and giving us the good news about Addy's scans.  Once Kellie found out Addy came to see her she got up and she is still up wanting to play.  She did take a quick nap for about 1/2 hour after Pastor Kari left.  Thank you all for all your prayers. Keep praying it works.

7/12/06 (Wednesday) - Day 1

Kellie was admitted to Phoenix Children's Hospital (PCH) today. She under went surgery to implant a broviac into her chest and a spinal tap procedure. The broviac allows injections of medicine without having to poke Kellie with a needle. The spinal tap was to determine if any AML cells are in her spinal fluid. The surgery went well but Kellie experienced complications in recovery. Kellie was experiencing pain for which she was given morphine which caused her respiration to decreased. She was stabilized quickly after which she was transported to her room. Kellie is resting well and trying to eat some dinner so she can take some Tylenol with codeine for her pain. The good news as reported by her doctor is that NO AML cells are in Kellie's spinal fluid!

6/30/06 (Friday)

Kellie's bone marrow test confirmed that she has in fact had a relapse and is no longer in remission. Kellie will begin treatment for acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) beginning Wednesday, July 12th. In parallel the process of locating a bone marrow donor has begun. The tentative plan is for two rounds of chemotherapy and then a bone marrow transplant. Kellie has remained brave throughout the last few days and we ask that you keep her in your prayers.

6/28/06 (Wednesday)

Kellie's blood work came back with what her doctor called suspicious looking cells. A bone marrow test will be performed on Friday, June 30th to determine if Kellie had a relapse.

6/13/06 (Sunday)

Kellie is proud to announce the 2006 Team Kellie Softball Tournament Benefiting Phoenix Children's Hospital. The 2006 Team Kellie Softball Tournament is a co-ed round robin tournament benefiting the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders and Camp Rainbow at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Each team is required to pay a $250.00 non-refundable entry fee at the time of registration. Each team will also complete in fundraising challenge with the winner of the challenge receiving a pizza party with Kellie after the tournament. All plays must be 18 years of age by November 25, 2006.

6/12/06 (Saturday)

It is hard to believe that less than 2 years ago Kellie was fighting for her life in the ICU of Phoenix Children's Hospital. She fought back and survived her battle with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML). Kellie is your typical preteen girl enjoying each day of her life!

Last week Kellie was on TV with Brad Perry from TV3. They were at the Stuffington Bear Factory. Kellie enjoys her time in front of the camera.

4/10/06 (Monday)

Kellie's latest doctor's appointment and blood result yielded great results. Kellie's blood results came back normal! To top it off Kellie has been out of the hospital from and entire year!

Our family attended a day at the Bumble Bee ranch as guests of the Hand of Hope Organization. Kellie enjoyed playing horse shoes, shooting paint balls, riding horses, and off roading in Hummers and Quads.

Kellie's completed her Karate class and received one stripe on her belt. She enjoyed her Karate class very much.

Kellie requests you to pray for her friend Gavin who will be under going his second bone marrow transplant on Thursday, April 13th.

2/25/06 (Saturday)

Kellie, Kyle, Tammy,and Jeff attended the Walk for Wishes event early Saturday morning. Kellie sends a Great Big Thank You to all her friends that sponsored her in the walk. The walk raised more than $37,000.00 for future Make-a Wish requests. Kellie's Make-A-Wish was in July of 2005. Kellie and her family went to Discovery Cove in Florida where Kellie swam with the dolphins.

Kellie asks that all Team Kellie Members keep her friend Gavin in their thoughts and prayers as Gavin is still undergoing treatment for his cancer.

2/19/06 (Sunday)

Kellie received a clean bill of health from Dr. Boklan and was given the ok to perform her chores around the house. Another step towards normalcy!

This weekend the family went to Skydive Arizona where Kellie and Dad flew in a skydiving simulator. The simulator is a round room with four huge fans which can blow air up to 120 MPH to simulate a skydive freefall. Kellie has a great time flying around in the room with the instructor. She and Dad both had four minutes of total freefall time.

We left Skydive Arizona and headed to Tucson for lunch and a visit with Aunt Cindy.

Grandma, Papa, Aunt Sheri, and Mark drove up from Sierra Vista for a visit with Kellie and the family.

1/28/06 (Saturday)

Kellie is attending a Karate class through Phoenix Children's Hospital. She looks very impressive in her GI (Karate Uniform). She continues to grow stronger everyday and acts more and more like a pre-teenage girl.

Kellie added blond streaks to her hair. Mom gave Kellie free rein with her hair. Mom actually said she didn't care if Kellie went to school with purple hair because she actually has beautiful thick curly auburn hair. This is a far cry from when she was going through chemotherapy which caused all of hair to fall out.

Kellie went on a Harley ride with Doug Leach a Team Kellie member. Kellie was all decked out in her Harley boots, T-Shirt, suede vest, and black leather biker jacket. She left smiling :-) and she returned from her Harley ride smiling :-).

Kellie's next Doctor appointment is on February 10th, 2006.

12/16/05 (Friday)

Kellie and Mom went to Kellie's bi-monthly doctor appointment. Kellie's blood counts are all back in the normal range!

Kellie presented her doctor with a check for more than $500.00 from Kellie's annual Change for Children Drive. Kellie, Mom, and friends stood in front of Walmart for more than six hours accepting donations from all the shoppers.

12/7/05 (Wednesday)

Kellie became of big sister day! Kellie is very proud of her little brother Kyle.

12/1/05 (Thursday)

Kellie is your typical 12 year old girl who cannot wait for Christmas to arrive!

This weekend Kellie and Mom will be holding Kellie's annual Change for Children Drive.  The Change for Children Drive will raise money for the Cancer Patients at Phoenix Children's Hospital (PCH).

Anyone who would like to donate their time to raise money is welcome!

We will be at the Wal-Mart Superstore located at 83rd Ave. & Union Hills between the hours of 9AM and 1 PM.

Kellie's next doctor appointment is the 16th of December. Please continue to pray for her counts to be normal.

Kellie requests that everyone continues to pray for her PCH friend Gavin who continues his battle with cancer. For more information please follow Gavin's webpage  link. http://www.gavinbrunin.com

11/5/05 (Saturday)

Kellie celebrated her 12th birthday this weekend. She invited several of her girlfriends for a sleepover and horseback riding.

On Friday night the Kellie, Shelby, Tabby, and Halyn played games, did makeup make overs, jumped on the trampoline and roasted marsh mellows over a fire.

Saturday morning arrived early as the girls were up at 6:30 AM. They were out the door by 8:30 AM on their way to Miss Rosies' for some horseback riding. The girls enjoyed their ride! For Shelby and Tabby they made their first horseback ride with friends.

On Saturday night the family attended a PCH Event at Pioneer Village. Kellie represented PCH by selling raffle tickets, told her story to the guests, and branded a frame.

10/28/05 (Friday)

Kellie got a thumbs up from her doctor allowing her to go horseback riding for her birthday. Kellie continues to improve with each day. She is full of energy in anticipation of Halloween. Kellie's Grandma Joyce made Kellie a Belly Dancer costume. Kellie had a BIG smile on her face as she danced in the family room showing off her dress to dad.

10/17/05 (Monday)

Dad took Kellie to her monthly blood testing appointment. Kellie knew the drill. She signed us in at the front desk and then she visited with the Out Patient staff and doctors. Everyone was happy to see an energetic Kellie with dark brown wavy hair.

Kellie took her poke without even a wince! Her counts results came back a little bit higher and as usual her counts are on Kellie time. More indicators are in the normal range and her ANC increased ever so slightly.

10/15/05 (Saturday)

Kellie and Mom went to a Hand of Hope event. Kellie enjoyed the petting zoo, playing on the play structures, climb the rock wall and had her face painted while Mom relaxed in the shade.

10/8/05 (Saturday)

Kellie and Mom went on another Harley ride while Dada worked. Kellie met Arlen Ness a custom motorcycle designer and builder.

10/03/05 (Monday)

Kellie's cough is gone and she is feeling well. Kellie spent the weekend with her sister Jessica. The girls spent the weekend playing in the pool, went to Raw Hide, shopping with Tammy and just had fun.

9/26/05 (Monday)

For about a week Kellie has been coughing. Mom took Kellie to visit the doctor today about her cough. The doctor thinks it might be a viral infection in her lungs due to her low counts her doctor started her on antibiotics just as a precaution. She spent most of her time today rearranging her room and jamming to Hillary Duff. Kellie is getting excited about her next Harley ride coming up on October 8th.

9/16/05 (Friday)

Kellie's doctor's appointment went well. She was really strong having her blood drawn without her shot pillow. The nurse hit her vein in one poke. Almost all of her blood counts came back to with in normal levels. Her platelets are still a little low. Other than that Kellie has been a happy healthy child back in school with the normal complaints of not wanting to do her homework. She has been out visiting with family and friends.

9/10/05 (Saturday)

Kellie and Mom enjoyed this Saturday by going on a Harley Motorcycle ride with friends.

Kellie has been in school for almost a month now and is doing great! She enjoys being with her schoolmates and spending time with family and friends.

This Friday Kellie has another hospital visit schedule for a routine check-up and blood draw.

8/22/05 (Sunday)

Kellie spent last night at Grandma Joyce's house. Grandma, Aunt Ali, Chad, and Kellie went bowling late into the night. Kellie enjoyed her time at Grandma Joyce's.

8/20/05 (Friday)

Kellie and Mom went to Kellie's monthly checkup and blood testing appointment at PCH. Kellie's blood results indicated that her white blood cell, platelets, and ANC all increased even with her sinus infection.

8/16/05 (Tuesday)

Kellie woke up this morning with a couch and running nose. After her doctor's visit she was diagnosed with a sinus infection. The poor kid was back to school only one day and she was sick.

8/15/05 (Monday)

Kellie started school today after her 12 1/2 month absence. Kellie gave a presentation about her illness to her fellow students. There was a Q & A session along with hand washing instructions and a bottle of Purell for every desk.

8/13/05 (Saturday)

Tammy and I were up at 6AM in preparation for our drive to Prescott. We arrived at Camp Rainbow around 9:00 AM to find Kellie exiting the Dinning Hall. Kellie enjoyed herself the entire week she was at Camp. She road horses, paddled canoes in the lake, swam in the cold pool, played volleyball, rode a tether, rock climbing, and just had a great time. Kellie's cabin mates gave her the nickname of "Energizer Bunny" as Kellie never seemed to run out of energy!

8/4/05 (Thursday)

Kellie has been spending her summer break visiting family and friends. Next week Kellie will be attending Camp Rainbow. Camp Rainbow is for the Cancer children of PCH and is sponsored and chaperoned by the Doctors and Staff of PCH.

7/22/05 (Friday)

One year and nineteen days after being diagnosed with AML Kellie was give a clean bill of health!

**** Kellie Is In Full REMISSION  ****

Kellie's day started at 4:45 AM. Kellie and Mom were up with the birds so Kellie could have a good breakfast. After breakfast Kellie could not eat until her Bone Marrow test was completed in the late afternoon.

Kellie and Mom arrived at PCH around 9:30 AM. They visited the nursing staff on the second floor and stopped by the Teen Room.

Kellie's blood test went well. It took the nurse one poke and a little of digging around for her vein. But Kellie was a real trooper and did not shed a tear.

Kellie's Bone Marrow test was over faster than the wait in the doctor's office. When Kellie awoke from her surgery she was ready to leave the hospital.

What's next for Kellie. In the coming months and years Kellie with have another blood test next month as a follow up test and then she will have regular blood tests every six months to monitor her status.

7/14/05 (Thursday)

All vacations must come to an end. We were on our way to the Orlando Airport by 9 AM EDT and reaching home in Arizona by 3:30 PM PDT. IT was good to be back home. Kellie was very excited to see here Sadie Dog and the rest of her pets.

7/13/05 (Wednesday)

Today was rest day. We spent most of the day around the pool.

7/12/05 (Tuesday)

We drove to St. Augustine's the location of one of North America's earliest settlements.

7/11/05 (Monday)

Today we went to the Ripley's Believe of Not Museum and Gatorland. Kellie enjoyed the curiosities of the museum and the thrill of seeing Alligators up close and even feeding them.

7/10/05 (Sunday)

We arrived back in Florida and disembarked the ship by 9 AM. The Disney Bus took us back to the Orlando Airport where we picked up a rental car. We drove to our next Hotel the Holiday Inn.

Kellie spent the remainder of the day lounging around the hotel pool with Mom.

7/9/05 (Saturday)

We arrived at the Disney Castaway Cay Island around 6 AM but due to high winds and a fast tide we were not able to dock until 12:30 PM. Again most of the shore activities were cancelled due to the weather.

We rented a paddle boat which ended up being a lot of work and not much fun because of the high winds. We walked around the shops while Kellie played in the water park area.

7/8/05 (Friday)

We awoke as our ship docked in the Bahamas. We went a shore and did some shopping and returned to the ship. Due to Hurricane Dennis which was in the Gulf of Mexico the sky was cloudy, seas were choppy with high winds. All of the shore activities were cancelled due to the weather.

Kellie did get one souvenir a Conch Shell. She blew her Conch Shell with all her might along with a great big smile.

7/7/05 (Thursday)

We departed the Hotel for the airport. Patty was returning home while Kellie, Mom, and Dad caught the Disney Cruise Bus. We arrived and boarded the Disney Wonder Ship destined for the Bahamas and the Disney Castaway Cay Island.

Prior to our ship leaving port we participated in a emergency evacuation drill. When the ship's horn blasted 7 short time and one long blast we returned to our staterooms, put on our life vests and reported to our lifeboat boarding location.

Our ship departed at 6 PM and we were headed for the Bahamas.

7/6/05 (Wednesday)

A day of rest. In the morning we spent the day at the hotel. Kellie actually spent he fist half of the day in the swimming pool. In the late afternoon we went back to Sea World to watch the Dolphin show that was cancelled earlier in the week due to thunderstorms and lightning.

7/5/05 (Tuesday)

Today we visited the Magic Kingdom's Animal Park. We went on a Safari in Africa and seen many different animals native to Africa.

7/4/05 (Monday)

Today is the day that kept Kellie going through all of her treatments! Today we are off to Discovery Cove to swim with the dolphins. Kellie enjoyed feeding the Sing Rays, Snorkeling around the coral reef with many different species of fish and huge Sting Rays.

In the afternoon Kellie swam with the Dolphins!

7/3/05 (Sunday)

We spent the day at Sea World. We were part of a Behind the Scenes tour. Kellie enjoyed VIP seating at the Shamu, Dolphin, and Seal shows along with preferred seating on several of the rides. The weather was very hot but as they say in Florida it is a wet heat! The humidity was almost unbearable.

7/2/05 (Saturday)

Kellie started her Make-a-Wish trip with a Limo ride to the airport where the Make-a-Wish Representative met us. She help us check our luggage and gave Kellie a blue tote bag with many goodies.

We arrived in Orlando where our Florida Make-a-Wish Representative met us. She helped us navigate the Orlando airport while we waited for Patty to arrive from Salt Lake City.

When Patty arrived we headed off to our hotel (Residence Inn) which was conveniently located across the road from Sea World.

6/28/05 (Tuesday)

Kellie has almost recovered from her bout with the Shingles. Her hair continues to grown thicker with each day and she is waiting impatiently for her hair to start growing in length.

On Saturday, Kellie and the Family attended Hailey's end of Chemotherapy Celebrations and Concert. At the celebration Kellie met her friend Tanya from PCH. Kellie and Tanya spent the night over our house doing girl things.

On Sunday Kellie we to the Diamondback's baseball game with the Hand of Hope Group. Many of the cancer kids got to swim in the Bank One Ballpark (BOB) swimming pool. A BIG THANK YOU to Rob! Kellie was also standing or should I say swimming in the right place at the right time when a baseball landed in the pool next to her! Another home run for the D-Backs!

After the game Kellie and Garrett ran the bases around the in field of the D-Backs! This is actually pretty neat. After games on Sundays the kids have the opportunity to run the bases on the D-Backs in field. Mom and Dad got to walk behind Home Plate to meet Kellie after she ran but all the same it is really cool to stand on the field.

6/18/05 (Saturday)

Kellie spent most of the week recovering from Shingles. Her pain is under control. Friday she went to the Doctor's office for her routine check up and blood draw. Kellie is such a strong, strong little that it took them three pokes for them to get blood. When her counts came back there were lower than the week before because her body is fighting off the Shingles. We have another appointment scheduled for the 29th to do labs to see if she needs a transfusion. We just want to ask for you to keep her in your prayers.  She has been hit again with something so painful.  She has taken it like a trooper.  Thank you all.

6/15/05 (Wednesday)

Kellie and Mom were up early in preparation for Kellie's eye appointment. Kellie Shingles has spread to cover the left side of her face from her nose to the top of her scalp. The blisters have finally stop appearing thanks to the medication Kellie is taking to control her outbreak. Luckily Kellie told Tammy that her head was hurting and Tammy immediately took Kellie to the ER when she saw what appeared to be a rash but ended up as Singles.

Kellie's vision is 20/20! Dr. Boklan prescribed some cream to help with the healing of Kellie's skin to minimize any possibility of scares.

Kellie is feeling 100% better and she is dealing well with her Shingles.

Tonight Kellie's cousin Chad came over to spend the night with Kellie. They are actually playing games on the Xbox!

6/10/05 (Friday)

Kellie slept in the morning until bout 9AM. Upon waking Kellie experienced pain from the shingles on the left-side of hear head. Mom prepared Kellie breakfast in bed. But soon after eating her breakfast Kellie began vomiting.

Kellie rested the remainder of the day in Mom and Dad's bed watching TV and continued to experience pain from the shingles. Kellie continues to experience vomiting which is being cause by the medicine she is taking to control the shingles.

6/09/05 (Thursday)

Tammy took Kellie to the PCH Emergency Room this afternoon. A rash of some sort began spreading across the left-side of Kellie's forehead. After a poke and blood draws the rash was identified as shingles. The ER doctor prescribed a medication to control the spreading of the shingles.

During her visit to the ER Kellie met Eddie an RN in the ER. Eddie began a magic trick which Kellie spotted immediately! Eddie told Kellie the trick to his magic after which Kellie began entertaining her doctors and nurses who were caring for her in the ER.

6/2/05 (Thursday)

Kellie attended an art workshop this evening at PCH. Kellie visited with her many friends (Doctors, Nurses, and fellow patients) while creating designs for this years PCH Christmas cards.

6/1/05 (Wednesday)

Kellie's scheduled Out Patient Appointment occurred without incident. Kellie's Echocardiogram of her heart was taken first then Mom and Kellie headed over to the Out Patient Clinic for blood work.

It took two pokes to hit a good vein. Kellie was brave and did not shed one tear during the blood draw. The blood labs indicated that Kellie's counts have dropped which are most likely in response to the sinus infection she had before our trip to California.

Dr. Boklan scheduled Kellie for another set of blood work in two weeks to determine if her counts are continuing to decrease or recovering.

Please keep Kellie in you thoughts and prayers!

5/31/05 (Tuesday)

We were up early at 5:05 AM getting ready to depart for the San Jose Airport. By 9:00 AM our plane was heading home to Phoenix.

When we arrived Sadie was barking with joy as she could hear her Kellie girl calling her name. When Sadie entered the house her tail was wagging and she gave kisses freely to the entire family.

Kellie, Dad, and Sadie ended the day with a swim in the pool

Tomorrow Kellie will have another check up to determine if her counts are high enough to perform a bone marrow biopsy and a Echocardiogram of her heart. Please keep Kellie in your thoughts and prayers.

5/30/05 (Monday)

Nana Doris, Great Grandma Fontes, Tammy and Kellie went shopping today while Dad stayed home with Papa Carl.

In the evening, Dad's brother Dennis and his family came over for a family dinner that Nana Doris had prepared.

5/29/05 (Sunday)

We took a ride out to Uncle Jr. and Aunt Donna's house in Oakley. Little Al and Arron along with his family all came over to Uncle Jr's for a visit.

Little Al took Kellie and Aviary out for some ice cream. A promised he made to Kellie in his emails to Kellie during her treatment. Arron went along as backup for Little Al, but we figured that he just wanted some ice cream too!

In the afternoon, Aunt Donna, Nana Doris, Great Grandma Fontes, Tammy, Kellie, and Aviary went cherry picking in the cheery orchards just on the west side of Oakley

On the way home, we stopped by and visited with Aunt Edna in Livermore. Kellie was very interested and watched the fence contractors replace Aunt Edna's fence of 30 years.

We finished our day with a trip to Nations Giant Hamburgers!

5/28/05 (Saturday)

We started the day off early with a visit to Dad's Pigeon Racing Buddy Bob. Kellie got to played with the Bo's wife Cathy's tortoises in the back yard.

In the afternoon we took BART over to San Francisco. We walked down Market Street to Embarcadero and then hopped a ride on a bicycle rickshaw down to Pier 39 and Fisherman's Warf. At Pier 39 Kellie dug pearls out of oysters and did some shopping and harbor seal watching.

5/27/05 (Friday)

Kellie hung around the house with Nana Doris, baked cakes, played the slot machine, and learned knitting from Great Grandma Fontes.

5/26/05 (Thursday)

Kellie started the day off with a visit to her doctor at PCH. Kellie woke up with a runny noise with lots of sneezing. Kellie's doctor wanted to see her and run some tests before she left for California. After several tests Kellie was diagnosed with a sinus infection. Kellie's doctor prescribed an antibiotic to help Kellie's body fight off the sinus infection.

Kellie had a surprise when Mindy stopped by during Kellie's doctor appointment and visited with her.

In the evening we were on our flight to California.

5/25/05 (Wednesday)

Kellie spent the morning with Shelby swimming together. Mom, Kellie, Grandma Joyce and Aunt Manie ate lunch together at P.F. Changs.

Kellie spent the afternoon swimming at Grandma Joyce's before Grandma took her to the Sylvan Center.

5/24/05 (Tuesday)

Kellie attended a Diamond Backs Baseball Game at Bank One Ballpark (BOB). Baxter the Bobcat the D-Backs mascot gave Kellie four tickets behind home plate. During the 4th Inning Kellie had her picture taken with Baxter. Baxter gave Kellie some special gifts and invited her to help sing during the 7th Inning Stretch. Kellie was up in the Organ Booth and sung Take Me Out to the Ball Game as her picture appeared on the Mega Screen for everyone to see!

5/23/05 (Monday)

Kellie, Mom and Dad celebrated Dad's Birthday together. Kellie enjoyed Crab Legs!

5/22/05 (Sunday)

We attended Church in the morning as Kellie volunteered her time helping with children in the preschool. After volunteering Kellie attended the children's sermon while Dad and Mom went looking at new houses in the area.

In the afternoon, Kellie and Dad built a sun screen protect her garden from the HOT afternoon sun.

5/21/05 (Saturday)

The morning was spent relaxing around the house. In the afternoon, Mom and Kellie went shopping together. In the evening, the family went to a picnic at the park with some of Mom's friends from work. Kellie enjoyed playing volley ball and Arobe in the park!

5/20/05 (Friday)

Friday was spent around the house relaxing.

5/19/05 (Thursday)

Kellie went to her school Cotton Boll for yearbook signing. Kellie visited with her classmates and friends as the signed her yearbook.

In the evening, Kellie, Mom ,and Dad attended Karen's son Graduate from the Police Academy at the Glendale Community College (GCC).

5/18/05 (Wednesday)

Dad picked up Kellie at the Sylvan School after her class let out. We headed directly home and began clearing gravel to make room for her Garden. We placed the concrete blocks and began to fill in the garden area with compost and steer manure. By night Kellie's Garden was ready for plants.

5/17/05 (Tuesday)

Today Kellie had to perform her Egg Drop experiment for her Teacher. The Egg was dropped and did not break! Success!

In the evening, Kellie and Dad went to Home Depot and bought concrete blocks, compost and lots of steer manure for Kellie's Garden.

5/16/05 (Monday)

Kellie has spent the last week being a typical eleven year old girl. Kellie started the week out planting Watermelon and Cucumber seeds in plastic cups and now the front yard is full of young seedlings.

Monday the entire family went for a bike ride along the neighborhood. We stopped by Mom's friend Karen's house and visited with Karen and her sons.

On Wednesday, Kellie went to the Sylvan Center and worked on her reading, spelling and vocabulary skills. Even though Kellie is not attending regular she still has to work hard on her education.

On Thursday Kellie went to Grandma's House to visit with her kitten.

On Saturday Kellie and Family went to watch Kellie's girlfriend Shelby sing at the Horizon High School Auditorium in a Fiesta Concert.

Sunday morning started early as we were off to church. Kellie is planning on volunteering to work with younger kids while their parents are at Sunday Sermon. Kellie will have the opportunity to learn leadership, video, and sound skills while volunteering. Kellie and Dad spent Sunday afternoon installing a fence on the side of our house for Kellie's future garden. The fence will help keep Sadie and the rabbits out of Kellie's Garden.

5/8/05 (Sunday)

Kellie was up at 5:15 AM on Saturday morning. Kellie and Dad were going fishing at Rio Vista Park. Kellie had laid out all of her clothes the night before so she could jump out of bed and be dressed in less than a minute.

We loaded up the truck with our fishing gear and left to pick up Nathan. We stopped by QuickTrip for a couple of bags of ice. We picked up Nathan and were at the park with our fishing poles in the water by 6:45 AM.

The fish were biting! Kellie and Nathan kept Dad busy removing fish from and baiting the hooks as fast as he could! By 10 AM we had a bucket full of 27 fish. Kellie and Nathan caught about 12 fish a piece and Dad only caught two.

On Sunday the family attended church and afterwards we went GeoCaching. Mom spotted the first cache a peanut jar painted green in a Fan Palm, Dad found the second cache a plastic sprinkler in a tree, and Kellie found the last cache in a wall.

Kellie and Mom went swimming in the afternoon and played with Sadie Dog. We ended the evening with a 4 mile bike ride.

5/4/05 (Wednesday)

Started the day off early to the hospital for an Out Patient Catscan. Checked in at 9 AM. Kellie was just so strong and tough while the nurses tried to start her IV. After 2 1/2 hours of trying, her IV poke was successful. For all of that hard work at getting Kellie's IV started it only took 15 minutes to complete her Catscan. After the Catscan Kellie went back to the Out Patient Clinic for her checkup.

Her ANC was 888 and a White Blood Cell count half of what a normal count should be for a 11 year old girl.

Her body is still slowly recovering but Kellie is very strong and active. Dr Boklan said Kellie looks so good that her next checkup is schedule for June 1st instead of weekly. Due to the fact that Kellie's blood cell count is recovering on Kellie Time her next Bone Marrow Biopsy is 6 to 8 weeks out.

Thank You everybody for continuing following Kellie's Recovery! We want to send special prayers to Kellie's friend Gavin who is also engaged in his own battle with cancer. If you want to follow Gavin's story click on his name.

5/2/05 (Monday)

The Party in the Park celebration of Kellie completing her Chemotherapy was a success! Family and  Friends alike all together celebrated with Kellie! There were plenty of things to do, playground fun, fishing, water balloons, face painting and catching up with friends and of course lunch.

Thanks to everyone who attended and special thank you for all of your prayers and support for Kellie while she endured through her battle with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML).

4/27/05 (Wednesday)

Kellie went to her Doctor's appointment today. Unfortunately it took the hospital staff two pokes to get Kellie's IV started. When Kellie's lab results came back her white blood cell count was low along with her ANC count which was 560.

Kellie had a fun time visiting with the hospital staff and friends. Kellie played air hockey left-handed because of her IV but she still won!

When Kellie was being put under in preparation for her procedures her IV site blew! :-( So Kellie had to make a decision of having another IV inserted or using the mask! Kellie chose the mask even though she hates using it.

The procedures went well! Since her ANC dropped her cells are not mature enough and the procedures must be repeated again in four weeks.

Dr. Boklan still gave her the OK to attend the Party in the Park and have a great time.

Kellie is resting at home in a little discomfort but doing well.

Thank You for all your prayers.

Hope to see everyone this Sunday!

4/24/05 (Sunday)

Kellie started her day early in preparation for Church. Kellie went to the Kid Zone while Mom and Dad attend this week's sermon. After Church we headed off to Dillon's End of Treatment Celebration. Kellie and Dillon had fun climbing and sliding down an inflatable climbing wall in Dillon's backyard.

This Wednesday Kellie will under go another Bone Marrow Biopsy and Spinal Tap Biopsy procedure. Please include Kellie in your prayers to ensure success with her procedures.

Party in the Park

On Sunday, May 1st all Family, Friends, Team Kellie Members and Anyone following Kellie's battle with Leukemia is invited to Celebrate Life with Kellie at Rio Vista Park in Peoria, AZ. The park is located North of Thunderbird, 1/4 mile west of Loop 101 on the west side of town. The Celebration will be from 9AM to 1PM.

Please note going forward the Team Kellie webpage will be updated twice a week.

4/20/05 (Wednesday)

Early Wednesday morning Mom and Kellie were up and out of the house by 7:30 AM! Kellie had another Clinic visit. Kellie only received one poke in order to obtain blood samples for testing.

Almost all of her lab results came back within normal limits! Kellie is on the road to recovery! Now that her labs are in the normal range Dr Boklan has scheduled Kellie's last Bone Marrow Biopsy and Spinal Tap Biopsy for next Wednesday.

Mom and Kellie met Dad for lunch at Mickey D's. Kellie surprised Dad when she was not wearing her mask. Dr Boklan gave Kellie the OK that she did not have to wear her mask unless she was in a large crowd.

Kellie spent the evening at PF Changs celebrating the end of her Chemotherapy Treatment which lasted nine months.

4/19/05 (Tuesday)

Kellie spent the day with Julie. They went to the movies and mall. Kellie got a few more Hermit Crabs for her collection. In the evening Ms Connie came over to work with Kellie on her reading skills.

4/18/05 (Monday)

Celebrate Life With Kellie at PF Changs on 4/20/05 @ 6:30 PM 83rd Ave. South of Bell Rd. In lieu of gifts please bring cards or donations made out to Phoenix Children's Hospital - "Kellie Miner Change for Children Fund". Kellie set up the Change for Children Fund for the Oncology Cancer Center at PCH.

4/17/05 (Sunday)

Mom, Kellie and Shelby were up early and headed off to Church. Kellie visited the Kid Zone and showed the other children how to shoot pool.

In the afternoon Dillon can over for a visit. Kellie, Shelby and Dillon played in the backyard with water balloons, Super Soaker squirt guns and in the pool.

Kellie spent the remainder of the day relaxing around the house and playing with her dog Sadie.

4/16/05 (Saturday)

Mom and Kellie spent the morning around the house. Shelby arrived in the afternoon to spend the night with Kellie.

In the evening we all headed off to Kellie first concert. the concert was held at our Church. The Zoë Girls and Jump 5. It was great to watch Kellie enjoying herself as a 11 year old girl and knowing her treatments are completed.

4/15/05 (Friday)

Mom and Kellie spent the morning around the house.

Mom and Kellie meet Hindo for lunch at Top Shelf. Kellie was in the mood for a burrito.

In the afternoon Mom and Kellie went grocery shopping. While bring the groceries in from the truck Mom and Kellie did some bird watching. A humming bird was flying around the front yard and landed so Kellie could take some pictures of it.

4/14/05 (Thursday)

Kellie started her day around 10AM. Another lazy day for Kellie. Kellie cleaned her room and worked on her homework in preparation for Ms. Ditmer's scheduled visit.

Julie Team Captain and Shelby stayed with Kellie as Mom had to report for work.

Kellie worked on her math skills with Ms. Ditmer.

In the evening Kellie worked on her scrap book of her entire life from baby pictures to present.

4/13/05 (Wednesday)

Mom and Kellie started their day off early. Their day consisted of trips to the Bank, Post Office, Doctors Appointment and a little shopping in the afternoon.

Kellie had to have two pokes to acquire blood samples since her PICC line was removed last week. Her ANC is 616 and the labs indicated that her platelets and red blood cells are increasing by themselves.

Her Doctor said that in a few weeks after her counts return to normal levels Kellie will have a CATSCAN from her head to pelvis. The CATSAN will check her sinus, chest, and stomach areas for any lingering bacteria or fungal infections.

Kellie's Doctor also said that with in three to four weeks Kellie will have her next bone marrow biopsy.

Ms Connie arrived in the afternoon to help Kellie with her reading skills. Karen Mom's friend from work arrived and we all ate dinner together (Kellie, Mom, Dad, Ms Connie and Karen).

4/12/05 (Tuesday)

Kellie and Mom spent the morning on the phone with the Make-a-Wish foundation scheduling Kellie's Make-a-Wish trip. Kellie will have the opportunity to swim with Dolphins at Discovery Cove in Florida.

Mom dropped Kellie off with Julie at Kellie's school and Mom departed to work. Kellie was very excited to be back at Cotton Boll School and to see the office staff.

4/11/05 (Monday)

Celebrate Life With Kellie at PF Changs on 4/20/05 @ 6:30 PM 83rd Ave. South of Bell Rd. In lieu of gifts please bring cards or donations made out to Phoenix Children's Hospital - "Kellie Miner Change for Children Fund". Kellie set up the Change for Children Fund for the Oncology Cancer Center at PCH.

Kellie awoke around 9:30 AM and was feeling GREAT! By 11 AM Mom and Kellie were out the door and on their way to Wal-Mart and Sam's Club to do a little shopping. Kellie being the shopper in training that she is spotted two huge Super Soaker Squirt Guns! She got a blue for her and a yellow for day. Since Kellie cannot go swimming we will just have to bring the pool to Kellie.

Ms Connie arrived and worked with Kellie on her reading and English skills. Today's subject was poems.

Kellie watch TV (Lizzy McGuire, Zach & Cody) on the Disney channel into the evening.

4/10/05 (Sunday)

Kellie awoke feeling far better than yesterday. By 9:15 AM we were all on our way to Church. Kellie enjoyed going to the new Church and sermon.

On the way home we stopped by Pets Mart and picked up a new Algae Eater fish and some sand and gravel for Kellie's Hermit Crabs.

In the afternoon Ms. Diana and her two daughters visited with Kellie for over an hour.

We spent the rest of the day around the house. After dinner the family went for a walk around the neighborhood.

4/9/05 (Saturday)

Saturday morning started at 5:00 AM as Kellie woke up vomiting and a bad stomach. Kellie rested on the couch for the remainder of the morning. Around 8 AM Saprinia dropped Travis off for a visit. Mom and Kellie both watched and played with Travis throughout the morning and afternoon.

In the early afternoon Brian arrived to visit with Kellie. Shortly after Brian's arrival Ms. Connie arrived to work with Kellie on her reading skills. Mom popped in a few minutes later and the house was full. Mom visited with Brian while Kellie worked with Ms. Connie.

Aunt Ali arrived about an hour later for a short visit and to pick up Travis.

Kellie spent the remainder of the day around the house.

4/8/05 (Friday) ANC > 1000

Friday Kellie had a follow-up Doctor's appointment for blood work and the removal of her PICC line. Kellie 's ANC dropped from a high 13,040 to nearly 1000. The reason for the ANC drop is that Kellie is no longer receiving Nupagin shots to supplement her body's ability to produce new blood cells.

After Kellie's Doctor Appointment Mom and Kellie went to P.F. Changs for lunch. After lunch Mom and Kellie spent the rest of the day around the house.

4/6/05 (Thursday)

Kellie spent the day around the house not felling well. In the evening Ms. Ditmer arrived and help Kellie with her reading and math.

Aunt Ali, Chad, and Mike arrived for dinner. Kellie enjoyed having dinner with her family.

4/6/05 (Wednesday) ANC = 13,040

Kellie went to the doctors today for her scheduled clinic visit. Upon arrival Kellie was not feeling well and had to be carried into the clinic by use of a wheelchair.

Kellie's Doctor said that Kellie's constant stomach aches, vomiting, nausea are related to her continuing healing stomach. Kellie's probably going to need a platelet transfusion on Friday during her next scheduled clinic visit. During the Friday visit Kellie's PICC Line (IV in her arm) will be removed.

Kellie's Doctor gave Kellie the OK to schedule her Make-a-Wish for anytime after July 1st.

On the 20th of April we invite all Team Kellie Members and Friends of Kellie to join us in a celebration of LIFE and the completion of Kellie's Chemotherapy! The Celebration will be held at P.F. Changs on 83rd Ave South of Bell Road between 6:30 - 8:30 PM.

4/3/05 (Sunday) ANC = 6660

Today nine months to the date that Kellie was diagnosed and admitted to PCH with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) she was released from the hospital as her treatment is complete!

Kellie started her day off with breakfast and a transfusion of platelets. Dad arrived about 9:30 AM and helped Mom breakdown Camp Kellie, loaded Camp Kellie into two wagons and began the first of three trips to pack Camp Kellie into Mom's truck.

Kellie say her tearful goodbyes to her nurses who along with Mom watched over Kellie for nine months through trips to the PICU an back again.

Kellie finally walked out of the hospital around 12:00 PM after 43 days in the hospital and 21 days in isolation.

Kellie arrived home where she was greeted by her puppy Sadie Lee. Kellie spent the day at home rediscovering her room. pets and home again.

We had a family dinner around the kitchen table which by the way has no wheels and cannot be adjusted up or down.

After dinner Dad sprung for Maggie Moos!

4/2/05 (Saturday) ANC =4685

Kellie and Mom had a third good night in a row! Finally an entire night of sleep for both Kellie and Mom.

Around noon Kellie's girlfriend Halyn from Indiana stopped by to visit with Kellie. Along with Halyn was her Mom Debbie and another girlfriend of Kellie's Karen who attends the same school as Kellie.

All of the girls Mom and Debbie went down to the Children's Playground where the San Diego Marine World was going to show the  children at PCH a Penguin and Lemur. The children from PCH all enjoyed seeing the Penguin and Lemur and listen to the animal handlers talked about the animals.

Halyn spent the night with Kellie and Mom.

4/1/05 (Friday) ANC = 2305

Kellie and Mom had another good night. Kellie only got up twice to use the restroom.

In the morning after breakfast Kellie headed off to the gift shop. Once at the gift shop Kellie began to feel nauseas and wanted to return to her room.

On the way back to her room Kellie met the mascots from the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals.

Kellie spent the remainder of her day in bed experiencing the withdrawal symptoms of her pain medication.

3/31/05 (Thursday) ANC = 1645

Mom and Kellie actually had a decent night sleep. Kellie is to the point where some of her medications have been discontinued and she is only getting up a couple of times a night to use the bathroom.

Nichole Mom's friend from work stopped by and visited with Mom and Kellie. Mom, Kellie, and Nichole went outside to watch the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the recently remodeled Family Center.

This was the first time in 41 days that Kellie has been outside the hospital building and actually felt the sun and wind on her face which is something we all take for granted.

Kellie was interviewed by an ASU student on the Beads of Courage program at PCH.

Kellie was interview by numerous news channels regarding the shortage of platelets in Arizona and the need for donations.

Kellie started to experience withdrawal symptoms of her pain medication in the afternoon. She returned to her room and rested the remainder of the day.

In the evening after eating real solid food for dinner Mom and Kellie watched Kellie's interview on Channel 3.

3/30/05 (Wednesday) ANC = 1100

Kellie started her day with a headache and uncontrollable sweating which are the withdrawal symptoms of her pain medication. She has become very uncomfortable and irritable.

Kellie had another CATSCAN of her stomach area as a follow-up to earlier scans to determine her healing process.

3/29/05 (Tuesday) ANC = 823

Kellie and Mom got up late after another long night with many interruptions to their sleep.

Kellie was feeling the withdrawal symptoms (headaches , stomach aches, and nausea) of the decreasing dosages of her pain medication so she spent most of the day in bed.

3/28/05 (Monday) ANC = 690

Mom and Kellie had another long night!

Kellie's Doctor took her off another antibiotic and placed Kellie and a clear liquid diet to help her digestive tract to begin working again.

Kellie walked around the second floor nursing station at least twenty times. Kellie's strength is returning but the pain she is enduring causes her to return to her bed to rest.

Ms Diana visited with Kellie and brought her a Dolphin Light present from her mother.

Kellie has been restricted to her room again by her Doctor to aid in her recovery.

3/27/05 (Sunday) ANC = 360

Dad arrived at 10 AM with Kellie's Easter Basket. Kellie enjoyed her Easter Basket and the gifts she received. Kellie received clothes, nail polish, and bath gels. Due to Kellie's condition and treatment she cannot received the traditional Easter gifts and candy.

Kellie walked 5 times around the second floor nursing stations as her PT. This is the most Kellie has walked in over three weeks.

Kellie rested the remainder of the day as she was experiencing pain and headaches.

In the afternoon, the Easter Bunny arrived with gifts for Kellie. Even though she was in pain she got up and took a picture with the Easter Bunny.

Today was another milestone in Kellie's treatment. Her Doctor has decided to remove one of Kellie's antibiotics. One down four more to go!

3/26/05 (Saturday) ANC = 350

Kellie and Mom had another long night. The medication Kellie receives causes her to use the bathroom throughout the night. Kellie needs Mom's assistance in order to go to the bathroom and return to her bed safely.

Addie and her Mom Cammie visited with Kellie. In the early afternoon, Shelby arrived for a visit. Kellie, Addie, and Shelby spent the afternoon doing Girl stuff.

Winnie the Poo and Goffy arrived for a short visit with Kellie and Shelby.

By the evening, Kellie was exhausted and spent the remainder of the day in bed.

3/25/05 (Friday) ANC = 292

Today was the fist time Kellie has been able to leave her hospital room in 21 days! Kellie played with Serria a Yellow Lab Therapy Dog. After playing with Serria she returned to her room to rest.

Kellie continues to endure pain from the side effects of her Chemotherapy. Kellie's Doctor  have increase her pain management medication to help provide some much needed relief and rest.

Shelby arrived in the evening and decorated Easter Eggs with Kellie. Afterwards Kellie and Shelby played, watch TV and caught up on their Girl talk.

3/24/05 (Thursday) ANC = 40

Kellie and Mom had another long rough night! Between the oxygen saturation alarms, IV pump alarms, Kellie having to get up to use the bathroom and the pain Kellie continues to endure neither Kellie nor Mom got very much sleep.

Of course bright and early the Doctors were present and ready to begin their rounds!

Mom talked the Safety Manger regarding the Ugly Bug incidence and by the evening the door way into the bathroom was fixed and tested by Kellie!

Mom and Kellie worked hard today on Kellie's breathing and physical therapy (dancing) exercises.

Kellie has been taken off all food and fluids and placed back on TPN to help combat an infection in her digestive tract.

Nichol from Mom's work stopped by and visited with Kellie while Mom and Dad went to the store for Kellie.

3/23/05 (Wednesday) ANC = 56

Another long night! Mom is going to try and get Kellie on a more normal day/night schedule to help her and Kellie sleep better at night.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse visited with Kellie today.

Alan form the Radiant Church Youth Ministry visited with Kellie and brought a Sponge Bob Lamp as a gift. Kellie uses the Sponge Bob Lamp as her night light.

Poor Kellie, while she was existing the bathroom Ugly Bug (her IV pole) who was overloaded and top heavy with IV pumps feel over scaring Kellie and Mom! Ugly Bug hit Kellie on the shoulder as she tried to catch her Ugly Bug. Mom came to the rescue! She caught Ugly Bug before he hit the floor and consoled Kellie through her ordeal.

3/22/05 (Tuesday) ANC = 0

Mom and Kellie were up early and on their way to the CATSCAN lab to complete Kellie's scan started the previous night.

The scan indicated an infection in Kellie's digestive tract and Kellie's Doctors placed her on a NPO Status (No food or fluids by mouth).

Kellie slept the remainder of the day while Mom returned home to wash the laundry.

3/21/05 (Monday) ANC = 26

Kellie and Mom had another long night. Kellie continues to endure the never ending pain of her chemotherapy treatment. The pain and discomfort of the chemotherapy can be endured but the side affects are the most painful.

Mom is very optimistic and has begun sending parts of Camp Kellie home with Dad.

3/20/05 (Sunday) ANC = 0

Kellie was sleeping peacefully when I arrived this morning. Kellie and Mom has another long night of  getting up to go to the bathroom and the Oxygen Saturation Monitor is going off!

Kellie awoke and was starting her day when OR Transporter arrived to take Kellie to the Operating Room (OR). Kellie was nervous about going to the OR but at the same time she was leaving her room for the first time in 20 days!

The operation to remove Kellie's Broviac and insertion of a Pick Line (IV) into her left arm was without any complications.

Kellie was back in her room by noon and rested while her nurse started Kellie IV's and red blood cell transfusion.

Kellie continues to endure her pain and we hope that the removal of her Broviac will speed her recovery.

3/19/05 (Saturday) ANC = 0

Kellie and Mom had another long night.

Kellie is retaining fluids she is given medication to make her urinate which will remove fluid from her body and most importantly her lungs. In addition, to relieve her pain she is taking pain medication which slows her breathing at night. So Kellie and Mom are either getting up to go to the bathroom or the Oxygen Saturation Monitor is going off waking Kellie and Mom.

Dad arrived at 11:30 AM to give Mom the day off. When I arrived Kellie and I gave Tammy 10 minutes to leave the hospital or Dad was going back home. Mom was out the door with in 5 minutes.

Kellie was awake and feeling minimal pain. Kellie decided to make another pillow. After the pillow making Kellie was exhausted and we decided to take a nap for a few hours. We awoke a little after 2:45 PM. Kellie decided to watch Animal Planet until Mom arrived a little after 6:30 PM.

Kellie's doctor arrived with some important news. Kellie's doctors decided that her recurring fevers were most likely being cause by an infection from her Broviac. The decision was made to remove Kellie's Broviac tomorrow morning.

3/18/05 (Friday) ANC = 0

Kellie awoke in pain this morning. Mom and Kellie spent the entire morning working on getting her pain under control. In the late morning, a PCH Physical Therapist (PT) arrived to help Kellie exercise in order to move her focus from her pain to something more constructive. Kellie was dancing up a storm with Mom and the PT.

Kellie rested for most of the day as she used Ativan to help relieve her constant pain.

In the evening, Kellie's Physiologist arrive and worked with Kellie to learn ways to control her pain without drugs. The combination of pain medication, exercising, and meditation helps Kellie control her pain as best she can.

3/17/05 (Thursday) ANC = 7

Kellie started the day off vomiting after a long night of constantly getting up to use the bathroom. The good news of the day is that Kellie has an ANC of 7.

Kellie rested for most of the day as she used Ativan to help relieve her constant pain.

In the evening, Mom got Kellie up so she could sit in her chair and perform her breathing exercises.

3/16/05 (Wednesday) ANC = 0

Kellie started her day with severe discomfort!

Kellie had many visitors today. Calie Kar, Gavin's Mom, Mindy, and Magic Larry all visited with Kellie today.

Kellie finally had enough strength to talk with Great Nana Fontes today on the phone. Great Nana loved her flowers and thank Kellie again and wished her a quick recovery and assured Kellie that she was in her thoughts and prayers.

Mom made a material run to Wal-mart. Kellie needed some material with a cat print so she could sew a pillow for one of her nurses.

In the afternoon, Kellie started to fever again along with enduring the severe pain which almost prevent her from getting out of bed.

Kellie continues to struggle with eating. Her body getting it's nourishment through intravenous TPN. The TPN also makes Kellie feel that she is not hungry. Mom continues at every opportunity to try and get Kellie to eat some whole food. Today was more successful than the last two days as Kellie ate a 1/4 of a baloney sandwich.

Today was the Bead of Courage party. Unfortunately Kellie and the other Cancer Children could not attend due to risk of being infected by a virus of bacteria infection.

Kellie did receive a Special Bead of Courage for the celebration and a T-shirt. Mom also picked up a picture of Kellie on one of the tables at the party. The picture was of Kellie holding a butterfly.

It is hard to put into works the pain Kellie is enduring. I have used the words severe and excruciating which by no means communicate the pain that Kellie is experiencing. Kellie can be lying on her bed and scream out in pain. Every movement can cause pain. Getting up and walking to the bathroom causes her pain. Going to the bathroom or sitting on the toilet seat causes her pain. Hugging her Mom causes Kellie pain. Coughing causes her pain. Hugging her Dad good night causes her pain.

Pain that I would not want any of you reading her webpage to ever experience in your lifetime!

Kellie Doctor's are continuously adjusting her pain medication to manage the amount and intensity of pain she feels. But the pain medication is a catch 22. More medication more negative side effects such as fluid in the lungs, breathing problems, and difficulty urinating. Kellie has a PCA pump which on top of Ativan and  Morphine allows her to have on the spot pain relief.

Again words cannot describe the amount of pain Kellie is enduring so if you visit Kellie do not be surprised by how much she pain she is in.

Even though Kellie is experiencing severe pain she has not lost her sense of humor and loves to play jokes  on her visitors.

Tammy, Kellie, and I continue to ask for your prayers for her ANC to increase and the pain to go away.

3/15/05 (Tuesday) ANC = 0

Kellie's Doctor reported that her fever curve is trending down and all of the blood culture tests remain negative.

Today was a day for visitors and events!

Kellie was visited by the US Navy's Leap Frog Parachute Team. The Leap Frogs made Kellie and Honorary Sailor for the day!

Today was also Goofy Hat Day! Kellie wore her Elephant Hat while Dad wore a Navy Hat that Kellie received from the Leap Frogs.

Throughout the evening, Kellie received Benadryl as a premeditation for her antifungal medication. After her antifungal medication Kellie received red blood cells as a replenishment. Kellie started to bleed after the red blood cell transfusion at which point Kellie received a platelet transfusion to help control the bleeding.

To make matters worse, Kellie also received medication to make her urinate to remove fluids from her body which were contributing to fluid build up in her lungs. Kellie and Mom were up and down all night going to the bathroom.

Since Mom and Kellie were up she also performed her breathing exercises to strengthen her lungs.

3/14/05 (Monday) ANC = 0

Shelby took a happy hooky day off from school. Shelby, Julie, and David visited with Kellie this morning. After Shelby's visit Kellie vomited as she continues to struggle with her fever and pain.

Kellie's fever spiked again and her doctor ordered another blood culture test to try and determine what is causing her fever.

Today was Dad's Great Nana Fontes' 91st Birthday. Nana Fontes called Kellie to thank her for the beautiful flowers sent to her by our family. Unfortunately, Kellie was experiencing severe pain and did not have the energy to speak on the phone.

3/13/05 (Sunday) ANC = 0

Another long night for Kellie and Mom. Kellie's Oxygen Saturation Monitor went off throughout the night to remind Kellie to breath.

Kellie's Doctor order to a chest X-Ray to determine how much fluid is collecting in her lungs.

Kellie was also assigned breathing exercises to minimize fluid build up in her lungs.

Another challenge is to keep Kellie eating. Since she has been on TPN her appetite is gone. This causes problems with her digestive tract and liver. Her Doctor has stopped the TPN and is hoping Kellie will become hungry and start eating again.

Cameron and Christina visited with Kellie today. Kellie had enough energy and minimal pain that she made a pillow for Christina as a birthday present.

Kellie received another transfusion of platelets today.

Kellie's pain is better managed today but she is still feeling pain. Pain that can so intense that it is hard to describe.

3/12/05 (Saturday) ANC = 0

Kellie's Doctor have provided her with a PCA Pump which allows Kellie to administer pain medication on demand. This is helping Kellie manage her pain.

Grandma Joyce visited with Kellie for a few hours allowing Mom a brief brake from watching Kellie.

Kellie was placed on oxygen due the heavy sedation she is receiving for her pain.

3/11/05 (Friday) ANC = 0

Mom and Kellie were up most of the night due to the pain Kellie is experiencing. Mom and Kellie finally woke up around 11 AM as it was along night for both of them.

Kellie's Doctor adjusted her antibiotics to address the infection in her GI tract.

Kellie received a platelet transfusion today.

Kellie continues to experience excruciating pain due to her GI tract infection.

3/10/05 (Thursday) ANC = 0

Kellie continued to experience severe pain throughout the day. Even with her pain Kellie did a little sewing and visited with a Arizona Rattler Arena Football Player.

In the afternoon, Kellie and Mom changed her dressing with No Tears!

In the evening, Grandma Joyce visited with Kellie and brought her a Homemade Apple Pie. Kellie being the generous person that she is shared her pie with her Doctors an Nurses.

To allow Kellie to get a good night sleep she was given a dose of Ativan and Benadryl.

3/9/05 (Wednesday) ANC = 0

Kellie woke up with a fever, but she was in a very good mode even though she was experiencing serious pain. Kellie ate a few bites for breakfast to help reduce her nausea when she takes medication.

Kellie spent most of her day sewing pillows for her hospital friends, their Moms and her Nurses. Kellie even sewed two baby blankets together to make a bag for Gavin's Mom's birthday present. After all the pillow making Kellie repaired Mom's bed pillow as it had torn.

Mom dropped off one of Kellie's Walkie-Talkies to Sal so she could chat with him throughout the day.

Magic Larry stopped by and visited with Kellie. During his visit Kellie and Magic Larry painted a picture for Grandma Joyce.

Kellie has been receiving telephone calls from Family and Friends which is a GREAT lift to her spirit!!!! Keep those telephone calls coming!!

3/8/05 (Tuesday) ANC = 0

The day started early as Dad arrived at 6:30 AM with Kellie's sewing machine and clean blankets. Dad sung his little song to Kellie to wake her up to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. Kellie's response was  "Please let sleep more. I need my rest"

Mom took Chad to the Orthodontist for a check up appointment. After Chad's Orthodontist appointment Mom and Chad went to Wal-mart to buy some material for Kellie to make more pillows.

In the evening,  Mom, Kellie, and Dad played UNO and of Course Dad lost again! UNO is not my game.

In the night, Kellie received a red blood cell and platelet transfusion.

3/7/05 (Monday) ANC = 0

Kellie continues to experience headaches and leg pain. IV pain medication has been started in order to manage Kellie's pain. Kellie slept most of the day as she was heavily sedated with pain medication.

Nichole from Mom's worked visited with Kellie this afternoon until Mom returned from her Doctor's appointment.

Gavin stopped by to play with Kellie. They shot darts at the target on Kellie's room door that Buffy's Mom made for Kellie.

3/6/05 (Sunday) ANC = 0

Kellie continued to fever throughout the night and day. Kellie is beginning to experienced severe pain in her legs are her bone marrow begins to recover.

Kellie had another transfusion of platelets. Kellie has been started on pain relief medication to manage the pain she is experiencing as headaches and leg pain.

Addie and her Mom stopped by to visit with Kellie. Kellie and Addie played make-up.

3/5/05 (Saturday) ANC = 0

Kellie woke up at 1:45 AM with a fever and headache. Mom called Kellie's Doctor and discussed Kellie's condition with him. Kellie's Doctor started Kellie and broad spectrum antibiotics to control Kellie's fever.

Kellie continued to fever throughout the night which was accompanied with the chills. Kellie spent the remainder of the day resting in bed.

In the evening, Pastor Mikki and Carry visited with Kellie while Mom and Dad escaped for a short break away from the hospital.

3/4/05 (Friday) ANC = 0

Well Kellie started her day early and with Krispy Kreme Donuts. Dad surprised Mom and Kellie with a 8 AM wake up call along with two dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts. A special thanks to Bonnie with Krispy Kreme Donuts.

Kellie received a transfusion of platelets as her platelet count was 8 and a normal platelet level is 140 or greater.

Kellie spent the day painting her nails, Mom's nails and Gavin's Mom's nails.

Kellie was visited to day by a couple of the Arizona Rattlers Football Players.

3/3/05 (Thursday) ANC=100

Gavin one of Kellie's Hospital Friends visited and played with Kellie today.  A Arizona Cardinal Football player visited Kellie and many of the other children at PCH.

Today was another painful day as it was dressing change day.

Kellie's Teacher Ms. Connie arrived and worked with Kellie on her reading and math homework.

3/2/05 (Wednesday)

Kellie started her day off with a transfusion of red blood cells today. Another surprise visitor "The Cat in the Hat" stopped by an chatted with Kellie. Thing One and Thing Two were no where to found.

Gaby and Kellie played together for most of the day.

In the evening, Kellie had her Broviac valves replaced by her nurse and a new patch behind her ear to help prevent nausea.

Tonight was Family Game Night. We played UNO! Mom was the BIG Winner tonight, Kellie second and Dad Last. I just can get the hang of this UNO card game.

Kellie and Mom finished their night together watching TV.

3/1/05 (Tuesday)

Kellie's ANC is varying greatly in response to her chemotherapy. Kellie received a transfusion of platelets today.

Today Kellie's Hospital Friend Gaby arrived to begin her next round of treatment. Kellie and Gaby played the entire day away.

Kellie also received a surprised visit form Winnie the Poo. The Poo Bear was in rare form today as he raised the spirits of the children at PCH.

Carl from "One Darn Cool School" present Kellie with a present. A flute that Kellie enjoys playing.

Pastor Cary visited with Kellie in the evening and played UNO with Kellie. Of course Kellie won all of the games.

2/28/05 (Monday)

Kellie's music teacher made a surprise visit today. Kellie played a drum and wrote a some called the Hospital Blues. She sang the song to Mom and her teacher.

Kellie wrote her now famous "Hospital Blues Song" today. You should ask her to sing it to you the next time you see or talk to Kellie.

Kellie's reading teacher arrived in the afternoon and worked with Kellie on her reading skills.

In the evening Kellie became nauseated and decided to get to bed early.

2/27/05 (Sunday)

Kellie called Dad at 6 AM and informed me that today was her last day of chemotherapy! Dad arrived around 11:30 AM to be present at Kellie's last injection of chemotherapy. Kellie picked her nurse Tess to make the final injection. Tess has taken care of Kellie through Thick and Thin!

Aunt Ali and Chad arrived at 12:30 PM with lunch. We all visited for about an hour after which Aunt Ali and Chad headed off to Tucson.

Dad watched Kellie while Mom went to the gym and store. We ate dinner as a family and visited for a few hours.

2/26/05 (Saturday)

Kellie received more chemotherapy today. The stress of the chemotherapy has worn Kellie out. Kellie still had the energy to shoot dart guns with her Hospital Friend Salvador who is also a patient as PCH.

2/25/05 (Friday)

Kellie last doses of chemotherapy began today. Kellie rested as she was very tired from her chemotherapy.

2/24/05 (Thursday)

Kellie rested most of the day as she was recuperating from her last injection of chemo. Today was dressing change day. Kellie was very brave as she endured the pain of yet another dressing removal.

2/23/05 (Wednesday) ANC = 446

Kellie was up, dressed and out at the Nursing Station asking for her ANC count by 8 AM. Kellie wanted to know if she could play today or if she would be restricted to her isolation room. The verdict was "Kellie is FREE!"

Kellie spent the morning in the Craft Room painting.

Grandma Joyce visited with Kellie today and brought Kellie a couple of Craft Animals, fish to be exact, made of paper and old CDs.

At 1 PM Julie, Shelby and David arrived at the hospital for a visit. Mom ordered pizza's and a pizza party was happening on the 2nd Floor.

David, Shelby's brother surprised Kellie when he presented her with a $1000.00 Dollar check from Independence High School's Penny Drive in support for Kellie's Change for Kids!

The Royal Queen herself form the Renaissance Faired visited with Kellie and the other Kids at PCH.

Denise Monks visited with Kellie today. Denise and her husband created the Kenzie Kase for children at PCH.

2/22/05 (Tuesday) ANC = 590

Kellie is feeling much better today. She played in the Craft Room for most of the day. In the afternoon Christy and Austin from Church stopped by and visited with Kellie.

2/21/05 (Monday) ANC = 1600

Kellie's doctor's have finally arrived at the correct combination of drugs to treat the chemotherapy side effects. Morphine and Zophrane have been stopped and Kellie is receiving a small amount of Ativan which is working terrifically and has eliminated all of the chemotherapy side effects.

Today was moving day! While Pastor Micki, Charity, and Came visited with Kellie Mom and Dad broke Camp Kellie down and moved it into the isolation room. Kellie's ANC is beginning to decrease as the chemotherapy drugs do their job!

2/20/05 (Sunday) ANC = 4136

Kellie's throat culture came back negative for any virus. Her doctor's think that Kellie might be experiencing side effects of the chemotherapy drugs that are being used to treat Kellie.

Kellie is also experiencing the typical side effects of chemotherapy nausea, headaches, and vomiting. Mom is by Kellie's side to help her through her battle with Leukemia.

Kellie rested for most of the day!

2/19/05 (Saturday) ANC = 1848

It was a long night for Mom and Kellie. Kellie was up every hour to use the bathroom. In the early morning Kellie complained of a sore throat. A throat culture was taken and a strep throat was thought to be the cause of Kellie's sore throat. Kellie was placed on a broad spectrum antibiotic to help fight the infection until the exact strain can be identified.

Tammy asks that you keep Kellie in your thoughts and prayers.

2/18/05 (Friday)

Mom and Kellie were up early in anticipation of Kellie's doctor's visit. Dad received the call around 12:30 PM. Kellie was admitted into the hospital to begin her fifth and last round of chemotherapy.

Mom setup Camp Kellie along with Kellie's help in her hospital room. In the evening Kellie under went a CATSCAN to check her lungs for the presence of fungus. Two small spots were identified during the scan. Kellie was started on a antifungal drug to keep the fungus in check during Kellie's treatment.

Dad arrived with dinner and the rest of Camp Kellie supplies. Kellie was already hooked up to an IV pole and her chemotherapy had begun. The drugs were taking their affect on Kellie as she was a little slow and very tired.

2/17/05 (Thursday)

Mom and Kellie spent the majority of morning around the house. Around 11 AM Mom and Kellie went shopping at Sam's Club to stock up on supplies for Kellie's pending hospital stay.

In the late afternoon Ms. Ditmer and her daughter arrived. Ms Ditmer worked with Kellie on her math skills. Afterwards Kellie, Ms. Ditmer, and her daughter went outside in the backyard. Kellie and Ms. Ditmer's daughter bounced on the trampoline.

2/16/05 (Wednesday)

Today Mom and Kellie were busy as Bees! They both were in the mood to clean the house! Mean while Dad was working away at office downtown when the office administrator arrived with a  vase of flowers for Dad. The card read  "Thinking of you. Have a wonderful Day. From your girls". Needless to say I was surprised.

2/15/05 (Tuesday)

Mom and Kellie went to the movies and watched "Are We There Yet?" with Grandma Joyce. After the movie Mom and Kellie ate lunch at Kellie favorite restaurant P.F. Changs. In the afternoon Julie picked up Kellie to watch her while Tammy went to work.

Dad picked Kellie up at Shelby's singing class. We drove home in the HOV lane and had Mickey D's for dinner.

Kellie watch TV and played with her Legos until bedtime.

2/14/05 (Monday)

Mom worked around the house while Kellie played with Sadie and watched TV. In the evening Ms Ditmer arrived and work with Kellie to continue her education while she waits to start her next round of chemo.

2/13/05 (Sunday)

We were all up early as we were going to Church this morning. Mom prepared pancakes for breakfast. Even Sadie snuck some pancakes as she had flour and syrup on her coat.

After Church we visited some more model homes. While we were visiting the model homes Mom began to feel ill. We dropped Mom off at the Del Web Emergency Room and I drove Kellie and Shelby home so Julie could watch them.

I returned to the Del Web Emergency Room. Together with Mom we waited for more than 10 hours for a doctor consultation. Finally a doctor saw us and confirmed what Tammy had suspected in her heart. She had experienced a miscarriage of her fetus.

We sad hearts we returned home at 10:30 PM thanked Julie for her support for watching Kellie for more than 12 hours.

Tammy explained to Kellie what Mom had experienced and we were all sad for our family's loss.

2/12/05 (Saturday)

Today was a lazy rainy day. We all got up late and Mom prepared French Toast for breakfast. Kellie and Shelby played together for most of morning.

In the afternoon we went out looking at new homes.

In the evening we ate dinner and watched TV. Just another lazy rainy day.

2/11/05 (Friday)

Mom and Kellie met with Kellie's Doctor to review Kellie progress. Blood samples were taken to determine Kellie's ANC. Kellie's ANC is 268 which is too low to begin her next round of Chemo but still increase ever so slowly.

Kellie has another week off and Kellie and Mom have another doctor's appointment schedule for next Friday.

Kellie and Mom celebrated with lunch at P.F. Changs.

In the evening, Kellie's reading teacher arrived at the house to work with Kellie on her reading skills.

Shelby arrived around 6 PM to spend the night with Kellie.

Mom and Kellie came home last night after a shopping trip to Wal-mart. Kellie and Mom walked in the house smiling ear to ear. Kellie with baby clothes in hand proclaimed loudly to Dad that she was going to be a big sister. Dad was surprised as Tammy told me she was pregnant.

2/10/05 (Thursday)

Kellie was up and out of bed by 9 AM. She ate her breakfast on the coffee table with Sadie next to her on the couch. Kellie was distracted for a second and Sadie decided to sneak a quick taste of Kellie's cereal. Kellie was livid!

Today was dressing change day! Kellie work patiently and cautiously and had her dressing changed in less than an hour.

We ate lunch at P.F Changs. Kellie visited with her two friends Bobby and Chris. Kellie enjoyed her lettuce wraps and white rice.

Kellie and I spent the remainder of the day at home. Pastor Mikki and friends stopped by in the evening to spend time visiting with Kellie.

Tomorrow Kellie is schedule to be readmitted into the hospital to begin her next and final round of Chemotherapy.

The telephone rang constantly for a few hours this afternoon as Well Wishers called Kellie in support of her next round of Chemo.

2/9/05 (Wednesday) " Mom's Birthday"

Aunt Ali picked up Kellie in the morning to watch Kellie as Mom had some personal business to attend. Kellie spent the afternoon with Aunt Ali at Grandma Joyce's.

Mom, Kellie, and Dad met Mom's friend Jason and his children at Top Shelf for dinner. After dinner we sung Happy Birthday to Mom and ate birthday cake for desert.

2/8/05 (Tuesday)

Kellie and Mom were out the door by 9 AM and headed over to Grandma Joyce's for some sewing lessons. Kellie made a pillow for Dad and spent the remainder of the day visiting with Grandma and playing with Chad when he returned from school.

Dad picked up Kellie after work and headed off for home. once we arrived at home Kellie went to work sewing 8 place mats for Mom.

In the evening Brian our neighbor stopped by for a visit with Kellie and the Family.

2/7/05 (Monday)

Mom and Kellie went shopping at the Singer and County Ranch Stores. Mom and Kellie went in as partners and bought a sewing machine. Kellie later told me that I was a silent partner to, Kellie had just forgotten to tell me.

Mom and Kellie spent the remainder of the day at home. Ms Ditmer arrived and worked with Kellie on her math and English skills. Kellie received her report card today. Kellie is on the Honor Roll with a 4.0 GPA.

Pastor Miki and Camie came over to be with Kellie as Mom had to go to work. They played games in the house and jumped on the trampoline.

Kellie and Dad surprised Mom by installing her new faucet this evening. Kellie held the faucet in place and fed the hose through the faucet to Dad who was under the sink working.

Mom arrived home after work. Dad covered her eyes and spun Mom around three times for good luck and directed her to the kitchen. Kellie did the honors by turning on Mom's faucet while Dad uncovered Mom's eyes.

2/6/05 (Sunday)

We departed for Church around 8:45 AM. We met Julie and Nicole from Mom's work at church and they sat up front with us. Kellie decided she wanted to go to the Zone with Pastor Mikki.

After church we headed off to the mall. Kellie purchase few links for her bracelets. After her shopping Kellie needed a frozen banana from the Colorado Chocolate Store. Kellie had a plain frozen banana while Mom had a chocolate coated banana.

We lounged around the house until about 4:30 PM when Mom decided she wanted the entire family to go to Home Depot. Mom selected her birthday present, a new faucet with the rinse handle with a hose.

We returned home and watched the Super Bowl while Mom cooked up hotdogs for dinner.

2/5/05 (Saturday)

The family went shopping at Wal-mart. Kellie bought some material to make dad a pillow and eight place mats for the kitchen table. We departed Waltmart and went to P.F. Changs for lunch. Kellie enjoyed lunch at her favorite restaurant.

After lunch we went for a drive in Mom's truck and around 5:00 PM we dropped Mom off to have dinner with Aunt Lynell.

In the evening, Aunt Lynell dropped Mom off and came in for a visit with Kellie. As Aunt Lynell was departing Nichole and Joe arrived for a visit with Kellie.

2/4/05 (Friday)

Kellie started her day around 9:30 AM. Kellie and I ate breakfast together while watching the Disney channel.

Since Dad worked from home today the family ate late lunch together. Mom cooked a great meal which we ate while discussing our day.

After lunch Kellie started practicing tuning her guitar. Kellie watch a video on TV and plucked away. A couple of times I could not tell the difference between Kellie's guitar playing and the video.

In the early evening Pastor Mikki, Charity stopped by and picked Kellie up for some girl time.

Kellie's day ended with some school work with her teacher over the phone.

2/3/05 (Thursday)

Kellie started her day out at 8:30 AM. Mom woke Kellie up in order to start her day at a reasonable time as Mom had many projects to complete.

Today was dressing change day! This is the worst day of the week. Kellie's Broviac dressing which reduces her risk to infection is one of her most painful procedures. The dressing must seal the area around her chest where the Broviac enters Kellie's body. The dressing works quite well by adhering to her skin like a second layer of skin. The problem lies with the removal of the dressing! The adhesive remover barely helps to break down the adhesive. The pain comes from the pressure of pulling on the dressing. Kellie survived another dressing change!

Kellie and Mom went shopping after lunch at Wal-mart's together.

2/2/05 (Wednesday)

Kellie and Mom were out of the house early on their way to Grandma Joyce's house. Kellie made two pillows. One for her and one for her dog Sadie. She is learning to sew.

Kellie and Mom departed Grandma Joyce's for Kellie weekly doctor's appointment. Kellie's counts are good but her ANC at 230 is still too low to begin her next and final round of chemotherapy. It is taking her bone marrow longer to come back due to the intensity of her last treatment. This extra time off between her treatment is call "Kellie Time".

After Kellie's doctor appointment Mom and Kellie went back to Grandma Joyce's house where Kellie played with her cousin Chad.

Mom and Kellie arrived home around 9:00 PM with Banana Bread in hand made especially by Grandma.

2/1/05 (Tuesday)

Mom and Kellie started the day with some shopping. For lunch Mom and Kellie met Julie at P.F. Changs. If you haven't guessed by now P.F. Changs is Kellie's favorite restaurant.

After lunch Mom, Kellie and Julie did some more shopping. Around 2:30 PM Julie and Kellie departed for Cotton Boll school to pick up Shelby. They head off to Shelby's Choir practice. Dad arrived around 5:30 PM to pick Kellie up and the two of us returned home for the evening.

1/31/05 (Monday)

Mom and Kellie spent the day at home. In the afternoon, Team Captain Julie came over to pick up Kellie. Kellie went to hockey practice with Julie, Shelby, and David. Kellie enjoyed watching David practice hockey along with visiting with Shelby.

On the way home from hockey practice Julie's truck blew a tire. Kellie gave Mom a call to let her know that she would be a little late due to the flat tire.

Kellie enjoyed her time with Shelby at the ice hockey rink.

1/30/05 (Sunday)

We started the day by attending church. After church we stopped by Mom's friend Tasha's house but no one was home. We returned home and spent the remainder of the day relaxing. Kellie played with Shelby until her Mom Julie picked her up around 3 PM.

We also held funeral service for Kellie's Gold Fish. Kellie won her Gold Fish last year at the Cotton Boll Family Fun Night.

Kellie and Dad said a prayer " Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, there is a fish in the toilet so give it a flush". Kellie said a few words "he was lucky fish". Those in attendance included Kellie, Mom, Dad, Shelby and Sadie.

1/29/05 (Saturday)

The morning started with a boom! A thunder storm was passing through our part of the valley. After a couple of loud thunder claps Kellie jumped into bed with Mom and Dad. Sadie was right behind Kellie.

Shelby arrived around 11 AM for her sleep over night. We went shopping at Arrowhead Mall in the afternoon. It was one of those lazy rainy days.

Kellie and Shelby put on a Talent Show for Mom and Dad. They sang and danced for our entertainment.

1/28/05 (Friday)

Mom and Kellie went to Mom's work to pickup some paperwork. Kellie visited with Aunt Lynell and Shirlene while Mom was taking care of her work business.

Mom, Kellie and Aunt Lynell went out to lunch at Taco Bell.

In the evening Mom, Dad, and Kellie met Mindy form PCH for dinner at P.F. Changs. We all had a great time.

1/27/05 (Thursday)

Nana and Papa departed on their trip home back to California.

Kellie and Mom started their day off shopping at Sam's Club.

Ms Ditmer worked with Kellie schooling. Kellie learned a hard lesson today. Kellie learned that Cantaloupe and M&M candies do not mix. Kellie vomited which scared Mom. We monitored Kellie's temperature for more than three hours until we were 100% sure that Kellie was not sick.

1/26/05 (Wednesday)

Well Mom and Dad were up early and off to Home Depot to rent a sump pump to drain the swimming pool. Kellie awoke around 7:00 AM and immediately came out to investigate all of the hoses, pumps and running water.

Kellie and I departed in the Jeep for United Blood Services while Mom followed in the truck. While I donated platelets Kellie and Mom were interviewed by News 12 on how the blood donations have helped Kellie. Kellie received a 6 Gallon Pin from United Blood Services. To date Kellie has received a little more than 6 gallons of blood products during her treatment. The interview was on the 6 PM news.

After her interview Mom and Kellie drove back home and picked up Nana and departed for Kellie's Doctor Appointment. Kellie counts dropped to an  ANC of 138 but her body is now producing its own nutrafils. Kellie will have another 1 to 2 weeks before her next and final chemotherapy treatment begins.

1/25/05 (Tuesday)

Kellie spent the morning with Nana and Papa waiting impatiently for Mom and Dad to return. We spent the afternoon visiting and in the evening Papa took all of us out to dinner at the Olive Garden.

1/24/05 (Monday)

Kellie enjoyed visiting with Nana and Papa throughout the morning. Mom and Dad escaped overnight to one of the local resorts to celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary while Nana and Papa watched Kellie.

Kellie enjoyed her time with Nana. They watched TV in Mom and Dad's room and stayed up late into the night.

1/23/05 (Sunday)

We started the day off early! I heard a little voice singing "Good Morning Sunshine woo, woo, woo" as I awoke Kellie handing me a plate with a heart shape waffle on it for breakfast in bed. :-)

We departed for Church and arrived fifteen minutes early. We sat in the front row in Church as Pastor Mikki had reserved seats for us. Pastor Lee brought Kellie up on stage and the entire Church prayed for Kellie.

After Church we went to the Mall and ate lunch at P.F. Changs.

In the afternoon, Aunt Ali and Cousin Chad visited with Kellie. Aunt Ali and Mom went to the Gym to workout and Chad played with Kellie and Sadie.

Kellie waited impatiently for Nana and Papa arrival from California. Kellie called Nana's cell phone ever couple of hours for an update on their arrival.

1/22/05 (Saturday)

Mom and Kellie were up early and took Sadie to PetsMart to have her long nails clipped. Sadie was a good girl when her nails were clipped as report by Kellie.

After bringing Sadie home Mom and Kellie headed off to the Mall to do a little shopping. Kellie bought some new shells for her large Hermit Crabs.

In the afternoon, Mom, Kellie and Dad headed off to the Golf Driving Range. We all had a great time hitting golf balls. As Kellie says "its a great stress reliever hitting those golf balls".

The family spent the rest of the evening at home.

1/21/05 (Friday)

Kellie slept in to around 10 AM. Kellie spent the day watching TV while Dad worked from home. Kellie had a lazy day until Ms Connie her reading teacher from Cotton Boll arrived to help Kellie with her reading skills.

Just a Ms Connie had left the door bell rang and it was Ms Ditmer Kellie's 5th grade teacher. Ms Ditmer dropped off several reading books for Kellie to read out loud to Mom and Dad. Ms Ditmer also shared with Mom and Kellie that she was going to setup a booth to raise money for Kellie's Change for Kids at the Annual Cotton Boll McDonald's Family Night on February 9th at Olive & 91st Ave.

Mom, Kellie ad Dad met Cameron and Christina for dinner at Red Robins. After dinner we all went over to Maggies Moos for desert.

1/20/2005 (Thursday)

Kellie was up bright and early today! She watched TV until Mom got up and fixed her breakfast.

Kellie and Mom spent the afternoon going through Camp Kellie. For those of you who don't know what Camp Kellie is I'll try to describe it for you.

When Kellie begins her chemotherapy she or actually Mom and Dad bring Kellie's plastic bins on wheels (three of them) to the hospital. The bins contains games, books, craft items, DVDs, fingernail paint and all the things that keep Kellie busy during her treatment. Mom's contribution to Camp Kellie consists of her cot, air mattress and suitcases. When Kellie enters isolation Dad brings Kellie's refrigerator. Kellie keeps her food and goodies in her refrigerator. Kellie's room looks like a little girls room with lots of Love instead of a sterile hospital room.

Shirlene stopped by to visit Mom and Kellie. During her visit Shirlene helped Mom and Kellie with Kellie's dressing change. Kellie was happy to have Shirlene help her through the pain that is involved with the dressing change.

In the evening Pastor Mikki and Charity stooped by and visited and played with Kellie on the trampoline.

In the evening Mom, Dad, and Kellie took Sadie for a walk around the neighborhood.

1/19/2005 (Wednesday)

Kellie and Mom started the day off with a Doctor's appointment. Kellie's ANC dropped to 220 after the Nupagin injections were discontinued. The good side is that Kellie's bone marrow is starting to produce blood cells again on its own.

Kellie's received a transfusion platelets and red blood cells to supplement her blood system until her bone marrow begins producing platelets and red blood cells again.

Since Kellie's ANC is under a 1000 Kellie will have another 1 to 2 weeks before her next and final round of chemotherapy begins

1/18/2005 (Tuesday)

Mom and Kellie started their lazy day by getting out of bed after 9:00 AM. Mom and Kellie decided to go to the movies. They went and saw Stripes. Kellie really enjoyed the movie and all the funny characters.

Aunt Lynell and the Brooks Brothers visited with Kellie and Mom in the afternoon. Kellie enjoyed the company of Nathan, Garrett, and Seth the Brooks Brothers.

Kellie's Reading Teacher worked with Kellie for an hour on her reading skills. After her teacher left Kellie started on over a week's worth of homework. By the end of the night Kellie was only a couple of days behind in her homework.

1/17/2005 (Monday)

Family friends Dori, Britnay, and Amanda from Albuquerque New Mexico stopped by and visited with Mon and Kellie. The girls went of to lunch at P.F. Changs and enjoyed their afternoon together.

In the late afternoon, Aunt Alice picked up Mom and Kellie and drove them over to Grandma Joyces's house for dinner.

Kellie enjoyed herself playing with her cousins from Page, AZ and Chad.

1/16/2005 (Sunday)

We awoke early Sunday morning had breakfast and prepared for Church. At the beginning of Church Pastor Lee introduced Kellie to the Members of Radiant Church. Kellie who has been on TV and in the newspapers more than eight times was shy as she spoke from the stage in front of the entire Radiant Church.

After Church we went to PetsMart and got a new fish and some gravel for Kellie's new fish tank.

Kellie and Shelby spent the remainder of the day playing and took a brief break to make Shelby's Knot blanket.

The kids talked Tammy into starting a fire so they could roast marshmellows over an open fire.

Kellie spent the evening going through her cards and mail for her well wishers.

1/15/2005 (Saturday)

Gaby arrived in the morning and spent time playing with Kellie and Shelby. In the early afternoon we loaded the truck up and headed of to Gaby's Grandparents home to drop Gaby off. Then we headed to Dad's friend Brenda's house to exchange Christmas presents and to pickup two new Hermit Crabs for Kellie.

On the way home we stopped by PetsMart and picked up some sand and a new water dish for the Hermit Crabs.

We decided to have dinner out and Kellie picked Top Shelf.

1/14/2005 (Friday)

Mom and Kellie were up early and headed off to a scheduled doctor appointment. Blood samples were taken and Kellie received a platelet transfusion due to a very low platelet count of "4".

On the way home from the doctor's office Kellie and Mom stopped by Grandma Joyce's work for a short visit and necessary shopping at Sam's Club.

Mom and Kellie spent the afternoon at home and waited for Shelby to arrive. Shelby planned to spend the weekend visiting with Kellie.

Mom and Kellie invited Shelby's Mom Julie and her brother David over for a BBQ Chicken dinner.

1/13/2005 (Thursday)

Kellie and Mom spent the mooring at home going through Camp Kellie. In between Kellie's treatments Mom goes through Kellie's bins and bags to restock for their next deployment.

In the afternoon Pastor Mikki stopped by to visit Kellie and brought her lunch from Taco Bell. While Kellie was visiting with Pastor Mikki Mom ran some errands.

In the evening Dad made an Emergency run to Maggie Moos!

1/12/2005 (Wednesday)

Kellie's doctor snuck into Kellie's room this morning and performed her daily examination without Kellie even waking up! This might have to do to the fact that Kellie and Mom went to bed at 12:00 AM in the morning.

Kellie got her get out of the hospital card today. Mom called Team Capitan Julie to help her pack up Camp Kellie and headed off home! Kellie was so excited to be going home, but she didn't want to tell Dad so she waited until she got home and called him from the house phone to see if he would recognize the telephone number.

Sadie was surprised and happy to see that her Kellie Girl was home.

Kellie has an appointment on Friday for a possible blood and platelet transfusion.

Down with Round four of five!

This evening we celebrated our Christmas at home!

1/11/2005 (Tuesday) ANC = 3001

Kellie got the OK to attend One Darn Cool School today. Kellie's Christmas Vacation is over. In the afternoon Kellie meet an author name Mona of several children's books.

Kellie has been working hard to increase her caloric and water intake so she can go home on Friday! Kellie is also experiencing detox from her pain and antibiotics she has been receiving for more than three weeks.

In the late afternoon Mrs. Connie, Kellie's new homebound teacher arrived and worked with Kellie on her reading skills.

Kellie was taken off her Ugly Bug ! You go Girl!

Late breaking news...... Mom beat Kellie at Aggravation!

1/10/2005 (Monday) ANC = 2178

Kellie and Mom were informed this morning that they would be moving out of the isolation room and into one of the semi-private rooms.

Kellie was visited today by Pastor Mikki, Charity, Shelby and Julie.

Kellie sweet talked her teachers into another day off from school work but not Mom. Mom and Kellie work on some homework in preparation for tomorrow.

Kellie ended the day with the chills! Mom and Kellie's nurses are watching Kellie closely as chills are a sign of infection.

1/9/2005 (Sunday) ANC = 1764

Kellie spent a lot of the day visiting with the nurses at both Nursing Stations.

Mom and Kellie spent some girl time together polishing and painting their nails today.

Kellie spent some time in the craft room today and made a couple of refrigerator magnets. The refrigerator magnets were in the shape of dolphins.

While Kellie was in the craft room Mom went to Grandma Joyce's house and made Kellie some meatloaf and rice per Kellie's request.

1/8/2005 (Saturday) ANC = 1100

Kellie is feeling better with the exception of her bone pain. She continues to use her pain medication pump to relieve the pain in her legs.

in the afternoon, Aunt Ali and Cousin Chad visited with Kellie in afternoon. Chad stayed with Kellie while Aunt Ali and Mom went to the gym to workout.

In the evening, Kellie was on TV in support of the Rock & Roll Marathon.

1/7/205 (Friday) ANC = 960

Today after several weeks of CATSCANS, X-Rays, and Blood Cultures Kellie was diagnosed with a fungal infection in her lungs. Kellie's doctor discontinued her antibiotics and started her on a anti-fungal medication that Kellie takes as a pill.

Between visits and playing games of aggregation with Shelby and Julie Kellie worked on her physical therapy and respiratory therapy.

1/6/2005 (Thursday) ANC = 860

The itching from Kellie's rash is almost driving her crazy.

Kellie had many visitors today. Pastor Mikki from Radiant Church, Adie Kellie's little friend and fellow hospital patient, a La Cross Player and Cheerleader all visited Kellie today.

Tina and Patrick family friends called from Flagstaff this morning and talked with Kellie. They explained to Kellie that they could not visit her because Tina was sick and did not want to risk infecting Kellie or another child at the hospital.

Well, the Christmas Break is over as Ms Ditmer arrived with school work in hand form Kellie!

1/5/2005 (Wednesday) ANC = 649

Kellie rash continues to be her biggest annoyance! It is really not the rash but the itching that accompanies the rash. Kellie is so red that we call her with Love "Our Little Tomato".

Julie form Mom's work and Team Kellie Captain Julie visited with Kellie and Mom today.

Kellie's TPN and Pain Management Drugs were decreased again in preparation for Kellie's future departure!

1/4/2005 (Tuesday) ANC = 550

Due to several days that Kellie spent in the PICU she has been on TPN (intravenous feeding) for a couple of weeks. Well, today was Kellie's first day on clear liquids in order to get her tummy back in working order.

Kellie had visitors from Cotton Boll Elementary School today. The Principal Mr. Snyder, Assistant Principal Dr. Crudder and a School Representative visited with Kellie this morning.

Kellie performed her physical therapy today in order to stretch her muscles and get them in working order. Kellie has been so sick that she has been bed ridden for a couple of weeks and she is losing muscle tone throughout her body which makes walking difficult.

In the evening, Mom and Kellie walked out an around the "A" Nursing Station. Mom grabbed a wheel chair and pushed Kellie to the other end of the floor so Kellie could visit with the Nurses at the "B" nursing station.

Kellie received and transfusion of platelets today. A Great Big Thank You to all the blood donors!

1/3/2005 (Monday) ANC = 360

Kellie's ANC is starting to increase and hopefully by tomorrow her ANC count will exceed 500! Now that Kellie's ANC is increasing her body's natural defenses can help fight off the infection that has been keeping her down for the last couple of weeks.

Kellie continues to experience back pain from being bed ridden and not having the strength to get out of bed. Kellie is also experiencing a rash side effect from her antibiotics she has been taking to combat the bacteria or fungus infections.

Kellie is scheduled for an entire body CATSCAN today to help identify the type and kind of infection she has been experiencing. The CATSCAN showed fluid in Kellie's lungs but no fungus. Kellie's blood cultures came back negative so she was taken off all the broad spectrum antibiotics for bacteria.

Kellie worked up the strength to walk out to the nursing station with Mom to visit the nurses "masked of course". Mom then pushed Kellie in a wheelchair to the nursing station at the other end of the floor for a visit.

Afterwards Kellie and Mom looked at Charm Bracelets on-line before returning to bed.

United Blood Services called today and informed us of the great response to Kellie's need for blood products. The response form Radiant Church has been great! A very special thanks from Kellie, Tammy and Jeff.

I apologize for the delay in updating the webpage. I have experienced computer problems on top of fighting a cold. I will update the previous five days as time allows.

1/2/2005 (Sunday) ANC = 295

Kellie is slowly recovering form the side effects of her chemotherapy treatment. Her rash continues to spread to most of her body now.

1/1/2005 (Saturday) ANC = 190

Kellie is slowly recovering form the side effects of her chemotherapy treatment. Kellie spent most of the day with Grandma Joyce.

12/31/04 (Friday) ANC = 96

Kellie is slowly recovering form the side effects of her chemotherapy treatment. Grandma Joyce will spend the night with Kellie.

12/31/04 (Thursday) ANC = 72

12/29/2004 (Wednesday) ANC = 54

12/28/2004 (Tuesday) ANC = 150

Kellie is slowly recovering form the side effects of her chemotherapy treatment. She is more talkative, beginning to walk around a little, sitting up in bed while talking or watching TV, and most importantly Kellie still has her sense of humor.

12/27/2004 (Monday) ANC = 40

Yes, finally another ANC count! Kellie progressed throughout the night and was moved backup to the Oncology floor this morning. Mom and Kellie were very happy when they received word that they we moving out of the PICU and back to Oncology.

Kellie is feeling much better to day and her pain is being managed with greater success to day. Kellie watched TV, talked on the phone, and worked on her respiratory exercises.

12/26/2004 (Sunday)

Kellie continues to breathe without the assistance of the ventilator. She continues to experience pain and nausea throughout the day. In the earlier afternoon a chest X-Ray was order along with a abdominal Ultra Sound. The chest X-Ray is to determine how much fluid in still in her lungs while the Ultra Sound is to identify a reason for her abdominal pain.

The Respiratory Therapist gave Kellie a couple of respiratory exercises to help clear the mucus from her lungs and to strengthen her lungs. Kellie works hard on her exercises even though she is feeling miserable.

In the evening, Kellie was feeling better and she actually got up and sat in her folding up chair and watched a little TV..

12/25/04 (Christmas Day)

Kellie's doctors found a spot on the previous CT images which are of interest. Kellie had two addition Cuts of her chest area to determine if a biopsy was possible. Kellie was one laid on her back for the first CT and on her right side for the second CT. The two Cuts provided a before and after images which allowed the doctors to determine how much mucus is in her lungs. The decision was made not to perform the biopsy because it was not possible to determine if the spot was mucus or an infection. A CT will be performed in two weeks after Kellie's lungs have cleared up.

Since Kellie's breathing has improved she was removed from the ventilator this morning and continues to breathe on her own.

Kellie opened and played with her Remote Control (RC) Flying UFO Christmas Present. She enjoyed herself for a short while before falling asleep.

Kellie continues to feel pain in her legs and joints. The pain is from being bed ridden for the last eight days. Her muscles are not being used on a daily basis which is contributing to the pain.

Kellie had a few visitors today, Nurse Sandy (Kellie's Nurse form the 2nd floor), Team Kellie Captain Julie, Pete and Julie, and Grandma Joyce who bright Tammy Christmas dinner.

12/24/04 (Friday)

Kellie spent the day on the ventilator and resting peacefully. Kellie's doctors continue to review CATSCAN (CT) images with no conclusive results. Kellie is sedated heavy and is in the twilight zone between being awake and asleep.

12/23/04 (Thursday)

Kellie's day started at 6 AM with blood draws in preparation for her procedure this morning. She slept on and off throughout the night having to get up only for the bathroom.

At 7 AM Kellie's medical team arrived to discuss the procedure to inspect Kellie's lungs and to obtain fluid samples for further study. The main concern of the medical team was Kellie's ability to continue breathing by herself after the procedure. The risk was related to the procedure placing additional strain on Kellie's already strained lungs to a  point where she would not be able to breathe on her own. The decision was made to send Kellie to the PICU and place her on a ventilator. This will provide her with some much needed rest and relief because her body would not have to work at keeping her lungs functioning.

The procedure went well and was completed in 30 minutes. Kellie was sent to the PICU and placed on the ventilator.

Pastor Lee from Radiant Church visited Kellie after her procedure while she was in the PICU. Pastor Lee read from the Bible to Kellie. Afterwards we all prayed for Kellie's recovery.

The initial results (microscope and stain observations) from the fluids obtained during the procedure did not indicate a reason for her continuing fevers. The decision was made to perform another CATSCAN on Kellie to determine how much fluid was in her lungs versus possible infections.

The trip to the CATSCAN room was more stressful on Tammy than Kellie as she was sedated. The trip and prep time was actually longer then the entire two CATSCANs which took only 5 minutes at the most.

Kellie was returned to the PICU and rested comfortably throughout the evening.

The CATSCANs indicated that her lungs were mainly filled with fluids with a couple of tiny spots which may or may not be an infection.

Kellie's doctors continue to treat Kellie for both  bacterial and fungus infections until a cause for her fevers is identified.

Throughout the day many of the people that Kellie has touched during her hospital stays visited Kellie in her time of need.

12/22/04 (Wednesday)

Kellie is still holding her own against the infection. She is still experiencing a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort.

One important note your prayers and thoughts are needed as Kellie is in a battle for her life. Kellie's Chemotherapy treatment compromises her immunity system after which her body cannot fight off infections without the assistance of antibiotics. Every time she has a spike in her temperature a sign of an infection her life is at risk.

The Chest X-Rays taken yesterday indicated that fluid was present in her lungs along with a growth on one of her lungs. Tomorrow a procedure will be performed on Kellie to view the growth. A tube will be placed into Kellie's lung through one of her nostrils. The doctors will be able to view the growth and try to remove a piece of it through a sucking place on the tube.

12/21/04 (Tuesday)

Kellie is waging her battle against the mystery infection by the hour. Her temperature rises to 106 and then drops to 101 to 102 in a matter of an hour. This process repeats itself many times through out the day.

It appears that Kellie is gaining a small edge with her battle! Even though Kellie is weak from being bed ridden for more than a week now she is making progress. Kellie is actually carrying on conservation with Tammy her Mom, watching TV and making jokes.

12/20/04 (Monday)

Kellie continues to battle the side effects of her Chemotherapy treatment. She continues to experience fevers, chills, and vomiting. Kellie had been placed on oxygen to assist with her recovery.

The reason for the fever is still a mystery to her doctors. Since Kellie does not have any White Blood Cells (White Blood Cell defend Kellie's body against viral and bacteria infections) is difficult to isolate and identify the cause of her infection.

Another set of X-Rays have been performed in the search for Kellie's illness.

12/19/04 (Sunday)

Kellie slept on and off with Mom until about 4AM. Kellie's temperature spiked again but dropped to a near normal level this morning.

Kellie was watching the Animal Channel on TV and told Tammy that she was feeling a little better.

Kellie had two surprises today when her Grandparents from Serria Vista made a surprise visit and her Dad.

12/18/04 (Saturday)

Kellie had another rough night. Kellie and Tammy were up for most of the night. The symptoms of Kellie's infection continue; high temperatures, vomiting, nausea, and extreme headaches. Kellie can barely walk and has been bed ridden for the last six days.

Kellie's temperature continues to spike and the decreases to the 100-101 range. In the morning Kellie's doctor scheduled a chest and stomach x-ray to determine if fluids are continuing to increase in Kellie's lungs and if an infection is present in Kellie's stomach.

Kellie spent most of the day sleeping and when she did get up to the bathroom she needed help out of bed to the portable pottie. Her head throbs when she gets up out of bed so the doctors provided a special pump with a button, for on demand pain relief for Kellie. When Kellie cannot tolerate the pain or when she is about to get up Kellie can push a button and receive an injection of a pain killer. The pain relief drug is limited to no more than four injection with in an hour and ten minutes between injections. The disadvantage is that it takes several minutes for the drug to work.

In the afternoon the oxygen saturation content in Kellie's blood had dropped below 90%. Kellie had to wear an oxygen mask which increased her oxygen saturation content but dried out her mouth and throat.

Kellie is currently attached to 5 pumps with over 15 different lines connected to her broviac.

In the late evening Kellie sat up in bed and watch some TV with Tammy. Kellie eventually got up out of bed and walked over to Tammy's bed and laid down. Kellie was resting so well that Tammy cuddled up with Kellie and they both fell asleep.

12/17/04 (Friday)

Kellie had another rough night. Kellie and Tammy were up for most of the night. The symptoms of Kellie's infection continue; high temperatures, vomiting, nausea, and extreme headaches.

The CATSCANs from yesterday revealed water build up in Kellie's lungs that her doctors expected due to the IVs used to keep Kellie's blood pressure at a normal level. No indication of an infection was found in Kellie's head, chest, stomach or pelvic areas.

Kellie's antibiotics where adjusted for fungus infections since no bacteria infections were found in her blood.

Grandma Joyce visited with Kellie tonight which put a smile on her face.

Kellie, Tammy , and I would like to thank all of the people who responded to the Kellie's Story on 12 NEWS. The United Blood Services called informing us that they have never had such a response to a call for Blood and Platelet donations.Kellie has received multiple transfusions of blood and platelets with out delay because all of you who have taken time out of your busy days for Kellie. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

12/16/04 (Thursday)

Kellie continues to battle the side effects of her chemotherapy treatment. She is experiencing high temperatures, vomiting, nausea, and extreme headaches. Today was a wild rollercoaster ride for both Kellie and Tammy.

Kellie's blood culture came back negative but she still is experiencing symptoms of an infection. Her doctors have place Kellie on multiple antibiotics for both bacteria and fungus infections. Kellie also received a platelet transfusion along with TPN for nourishment. Kellie has lost a lot of weight during this battle.

Kellie is scheduled for CATSCAN tonight of her head, chest, stomach, and pelvic areas in the search for reason for her extreme high temperatures and headaches.

Mindy stayed with Kellie for quite a while today and placed cold compress on her head to help relieve the discomfort from her high temperature.

Pastor Lisa and Mikki visited with Kellie today and relieved Tammy long enough for us to have lunch. A very BIG THANK YOU!

As I was leaving this evening Ms. Ditmer arrived with Christmas Presents in hand. Kellie was happy to see Ms. Ditmer and recited a poem she wrote to Ms. Ditmer. As she was opening one of her presents she told Tammy that she was sleepy and placed her head on her pillow and feel asleep with a partially open present in her lap.

There has been a tremendous response to Kellie's Story on 12 NEWS. The United Blood Services has been overwhelmed with people scheduling blood and platelet donations. Emails continue to arrive faster than we can respond to them.

In this time of need we are thankful to all our family, friends, neighbors both far and near for your support of Kellie.

Today was one of high and lows with fear and tears. We ask that you remember Kellie in your prayers.

12/15/04 (Wednesday)

Kellie and Mom had very little sleep last night. Even though Kellie's blood pressure had stabilized her temperature continues to spike.

In the morning Channel 12 News did a news story on Kellie. Kellie's story was the lead news story on the 6 PM News.

Through out the afternoon Kellie's temperature continued to spike. At one time Kellie's temperature raised so high that it went off the "Temperature Chart" which stops at 107 degrees. Soon after Kellie's temperature started to lower to a more normal temperature but which is still above a normal body temperature.

Kellie also received a red blood transfusion along with antibiotics to help combat the bacteria infection. Her Doctor ordered a CATSCAN to determine if the infection has spread to Kellie's sinus area.

Grandma Joyce will spend some time with Kellie to give Tammy a break so she can get a few hours of sleep.

Kellie and Tammy need your prayers and thoughts tonight.

12/14/04 (Tuesday)

Kellie is still feeling side effects of her chemotherapy treatment in the morning. Around lunch time Kellie went septic. A bacteria infection has occurred in Kellie's body. Her blood pressure dropped along with an elevated temperature and headache. After several hours of treatment her blood pressure stabilized and temperature started lowering to a more normal level.

12/13/04 (Monday)

Kellie had a rough night! She did not get to sleep until around 2:30 AM. The side effects of her chemotherapy treatment; vomiting, nausea, and headaches continue to plague Kellie.

Kellie finally awoke around 11:30 AM and started her day.

In the afternoon Kellie's teacher arrived and work with Kellie on her reading and she wrote a poem.

Later Pastor Niki and other pastors and friends from Church arrived to visit with Kellie. Kellie enjoyed their visit.

12/12/04 (Sunday)

The side effects of Kellie's chemotherapy treatment are still persisting. In the morning Kellie received a platelet transfusion.

Kellie spent the remainder of her day watching TV, making a knot blanket, and reading.

12/11/04 (Saturday)

Kellie is still experiencing the side effects of her treatment. Kellie has officially entered isolation today. She spent the majority of her day watching TV and playing games.

Kellie ended the day by stubbing her toe and stressing Mom out since her platelet count is so low. Kellie has a good size bruise on the area around her toe.

12/10/04 (Friday)

Kellie had a good day! She had the free run of the 2nd floor as long as she wore a mask while out of her room. On top of her freedom from her room she was also disconnected from Ugly Bug. Kellie played all day long as she knows that isolation is nearing.

In the evening, Julie and David stopped by to visit Kellie while Shelby was attending her Choir class. When Dad arrive the Great UNO Stakes card game began. After many tries and setbacks David won the game in only 90 minutes!

12/9/04 (Thursday)

Kellie started the day off a little sluggish. She is still feeling the side effects of her chemotherapy treatment.

In the mid morning Kellie got a pass from her doctor to visit Elli Anna and Chloe. Kellie was happy to see her friends again.

Ms. Ditmer arrived in the evening to work with Kellie to keep on track for the day Kellie returns to her school and the 5th grade.

Tonight Kellie started her Nupagin shots to help with restoring her blood counts after the chemotherapy treatment.

12/8/04 (Wednesday)

Today was Kellie's last day of chemotherapy. She is still experiencing the side effects of her treatment. Due to the side effects Kellie was hooked back up to Ugly Bug (IV Pole) for administration of drugs to help alleviate the side effect symptoms.

In the evening, Joey one of Kellie's friends from PCH and a patient visited Kellie along with his parents. They all played a marathon game of aggravation.

12/7/04 (Tuesday)

Kellie started the day off with a visit from the Arizona Cardinals. Kellie was excited to meet the football players and received a stuff Arizona Cardinal as a gift.

Later in the morning, Kellie was disconnected from her IV pole affectionately referred to as Ugly Bug. Kellie enjoyed moving around her room and the 2nd floor with freedom. Well almost complete freedom she still had to wear a mask.

Kellie continues to keep up with her school work with the help of the One Darn Cool School and Cotton Boll teachers.

As a side note RSV season is upon us and no children under 12 years of age are allowed in the hospital for the safety of all the immune suppressed children.

Kellie's blood counts are lowering as she will require platelet transfusions in the coming weeks. For all of the Team Kellie Members its time to start donating red blood and platelets again. You are Kellie's Heroes !

12/6/04 (Monday)

Well the day started off with problems this morning for Kellie. One of her broviac tubes was blocked this morning. Her doctor best diagnosed was that either a blood clot or a bacteria was blocking her tube. Since no bacteria has been present in her blood cultures a blood clot was the most likely source of the blockage. A drug was administered to break up the blood clot. By 10 AM the blockage was gone and Kellie was back to her old self.

While Mom went to the gym to workout Kellie worked on her school homework in preparation for Ms Ditmer's visit this afternoon.

Kellie and Mom also painted Christmas Scenes on Kellie hospital room windows.

12/5/04 (Sunday)

Kellie is feeling better but she is still feeling the side effects of her chemotherapy. Kellie spent the day taking it easy in her room.

12/4/04 (Saturday)

Kellie is still experiencing the side effects of her chemotherapy treatment. Kellie has lost four pounds to date from not wanting to eat a chemotherapy side effect.

Today is the first day that Kellie has not had a fever!

In the evening Julie and Shelby arrived at 6:30 for a visit. They brought Kellie her usual "Hamburger Happy Meal" from Mc Donald's. Kellie ate and kept half of her dinner down.

12/3/04 (Friday)

Kellie is still experiencing the side of effects her chemotherapy treatment. Also Kellie has a fever which her doctors are monitoring closely. A regiment of antibiotics was begun and near the end of the day she was feeling better but still not back to her usual self.

Mom and Kellie moved into a long term isolation room in preparation for when her blood counts drop. But as usual Kellie amazes her doctors as her ANC jumped up to 14,000 over night.

A Big Thank You to the Radiant Church Children Pastors and helpers who decorated the 2nd Floor and Nurse Stations. Kellie, Nurses, and all the 2nd Floor Children appreciate the decorations and holiday sprit.

12/2/04 (Thursday)

Kellie began the day by experiencing the side of effects her chemotherapy treatment. Kellie also is experiencing a rash which is side effect of one of her chemotherapy drugs. Kellie has not given up and continues to play in the Craft and Teen rooms.

Larry Miller Dodge donated a new air hockey game, two buckets of bubble gum and a package of beads for the craft room.

12/1/04 (Wednesday)

Kellie and Mom departed for the hospital bright and early this morning. Kellie was admitted to hospital by 8:30AM. Blood was drawn along with a spinal tap to verify the presence or the lack of any Leukemia cells in her system. The results of the tests will be known in  a couple of days.

Kellie received her first chemotherapy injection of her 4th course of chemotherapy.

Kellie spent the remainder of the day visiting the nursing staff and catching up with her other friends with cancer at the hospital.

11/30/04 (Tuesday)

Kellie awoke to find Krispy Kreme doughnuts on the kitchen table along with four copies of Arizona Tribune. Kellie and Mom were on the Front Page of Arizona Tribune!



In the evening Shelby invited Kellie to attend the Cotton Boll Choir to hear her sing. Songs and puppet shows entertained Kellie along with the everyone else in attendance.

After the Choir, Kellie, Mom , Shelby, Julie and David Shelby's brother, and Dad celebrated Kellie's last day of freedom at Maggie Moos before she has to admitted back into the hospital

11/39/04 (Monday)

Kellie's antibiotics were stopped this morning and she is free again!

Kellie and Mom spent a leisurely day at home in the morning. Mom and Kellie met Mom's colleague Lori, and her husband Peter and Peter's Mom for lunch at P.F. Changs.

In the afternoon Kellie worked on her homework with a little push from Mom.

Kellie and Dad spent the evening together watching TV with Sadie.

11/28/04 (Sunday)

We started the day off late with breakfast in front of the TV again. We departed in the early afternoon to go geocaching. We found four of six geocaches. After geocaching we went to visit Aunt Cindy at Grandma Joyce's house. Aunt Cindy gave Kellie her birthday present. After visiting Aunt Cindy we went to visit our friend Brenda and her family.

We ended our day enjoying dinner together as a family.

11/27/04 (Saturday)

We started the day off late with breakfast in front of the TV. Kellie and Dad went to the golf driving range while Mom and Aunt Alice went to the gym. Kellie enjoyed hitting golf balls which she commented was good for relieving stress.

Aunt Alice and Kellie worked on her math homework together.

We spent the remainder of the evening at home.

11/26/04 (Friday)

In the afternoon Mom's friend from work Lori and her daughter Alex stopped by for a quick visit since they were in the area.

Dad and Kellie went to the Sponge Bob movie while Mom and Aunt Alice went to the gym. After the movie we went into the mall and had a chocolate covered banana.

11/25/04 (Thursday)

Our family awoke on this Thanksgiving morning and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on TV from bed. We departed to Grandma Joyce's house for Thanksgiving Dinner in the early afternoon.

Grandma Joyce set the table with all the Thanksgiving favorites Turkey, Stuffing, Pork Roast, Mash Potatoes, Turkey Gravy, Sweet Potatoes, Corn on the Cob, Green Beans, Candied Yams, Dinner Rolls, Cranberry Sauce, Olives, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Pecan Pie, Chocolate Cake, and her Famous Butt Rolls.

Dinner at Grandma Joyce's was great! Kellie had a great time with her Aunts and Cousins!

Kellie is feeling well and is still on antibiotics 24/7 until Sunday night.

11/24/04 (Wednesday)

Kellie and Mom started the day off early as they departed to Kellie's Doctor appointment at 6:45 AM. Kellie and Mom arrived in plenty of time for Kellie's Doctor appointment as traffic was light due to the Holiday week.

Kellie's blood work came back and did not indicate and infection. Kellie will remain on her antibiotics 24/7 until Sunday night. Her ANC has dropped to 600. She will have another week at home until her ANC count reaches 1000 before she can start her next chemo treatment. Kellie's next doctor appointment is scheduled for next Wednesday.

After her doctor's appointment Mom and Kellie went to visit Mindy's Puppy.

11/23/04 (Tuesday)

Mom and Kellie started the day Christmas shopping at the mall, Wal-mart, and Sam's Club.  Kellie picked up a bucket of bubble gum for all of the kids on the Oncology floor at Phoenix Children's Hospital (PCH).

In the afternoon, Mom changed Kellie's IVs and decorated the house for Christmas. Kellie waited impatiently for her Birthday Party at P.F. Changs.

11/22/04 (Monday)

Mom and Kellie waited impatiently for the Home Medical Company to deliver Kellie's antibiotics. After Kellie's antibiotics were delivered Mom and Kellie headed off for Cotton Boll School. But on the way to school Mom and Kellie stopped by Krispy Kreme Donuts. Mom and Kellie arrived at Ms. Ditmer's class with donuts in hand. This was the first time Kellie had visited her school since beginning of the school year.

In the evening Mom, Kellie, and Dad went shopping at the mall.

11/21/04 (Sunday)

Kellie and Shelby spent most of a rainy morning playing, giggling, singing, dancing and having fun. Before the shopping trip Kellie spent an hour doing Shelby' hair since she does not have hair of her own. In the afternoon the girls went shopping while Dad did a few Honey Do's. After the shopping trip Shelby went home and on the way from Shelby's house Mom and Kellie stopped by to visit Aunt Alice.

11/20/04 (Saturday)

Kellie, Mom, Shelby and Sadie met Cyrus, and Tank at the dog park. Sadie had a great time playing with Tank and the other dogs.

In the afternoon, we attended Shelby's Choir class. Afterwards Julie Shelby's Mom dropped Shelby off for a sleep over with Kellie.

After dinner Kellie, Mom, Dad, and Shelby went to Maggie Moo's for an ice cream desert!

11/19/04 (Friday)

Kellie and Mom stayed around the house for most of the morning catching up on things that they could not do while Kellie was in the hospital.

In the afternoon Ms. Ditmer arrived to work with Kellie on her math, reading and comprehension skills. Shelby arrived around 5:00 PM to spend the weekend with Kellie. Kellie, Mom, Shelby, and I went to the movies and watched "The Polar Express". After the movie we were all in the Christmas mood.

11/18/04 (Thursday)

Kellie and Mom changed Kellie's dressing today without incident. We waited for the home nursing company to deliver Kellie's IV medication. Afterwards Kellie and Mom went shopping at Wal-Mart.

In the evening, Kellie and Mom went to visit Grandma Joyce. Their visit was cut short as Dad was stranded at Walgreen's because the Jeep's battery was dead.

Mom and Kellie arrived with a new battery. Kellie announced their arrival by saying "Your Women Are Here" !

11/17/04 (Wednesday)

Kellie finished her breakfast with a fortune cookie from the previous night's dinner. Kellie's fortune read "Wednesday will be your lucky day". Kellie's blood cultures came back negative which meant she was going home! Also, the negative blood cultures meant no surgery. Today, really is Kellie's lucky day.

In the late morning, Kellie and Gabby met up with Addie and placed their color painted handprints on a brand new Hyundai car as part of the "Thanks For Lending a Hand" donation to the Phoenix Children's Hospital Out Patient Clinic.

Mrs. Burell, Kellie's reading teacher from Cotton Boll School arrive to work with Kellie on her reading skills.

Shortly after Mrs. Burell's arrival a Arizona Republic News Reporter arrived to interview Kellie's regarding her battle with Leukemia. Kellie said that the reporter took a lot of photos.

Mom and Kellie loaded up only "One" wagon in preparation for their departure. The nursing staff was amazed that Kellie only needed one wagon to move home. Dad arrived and Kellie was excited to ride home in the Jeep with Dad. Kellie waved to Mom as we passed her on Highway 51 in the HOV lane.

11/16/04 (Tuesday)

Kellie was up early and ready to go this morning with more enthusiasm than most days. Because Kellie was going to be on TV this morning. Channel 3 did a news story on the Kenzie Kase see the diary entry for Wednesday, September 29th 2004. Kellie and her room mate Gabby were both  on the Good Morning Arizona TV News. Kellie is becoming quite the celebrity. After all of the excitement of being on TV Kellie still had to go to school.

Dad stopped by and picked Mom up for a lunch date at Baby Kay's.

In the evening,  Magic Larry painted blue dolphins on Kellie's head so Kellie would look beautiful for tonight's dinner. P.F. Chang's of Peoria sent over Lettuce Wraps and dinner. Mom, Kellie, Dad, the Nurseing and Hospital staff enjoyed the lettuce wraps and visited over dinner.

11/15/04 (Monday)

Kellie started her week off by getting up and ready for school by 8:30 AM. Kellie attends the "One Darn Cool School" at the hospital. Today's topic was butterflies. The students and teachers of "One Darn Cool School" grew butterflies in the classroom. The butterflies awoke from their deep sleep and broke out of their cocoons. The students and teachers set the butterflies free in the garden near the hospital playground.

While Kellie was being fascinated by the butterflies Mom drove home to wash clothes in preparation for another couple of days at the hospital.

Kellie's little friend Ellie Anna and her mother stopped by to visit Kellie before Ellie Anna's treatment.

11/14/04 (Sunday)

Today a new room mate moved into Kellie's room. Her name is Gabby. Gahard and Karie visited with Kellie toady. Dad arrived in the late afternoon to visit with Kellie and Mom and brought dinner. No more Hospital Food!

11/13/04 (Saturday)

Kellie's doctor arrived early in the morning to report that bacteria was starting to grow in her culture. The strain had been identified, but not the type. Kellie's doctor decided that it was prudent for Kellie to remain in the hospital until the exact bacteria type was know. Kellie would then go home on antibiotics for 10 days after no bacteria was found in her blood cultures.

Even though Kellie if fighting off the bacteria infection you would never know it. She was up and out of her room visiting the nurses at the nursing stations and playing in the craft and teen rooms.

Kellie had several visitors today. Dad's friend Zachery, a 10 year ALL survivor visited with Kellie and struggled to keep up with Kellie while paling air hockey. Ms Diane and her daughters Taylor and Paige visited with Kellie for a couple of hours.

11/12/04 (Friday)

Kellie and Mom promptly departed for her doctor's appointment at 6:45 AM. As they were departing Kellie began to like she was going to vomit. Kellie arrived at the doctor's office feeling a little better.

As a caution Kellie's doctor started Kellie on antibiotics and blood samples. Within a couple of hours Kellie felt better and a bed was available for Kellie for a 48 hour hospital stay.

After Kellie was settled in her room was departed for home to get some belongings for the two night stay in the hospital. When mom returned Kellie's temperature had jumped up and Kellie was feeling under the weather.

11/11/04 (Thursday)

Kellie and Mom spent the morning doing errands. In the afternoon Kellie worked on her homework in preparation for Ms Ditmer's arrival. Ms Ditmer Kellie's Cotton Boll Teacher and Kellie worked on her math and reading skills.

In the evening Mom visited with Aunt Lynell and had a girl's night out while Kellie and Dad raced ATVs on the XBox.

Kellie had a rough time preparing for bed. The anticipation of her doctor's visit was beginning to take it toll on Kellie even though Mom and Dad tried to keep Kellie busy so she would not dwell over her appointment tomorrow.

11/10/04 (Wednesday) Kellie's 11th Birthday

Kellie and Mom spent the morning shopping at the mall. Kellie bought a dolphin cover for her cell phone. In the afternoon, Mom and Kellie went grocery shopping in preparation for her birthday party.

In the evening, Grandma, Pap Pap, Shelby, Julie, Mom, and Dad celebrated Kellie's birthday with a family dinner with cake and ice cream.

We sung Happy Birthday and Kellie blew out all eleven of her birthday cake candles.

11/9/04 (Tuesday)

Kellie and Mom went to Mom's workplace to attend to some work business. Kellie visited with Mom's colleagues Cameron, Shane, Shirlene with Mom.

In the afternoon, Mom and Kellie cleaned and arranged Kellie's room. Mom moved Kellie's aquarium to a table near the window to free up Kellie's desk for her new computer that she received from Geeks for Kids.

11/8/04 (Monday)

Mom and Kellie had lunch at P.F. Changs. After lunch Kellie went with Mom to attend to some personal business. In the evening, we had our first family dinner around the kitchen table. As Kellie said it was nice to sit in real chairs and eat dinner on a table that had no wheels.

After dinner we went shopping at Wal-mart's and bought Kellie an early birthday present. We got Kellie a set of new shelves for her bedroom. We assembled Kellie's shelves in the garage and then moved them into her bedroom. Kellie spent the remainder of the evening arranging her Dolphin stuff.

11/7/2004 (Sunday) ANC = 540

Kellie is going home today! This is a great day for Kellie and her Family. But there are still children at the Phoenix Children's Hospital, friends of Kellie and Tammy who need our help.

Justin is in need a bone marrow transplant. Today a bone marrow drive is being held at his church in Mesa. All that is needed from you is a few minutes for a blood test and to complete a questionnaire. Directions and more information can be found on Justin's webpage.

Kellie received platelets this morning but her doctors waited until the last second because there is a State wide platelet shortage. Platelet donations are needed.

So be a HERO and make a difference in the world today by adding yourself to the Bone Marrow Bank or by Donating Platelets. Kellie made a difference in the World on Thursday and So Can You!

11/6/2004 (Saturday) ANC = 450

Mom started calling Kellie's hospital room at 9 AM with no answer. Mom being a Mom began to worry and called the Nursing Station. The report was that Kellie and Aunt Cindy had a girls night and were up into the wee hours of the morning. Kellie and Aunt Cindy were sound a sleep and the telephone ringing in the room was not waking either of them.

At 10 AM Kellie called Mom and Dad to wish them a good morning. Kellie had a good time with Aunt Cindy. She also informed Mom that her ANC was greater than 250 and she was free from her room. Kellie was restricted to the 2nd floor but she could move freely on the second floor. Kellie spent time in the craft room and visiting the Nursing Stations.

Since, Kellie's ANC is greatly than 250 she was moved to a semi-private room to allow another patient to use the isolation room. Kellie lucked out since she was the only patient in her semi-private room.

Kellie made a sign and placed it in the Nursing Conference room indicating the date and time of her birthday party.

11/5/2004 (Friday) ANC = 208

Dad spent the night with Kellie. Kellie was up and eating breakfast as several hospital staff and visitors began arriving.

Janice from the Phoenix Suns Cheerleaders visited with Kellie and presented her with an autograph photo of the Phoenix Suns Cheerleaders.

McKenzie's Dad of the Kenzie Kase stopped by for a visit with Kellie.

Aunt Cindy was driving up from Tucson to spend the night with Kellie so mom could kick off the "Change for Kids" fundraising event with Julie Team Kellie Captain at the Family Night Event at Cotton Boll Kellie's Elementary school. Read more about Change for Kids on the Peoria Unified School District's New Letter "The Brag Sheet"

11/4/2004 (Thursday) ANC = 0

Great News today! When Kellie was first admitted to the hospital back in July Mom and Dad understood that Kellie's treatment consisted of 6 chemotherapy courses with 6 different drugs over a six month period. Today Kellie's doctor was discussing Kellie's treatment plan and told Mom that there are actually 5 chemotherapy courses over a six month period. During those first weeks when Kellie was originally diagnosed and her treatment began as Mom would say was a month of being in the fog.

At 11:00 AM Mom and Kellie waiting patiently for the mystery guest. Dad arrived along with the News 15 Camera Crew. Mom and Kellie were totally surprise and did not understand why the News 15 Camera Crew was in Kellie's room.

Click on the following lick to see Kellie's TV debut. Phoenix News 15  ABC15 News15 Video Archives - Friday November 5 "Young cancer patient raises funds for kids at PCH"

Well Kellie an Mom met the mystery guests! Julie, Team Kellie Captain had arranged with Sears to donate some items to the Phoenix Children's Hospital on Kellie's behalf.

With the camera rolling the Sears Representatives pulled a wagon full of boxes into Kellie's room. Kellie was SURPRISED and almost speechless.

Sears had donated 4 Sony Play Station 2's and $1000.00 in gift cards so Kellie could purchase the compact refrigerators for the isolation rooms.

Kellie had discussed with Mom a long time ago about raising money to replace all of the 2nd Floor VCR's with Sony Play Station 2's and compact refrigerators for the isolation rooms. Actually, Julie and Mom have been working with the Peoria School District on a fund raising project "Change for Kids" which is scheduled to start tomorrow.

Nichol a friend of mom's from work and Daniel a fellow student stopped by to visit Kellie today.

11/3/2004 (Wednesday) ANC = 54

Kellie experienced some side effects of her chemotherapy treatments today. She had nausea and a severe headache.

Today, Kellie and Mom were told that a special visitor was coming to the hospital tomorrow to visit Kellie. The hospital staff were tight lipped about the visit. Kellie and Mom could only guess who the visitor is?

In the afternoon Kellie's reading teacher Ms Burell work with Kellie on her reading skills. There session was cut short due to Kellie's chemotherapy side effects.

11/2/2004 (Tuesday) ANC = 24

Kellie has an ANC of 24 today. All of the nupagin shoots have paid off. Kellie is feeling well and is a ball of energy. She continues to practice her juggling, school work and playing.

Mom and Kellie finished moving rooms today. The move began late last night and continued early this morning.

Kellie had many visitors today. Aunt Lynell and the Brooks Brothers, Vyron, and Mindy.

11/1/2004 (Monday)

Kellie's ANC is still zero. We wait impatiently for her counts to beginning climbing. Kellie was visited by Shelby and her mom Julie. Kellie counted and sorted her candy from Halloween Night. Later in the evening Aunt Alice and Chad visited Kellie.

Mom and Kellie began packing and moving Kellie to her new room. To make the move easier all of Kellie's storage bins have wheels on the bottom of them. Mindy helped Mom move Kellie's refrigerator to her new room.

10/31/2004 (Sunday)

Kellie spent the day playing and preparing for Halloween Night. Magic Larry painted Kellie's face and she wore butterfly wings made by Grandma Joyce.

Kellie's juggling is getting better along with her guitar playing.

Mom, Dad, and Kellie played a game of aggravation. Dad Won!!! It's My Birthday, It's My Birthday

10/30/2004 (Saturday)

Kellie and Mom worked on a knot blanket for her Nurse Colleen. Kellie has become very proficient at making the knot blankets. She has made a total of three blankets for the nursing staff and two for herself.  Kellie is actually very artistic. She loves her crafts! Every time she returns to the hospital she has another major craft project she works on. On her fist stay her craft project was braided key rings, her second stay craft project was God Eyes, and on her latest or third stay her craft project is knot blankets. Her craft projects keep Kellie's mind and hands busy instead of thinking about her treatments.

Kellie met a real live movie star today. Kellie met Branscombe Richmond. Branscombe has played in the Terminator, Renegade, and Scorpion King movies.

10/29/2004 (Friday)

Kellie awoke at 8 AM to start her day. Her stomach was feeling unsettled so Kellie took it easy this morning. By 10 AM Kellie was back to 100%. She ate her breakfast and watched TV as Dad work form her hospital room.

Kellie is become a very good juggler. She can juggle three balls with tow hands, juggle three balls with one hand and her signature juggling trick that you must ask her to perform when visiting.

The type of bacteria has been identified. Kellie antibiotics have been reduced to one single antibiotic. This is the most mild of the three antibiotics but is very effective against the bacteria. The source of the bacteria appears to be from Kellie's own digestive track. Since Kellie's has no white blood cells to keep her bodies normal bacteria in check they can become a opportunistic and give Kellie problems.

Mom arrive back at the hospital around 3 PM. Kellie worked on her homework in preparation for the arrival of her teacher Ms Ditmer.

Kellie spent a couple of hours with Ms Ditmer working on Kellie's math and reading skills.

10/28/2004 (Thursday)

The strain of the bacteria in both of Kellie's broviac tubes has been identified. Lucky the bacteria is sensitive to two of the three antibiotics she is receiving. The third antibiotic will be discontinued since is has no effect upon the bacteria.

Kellie feeling good enough to start plating again and doing her crafts. Kellie continues to keep up with her school work.

Kellie received her report card and she is performing great in school.

Mom has to work tomorrow so Dad will spend the night with Kellie.

10/27/2004 (Wednesday)

In the morning Kellie blood cultures retuned positive for bacteria in one of her broviac tubes. The antibiotics her doctor prescribed yesterday were eliminating Kellie's infection. Kellie received to units of red blood cells and platelets.

By the evening Kellie was returning to normal when a second culture retuned positive for bacteria in both of her broviac tubes.

Kellie will continue on her antibiotics until the bacterial infection is cured.

Kellie had a very exhausting day!

10/26/2004 (Tuesday)

Kellie's day started out good but ended and a bad note. Kellie enjoyed her day playing, making crafts, working on her computer and listening to music.

In the late afternoon, Kellie started to vomit and resulted in high temperature, headaches and low blood pressure. Around 1:11 AM Tammy called me to let me know how Kellie was feeling. Her doctor started Kellie on fluids to bring her blood pressure back to normal levels. At 4 AM Tammy called and requested me to return to the hospital to assist her with caring for Kellie.

10/25/2004 (Monday)

Kellie awoke around 9 AM to find her Doctor visiting her to perform he daily checkup. Kellie's bleeding stopped after her platelet infusion.

Kellie and Mom took another nap after Kellie's doctor visit.

Kellie was back to her old shelf by 11AM. She was playing games, listening to music and watching TV.

Mom picked up Chad so he could visit with Kellie. Aunt Ali stopped by to visit and take Chad home.

10/24/2004 (Sunday)

Kellie and Nana Doris woke up around 10 AM after a late night watching TV. Kellie's ANC count dropped to less than 500 and she is now restricted to her isolation room. No more Craft or Teen room playing time until her ANC count return to normal levels.

Shelby and her mom visited Kellie today. It was a masquerade party as everyone must wear a mask and of course a thorough hand washing before entering the room.

"Please remember if you have any signs of a cold or you are not feeling 100% which includes allergies please do not visit Kellie. With Kellie's low ANC count she is susceptible to any bacteria or virus infections which will be LIFE THREATENING to Kellie"

If you have any questions or doubt please contact Tammy or myself.

Kellie, Shelby, Captain Julie, and Mom played a game of aggravation. The game lives up to it's name as after 2 hours of play and one player replacement Shelby won by default with two marbles.

Nana Doris departed at 2 PM to returned home.

In the evening, Kellie called and told Dad that her neighbor's Dad had given Kellie a full size Yamaha guitar! Kellie was very excited as she was learning to play the guitar with a toy guitar she bought at Toys R Us.

Kellie's platelet level drop to the point where Kellie began to bleed in her mouth where she lost a tooth last week. Kellie used cotton gauss to control the bleeding as her nurse prepared Kellie to receive a platelet infusion.

Well Team Kellie Members its that time again to give the gift of life. We need to keep the Phoenix Children's Hospital Blood Bank's platelet supply at 100% capacity by donating platelets. Any and all donations will ensure Kellie does not have to wait for platelets in the future.

10/23/2004 (Saturday)

Kellie and Nana Doris walked TV, listened to music, and played board games throughout the weekend. Kellie spent time in the  Craft and Teen rooms today.

Mom and Dad arrived in the evening to give Kellie her Nupagin injection. Kellie has gotten to the point where the shots are a regular part of her day and no longer an ordeal.

Mom, Dad, and Nana Doris went out to dinner while Kellie enjoyed her dinner in her room.

10/22/2004 (Friday)

Kellie spent the day playing in the Craft and Teen rooms while we all wait patiently for her ANC count to drop.

Nana Doris arrived from California to spend the weekend with Kellie to give Mom a break and also allow Tammy to attend The Light the Night Walk.

The Light the Night Walk was a great success! Many Team Kellie Members participated in the walk. The Team Kellie tent was busy with many team members eating pizza and hot wings, receiving their "Light the Night" T-shirts and balloons.

Tammy and The Team Kellie Captain, Julie Stath Shelby's Mom were interviewed (lights & cameras) by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Prior to the walk beginning Tammy was asked to speak to the 5000 plus participants about Kellie and the Light the Night Walk. Tammy speech was sincere and to the heart. As Tammy said " this is a WE disease which effects not only the child but the entire family and friends".

10/21/2004 (Thursday)

Kellie attended the "One Darn Cool School" today at PCH. In the afternoon Kellie played in her room and worked on her Cotton Boll School home work.

In the late afternoon Ms Ditmer arrived and worked with Kellie on her math and reading skills.

At the same time Dad was moving Kellie's belongings into her new room. Since Kellie's blood counts are dropping she was moved into an isolation room. With in the next couple of days Kellie will be restricted to her room.

In the evening Kellie visited her little friend Addie and watch a movie with her. At 9:00 PM Dad put Kellie to bed and wished her sweet dreams.

10/20/2004 (Wednesday)

Kellie attends the "One Darn Cool School" daily to keep up on her education along with her Cotton Boll teachers visiting Kellie twice a week.

Today Kellie's reading teacher work with Kellie on her reading and comprehension.

Kellie and Mom made a knot blanket for one of her nurses who is expecting. Her nurse just loved the blanket and Kellie received several orders for more blankets.

10/19/2004 (Tuesday)

Kellie is experiencing a chemotherapy side effect. A rash has developed on her arms, legs and body. Her doctor prescribed a medication to help relieve some of the itching. The rash itself cannot be treated as it will disappear as the chemotherapy drugs are flushed from her body.

Kellie received her first guitar lesson today. Kellie's homework is to practice several cords.

11/18/2004 (Monday)

Kellie's blood counts are dropping and she has started her Nupagin Injections :-(

Kellie met one of her neighbors father who graciously volunteered to teach Kellie how to play her guitar. Kellie is very excited and  cannot wait for her first lesson.

10/17/2004 (Sunday)

Kellie and Dad woke up around 9:00 AM after a long night of interrupted sleep due to potty visits. Fluids via the IVs are being pushing into Kellie's body to ensure she is properly hydrated and to help flush the chemotherapy by products out of her body.

After breakfast Kellie went to the craft room and made a couple of decorations for her Ugly Bug (IV Pole). Kellie and Dad then had Mickey D's for Lunch and played until 1:00 PM at which time Kellie worked on her spelling homework assignment.

In the late afternoon, Cyrus from Geeks for Kids arrived to visit Kellie. Cyrus had a very special gift for Kellie. Most importantly of all Kellie had not ideal that Cyrus was bringing her a gift.

Cyrus present Kellie a customized Dell Laptop computer. The case was painted baby blue with Kellie's Name and Dolphin air brushed on the cover. Kellie was so surprised she was speechless and could only smile.

Cyrus walked Kellie through on how to operate her computer and software. Kellie's favorites are the Hillary Duff songs and a program that lets her place different hairs styles on her head.

Kellie invited Cyrus, his girlfriend and her sister, and his friend Jason up to the teen room. Kellie played air hockey with everyone and had a great time.

Mom and Shelby arrived in the evening after a long day raising donations for the Light the Night Walk in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

After a short visit Dad to Shelby home and then went home to check on Kellie's puppy (64 lbs) Sadie.

10/16/2004 (Saturday)

The chemotherapy side effects are starting to diminish. Kellie is starting to feel better. Her appetite still has not returned. Kellie's doctor said the lack of appetite is a side effect of the chemotherapy which should pass within a day or two.

Now that Kellie is feeling better she is playing more in the craft and teen rooms taking advantage of her time before the isolation phase of her treatment begins.

In the late afternoon, Mom noticed a rash on Kellie's arms and legs. Kellie's doctor visited Kellie to look at her rash. The doctor indicated that the rash is another side effect of one of the chemotherapy drugs which will pass once her chemotherapy ends.

Dad accompanied Kellie to the gift shop to do some shopping. Kellie bought some toys to play with in her room.

In the evening Kellie and Dad play "Trouble" a wooden version that one of the Team Kellie Members made for Kellie.

10/15/04 (Friday)

Kellie is still experiencing the side effects of the chemotherapy treatment (nausea, vomiting, headaches, and bone pain). Her bone pain has leveled off but Kellie still experiences bouts of severe pain.

Kellie's girlfriend form school Shelby and her mother stopped by to visit Kellie. Kellie enjoyed catching up and playing with Shelby.

Dad arrived in the evening with dinner from Tokyo Express. Chicken & Rice with extra Teriyaki sauce just what Mom and Kellie ordered.

10/14/04 (Thursday)

Kellie began her 3rd of 6 courses of chemotherapy treatment today. Kellie is experiencing the side effects of the chemotherapy treatment (nausea, vomiting, headaches, and bone pain). She is experiencing a lot of bone pain.

When her pain subsides Kellie is off playing in the craft or teen rooms.

Today the Circus came to the Phoenix Children's Hospital. Kellie watched the performers which distracted her from the pain she is enduring.

Kellie especially enjoyed the magic show.

10/13/04 (Wednesday)

Kellie and Mom headed off to the hospital bright and early this morning. At the Out Patient Clinic a IV was inserted and blood drawn for Kellie's blood work. Kellie's count came back with levels greater than 1100.

At the Out Patient Clinic Kellie met McKenzie's Dad of the Kenzie Kase that she received in memory of McKenzie Monks.

Finally after four weeks off Kellie could begin her next course of treatment.

Aunt Ali stopped by after work to visit and support Kellie as she prepare for her surgery.

In the early afternoon Kellie went into surgery. A new broviac was inserted. In addition, a bone marrow sample was taken and a spinal tap performed. Kellie was a little sore and tired from her ordeal.

The blood work, bone marrow and spinal tap results came back normal with no Leukemia cells present.

Kellie, Mom, and Dad spent the remainder of the evening organizing Kellie's room.

10/12/04 (Tuesday)

Kellie worked most of the day on her homework. Like Mom and Dad Kellie has her job and responsibility too. Kellie's responsibilities include eating well and staying healthy along with keeping up with her school work.

In the evening, Mom, Dad, and Kellie met Mom's Friend Karen from work and Aunt Lynell and her family at Red Robins for dinner.

Kellie enjoyed herself and her last dinner before entering the hospital again for a minimum of another 30 days.

10/11/04 (Monday)

Kellie spent her day watching TV, playing with Sadie and working on school work. In the evening Mom, Dad, and Kellie went to Arrowhead Mall to do some shopping before Kellie returns to the hospital.

10/10/04 (Sunday)

Today is our Geocaching day. We decided to make this a Day Trip up North as well. We searched and found 2 geocaches at New River, 1 geocache at Black Canyon, and 2 geocaches in Verde Valley.

The trip was very relaxing and recharged out batteries for the week to come.

Kellie will be readmitted to the hospital this Wednesday to continue her treatment.

10/09/04 (Saturday)

On Saturday morning Kellie came into our room with Sadie. I noticed that something was different with her. Oh my goodness Kellie saved her head! We call her our Little Q for Qutie.

We went to The Hope Depot, Lowes, Sam's Club, and Wal-mart in preparation for some "Honey do Projects". In the end we agreed to install ceiling fans in the family and master bedrooms.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon as a lazy day at home.

In the evening we went over to Grandma Joyce's for dinner. Kellie and Mom visited with Grandma Joyce, Aunt Ali, Cousin Chad, Cousin Ruthie and family friends. Dad helped Grandma Joyce by working the Barbeque.

Shelby's parents dropped Shelby off at Grandma Joyce's. Shelby will be spending the weekend with Kellie.

10/08/04 (Friday)

Mom and Kellie ran around taking care of personal business. In the early afternoon Mom and Kellie visited Grandma Joyce at work.

Mom and Kellie arrived home in the mid afternoon so Kellie could prepare for her teacher's arrival. Kellie's teacher arrived and they worked on reading and math. Kellie was left a long homework to do list from her teacher.

10/07/04 (Thursday)

Kellie, Mom, Julie and her son went bowling this afternoon. Kellie has a great time and actually made a couple of strikes.

In the last afternoon Mom took Sadie the dog to the Vet for her annual check-up. Sadie got a clean bill of health from her Vet.

10/06/04 (Wednesday)

Kellie and Mom meet a Julie at P.F. Changs for lunch before heading off to the hospital. Mom and Kellie arrived at the hospital around 2:30 PM. Kellie's blood tests were ran and yes again for the 4th straight week Kellie's blood counts were to low to start her chemotherapy. Kellie squeaked by this time. She need blood counts greater than 800 and her counts were at 750. So, Kellie's doctor gave Kellie another week off. Her doctor told Kellie that she could count on starting her treatment for sure next Wednesday.

Kellie and Mom visited the ONG nursing staff. Afterwards Kellie made bead jewelry in the teen room while Mom visited with some other parents she has meet during Kellie's treatment.

Mom and Kellie arrive home in the late evening. Too late to cook dinner so we went out to dinner at The Top Shelf. On the way home we stopped by Fry's Foods store to do some quick grocery shopping.

10/05/04 (Tuesday)

Dad worked from home to watch Kellie while Mom worked. Kellie got up around 10:30 AM while Dad slaved away. At noon Kellie and Dad went to Home Depot and bought a couple of air filters for the furnace.

In the evening the Make a Wish people visited us at home. They brought Kellie her favorite food, chesses pizza. They explaining to Kellie that her wished could be from one of four categories  Go Somewhere ( A trip), Meet Someone (Movie Star, Famous Person), Be s person for a day (Ride along with a DPS Officer for a day), Get a gift (Trampoline).

Kellie's first wish was a trip to Discovery Cove to meet the dolphins and sleep on the beach.

Kellie's is still thinking about her alternate wish.

10/04/04 (Monday)

Kellie spent the day at home with Mom. In the late after Kellie's reading teacher stopped by for a hour to assist Kellie with her reading skills.

In the evening our family Mom, Dad, and Kellie went over to Grandma Joyce's house for dinner.

10/03/04 (Sunday)

Mom, Kellie and Shelby started the day early. Everyone was up by 7 AM so we could make it to Church by 9:45 AM.

After church will visited Aunt Becky and Uncle Buddy. Kellie and Shelby had fun by putting on a puppet show for the family after lunch.

We left Aunt Becky's and headed off to Grandma Joyce's house for a short visit. After Grandma Joyce's we dropped Shelby off at her home and headed to our home.

Kellie modeled her new baby blue robe made especially for Kellie by Mom's colleague Kim's mother.

10/02/04 (Saturday)

The morning started early for Mom, Kellie and Shelby as they were up and heading out the door by 8AM. They were on their way to the Wal-mart at 83rd Ave & Union Hills to set up a donation table for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and to meet Shelby's mom Julie.

Mom, Kellie, Julie, and Shelby spent 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM soliciting donations. The day was spent well as the donations cans, bottles, and boxes were bulging.

In the late afternoon Mom, Dad, Kellie and Shelby went over to Crazy Neighbor's for her daughter Courtney's 6th Birthday Party. Mom and Kellie were Crazy Neighbor's Neighbors until Mom met Dad. Kellie enjoyed seeing her little girlfriends and spending time with Courtney and her sister Robin.

After the birthday party we went home and had dinner and roasted marshmallows over the fire pit in the backyard.

10/01/04 (Friday)

Kellie spent the day at home with Dad. She watched TV, worked on her school work, and listen to music all the while day worked.

Mom left to make some Flyer's and afterwards picked up Kellie's girlfriend Shelby from school. Shelby is going to stay the weekend with Kellie.

Kellie and Shelby played until bedtime.

9/30/04 (Thursday)

Mom and Kellie were out the door at 8:00 AM. They went to the Dodge dealership because Tammy's truck brakes were making noise when the brakes were applied. Well, two and a half hours later Mom and Kellie left with the truck and a complete new set of brakes.

Kellie and Mom stopped by Mom's work to drop off some paperwork and then headed home.

Kellie and Mom spent the remainder of the day at home.

9/29/04 (Wednesday)

Kellie and Mom arrived at the Hospital at 10:15AM. Kellie had an IV inserted into her arm and she DID NOT CRY today. She surprised Mom and herself.

Blood was drawn through her IV for her blood tests. Kellie's blood count came back too low to begin her chemotherapy but higher than the week before. Kellie was given a reprieve by her Doctor, another week off. Kellie is scheduled for another blood test next Wednesday.

At the Doctor's office Kellie received a Kenzie Kase filled with gifts in honor of another little girl named McKenzie Monks who did not survive her battle with cancer. For more information visit www.McKenzieMonksfoundation.org

Mom and Kellie left the Hospital and head to Taco Bell for lunch. On the way to lunch Mom used her Cell Phone to call Kellie's school teacher. Kellie had a week off from the hospital but she does not have a week off from school. One of the disadvantages of Mom have a cell phone :-(

in the evening Kellie and Mom took Sadie a walk. Afterwards Kellie, Mom, and Dad organized the garage while Kellie crushed cans and listed to her Rock Tumbling Machine.

Kellie ended the day watch two movies. One on the regular TV and one on her portable DVD player.

9/28/04 (Tuesday)

Kellie spent her last day of freedom with Mom.

In the morning, Mom and Kellie started organizing Kellie's storage bins in preparation for Kellie's next chemotherapy course.

Kellie received a Fry's Electronics gift certificate from her Father Dale and Step Mother Kelly. So today Mom and Kellie went shopping. Step Dad Jeff was hoping for a new XBox game but Kellie had her own ideals. Kellie bought a Exercise Ball, Music CD, Calculator Clipboard, Compass, Rock Tumbling/Polishing Kit, Air Launcher Gun, Electric Razor Set, hand-held portable sewing machine, and Chocolate Neccos.

Mom and Kellie celebrated their last day of freedom with a Girl's Night Out Dinner at Red Lobster. Kellie had her usual 1/2 Lb. of Crab Legs.

In the evening, Kellie and Mom packed up the truck in preparation for tomorrow's trip to the Hospital. in the hurry and excitement Mom locked Kellie and herself out of the house. Mom did such a good job of locking herself out of the house that she even armed the alarm system. Luckily Dad arrived home within minutes of Mom and Kellie's misfortune.

Kellie resisted going to bed because she did not want tomorrow to arrive! There was lots of crying on everyone's part.

9/27/04 (Monday)

Kellie woke up around 10:30AM in the morning. She watched TV "cartoons" as she ate her breakfast. In the afternoon, Kellie and Mom did some reading and homework. Kellie's reading teacher arrived in the late afternoon. Kellie spent an hour reading with her teacher.

In the evening Kellie, Mom and Dad went over to Grandmas Joyce's for dinner. Kellie monopolized the grill pineapple slices at the dinner table. After dinner Kellie helped Grandma Joyce clean the kitchen window while Mom was hard at work sanding and painting the kitchen drawers. While Dad was fixing Grandma's computer.

Kellie was playing with one of the cat toys and accidentally ;-) touched Aunt Ali with the toy and made her scream. Afterwards everyone including Aunt Ali had a good laugh over the incident.

On Wednesday Kellie is scheduled for a doctor's appointment to determine if her blood counts are high enough to admit to the hospital to begin the next course of chemo.

9/26/04 (Sunday)

This morning Kellie, Mom, Dad, and Shelby went to church. After church we went Geocaching.

The first geocache was found by Mom and was a pinecone that it's center was drilled out and a metal tube inserted to house the log book.

The second geocache required us to take Mom's trunk off roading. We drove about a 1/2 mile off the road. Kellie found the cache under a tree.

In the evening Mom, Kellie and Shelby went to the park to raise money for Leukemia research.

9/25/04 (Saturday)

Saturday morning started off with pancake breakfast prepared by mom. Kellie and Shelby played throughout the morning.

In the afternoon Kellie, Mom, Dad, and Shelby went to the movies and watch "The First Daughter", Kellie sat in her black fold-up chair to watch the movie. We call Kellie the Masked Bandit since she must wear a surgical mask whenever she leaves home to minimize her risk to infections.

Kellie, Shelby, and Dad spent the evening playing Xbox.

9/24/04 (Friday)

Friday was not a so typical day for Kellie. She was awaken by Crazy Neighbor and her daughter Robin. Mom, Kellie, Crazy Neighbor, and Robin went shopping at Wal-mart and on their way home stopped by Krispy Kreme Donuts.

Kellie spent the rest of her morning watching TV and after lunch worked on her homework in preparation for Ms Ditmer's arrival.

In the late afternoon Ms Ditmer arrived to work with Kellie on her school work. Kellie and Ms Ditmer worked on reading, comprehension, and math skills.

Kellie's friend Shelby came over in the evening to spend the weekend with Kellie.

9/23/04 (Thursday)

Mom and Kellie started the day early. 6:00 AM to be exact. Kellie is scheduled for a bone marrow biopsy today and cannot have any food after 7:00AM.

Mom, Dad, and Kellie had breakfast together this morning while watching County Music Videos on CMT.

While Mom, Dad, and Kellie waited for Kellie's surgery Dad and Kellie worked on Kellie's school homework. Kellie had multiplication math problems to complete. Dad and Kellie worked the problems out on separate pieces of paper and then shared the answers to see if we agreed on the solution.

Finally at little after 2 PM the surgeon arrived and off to surgery we went. Kellie's bone marrow biopsy took less than 30 minutes.

After leaving the recovery room Kellie promptly informed mom that she was HUNGRY!  Mom and Kellie stopped at Taco Bell for a late lunch and headed home for the remainder of the afternoon and evening.

9/22/04 (Wednesday)

Kellie and her cousin Chad started the day off jumping on the trampoline.

Kellie went to her Dr. Appointment this afternoon. A new IV was inserted into Kellie's arm to allow blood to be drawn for her blood tests.

Kellie's ANC result was 150 dramatically down from 11,000 from last Wednesday. Kellie's doctor contributed the low ANC count to the Neupogen injections Kellie received after her ANC count was zero. Kellie's body needs to realize that it must maintain her blood levels without assistance from the Neupogen injections.

The end result for Kellie is another week off before her treatment begins again.

Kellie and Chad wrote their Thank You letters to Luis Gonzales for the use of his Suite at BOB (Bank One Ballpark) last week.

Kellie's Teacher worked with Kellie this afternoon to ensure her education continues through her treatments and breaks from treatment since she cannot attend regular school.

Tomorrow Kellie will have her bone marrow biopsy to determine if any Leukemia cells are present in her bone marrow (the body's blood factory).

9/21/04 (Tuesday)

Kellie requested pancakes for breakfast again. Mom was more than happy to cook her favorite breakfast food for the week.

Kellie occupied herself by vacuuming out the window seals in the morning. Yes the child loves to vacuum. Kellie spent most of the afternoon playing with her dog Sadie.

Mom and Kellie went shopping this afternoon and returned home in the early evening.

Kellie requested Cornish Hens for her last meal at home!

Mom and Kellie arrived at Macayo's greeted by family and friends to show Kellie their support. Kellie enjoyed seeing everyone.

Kellie spent the remainder of the evening playing guitar, making pudding, and playing Halo for Xbox with Dad an Chad.

9/20/04 (Monday)

Kellie and Mom spent the morning at home. Kellie and Mom went out to lunch at P F Changs. After lunch, Mom and Kellie went shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Toys R Us, and came home with a guitar, magic book, and another squishy pillow.

Kellie's nurse called and confirmed Kellie's Dr. appointment for Wednesday. At the same time she told Mom that there was no available surgery time to insert Kellie's new broviac until Thursday so Kellie will have another day off from the hospital.

Kellie will admit on Thursday to begin her next course of chemo.

In the evening Aunt Alice and Chad came over for dinner. Kellie and Chad went swimming in the pool. It was the first time that Kellie had swam all summer.

9/19/04 (Sunday)

The morning started out early as Kellie began her last day of IV antibiotic treatments. Mom prepared pancakes and sausage for breakfast.

We attended church today and returned home around 11:00 AM to begin Kellie's antibiotic treatment.

After lunch Kellie treated the family to Maggie Moo's ice cream. We met Mom's friend Karen at Maggie Moos.

We spent the remainder of the day at home. Kellie played with her friend Shelby until the evening.

Kellie's lV antibiotic treatment ended at 11:30PM tonight. Mom took the IV out of Kellie's arm. Mom and Kellie finally got to sleep in since Kellie was discharged from the hospital on last Wednesday.

9/18/04 (Saturday)

Kellie spent the morning watching cartoons on the TV and playing with her dog Sadie.

In the afternoon Kellie's girlfriend from school Shelby can over to spend the day and night with Kellie.

Saturday evening we met some of Mom and Kellie's Friends for dinner at Red Robins. During dinner it rained so hard that the Satellite TV went out of service. Kellie had a good time as Mom ran around with her alcohol wipes cleaning all surfaces.

9/17/04 (Friday)

Dad was up bright and early to start Kellie's first antibiotic treatment of the day. Mom got a well deserved break and was able to sleep in.

Kellie and Mom went to the movie theater to see The Princess Diaries II movie. Kellie and Mom had plan to see the movie during Kellie's last treatment break but her infection landed Kellie back in the hospital.

After the movie Mom and Kellie did some shopping at Arrowhead Mall.

9/16/04 (Thursday)

Kellie and Mom started the day early. Mom started Kellie's antibiotic treatment at 5:30AM which takes about 30 minutes complete. Kellie has four treatments a day 5:30AM, 11:30AM, 4:30PM, and 11:30PM which ends on Sunday night.

By midmorning Kellie ran into Mom's bedroom excitedly informing Mom that their new cell phones had just arrived. The boxes were open and Kellie had the phones in her hands.

Kellie spent the afternoon doing her school class work with her Teacher Ms Ditmer. Ms Ditmer visits Kellie twice a week to ensure Kellie's education continues through her treatments.

Dad finally setup Kellie's and Mom's cell phone at 8:00 PM. You should of seen the big smile on Kellie's face. She always wanted a cell phone and now she has one.

9/15/04 (Wednesday) ANC = 11,000

Kellie started the day off with Krispy Kreme donuts complements of Mom and Dad. Kellie shared her donuts with her nursing staff.

Kellie's discharge was to occur after her afternoon antibiotics. Kellie was impatiently waiting for her IV to complete with one hand on the nurse call button.

Kellie and Mom left the hospital around 1:00 PM and headed straight home.

Kellie enjoyed smelling the fresh warm 102 degree Arizona air and played with her Sadie dog.

Kellie received Diamondbacks tickets in Luis Gonzalez's' suite as a going home gift from the hospital.

Kellie enjoyed herself at the game and the Diamondbacks played and won a great game. Kellie remarked "This is my first baseball game in a suite".

Kellie ended her day with another antibiotic IV and headed off to bed.

9/14/04 (Tuesday) ANC = 6800

Kellie was back to her normal routine the day after her surgery to remove her Broviac. Kellie was up by 8:00 AM, breakfast, showered and off to school by 9:30 AM.

Kellie had several visitors today. Uncle Hubba, Patrick, and Tina all stopped by for a visit.

The word was given by Kellie's doctor that she would be going home tomorrow. Mom and Kellie started packing up her room. Kellie's refrigerator and one of her storage bins were brought home tonight.

Kellie received her last Neupogen injection today! :-)

Grandma Joyce spent the Kellie to give Mom a well deserved break!

9/13/04 (Monday) ANC = 2800

Kellie's long awaited surgery to remove her Broviac was delayed for more than 12 hours. While she was waiting to be called down to surgery she could not eat or drink anything with the exception of some water.

Kellie's surgery went well and her Broviac was removed and an IV inserted.

Kellie enjoyed pizza, chicken wings, and bread sticks for dinner.

9/12/04 (Sunday) ANC = 740

Kellie's blood count continues to rise. Kellie and Mom spent the day together. Dad visited in the evening. Kellie's spirit is good. Kellie is keeping busy making key chains and God Eyes. Kellie has actually sold several of her key chains and God Eyes to the nursing and housekeeping staff.

Kellie was able to leave her room today for short walks in the evening as long as she wore a mask.

9/11/04 (Saturday) ANC = 205

Kellie's blood count continues to rise. Kellie and Mom spent the day together. In the evening Shelby Kellie's school friend visited with Kellie while Mom and Dad went out for dinner.

9/10/04 (Friday) ANC = 43

Kellie's blood count continues to increase!

Kellie was in heaven today as she was on her own for the first time this morning as Mom and Dad both had to work.

Kellie was your typical 10 year old girl. On the phone talking with girlfriends ordering food from the cafeteria and having fun.

Kellie kept in regular contact with Mom and Dad as she would on a more typical day before her illness. Kellie handled her responsibility quit well!

She called dad laughing trying to explain how she ended up with 8 bottles of water and 4 blueberry muffins from the cafeteria. Dad's response was  "you sure have a lot of water to drink!"

"Mom and the doctor's discussed Kellie's two severe infections episodes. The decision was made to remove Kellie Broviac next week and to use IVs while she is out of the hospital. This way the doctors can determine if the infections are being caused by her Broviac or by her own body.

Kellie called Dad at work and said "Dad I have some good news and some bad news"

Dad replied "Give me the bad news first so everything after will be good news"

Kellie replied " The bad news won't make sense unless I tell you the good   news first"

Dad "Ok, lets hear the good news first"

Kellie " I get my Broviac out next week and there is more good news I might be able to go swimming!"

Dad "And the bad news"

Kellie "I will have to have a new Broviac installed when I return to the hospital"

Grandma Joyce came and visited with Mom and Kellie today. Grandma Joyce and Kellie picked out some candles for her.

9/9/04 (Thursday) ANC = 24

Kellie's blood count continues to increase!

Kellie was visited by a Gentlemen who travels the country playing the guitar for ill children in Children Hospitals throughout the country. He even makes a CD of the music he plays with the kids and leaves it with them for a souvenir.

Kellie had two visits with her Cotton Boll teachers, In the afternoon her reading teacher worked with Kellie on her reading skills. The in the late afternoon Ms Ditmer, Kellie's 5th grade teacher work with Kellie today on math and more reading.

Kellie's school friend Brandy Smith and her dad visited Kellie this evening.

9/8/04 (Wednesday) ANC = 13

Kellie's blood ANC count is finally on the rise. Kellie is in good spirit and is keeping busy with her school work along with arts and crafts.

Grandma Joyce, Aunt Alice and Cousin Chad stopped by to visit Kellie today.

9/7/04 (Tuesday)

Kellie and Mom started their morning at 8:30 AM. It's back to the old grind and routine with Mom as Nana Doris went home.

Kellie's working on her homework packets and read aloud to Mom.

In the afternoon, Kellie had two CATSCANs of her nasal cavity and chest to ensure that her runny noise and coughing was not causing any complications.

Shelby's mom Julie stopped by to visit Kellie while Shelby was attending her singing class.

9/6/04 (Monday)

Kellie and Nana Doris spent the morning together. Kellie is feeling great but her blood counts have not increased to date. Kellie will keep receiving her Neupogen injections to assist with restoring her blood counts to normal levels.

Kellie received a transfusion of platelets this morning and antibiotics to help with her runny noise and coughing.

Shelby visited Kellie this evening and Nana Doris retuned home to California.

9/5/04 (Sunday)

Kellie started the day off good. She and Nana Doris slept late into the morning. The doctor called Mom and gave her a status update. Kellie's blood counts are still at zero and her platelets are dropping slowly. Kellie will require a platelet transfusion tomorrow.

Kellie and Nana Doris spent the day watching movies, playing games, and Kellie actually did some homework!!!

Mom, Dad, and Nana Doris went out to dinner tonight while Kellie and her girlfriend Shelby had a pizza night together.

9/4/04 (Saturday)

Kellie is feeling good today. Her blood counts are down to zero and platelets continue to drop. Her runny nose and cough continues but the doctors are treating Kellie with antibiotics to control her symptoms.

Kellie has been waiting in anticipation for Nana Doris's (Tammy's husband Jeff's Mom.) arrival today. Mom drove over to Sky Harbor airport and picked up Nana Doris and drove her back to the hospital.

Kellie was happy to see Nana Doris and looked forward to spending the weekend with her. Nana Doris will be giving Mom and Dad the weekend off for some R&R.

Dad went down to United Blood Services this morning and performed another replenishment platelet donation in Kellie's name "Kellie Miner-Durkit.

Since family and friends have been donating platelets in Kellie's name she has not had to wait for a platelet transfusion. At the beginning of this ordeal Kellie had to wait 33 hours for a platelet transfusion.

Please perform replenishment platelet donations in Kellie's name when ever possible. Kellie still has 4 months of treatment and many more platelet transfusions.

Kellie friends Crazy Carmen and her daughters, Shelby and her mother along with Lorie and her two children all visited Kellie today.

9/3/04 (Friday)

Kellie bounced back very quickly and is back to usual self. Kellie contributes her ability to recover so quickly from the infection and the fact that she still has some hair left on her head to her strong Russian blood.

Kellie is back in her routine of attending school in the morning. Actually the teachers come to Kellie's room since she is in isolation. The teacher wears a mask, gloves, and a yellow gown to minimize any risk of infection.

After school Kellie and Mom tried their hand at making some crayons with Kellie's Crayola Crayon Maker that she won at school. There were a couple of problems that Mom and Kellie finally worked out but in the end they were making crayons.

Kellie's reading teacher worked with Kellie today on her reading and comprehension skills.

Yesterday the Diamondbacks mascot Baxter and Andy Green visited Kellie and other children in the PICU.

9/2/04 (Thursday)

Kellie contracted another bacteria infection which landed her in the PICU around 1:00AM this morning. Kellie experienced similar symptoms (104 fever, headache, and low blood pressure) as with her last infection.

The PICU doctors increased Kellie's fluids and administered antibodies to combat the infection while at the same time blood samples were taken to culture any present bacteria.

Kellie's runny nose and cough were ruled out as the cause of her sudden illness because of the speed at which Kellie fell ill.

Tammy spent the night with Kellie in the PICU while dad slept in Kellie's isolation room ready to relieve Mom at a moments notice.

By the early morning Kellie's condition was stabilized and she was beginning to feel better. Her doctors continued to take samples of Kellie's blood to run tests to determine the effectiveness of her treatment.

At 5:30 PM Kellie was given her marching orders to leave the PICU and return to her isolation room. She was one happy little girl :-)

Kellie's Teacher stopped by for her regular session with Kellie and Nicole Mom's colleague from Boswell visited Kellie to.

In the evening Kellie's school friend Brandy stopped by for a surprise visit. Kellie and Brandy made bead necklaces.

I just got a call from Mom at the hospital. Kellie's appetite has returned and Kellie is back to her usual self.

9/1/04 (Wednesday)

Kellie's blood counts are still down at zero and she is restricted to her room. Kellie is experiencing the classic symptoms (nausea, vomiting, headaches , etc.) of chemotherapy.

Kellie worked on her school packets, watched soaps with Mom, and had a visit from Larry the Magic Guy. Larry has taught Kellie several magic tricks. Larry looks a little like the Big Bird doctor. He had on a mask, gloves, and a yellow plastic apron all designed to minimize any bacterial or virus infection.

We had a little mishap during Kellie's daily Neupogen shot this evening. Kellie was anxious and scared,  when she tensed up in fear of the shot she bit Dad pretty hard. Dad jumped and screamed only because I was caught off guard. Kellie started to laughed and moved her leg and the Neupogen needle came out of Kellie's leg before the entire injection was completed. This meant having to be poke Kellie twice! She was not a happy camper. Mom did her duty and injected the remaining Neupogen.

Kellie is running a high fever and has been placed on a regiment of antibodies until the exact strain of the infection can be identified. After which the antibodies will be removed one by one until the remaining antibody left is the one that can treat Kellie's infection.

8/31/04 (Tuesday)

Kellie's blood counts are down to zero and she is restricted to her room. Kellie is beginning to experience the classic symptoms (nausea, vomiting, headaches , etc.) of chemotherapy.

Kellie has also started her Neupogen shoots again which will help Kellie's blood counts return to normal.

Kellie is also experiencing a runny nose with some coughing. A sample was taken with a long thin q-tip from Kellie's nose. The sample will be cultured to determine the exact strain of the infection.

Kellie has been keeping busy throughout the day by working on her school work packets, crafts, watching TV and playing games with Mom.

8/30/04 (Monday) - Day 11 of 14 - 2nd Course of Chemotherapy

Kellie's blood counts finally began their downward direction. Kellie has been restricted to the Oncology floor and by the end of the day she will be restricted to her room.

Kellie spent the day in the school room, craft room, doing her school homework.

8/29/04 (Sunday) - Day 10 of 14 - 2nd Course of Chemotherapy

Dad spent the night with Kellie to give Mom a break from the Hospital. Kellie started the day off slow by getting up at 10AM after a long good night sleep.

Kellie's doctor stopped by for her daily visit. Kellie's doctor said that Kellie's blood counts will start to decrease over the next few days as the chemotherapy drugs start to kick in.

Mom arrived at the Hospital around 2 PM after spending time with her girlfriend Debbie.

Kellie spent the day in the craft and teen rooms.

Grandma Joyce arrived at 5:00 PM to spend the night with Kellie.

8/28/04 (Saturday) - Day 9 of 14 - 2nd Course of Chemotherapy

Kellie blood count continue to rise even though she has been on her chemotherapy for nine days. Kellie continues to amaze her doctors by her body's strong will.

Kellie was visited by Lori and her children Mom's friend today along with Brandy Smith.

Kellie is taking advantage of her freedom by playing in the craft and teen rooms

8/27/04 (Friday) - Day 8 of 14 - 2nd Course of Chemotherapy

Kellie attended school, played in the Craft and Teen rooms. Kellie's freedom is slowly slipping away. With in a few days Kellie will be restricted to her 12' X 12' room until her blood counts return to normal.

Kellie had many visitors today. Hayln Kellie's girl friend from school and Haylyn's Mom Debbie, Aunt Alice and Cousin Chad, Dad's friends Brenda, Zachery, and Samantha.

8/26/04 (Thursday) - Day 7 of 14 - 2nd Course of Chemotherapy

Kellie started the day off with chemotherapy morning sickness. By 9:30 AM Kellie is up and on the move. Kellie attended school, played in the Craft and Teen rooms.

Kellie's friend from school Brandy Smith and her dad visited Kellie. Kellie's 5th grade teacher worked with Kellie for a couple of hours on her school work.

8/25/04 (Wednesday) - Day 6 of 14 - 2nd Course of Chemotherapy

Well Kellie's P.S. to God was answered as she got her extra day of freedom.

Kellie is beginning to experience the side effects of the chemotherapy this morning. After she was feeling better she was off to school.

Kellie also took the opportunity to get some craft time in today. She made a wave bottle. It is a plastic coke bottle filled with 2/3 water, 1/3 oil, blue food coloring, and sparkles. When the bottle is tipped side to side a blue wave moves across the length of the bottle.

BL (Before Leukemia) we have a family night every Wednesday. Each of the family members reserves Wednesday night just for family activities. We typically play games, watch movies, go out to dinner, or go out to the movie theater

Tonight for Family Night Dad made a spaghetti dinner using Mom's recipe and directions as our family Kellie, Mom, and Dad watched a Disney movie together.

8/24/04 (Tuesday) - Day 5 of 14 - 2nd Course of Chemotherapy

Kellie's blood counts are starting to drop in response to the chemotherapy. Kellie was able to go to school today but very soon she will be restricted to her room. Her isolation is to minimize her risk to bacteria and viruses infections which can complicate her treatment.

During Kellie's bedtime prayers she added a P.S. to God "Please let me have one more day of freedom".

8/23/04 (Monday) - Day 4 of 14 - 2nd Course of Chemotherapy

Kellie is experiencing little or no side effects of the chemotherapy today. Kellie has began a regular routine similar to her previous life before leukemia. She gets up at 8 AM off to school by 9 AM, then lunch and play time from 12 noon to 2 PM at which time school starts again and finally school is out by 3:00 PM. But wait there is homework to complete before playtime begins just like home :-)

8/22/04 (Sunday) - Day 3 of 14 - 2nd Course of Chemotherapy

Kellie is feeling much better today. She spent her morning and afternoon in the Craft and Teen rooms. Kellie is very artistic and can make the most surprising things out of hospital supplies. For example, a Frog out of a hospital mask. Kellie also continues to make key chains and God Eyes to keep herself busy when the Craft and Teen rooms are closed.

Dad arrived around 12:30 PM to give Mom a break.

Kellie's friend Shelby stopped by for a visit and played with Kellie for a few hours.

Grandma Joyce spent the night with Kellie to give Mom a well deserved break.

8/21/04 (Saturday) - Day 2 of 14 - 2nd Course of Chemotherapy

Dad went to United Blood Services this morning and performed a replenishment donation of platelets in Kellie's name (Kellie Miner-Durkit). Yes, it is that time again for all Family and Friends who live in Arizona to performed replenishment donations to ensure Kellie has access to platelets. We, Family and Friends never want Kellie to wait 33 hours for platelets again.

Since the replenishment donations have began Kellie has never had to wait for platelets.

A very special thanks to all those donators who took the time, typically 3 hours to make the donations.

From Our Family to Your Family - Thank You!!

Kellie is beginning to experience the side effects of the chemotherapy again (nausea, vomiting, headaches, and bone pain). Kellie slept most of the day. When she awoke Kellie was ready to go!!! Her time for freedom is counting down as her blood counts drop and Kellie is getting all her playtime in before her isolation lock down begins.

8/20/04 (Friday) - Day 1 of 14 - 2nd Course of Chemotherapy

Dad spent Thursday night and Friday morning with Kellie as Mom needed to work.

We awoke at 4:15 AM to have an early breakfast because Kellie can not have any food or water prior to her Spinal Tap procedure. At 8:00 AM Kellie was up, got showered and headed off to school. Upon arriving at the school room we realized that school was closed for the day !!!!! :-)

Kellie spent the remainder of the morning in the Craft Room. Around 10:30 AM we headed down to the surgery room where Kellie's spinal tap and dressing changed was to occur. In less then 40 minutes the procedures were completed and we were back in Kellie's room.

Kellie's first words to me when she became coherent were "I'm Hungry". She ate four pieces of pizza and two bowls of cereal.

Kellie's teacher form Cotton Boll arrived today to provided Kellie with her school packets and assist Kellie with her education.

Kellie's next course of chemotherapy began in the afternoon today.

8/19/04 (Thursday)

Kellie's blood counts continue to increase which indicates that her infection has been eliminated.

Kellie continues to spend as much time as possible in the Craft and Teen Rooms in anticipation of her being restricted to her room when her blood counts begin to fall.

The Oakland A's Baseball Team visited the hospital today. Kellie was very excited to see the team again. I have to give credit to the Oakland A's Baseball Team Organization for their support of the Phoenix Children's Hospital. We have been at the hospital for more than 48 days and the only Professional Sports Team to visit the hospital consistently has been the Oakland A's Baseball Team.

8/18/04 (Wednesday)

Kellie's next coarse of chemotherapy has been rescheduled to Friday. Kellie's ANC count is trending downward which is an indicator that her body is fighting off an infection.

Kellie spent her day playing in the Craft Room, Teen Room, and attended school. Yes, even if you are sick in the hospital you still have to go to school. It sounds like something my Mom would say :-)

8/17/04 (Tuesday)

Kellie spent most of the day at the Craft and Teen rooms. She is getting all the playtime in that she can before her chemotherapy begins tomorrow.

Kellie's playtime was interrupted by school. Yes the hospital has it very own school room!

Dad brought Sadie by for a visit which put a smile on Kellie's face.

Grandma will be staying with Kellie tonight giving Mom a break!

8/16/04 (Monday)

Kellie's Oncologist and General Physician consulted today to determine Kellie's future treatment. The decision was made for Kellie to remain in the hospital and to start her next course of chemotherapy beginning Wednesday.

Kellie's has been in a semi-private room since Saturday night. Today a new arrival to the hospital ended up as Kellie's roommate. Kellie and Laura are getting along well and have at least one thing is common, cancer.

8/15/04 (Sunday)

Kellie continues to recover from her incident with bacteria. Kellie moved from the PICU to the 2nd floor late Saturday night.

Kellie & Mom spent the day watching TV, playing games and doing crafts. Kellie went the Teen Room and Craft Room at every opportunity.

8/14/04 (Saturday)

Kellie's condition has dramatically improved for the better. Kellie has amazed her doctors again.

The bacteria that resulted in Kellie's stay in the hospital has been identified and it being treated with specific antibiotics.

Kellie will be moving to the 2nd floor as soon as a room is available. Then if Kellie's condition continues to improve she will be able to come home on either Monday or Tuesday.

8/13/04 (Friday)

Kellie's temperature broke around 4:00 AM this morning. Kellie is feeling much better and she is actually a little grumpy which is a good sign.

Dad arrived early in the morning with a Jeep load of supplies. Mom gave Dad a list of items that she needed in preparation to begin Kellie's next stay in the Hospital.

When word got out that Kellie was back in the PICU two of Kellie's nurses stopped by to visit Kellie. Kellie was happy to see some of her favorite nurses and familiar faces.

Kellie's condition is improving hourly. We are not sure if Kellie will remain in the PICU for the weekend or move up to the second floor in preparation for her next treatment.

This was not such a bad Friday the 13th.

8/12/04 (Thursday)

Kellie and Mom parked on the top level of the Phoenix Children's Hospital parking garage. They were waiting for President Bush's plane Air Force One to depart. The President was behind schedule and a disappointed Kellie had to leave for her blood test appointment. Kellie is a very patriotic little girl.

The blood test went well. Kellie's doctor gave Kellie permission to go to the movies with Mom and she was to return next Wednesday to begin her next course of chemotherapy. But as Kellie and Mom were exiting the Out Patient Clinic Kellie began feeling the chills and started to vomit.

Mom rushed Kellie back into the Out Patient Clinic. Kellie's doctor along with several nurses began to stabilize Kellie's condition. Kellie's temperature shot up along with her heart rate while her blood pressure dropped.

After Kellie's condition was stabilize she was moved to the PICU at Phoenix Children's Hospital. The PICU doctors and nurses attended Kellie through the night.

8/11/04 (Wednesday)

Kellie spent the day around the house. She played with Sadie her Yellow Lab and watched TV.

Tomorrow, Kellie has a blood test scheduled at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Kellie's blood must be tested several times a week to ensure her blood counts continue to increase and eventually stabilize.

Once Kellie's blood counts stabilize she will begin her second course of chemotherapy. Kellie will have a total of six courses of treatment over the next six months.

8/10/04 (Tuesday)

Kellie waited anxiously for the get together at Mexican Kitchen. The get together was a great success with over 40 Team Kellie Members attended in Kellie's honor.

Kellie had a terrific time visiting with family and friends and even playing and enjoying herself as a ten year old girl.

Thank You For Showing Your Support For Kellie! For all those Team Kellie Members who could not attend you were missed but Kellie knew your thoughts were with her.

8/9/04 (Monday)

Kellie spent a relaxing day at home with Mom, Nana Doris, and Dad.

Tomorrow we will be getting together at Macayo's Mexican Kitchen for all of those who would like to visit with Kellie. We will be gathering in the patio around 6:30 PM.

Macayo's Mexican Kitchen
6012 W Bell Rd
GLENDALE,  AZ 85308 - 3714
(602) 298-8080

8/07/04 (Saturday)

Kellie and Mom got up early and went to the airport to pickup Nana Doris. Nana Doris originally planned to stay with Kellie over the weekend at the hospital to give Mom and Dad a deserved break. After hearing that Kellie was out of the hospital she was more than glad to visit Kellie and the family at home.

Kellie, Mom and Nana Doris went shopping today. Kellie bought a pair of Heelys shoes. These are the shoes will skate wheels on the heels. Kellie used some of her money from her fund.

We went to dinner at PF Changs which was Kellie’s choice. Kellie had to wear a mask and mom was busy wiping everything down with rubbing alcohol.

After dinner we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Kellie bought a fold up bucket chair for use at home and ay the hospital and a soft blue pillow. Kellie used a 20% coupon from Dad. Kellie got the practical side from her mother.

8/06/04 (Friday)


Kellie’s ANC = 3500

Kellie and Mom were out the door and on their way to the hospital at 7:30AM.

Kellie went through her bone marrow test.

Kellie and Mom then went to visit her Oncologist. The Oncologist gave Kellie and Mom the GREAT NEWS – KELLIE IS IN REMISSION!

Kellie and Mom went to visit Grandma Joyce for a few hours. In the late afternoon Aunt Lynell and Family arrived for a visit.

8/05/04 (Thursday)

Kellie's Home !!! Kellie's Home !!! Kellie's Home !!! Kellie's Home !!! Kellie's Home !!! Kellie's Home !!!

Kellie's ANC = 1880

Kellie is very anxious today in anticipation of leaving the hospital. As always, Kellie had to abide to her morning routine. Her general physician arrived at 7:30 AM to see how Kellie was feeling. Her Oncologist stopped by to review the results from her morning blood work. The Oncologist was amazed by the dramatic increase in her ANC blood count.

Kellie received a unit of platelets at 10 AM and by 12:30 PM Kellie was out the door with Mom.

Kellie commented that it is nice to breathe warm fresh air, to hear the birds, and all the other sounds that we take for granted. The motion of driving in Tammy’s truck was also strange to Kellie. We must remember Kellie has been in the hospital for 34 straight days.

Kellie is happy to be home! She played with Sadie her dog and wandered the house as though it was her first time ever being home.

Just as Kellie and Mom were settling in for the day the phone rang. Mom answered the phone and it was Kellie’s Oncologist. Kellie is scheduled for her first bone marrow test and red blood cell transfusion tomorrow at 9:00 AM. So much for sleeping in for Kellie and Mom.

Kellie will have a general health checkup and blood tests performed every other day while she is out of the hospital.

Tonight was our first Family dinner at home in over 34 days!

It is great to have Kellie home.

8/04/04 (Wednesday)

Kellie's ANC = 702

Kellie Is Going Home Tomorrow !!!!! Kellie Is Going Home Tomorrow !!!!! Kellie Is Going Home Tomorrow !!!!! Kellie Is Going Home Tomorrow !!!!!

We got great news today, Kellie will be discharged from the hospital on Thursday if her ANC continues to increase and no infection is detected.

Mom with the help of Tracy spent the day packing Kellie’s possessions that she has acquired over the last 31 days.

Kellie was officially given permission from her doctor to leave her room today. She has been restricted to her room for more than 2 weeks. Kellie immediately headed for the Teen Room to play some Air Hockey.

The Oakland A’s stopped by to visit the children at the hospital. Kellie got many of the players to sign their autographs on a Macy’s hat.

The 2nd part of Kellie’s MRI will be performed. The MRI will scan her right shoulder and neck area.

Mom and Kellie spent the night together planning for tomorrow.

8/03/04 (Tuesday)

Kellie's ANC = 138

Kellie had a good night with Grandma Joyce.  The pain in her arm is gone and Kellie is your typical 10 year old girl again.

*** Kellie's ANC is 138 *** GREAT NEWS *** Kellie's ANC is 138 *** GREAT NEWS *** Kellie's ANC is 138 *** GREAT NEWS 

We got great news today, Kellie may receive her “Get Out of the Hospital Card” as early as this Thursday if her ANC continues to increase and no infection is detected.

Kellie’s ANC must be at least 250 before she can be released from the hospital and greater than 300 before she can leave the house.

Kellie will not be allowed in locations with large quantities of people e.g. the Mall, School, Grocery Stores, etc.

The 1st part of Kellie’s MRI was performed today. Kellie had to remain perfectly still for over 45 minutes while her arm was scanned from the right shoulder to her elbow.

Tomorrow the 2nd part of Kellie’s MRI will be performed. The MRI will scan her right shoulder and neck area.

Mom and Kellie spent the together.

8/02/04 (Monday)

Kellies ANC = 68

Kellie had a very rough night.  The pain in her arm continues to decrease from the night before but hurts just the same.

The general physician arrived at 7:00 to check up on Kellie’s pain. Around 10 AM Kellie’s Oncologist arrived to discuss Kellie’s pain. The Oncologist has scheduled a MRI to determine the cause of Kellie’s pain.

Kellie Physical Therapist arrived at 12:00 to work with Kellie. Dad took the opportunity to get Kellie’s lunch order.

Mom arrived at 2:00PM and Dad left for work.

Gerhard and his mother stopped by for a visit in the late afternoon.

Mom waited for Grandma Joyce to arrive. Grandma Joyce will be staying with Kellie tonight.

8/01/04 (Sunday)

Kellies ANC = 38

Kellie and Dad got up around 10 AM. It was a lazy morning. Kellie spent the day painting bird houses, watching TV and DVDs.

Mom arrived later in the day with Kellie’s favorite meal “Home Made Spaghetti and Garlic Bread”

Around 8:00 Kellie complained of a pain in her right arm. With in several seconds, Kellie’s pain went from a slight irritation to unbearable pain. Morphine, Ativan, a Tylenol did little to relieve the pain. Finally around 1:00 AM Kellie finally fell asleep.

The pain continued to wake Kellie throughout the night.

7/31/04 (Saturday)

Kellie spent the day with Mom putting puzzles together, playing games and watching DVDs. Kellie’s blood count is slowly increasing. Kellie’s is receiving Neupogen injections to assist with increasing her blood count.

Dad arrived in the late afternoon to give Mom a long and deserved break from watching Kellie. Kellie spent the evening watching DVDs.

Kellie is beginning to get cabin fever. She has been and will continue to be restricted to her room until her ANC Blood counts exceeds 200 and at 300 Kellie will be able to get a “Get Out of The Hospital Card”.

7/30/04 (Friday)

The pain in Kellie’s arm is all but gone. She spent the day with Mom working on puzzles, reading, watching TV and DVDs

7/29/04 (Thursday)

Kellie’s right arm pain continues to decrease. Kellie had a CATSCAN today to help determine the cause of her pain. The CATSCAN did not indicate any reason for the pain Kellie is experiencing in her arm.

Later in the day Kellie had several visitors. Debbie a friend of Kellie’s Grandma Joyce stopped by for a visit along with two visitors from Radiant Church Micki and Lisa.

Kellie’s girlfriend Hayln and her mom Debbie visited with Kellie while mom and dad had the evening off.


Kellie had a rough night. She awoke around 10 PM complaining of pain in her right arm. The pain increased very quickly and Kellie was given an injection of morphine to relieve the pain.

The doctors are not sure what was causing the pain. So to be on the safe side x-rays of Kellie’s arms were ordered. The x-rays came back normal not indicating the source of Kellie’s pain.

The doctor then ordered a Bone Scan for tomorrow morning. A bone scan is a more sensitive test than normal x-rays.

Even through the pain Kellie’s appetite continues to increase even though her weight has decrease. The weight decrease is due to Kellie being taken off the TPN.

Tammy’s friend Crazy Carmen stopped by for a visit with Kellie.


Kellie appetite appears to have increase this morning. She ate a bowl of Life Cereal and a GoYogurt.

Dad stopped by for a visit between 9:30 to 11:00. Kellie was a little sleepy after she received an injection of benadryl. We watched the movie Cody Banks Secret Agent.

Mom arrived at the hospital around 2:00 PM after a long day at work. The first words out of Kellie’s nurse were “The Girl is eating like a Horse”!

Kellie received another unit of Platelets and Red Blood Cells today. Her White Blood Cell Counts are just beginning to return.

Kellie learned a card magic trick today from one of the Hospital Volunteers. She is quite good and impressed Dad.

Kellie’s sense of humor is well. Kellie’s Grandma Joyce got Kellie a remote control fart machine. Grandmas are the Greatest!  On the way back to her room after walking Dad to the elevator Kellie set off the fart machine next to two guys standing by the elevator. The woman nurses next to the guys said “you guys are disgusting”. You have never seen such a happy girl.


Kellie is sleeping through most of the night. The side affects of the chemotherapy are all but gone with the exception of the hair loss. Kellie’s hair has thinned out quite a bit. But she still has a head full of hair. As Kellie says “It’s that Russian Hair”

She is starting to get into a daily routine. Awake by 9:00 AM, Breakfast, Mouth Care, Vital Stats, Morning Doctor Visit, Physical Therapy, Free time for Movie or Crafts, Lunch, School, Reading, Free time for Movie or Crafts, Dinner, Visit with Mom and Dad, Daily Shot, More visiting with Mom & Dad, 9:00 PM Bedtime

Kellie will be taken off TP (Intravenous Supplements) tonight. Her doctor wants to how Kellie’s appetite reacts tomorrow.


Kellie had another good night when compared against the nights that she fought the side affects of chemotherapy.

The hospital is not the place to get some well needed rest. Between the nurses checking on Kellie throughout the night, IV poles beeping, and potty runs Kellie and I were awaken about every hour.

Dad had to leave a little to make his appointment to give Blood platelets. Kellie spent the morning watching her TV shows and talking on the phone. She was a little irritated with Mom and Dad for checking up on her so much. She told me “I am tired of answering this darn phone, it keeps ringing. All I want to do is watch my shows”. Kellie spent the majority of the day with Aunt Alice and her cousin Chad. Kellie, Aunt Alice, and Chad made a couple of puzzles and watched TV.

Around 3:00 PM Kellie started getting ready for her big night. It is our family’s 6 month anniversary of becoming a family. Kellie put on her beautiful dress with high heel shoes and put her hair in a do.

Mom and Dad also dress up for the special occasion. The family received many comments form the nursing staff as we walked down the hall to the conference room for dinner.

PF Chang’s was on the menu for tonight. The menu consisted of Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps. Lemon Scallops, Sweet & Sour Pork, Cashew & Almond Chicken, Which & Brown Rice and Fortune Cookies.

After dinner the family watched the “I was a Teenage Drama Queen” movie in Kellie’s room. Near the end of the movie we had a surprise visit from Grandma Joyce and Kellie’s Aunt.

To end the night Kellie started a series of injections to assist with increasing her blood counts. There will be about 10 injections, one per day. The reward Kellie may receive if all goes well is that she might be able to go home a few days earlier than expected.


Kellie had another good day. Her usual routine began with school and physical therapy. Later in the day Kellie’s girlfriend Halyn stopped by for a visit. While Kellie painted Halyn’s nails, Tammy and Debbie Halyn’s Mom when out for lunch and some shopping.

Debbie gave Tammy a ride home and Dad spent the night with Kellie. Tammy got a well deserved night off.


Kellie had a great day! She attended school, physical therapy, and enjoyed the company of her Mom.  Kellie finished the day dancing to music on the boom box. Yes Kellie was dancing and full of energy today.


Kellie is experiencing side effects of the chemotherapy drugs injected during her 4th spinal tap on Tuesday.

Her cough persists along with a runny nose. Kellie’s doctor ordered a CATSCAN of her nasal passages to ensure no infection was occurring. Kellie was excited for the CATSCAN because it meant getting out of her room. The CATSCAN was uneventful and the CATSCAN Technician let Kellie look at the inside of her head on the monitors. Kellie said the pictures looked like a space alien.

Summer has returned to Phoenix “The Valley of the Sun”. Phoenix is living up to its name with unseasonable HOT weather of 110 plus days. The heat has taken its toll on the Arizona Public Services electrical system which failed today. The Hospital lost power for a couple of hours and Kellie learned that in the event of a power outage all critical electrical plugs i.e. Ugly Bug must be plugged into the red receptacles. The red receptacles circuits are connected to the hospital backup generators.


Kellie had a good night sleep with Grandma Joyce looking after her. Mom arrived a little after lunch with another storage drawer unit in tow.

Kellie started her first day back to school. She lucked out and did not have any homework on her first day of school.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital has a fully functional school with instructors to ensure children being treated continue their education.

The Arizona Teacher of the Year is on staff at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Kellie had her 4th spinal tap procedure performed today without incident.


For the third time Kellie’s lab work indicated no presence of leukemia cells in her spinal fluid. JJJJJJJJJJ

Mom and Dad have cut their hair in a show of support for Kellie through her hair loss.

Kellie and her Mom spent the evening scrap booking.


Kellie started the day off sneezing, coughing, and with a runny nose. The doctor prescribed benadryl which knocked Kellie out until around 2:00PM.

Kellie’s hair started to fall out. Kellie decided not cut her hair off but to let it fall out slowly. She is collecting her hair and placing it into her special box. When Kellie’s treatment is completed and her hair starts going again she will discard her hair.

Grandma Joyce spent the night with Kellie giving Mom a break.


Kellie had a few of visitors today.

Shelby Kellie’s friend from school and her mother Julie visited with Kellie. Kellie showed Shelby how to braid key chains. Kellie has made about six key chains to date.

Gail Kellie’s neighbor stopped by for a visit which cheered Kellie up.

Being restricted to her room is going to be stressful for Kellie. Kellie is the type of person who cannot sit still and do nothing.

Dean and Kathy, friends of her Step-dad stopped by for a visit.

Kellie was exhausted and rested the remainder of the day watching TV and playing games on the Sony PlayStation in her room


Kellie’s blood counts are so low that her doctor has restricted Kellie to her room. Kellie’s room has positive air pressure which means the air pressure inside the room is greater than the rest of the hospital. When the door is opened to her room the air will flow out of the room preventing air from the rest of the hospital from flowing into Kellie’s room. This type of arrangement prevents bacteria or air born viruses from entering Kellie’s room. Since Kellie’s blood counts are so low the slightest infection can put Kellie at risk.

Aunt Alice and Grandma Joyce spent the day with Kellie allowing Tammy to go home.

Brian Kellie’s neighbor stopped by for a visit which cheered Kellie up.


Kellie started the day with two units of platelets and her 4th spinal tap procedure around 8:30 AM.

Kellie’s anxiety increases as the time for the spinal tap nears as can be expected. The Nurse Practitioner made several attempts to obtain a sample but failed because Kellie would not curl up enough into the correct position for the spinal tap. The Nurse Practitioner requested Kellie’s Attending Physician to make an attempt. Kellie’s Attending Physician made the decision to have the procedure performed under general anesthesia.

Later that morning Mr. Marr Kellie’s 4th Grade Teacher stopped by to visit Kellie. Mr. Marr helped Kellie with her physical therapy (PT in hospital lingo). Kellie and Mr. Marr eventually ended up playing a game of Air Hockey in the Teen Room.

Kellie’s spinal tap under general anesthesia occurred without incidence.

* * * * * * GREAT NEWS * * * * * GREAT NEWS * * * * *GREAT NEWS * * * * *GREAT NEWS * * * * *GREAT NEWS * * * * *

For the second time Kellie’s lab work indicated no presence of leukemia cells in her spinal fluid. J

Kellie spent the remainder of the evening playing UNO and braiding key chains.


Kellie had a very good day! No chemotherapy, her temperature was down, no vomiting, and no headaches! Kellie spent the day visiting with her Aunt Alice and cousin Chad.

Arts and Crafts consumed a large portion of Kellie’s day. Kellie completed a puzzle and glued all the pieces together to make a picture, made a turtle out of a hospital mask and painted it green, and she braded a keychain.

The day ended with a pizza party in which Kellie’s nursing staff participated.

Today was a good day!


Kellie started the day with a temperature of 104 degrees. Blood samples were taken for blood cultures to determine if the fever is a side effect of chemotherapy or an infection. The medical staff started Kellie on antibiotics to help combat the infection until the exact cause is known.

Kellie receives Physical Therapy daily to help keep her muscle tone. She returned exhaust and took a two hour nap.

Carrie from Radiant Church stopped by to visit Kellie and gave her some games to keep her occupied during her hospital stay.

Grandma Joyce and Chad “Kellie’s Cousin and Buddy” visited for a few hours. Chad demanded a rematch at Air Hockey and Kellie taught Chad a lesson. The girl loves to play air hockey. Chad also brought Kellie some Sony PlayStation games to breakup the boredom.

Dr. Goodman visited Kellie today and yes she challenged him to a game of air hockey.

Kellie finished her day making a Blue-Jean bandana in preparation for her hair loss.


Kellie had her 3rd spinal tap to obtain samples of her spinal fluid. The spinal fluid will be tested to determine if any leukemia cells are present. Even with all the medication she was given the test was still very painful. After the spinal fluid samples were obtained chemotherapy drugs were injected to kill off any remaining leukemia cells. The only constellation is that Kellie did not remember the actual spinal tap procedure.

* * * * * * GREAT NEWS * * * * * GREAT NEWS * * * * *GREAT NEWS * * * * *GREAT NEWS * * * * *GREAT NEWS * * * * * 

Kellie’s spinal fluid tests all came back negative for any leukemia cells. One small battle won many more challenges ahead for her. This is the best news that Tammy and I have had in the last two weeks.



Kellie started the day out with excruciating back pain which required morphine to relieve the pain. A few hours later Kellie was up and ready to go to the Children's Game Room for a quick game of pool. Kellie’s dad arrive which raised her spirit and she challenged him to a game of pool after which Kellie and her father went up to the Teen Game Room to play Air-Hockey.

Kellie returned to her room exhausted but in good spirit. Then the side of effects of chemotherapy returned. Kellie and her mom rested the remainder of the day.


Kellie had several visitors today and played in the Children's Game Room and the Teen Game Room. Her appetite is good but some of the chemotherapy side effects made eating a little hard.


Last day of the first course of chemotherapy. The day started out a little rough but by mid morning Kellie was feeling better. Kellie devoured her lunch and then went to the Children's Play Room where she played pool, painted, and met a new friend that starting teaching her how to braid key chains. After another injection she was off to the Teen Room with Mom and Dad. She played some mean Air Hockey. Dad only lost by two points. Kellie's appetite continues to grow and dinner was finished in record time. Two full meals today! The day ended rough as the chemotherapy drugs kicked in and Kellie was down and out for the evening.


Kellie is five days into her chemotherapy. Her appetite continues to grow along with her strength. Kellie ventured out to the Children's Play Room and played some pool with the Brook's Brothers. After dinner Kellie, Mom, and Dad went to the Teen Room and played Air Hockey.


Chemotherapy continues with the expected side effects of nausea, vomiting, headaches, and joint pains. On a high note Kellie's appetite is starting to return. Kellie ate 1 and 1/2 personal cheese pizzas.


Kellie had a rough day. Another spinal tap and blood tests occurred along with her first Broviac dressing change and continued chemotherapy.

Kellie is experiencing nausea, vomiting, headaches, and joint pain all side effects of chemotherapy. On a high point Kellie finally began eating again to day. She ate a cup of applesauce, piece of angel food cake, and a little spaghetti and half a meatball !


Kellie underwent surgery this morning to install a Broviac. A Broviac is a pair of tubes inserted into her chest to allow chemotherapy, antibodies, platelet infusions, red-blood cell infusions, and pain medicines to be easily administered. The surgery occurred without incident.

The aggressive Chemotherapy continues for the 6 more days.

High point of the day was when several Oakland A’s Baseball Players stopped by to visit Kellie!


Kellie’s true condition was finally realized after extensive tests. Kellie’s platelet level was dangerously low and life threatening. Platelet transfusions were administered to stabilize Kellie’s condition.

Later in the day Kellie was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) a very aggressive form of leukemia. The duty ONG Doctor discussed Kellie’s condition and treatment with Tammy and me.

Chemotherapy began immediately against AML a very aggressive form of leukemia.


During a camping trip to Heber-Overgard Arizona Kellie complained that her left knee was in pain. Tammy and I looked at Kellie's knee and it appeared that a bug bite was possibility infected. Kellie being a tough little girl said that her knee was find and she wanted to watch the Annual 4th of July Heber-Overgard parade. It was obvious that Kellie was in pain and Tammy and I decided to take Kellie to the Show Low Emergency Room to have a doctor look at her knee. If it turned out that she was fine it would be just another trip to the ER.  

Prior to seeing the doctor a blood test was ordered due to the suspected bug bite. The doctor arrived at the examination room and informed us that Kellie's white blood cells were extremely high. Additional blood tests were order and the prognosis was delivered. Kellie was diagnosis with some form of leukemia.

The Show Low ER Doctor called the Phoenix Children's Hospital to confer with an ONG Specialist regarding Kellie's condition. The doctors agreed that Kellie need to be transported to Phoenix Children's Hospital as soon as possible.

Kellie and Tammy was air evacuated to Phoenix Children's Hospital via air and arrived in Phoenix late Saturday evening.

A battery of tests was immediately begun at the Phoenix Children's Hospital to identify the exact type of leukemia that threatened Kellie's life.


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